Henric and Alex Part IV (v1.5)

Jan 28th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Villainous male knight/virtuous female squire, reverse-trap, rape, fingering
  3. Ssazra waited with eight mercenaries outside the town. They were all human, unlike himself, and they were not very polite about that fact. He kept his forked tongue to himself.
  5. He wore burlap clothes because they didn’t itch his scaly skin and they were cheap. On his back he carried an enormous backpack that looked like it was ready to burst at the seams. Under his clothes, against his right hip, was his machete; chemicals were at his left hip. With a claw he scratched under his chin and with his long snout he continuously scented at the air.
  7. He knew that Henric was coming before he saw him turn the corner, and he knew that he was with Aziz, Yorick, his horse, and a teenage girl. The last addition was a surprise, because Ssazra had expected a boy. He turned in the appropriate direction before the mercenaries began to notice Henric, the man they hero-worshiped, the man who paid them.
  9. There was Henric in his same armor he always wore, radiating charisma to the band of criminals he surrounded himself with. Yorick was wearing the silver mask that Ssazra hated so much. Aziz looked as ready as ever to play with fire. The last one in that group was the girl, but she looked like a boy and she looked quite upset to be around them, and especially upset that she was riding behind Henric on his horse. Ssazra didn’t care much, and smelled her scent mingled with Henric’s. That usually just meant one thing.
  11. He addressed Henric, “We’re ready to move out when you are.”
  13. “Good,” Henric said, eying the eight men that he found most expendable. He addressed them now. “We’re off.”
  15. Yorick and Aziz had horses. The other men didn’t, but there was a mule carrying some supplies. Ssazra jogged at a comfortable pace ahead of the pack, smelling and scouting and generally behaving as though his backpack weighed nothing.
  17. Alex recognized what he was after a bit. She caught glimpses of his taloned feet and rudder-like tail swishing out from under his cloak. His nose was long and wrought with enormous white teeth. She had only seen a few like him in her life, but she knew one of the lizard people from the swamps when she saw one.
  19. She kept her mouth shut all day. It was easy to ignore the mercenaries mocking her for riding behind Henric on his horse. Alex assumed it was stress, anger, anxiety that had sucked her completely dry of energy. She felt like she hadn’t slept last night, only passed out. The squire was so tired that she fell asleep on Ian’s back, and she let her forehead rest between Henric’s shoulder blades.
  21. At dusk, Ssazra stopped. He did not announce the stop to the party, he just halted and began to unpack his bag and set up his massive tent. If the others wanted to stay at the campsite he intended to set up, they would have to stick with him.
  23. With a sigh, Henric pulled Ian to a stop. They could have gone on for another hour or so, but Henric was not about to pick a fight with the immense lizard man he was to stay the night with.
  25. Alex woke up when Henric called a halt. Still half asleep, she bounded off Ian’s back. Henric let her go so he could start to organize his men, figuring she wouldn't go far from him. Ssazra did not gather around Henric with the other mercenaries, but expected the knight to know that he was listening to his words. The lizardman finished setting up his tent and went inside to finish unpacking for the night. There were many chemicals and tools to organize.
  27. "I'll expect a meal and fire here before the sun has set." Henric spoke to his men. He was commanding, but still sounded friendly to their ears.
  29. Alex watched from a short distance and a frown crept on her face. Henric’s charisma was a dangerous thing indeed, and she was only just now noticing how easy it was for him to have people fawning over his words, laughing at his jokes, and obeying him. She wondered if he could have manipulated her that easily if he had been kind to her instead of cruel. She thought that yes, he probably could have fooled her.
  31. Yorick hung back as well, and still he wore his mask. Alex paid him little mind until he walked to her side. The squire was uncertain of his motivations and asked, “Can I help you?” Yorick beckoned her further from the crowd and Alex obliged cautiously. It could be a trick.
  33. “You do a poor job at hiding your identity,” Yorick said softly.
  35. Alex flushed red and thumped her hand over the fire breathing dragon on her shoulder. “I have nothing to hide! I have no shame coming from the Smyth family! Why are people making a big deal out of this?”
  37. Yorick absorbed that, then spoke again, more softly. “I suppose that it’s a good idea to deflect comments about your gender that way.”
