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  1. Terraria Console Bug Fixes by Category (RAW Output)
  3. Multiplayer & Split-Screen Fixes
  5. • 9 players can join a multiplayer session through split-screen.
  6. • Server is still displayed on Join Game screen for the client even when host has disconnected the server via LAN ejection
  7. • Rarely, a client fails to join the intended multiplayer session and receives "A network error has occurred" message.
  8. • Title crashes when primary user exits the session after 9th player is trying to join or fails to join the session from the same console
  9. • Random hitches/freezes are observed for host and crash is observed for the client while exploring the world in a multiplayer session
  10. • Users are unable to join the session again after quitting it before while being in a maximum players multiplayer session
  11. • Title Crashes for host if client navigates into the MP session via 'Play Together' while being in his own hosted session
  12. • Title crashes for player on idling the game play for around 15-20 minutes in a MP session
  13. • Infinite loading is displayed for client on selecting Multiplayer after suspending and resuming the title while being in split screen multiplayer session
  14. • Host's Map/mini-map appears corrupted on hosting the MP session for the second time after exiting previous session with having maximum players
  15. • Title crashes when hosting two split screen clients in multiplayer mode.
  16. • Title crashes when primary player exits the split screen session after disabling map from the setting previously from main menu
  17. • The title enters an indefinite unresponsive state following an Xbox profile change during a Multiplayer session.
  18. • Player list appears behind the Mini map and Heart icon in split screen session.
  19. • Exception errors are displayed when the player uses weapon “MEOWMERE”
  20. • User's player/character appears to perform auto swing in other player's screen during multiplayer session when user holds R2 button without equipping any item/weapon in hot bar.
  21. • Client gets kicked out of the session while adding 9th player as a spit screen player
  22. • All the players on the particular client screen get kicked out of the session while adding 9th player via split screen mode from that client console
  23. • Title crashes when user tries to launch the title via Play Together while being in a MP session already with another account
  24. • Title crashes for the host on idling gameplay for around 4-5 minutes in a MP session
  25. • Title crashes on exiting the MP session immediately on entering the world after soaking for around 5 minutes on main menu
  26. • An "Unable to join session" error is encountered when backing out of a MP menu and attempting to navigate back into that menu.
  27. • Second split screen player of the client is unresponsive
  28. • Certain Trophies/Achievements related to boss fights and events fails to unlock for the client in a MP session
  29. • Title crashes on invoking split screen in the session
  30. • Client is unable navigate into the session again on performing connected stand-by while joining a MP session
  31. • Buff/Cooldown timer fails to appear and lacks functionality after user consumes any potion during split screen session
  32. • Item names are not getting displayed for non-primary players in map
  33. • Infinite loading is displayed for host's secondary player while navigating into the session after creating party
  34. • Client is unable to join the session when host has maximum split screen players
  35. • Mini-map for primary player gets graphical corruption while exploring the map
  36. • Infinite loading is displayed on selecting Multiplayer after performing sign-in changes from main menu
  37. • Title navigates back to the MP session and the world gets graphically corrupted after primary player exits the session while getting slayed
  38. • Character on character selection is missing if user adds 5th split screen after 'Save and Exit' from any of the Split Screen players
  39. • Infinite loading is displayed to the client on selecting 'Multiplayer' from the main menu after getting disconnected from the session when Host ejects LAN cable
  40. • Title sometimes crashes when client accepts invite while having maximum split screen players
  41. • Split screen user added in client's console is unable to view the inventory on interacting with chest
  42. • Character sometimes gets teleported to 'Ocean biome' for Client while adding 3 split screens Players at the same time
  43. • Title crashes for host and client when both of them quit simultaneously while their secondary players are in the process of joining the session
  44. • Graphical corruption appears on loading screen after ejecting LAN cable
  45. • Overlayed map mode disappears on invoking inventory in the SP/MP split screen session
  46. • Character appears invisible for a second on hosting MP session in Expert world
  47. • Grid view of crafting menu closes for the primary player when split screen is invoked
  48. • The cursor goes missing when the character gets hit from enemies while editing the 'Tombstone'
  49. • Exception error is displayed on exiting the secondary and primary player from MP session
  50. • Third split screen player enters the session without selecting player on adding and removing the third split screen player multiple times
  51. • Title freezes when client selects Multiplayer on main menu after getting disconnected from a multiplayer session due to host leaving the session
  52. • User is unable to create host a MP session for the first time on proceeding after signing into another profile with Switch Profile option and signing out the previous profile
  53. • Game is delayed by 10 seconds while trying to exit the game in split screen session after user selects ‘Save & Exit’ option.
