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  1. x3: wut did u said lol
  2. dflame__: you realize that makes no sense
  3. dflame__: what did you said?
  4. x3: oh sorry. im not english
  5. x3: im french born
  6. dflame__: ok
  7. dflame__: that makes sense
  8. x3: :(
  9. dflame__: you're a hacker
  10. x3: but but but
  11. dflame__: you suddenly got good and walled everything
  12. dflame__: like
  13. dflame__: it's funny when people think they're "good" because they hack.
  14. x3: how many scrims have you played against me? 2?
  15. x3: im confused
  16. dflame__: yea
  17. dflame__: the last scrim
  18. dflame__: i did
  19. dflame__: you were bad
  20. x3: killed u more than u killed me
  21. dflame__: that's because i was having a off night
  22. x3: k so ic ant have a good night
  23. dflame__: blatantly walling and hitting "ridiculous shots" is not an on night sir
  24. x3: your funny
  25. x3: anyways gg
  26. x3: your up to your reputation
  27. dflame__: you're also a hacker who thinks he is good
  28. x3: you make me smile.
  29. dflame__: that's not my reputation anymore
  30. x3: with your 1200 scout hours
  31. dflame__: You're a dick you know that?
  32. x3: i only asked what did you said
  33. x3: in game because i didnt saw
  34. dflame__ has changed their name to I love inconsistent ping.
  35. I love inconsistent ping is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
  36. x3: then your accusing of hacking lol
  37. I love inconsistent ping: you make me smile.
  38. I love inconsistent ping: with your 1200 scout hours
  39. x3: well your accusing me of hacking
  40. x3: thats pretty big lol
  41. x3: i didnt even said anything in game -_-
  42. I love inconsistent ping: That's what I said in game tho. I called you a hacker. That's because I've been playing tf2 for a while and idle a lot.
  43. x3: i think you have the stv
  44. I love inconsistent ping: sure hope so
  45. I love inconsistent ping: i will watch it
  46. x3: good
  47. x3: its such a compliment i feel good right now
  48. I love inconsistent ping: congrats
  49. x3: confidence for tonight
  50. I love inconsistent ping: you're doing well for once :)
  51. x3: i know :(
  52. I love inconsistent ping: only time tho :)
  53. x3: honestly i dont hack rofl
  54. x3: i was just hitting the shots
  55. x3: check replay
  56. I love inconsistent ping: and walling
  57. x3: what is walling
  58. I love inconsistent ping: wall hacking
  59. x3: i think you know more about hacking than i do
  60. x3: -_-
  61. I love inconsistent ping: what does that mean?
  62. I love inconsistent ping: elaborate.
  63. x3: well i didnt even knew what is walling lol
  64. x3: anyways watch replay
  65. x3: think u need it
  66. I love inconsistent ping: that's just you being retarded. it's the most obvious thing ever
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