  39. The squire paled. It hadn’t dawned on her that he might be referring to the fact that she was a girl. No one ever noticed when she was wearing clothes. She gave a bitter bark of a laugh. “I must be off my game. In the last thirteen years, it’s only been you and Henric to figure it out.”
  41. The masked man stiffened. “Henric knows? Has he hurt you?”
  43. "No," Alex said immediately, pulling away from Yorick but wishing that she didn't have to. Her ability to lie broke down, but she didn't give up. At the same time, she questioned to herself, screaming inwardly: why lie? Why protect Henric? "Of course not."
  45. Even looking at Yorick’s emotionless mask, she could tell that he knew she was lying. He looked away from her finally and gave one last piece of advice: “Don’t let him break you. I’ll keep your secret secret.”
  47. "Yeah," Alex said, and cursed herself for letting her voice crack. "Thank you."
  49. The girl wandered away for a few minutes, gathering her composure and breathing in the dusk air around her. Fireflies were playing in the tall grass around the camp, and she smiled as she wrapped her arms around herself and thought of home and the fireflies that had lived there as well. Yorick knew. That was two people who could ruin her life, and two people who knew she couldn’t protect herself.
  51. Eventually she returned to the camp, where there was a lit fire and the smell of food to distract her.
  53. “There you are,” Henric said sternly. “Go make yourself useful.”
  55. “What should I do?” she asked. Between the mercenaries there was already enough firewood to start a fire, and a man with an enormous beard was already working on that. Ssazra was most of the way through setting up his tent inside and out--it looked like the sort of thing that a general would sleep in while off to war, an entire portable home the size of many countryside cottages. She saw his enormous shadow walking back and forth inside.
  57. “Take care of Ian,” Henric said, and pushed her off towards the stallion. By the time the warhorse let Alex get his riding gear off of him and tether him securely to a tree where he could graze and drink from a bucket of water for him, she smelled food.
  59. “I wish we were eating you,” she said to the horse. He whinnied and folded his ears back to threaten a bite. Alex took the hint and went to the fire. There were chunks of a deer cooking and she felt instantly ravenous. Henric didn’t exactly malnourish her, but she never had as much to eat as she wished and usually fed herself.
  61. Nobody fought her when she took a knife from around the fire and cut off a chunk. If anything she suspected she was being intentionally ignored until Henric found her and sat at her side. His armor clanked, and even though it was a rough metal the firelight glanced off of his joints and made his shadowed face look all the more sinister.
  63. The lizard man emerged from his tent a bit later. He had removed his cloak, and wore nothing but a loincloth now. Alex tried not to blush and reminded herself that he was not a human like them, he did not have to wear clothes like they did. He was more like a crocodile in books Alex had read than the little lizards that sunned on the rocks on her father's estate. Ssazra's teeth stuck out of his mouth at odd angles, and the thick scales on his back formed into ridges, with a long and flat tail like a rudder that swayed in the air behind him while he walked. But he had a clear reserved nature, and seemed wholly nonthreatening. Even though he worked for Henric, Alex didn't feel that Ssazra was a danger to her in any way.
  65. Henric spoke to him, “Everything’s ready in the tent?”
  67. Ssazra nodded, snout bobbing. A single membrane flicked back over his eyes and he took an uncooked section of the deer for himself. “Go to sleep when you please. I’ll be out until dawn ranging, but as always stay out of my chemicals.”
  69. The knight held up a hand, “Spare me, you know I wouldn’t know what to do with those damn vials if I touched them.”
  71. Alex stared into the fire for long hours while everyone else built tiny, simple tents. Henric walked around his camp a few times, listening to breathing in tents to see who slept and who was awake. Ssazra walked here and there with his own apparent agenda, keeping watchful golden eyes over all of them as if he were a shepherd. Henric finally looped around to Alex, and jostled her awake.
  73. “Come on, young one, we must off to bed,” he said.
  75. She woke, and looked at him with frightened, mournful eyes as she got unsteadily to her feet. Alex started to shake as her body surged with adrenaline in case Henric made a move tonight.