  54. • Small patch is observed on character for a fraction of a second on mini map for primary player
  55. • Host's & Client's secondary players are prompted with 'Failed to join session' notification when both these clients select character at the same time
  56. • Character turned into Ghost of the primary player can be seen on the player selection screen of the secondary player
  57. • Cellphone stats fails to disappear for other players when the client carrying 'Cellphone' leaves the session
  58. • Title crashes when primary player and forth player exit the split screen session simultaneously
  59. • Title sometimes crashes on ejecting the LAN cable during active gameplay in a multiplayer split screen session
  60. • Particles of the player getting slain is observed on the non-primary user's Character Creation screen
  61. • The title freezes for primary user when the split screen player selects the character and screen turns black for the secondary player
  62. • Title crashes when 4th player is added via split screen multiple times
  63. • Character takes more than 30 seconds to re-spawns
  64. • Layering during melee attack in Multiplayer session is inappropriate
  65. • Application crashes for the Host when the Client from a different SKU ejects LAN cable during the multiplayer gameplay
  66. • Infinite loading is observed for secondary player while joining session once again after leaving the session earlier and performing sign-in changes
  67. • Title crashes in 10-15 minutes when the players in the session gets slayed and re-spawns multiple times
  68. • Terrain gets graphically corrupted on performing multiple attempts of adding split screen player and saving and exiting with the same
  69. • Cursor moves from crafting slot to inventory slot while secondary player is collecting items
  70. • Title crashes for host when minimum 6 clients join the session simultaneously from character selection screen
  71. • Title gets stuck on loading 'Saving map data: 100%' when secondary user selects the player while primary player is exiting the session
  72. • Buggy, Sluggy and Grubby appears to move in right direction on Host screen when Client releases them in left direction
  73. • Duplicate ‘Door’ is created in the user inventory on interacting continuously with multiple placed doors
  74. • Meteorite fails to spawn even after destroying Crimson Heart/Shadow Orb in a MP session
  75. • Randomly some of the client’s character disappears and gets stuck at the spawn point whenever they re-join the same session
  76. • Graphical corruption occurs while invoking split screen
  77. • The title enters an unplayable state if the user attempts to join an online multiplayer session that they have already transitioned into.
  78. • Blank screen appears for the host’s split screen player when client and secondary player in host screen tries to join the session at the same time
  79. • Character head images goes missing in the player list when 9th player attempts to join the session
  80. • Client is unable to add a split screen player on joining a session by accepting a game invitation from outside the game
  81. • Multiple debug errors displayed on exiting the session after performing sign-in changes while being in Ghost mode
  82. • Null reference exception error is displayed when primary player exits the session after interacting with the same tombstone as secondary player
  83. • Client is sometimes unable to add split screen player and also gets kicked out of the session on giving multiple attempts to add
  84. • Title crashes when primary player exits from split screen MP session
  85. • Secondary user is unable to add split screen again if primary player leaves the session while the secondary player is trying to join previously
  86. • Damage and pickup text vanish when adding a third split screen player.
  87. • Title crashes for client on waking the system from rest mode after 15 mins or more
  88. • Network error notification is not displayed on ejecting LAN in a multiplayer session after adding split screen player
  89. • Graphical glitch appears when primary player exits the session after initiating 4 screens via split screen and presses back button for approximately 3 times
  90. • Second player spawn into the ocean when the second and third split screen player enters the session at the same time
  91. • 'Server Failed to process messages' error is displayed during pumpkin moon event when Morning wood arrives in wave 4
  92. • Title crashes for the host when 9th player tries to join the session via invite
  93. • The title displays a misleading error message when attempting to join an Xbox Live multiplayer game session that is full.
  94. • Infinite loading is observed when primary player 'save and exits' and secondary player enters the session simultaneously
  95. • Players vacuuming items animation not present when viewing players not on local machine.
  96. • User is unable to enter multiplayer session and is displayed error notification if user selects empty server slot continuously before selecting actual server
  97. • Speed of the gameplay increases after invoking split screen
  98. • Title occasionally crashes on adding split screen player
  99. • Title crashes for the client on adding 8th player into the Multiplayer session via Split Screen
  100. • Title sometimes crashes for the player on soaking in the active session for around 5-10 minutes
  101. • Multiple debug errors are displayed on accepting a game invitation after electing Multiplayer from main menu
  102. • Title crashes when host tries to launch the title through Play Together feature after being in prolonged MP split screen session
  103. • Portal fails to spawn sometimes when secondary player of client uses Portal Gun
  104. • The title crashes to the Xbox Home screen when hosting an online active multiplayer game session when 6 or more users are in the session.
  105. • The title enters an indefinite unresponsive state when proceeding into Multiplayer gameplay
  106. • Player's Head is sometimes missing in 'Mini map' while playing in MP Session
  107. • Title crashes for host when client's secondary player is navigating into the session after the client rejoins the same session
  108. • Players joining a MP game are disconnected after a few seconds and an IndexOutOfRangeException error.
  109. • Background of the loading screen flickers when any non-primary player accepts the invitation in four players MP split screen session
  110. • Ghost character can be attacked by the ‘Moon Lord’ tentacles
  111. •  Multiple debug errors are displayed on exiting the Multiplayer session as a ghost character
  112. • Title crashes on being idle in a multiplayer split screen session with maximum supported players
  113. • Error ‘Player 1 does not have a valid platform ID’ occurs and user is not able to see the profile of any non-primary player in single player split screen session
  116. Design/Functionality Fixes
  119. • Weapons may be crafted with +infinity knockback while wearing knockback enhancing accessories.
  120. • Buff/Cooldown timer fails to appear and lacks functionality after the User consumes any potion
  121. • UI contents overlap on IIS after performing sign-in changes
  122. • D-Pad Cursor Snap and D-pad Hotbar Controls Settings do not have a default value
  123. • Item engaged in build mode falls on the ground after getting slayed
  124. • Closing an object with 'B' or 'O' will reopen that object.
  125. • Inventory items may show as 1 item instead of the current stack amount.
  126. • Minions do not completely disappear for the client on deactivating the buff icon from the equipment section
  127. • 'Buff Timer' freezes when client rejoins the MP session
  128. • All potion durations appear to be a minute lesser than its intended duration
  129. • Title gets stuck on 31% loading on getting past IIS after performing sign-in changes
  130. • Players are unable to exit the split screen session when both the split screen players have map disabled and Autopause set to ON
  131. • Title displays infinite loading after exiting from split screen session after disabling Map settings
  132. • Some enemies are invisible and invulnerable for client players in multiplayer games.
  133. • Using the last item of a stack in build mode activates the previously highlighted item in the Hotbar.
  134. • Resuming from suspend in split screen mode causes camera issues and won't allow 2nd player to resume gameplay.
  135. • Coin fails to animate after opening the treasure bag when the Auto pause is set to 'ON'.
  136. • Certain Pet summoning items do not summons pets.
  137. • Souls and lunar fragments do not animate after they are assigned to the D-pad
  138. • The secondary player gets "Burning" debuff while primary player stands on "Hellstone Blocks" submerged inside lava
  139. • Drop/throw animation is missing when the user drops the item from the inventory.
  140. • Killing the enemies spawned by the ‘Celestial Towers’ don’t always emanate rays and contribute towards the shield damage
  141. • The inventory highlighter doesn't transition from the chest inventory after navigating into a chest slot.
  142. • The inventory highlighter doesn't wrap around when navigating to left in the Inventory, Coins and Ammo slots.
  143. • The inventory highlighter doesn't wrap around when navigation to the right in the top bar when the inventory is open.
  144. • Character preview fails to appear on character selection after controller disconnection
  145. • Infinite loading is displayed on selecting 'Multiplayer' after exiting the session by ejecting LAN cable while inviting the players from the 'Player list'.
  146. • Familiar clothes and wig present in Clothier NPC's inventory does not update according to the Player's Costume and wig color
  147. • Ammo slot remain highlighted after using all the newly collected/picked ammo without opening the inventory.
  148. • The message 'Now your house is safe…' appears even before covering the entire house with background walls
  149. • Crafting option fails to function via Guide NPC on interacting with that NPC and selecting Help a couple of times
  150. • Gamertag along with original head preview of the character fails to appear in the player list
  151. • New items are getting highlighted with the previously collected items on toggling "Highlight New Items" settings to "ON/Off"
  152. • Button Prompt for Build Mode is present when item is selected/picked from the inventory when auto pause is set to ‘ON’
  153. • Items re-assigned on the D-PAD fails to update in the hot bar which is inconsistent with PC version
  154. • The title does not save game progression when user terminates the title in 'Autosave' mode
  155. • “Assert failed” error occurs whenever player performs successful dodge when equipped with Black Belt accessory.