  77. The tent was made of stitched leathers. The inside was lit with lanterns that were more for the humans than for Ssazra, who saw perfectly well in the darkness. He had set a wooden plank on the floor and had a few chemicals out there, but on the other side of the expansive tent he had laid out two adjacent piles of furs and bedrolls, pushed close together. He had guessed incorrectly that Alex' and Henric's scents were mingled because of consensual acts and had thought they might wish to sleep near one another.
  79. “Thanks, Ssazra,” Henric muttered under his breath with a smirk.
  81. “What?” Alex asked, stripping her bag from her back and setting it down.
  83. “Nothing,” Henric said. He made sure the tent flaps were closed. “Take off my armor.”
  85. She did without speaking, and lay down immediately after with her clothes on. She shut her eyes and tried to go back to sleep. There was still a tremble to her, and it worsened. Instincts didn’t lie. Henric was being unusually quiet.
  87. Then his hands were on her and he was pulling her body against his.
  89. “You can't do this, there are men in those other tents! What if they decide they need to talk to you tonight or something?" Her voice was a hushed whisper of shrill fear.
  91. His hand clasped over her mouth, cutting off her words. "Quiet."
  93. She became so, and felt his other hand land heavily on her hip, rubbing against her thigh and over her bruised rear. She whimpered into his hand, it was so sore after a day of riding! Henric shushed her again, more gently now, and soon he was grinding against her. At least they both still had clothes on. If he just finished like this, in his pants, she supposed it wouldn’t be so bad. She could just ignore it…
  95. “Good girl,” he purred into her ear. It was barely more than a breath, barely anything, but it reminded her what he was, and she remembered what Yorick had told her. She kicked out to try to pull from him. It was stupid, but it felt good. It felt right to fight deep down in the part of her heart where her sense of justice lived.
  97. He tossed her to her back and pinned her to the ground of the tent. His hands held her wrists and his knees were on her thighs. "Just face it already, you will never beat me. You’re never going to change my mind when I’m horny and in need of a fuck, you’re never going to somehow overpower me and make me wander off without giving you a sound beating. You do yourself no favors fighting me.”
  99. The possibility that he was right terrified her, but not enough. She spat in his face. Having been raised among boys, it was a talent she had needed to perfect.
  101. “Disgusting, Alex,” he snarled. He brought her hands together so that he could hold her down with one hand and have another free. With his other hand he wiped the spit from his face. "I'd say that's enough playing around."
  103. His hand moved to unbuckle her belt and finally open her pants. He reached in and ran teasing fingers over her vulva. He added, “And if you’re too loud, all those men are going to hear. And then I’ll have to share you."
  105. “You wouldn’t,” she said confidently, flatly, staring up into his eyes.
  107. “Of course I would,” he lied. “I’m a very generous man.”
  109. “No,” Alex said with utter certainty. “You’re a crazy asshole who thinks I belong to you. You got mad that I, that I like another squire. You--”
  111. He’d had enough, and grabbed her jaw again to force a kiss on her. Henric didn’t know why he was compelled to kiss the girl, why he suddenly wanted nothing but to inhale her and to make her breathe him in as well. So she’d called his bluff, so what? She still knew she was his, that no matter what she said she did belong to him as long as she was his squire, that was all he cared about. He crushed her with his kiss and rubbed his crotch on hers. He let her breathe after a long moment and licked his lips.
  113. Alex panted. “Henric, please…”
  115. Whatever had made him kiss her flew away like a bird. His hand tightened around her wrists. "You will call me 'Sir' when you are in my presence. I did not train for years to become a knight so you could disrespect me at every turn."
  117. Her voice was still quiet and strained. "Why? Do you hate the name that your whore of a mother gave you?" she asked.
  119. He backhanded her. No one heard except Ssazra as he walked quietly among the tents. He paused motionless some thirty feet from his tent, listening for a moment as he tried to guess what he had heard. Then he went to speak with Yorick.