  156. • 'Chat Icon' fails to display on highlighting the placed Tombstone unless user interacts with it at least for once
  157. • 'Press A to continue' & button prompts appear while loading for a fraction of second after accepting an invitation on IIS
  158. • User is unable to enter multiplayer mode when user gets past IIS with secondary profile after signing out the primary profile previously
  159. • Player keeps moving on invoking map when auto pause is set to “ON”
  160. • Title becomes unresponsive on selecting MP from main menu and selecting character after accepting game invitation while being on MP menu
  161. • Title gets unresponsive on switching profiles in split screen mode
  162. • Build mode fails to dismiss when user throws any item which is inconsistent with PC version
  163. • The d-pad will navigate between inventory slots if spammed or held down in any direction.
  164. • Title gets stuck on 'Saving Map data: 100%' loading screen for client on accepting an invite from another session while being equipped with certain items
  165. • Worlds cannot be created on performing sign-in changes immediately after selecting a previously created world
  166. • Extra slot is displayed in the cycle hot bar when unassigned D-pad is accessed.
  167. • Players in the session are kicked out with network error notification when third players sign in to the same profile as second player after second player disconnects the controller
  168. • Empty slot gets highlighted when any item is thrown and picked during build mode.
  169. • Build mode can be accessed by highlighting the trash can.
  170. • Falling buckets don't aggregate while the inventory is full
  171. • Placement preview is not visible when placing items below the surface area.
  172. • Unlike PC version swapping of items cannot be done form social accessories slots to accessories slot by pressing 'L2', when no item is present in accessories slot.
  173. • User is able to interact only once with any interact-able objects while holding the Left stick Up/Down.
  174. • Unlike PC version tombstone/sign board dialog box appears to be opaque.
  175. • Toggle mode cursor is not visible when user leaves the cursor idle during Build mode.
  176. • User is able to interact with the campfires from some distance without placing the cursor on it.
  177. • User is not able to switch back to the last highlighted item on pressing the D-pad during active gameplay which is inconsistent with PC version
  178. • Door will not open automatically after grappling the door located to the right side and leaving idle for one second.
  179. • Placed 'Trap Door' breaks and falls on the ground on interacting multiple times while jumping
  180. • 'Timber' accomplishment fails to get unlocked on chopping down the first tree
  181. • Player is unable to switch the menus when interacting with any 'Dresser' NPC after setting color of costumes to full Black
  182. • Certain Accomplishments fail to unlock after fulfilling the given criteria
  183. • Non-primary players are unable to join the session after soaking on character selection screen for around 2-4 minutes approximately
  184. • Character freezes on using the Stardust Dragon Staff
  185. • User is unable to exit the split-screen session
  186. • Hardcore character fails to navigate back to the spawn point set by the user
  187. • Tutorial advances when weapon other than sword used to kill monster
  188. • Head slot is not getting updated dynamically in the mini map on equipping and unequipping the headgear while Autopause is set to ON
  189. • Chest is triggered automatically after closing the IGM
  190. • User is unable to proceed past IIS on disconnecting and reconnecting the controller while signing into a profile
  191. • Wall of Flesh will ascend upwards if there is a large gap in the world's Terrain
  192. • Title freezes when user presses LB RB and Y button simultaneously on invoking inventory after navigating into gameplay with a new world and character in single player mode
  193. • Player is able to delete items while using them while Autopause is set 'ON'
  194. • Stardust Dragon's head sometimes won't disappear after getting slayed during MP session
  195. • Lihzahrd Altar sometimes spawns in small spaces, gets Golem stuck in terrain.
  196. • Sometimes Wall Of Flesh pre-Hardmode boss fails to summon with Guide Voodoo Doll
  197. • Worlds from last 8 slots are getting disappeared if user navigates back to Select player screen after filling all the slots in Select World screen.
  198. • Character selection screen disappears following graphical glitches for client on being idle over that screen for a couple of seconds after accepting an invitation while being in a split screen session
  199. • Reflection of text, Health bar and button prompts are observed on secondary player's screen on removing a split screen player
  200. • Slots get skipped on holding the left stick left/right on second slot from both ends of every row in hairstyle menu.