  121. Alex took the hit with naught but a wince. "I will not make it easy for you to do your horrible deeds."
  123. Unfortunately for Alex, he enjoyed her resistance even though he tried to get her to tone it back. He loved to break through her strong will with sheer force. Had she been entirely complacent and allowed him to do all the things he wanted, he might not even have bothered to do half of them. The fighting made his blood race, and he pressed his forehead to hers while a clever hand reached into her pants for a second time. She bucked, she twisted, she did nothing but exhaust herself while Henric’s rough fingers spread her labia teasingly. He felt around with the pads of his fingers, felt the softest skin of her young body and mapped every inch of it while staring into her humiliated eyes. He pushed two fingers into her and spread and twisted them.
  125. She crooned and whimpered, back arching when he brought his thumb to press on her clitoris. “Very sensitive, aren’t we?” he murmured. He’d noticed the first night he’d taken her in the spring that he’d been able to make her come. It was just one more thing to lord over her. “But you exhausted yourself out too fast, trying to get out of a solid hold when you were already tired.”
  127. Alex shut her eyes but couldn’t unfeel his fingers and the damn pressure when he pushed them up against the sweet spot she didn’t have a name for. Finally his fingers came away, but her pants came with them. His cock came back to take their place.
  129. He sighed as he entered her smoothly, enjoying his first thrust slowly. "I have taken wenches that, even while I was kind to them, could not get this wet in the entire fuck. You however, you soaked my hands with nothing more than a single touch. No matter how much you say you despise me or how you hate this, you had better know that like the little slut you are, you enjoy every second of it."
  131. Without rum fueling her this time, she took him. Even though she was starting to get accustomed to the sensation of sex, he was still too big for her to take comfortably. He stretched her and made her cringe and give soft sounds of protest and denial.
  133. Her silence was deafening to the man so used to quick comebacks. "Finally, you're being a useful squire."
  135. She panted as her head swam. He was right about the wetness, oh gods he was right. The girl wanted to let her body riot with pleasure. She was so close to orgasm, how had she let this happen? She tried to think of anything but him but she couldn’t, there was only Henric holding her down, only Henric fucking her roughly, forcing pleasure into her with his cock.
  137. "Now, I can feel it, you are going to come for me." His tone was that of an order.
  139. She resisted for a moment, feeling that she was nowhere close to an orgasm, but just moments later she felt her body fill with pleasurable pressure that built and then washed over her like a tall wave at the beach. Alex came.
  141. "That's it," he stroked her hair. "Let it flow like the little slut you are."
  143. Her breathing was labored, eyes wet as the orgasm ran its course through her body. She didn't even notice that he was playing with her short hair until she was done cumming, and trembles of exhaustion tingled down her limbs. "Just let me get some sleep," she pleaded.
  145. "Oh no." he said as his hand stroked her head harder. "I have yet to finish." He only increased in speed now, pounding into her hot slit he desperately tried to reach his own orgasm. Every thrust gave off a soft, wet smacking sound that only made him want to thrust faster, each time pounding in until her labia kissed against the base of his shaft. He was thorough, and even though Alex was painfully sore now, she had lost all control.
  147. It wasn't long before Alex spasmed and tightened again, reaching a second orgasm in almost no time at all. It happened so quickly and came so powerfully that the girl had no way of seeing it coming. She wanted to keep herself from giving it away that her body was enjoying it, but that wasn't an option. Ferociously tightening around Henric's erection as he beamed down at her, she was defeated. In the end it was the look of misery and self-loathing on her red-cheeked face made him come in turn and pour a load of sticky cum into the squire.
  149. “I just want to sleep,” she whimpered even as she felt him spurting his seed into her.
  151. "Oh, very well." He smiled as he collapsed at her side and pulled each of their pants up in turn. "Worry not. I will be here by your side."
  153. At least his body heat was warm.
  155. When they knight and squire both slept, Ssazra returned to his tent to the scent of copulation and fear. The latter was not a scent that he enjoyed. Though he stood more than seven feet tall, he made as much sound as a housecat while he retrieved a few chemicals from his tent.
  157. Nothing in his stash was labeled. A thief would poison himself if he wasn’t also a trained alchemist with a nose like Ssazra’s. It took him no time to find the things he was looking for: Antiseptics for wounds, painkillers for the wounded, and--he glanced at Alex where she slept and hoped she’d know what to do with this when she got the chance--a truth serum.
  159. He went back to speak with Yorick one more time.
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