  201. • Bees summoned by Queen bee are immune to Debuff which can be inflicted by 'Cursed Arrow', 'Flaming Arrow' and 'Frostburn Arrow'.
  202. • Random slots gets highlighted when user navigates from 11th slot to hot bar slots by pressing R1 or L1.
  203. • Cursor disappears for Secondary player when the secondary user accepts game invitation while being in a split screen session
  204. • Damage taken by secondary player is not displayed during gameplay while playing Split screen mode
  205. • Two IGM's would appear overlapping with each other after invoking the IGM when user had signed-out before and signed-in with the same profile while the IGM was invoked in the previous session
  206. • On equipping any 'Mount' the character along with the mount appears to shift under the surface
  207. • Item count fails to get updated dynamically in Hotbar when secondary player uses item which was already present in the inventory during split screen session
  208. • Next slots fail to highlight after Favorite/Unfavorite Player/World in the selection screen
  209. • Tutorial notification does not proceed forward from 'An evil monster has appeared. defeat it with your sword by pressing R2' after defeating Rabbit Slime
  210. • Camera motion appears unusual after navigating into the session after accepting the game invitation while moving via portals
  211. • User is unable to bind new button in the "Controls" after performing sign-in changes over IGM
  212. •  'Be Prepared' achievement/trophy fails to unlock after fulfilling its criteria
  213. • User is able to accept game invite using split screen secondary player and navigates to player selection screen
  214. • Honey Cups/Mugs do not change their direction when placed side by side which is inconsistent with PC version
  215. • Sometimes title gets stuck on loading process at 93%
  216. • User is displayed infinite loading on selecting Multiplayer from main menu after being disconnected from a previous session due to host exiting the session
  217. • 'Stop! Hammer Time!' accomplishment fails to unlock on obtaining first hammer via crafting
  218. • Player is able to use two weapons simultaneously if Yoyo or similar auto-swing weapon is used along with any weapon placed in D-pad
  219. • Background appears to be zoomed in after sign-in changes
  220. • Title gets stuck on character creation process after performing connected stand by during world generation
  221. • Character hand movement cannot be observed on other player's screen while using 'Light Disc' weapon in a Multiplayer session
  222. • Title displays infinite loading on selecting MP from main menu after getting disconnected from MP session because of host exiting via force closing the title
  223. • Extra slot is displayed after selecting back button when player moves away from Chest/Dresser after initiating build mode
  224. • Button prompts disappear for the primary player when user sign-in to different profile and adds a split screen player with same controller
  225. • Empty slot fails to appear after deleting any character/world while having every available character and world slot filled
  226. • User is unable to invoke split screen at all when there are already 8 players in the session
  227. • Infinite loading is displayed on selecting multiplayer after reconnecting LAN when user disconnect LAN after exiting multiplayer session
  228. • User is unable to move the character after interacting with any NPC multiple times
  229. • Skeletron sometimes fails to spawn after interacting with Old man NPC at night
  230. • The weapon "Betsy's Wrath" can be obtained in the title by using debug command whereas it is a future release content
  231. • Client gets kicked out of the MP session on adding split screen player after joining via invite or join option from in-game
  232. • Client gets kicked out of the session when the host adds 2nd or 3rd split screen player
  233. • All the players for client get kicked out of the session on simultaneously adding split screen players
  234. • Enemies and Critters freely spawn in the tutorial.
  235. • "Heavy Metal" accomplishment fails to unlock after obtaining an anvil made from iron or lead
  236. • EULA reappears each time user launches the title with an account having every available character and world slot filled
  237. • Title fails to create the world on resuming from standby
  238. • The title crashes while idle in a house with a large number of objects.
  239. • 'Pirate Invasion' fails to trigger even after event message is displayed and criteria is met
  240. • Primary player's character disappears on ejecting LAN immediately after adding split screen
  241. • Title gets stuck on 'Saving Map data: 100%' loading on ejecting LAN while being in MP split screen session
  242. • User is unable to switch between the dresser menus on interacting immediately with the dresser for the second time
  243. • Some weapons projectiles move over the character which is inconsistent with PC version
  244. • Title navigates to IIS when suspending split screen gameplay and resuming with 2nd user.
  245. • Multiple exception errors are displayed during Martian Madness event in Multiplayer session
  246. • Player clings out from wall when closing inventory while holding the left stick on equipping Master Ninja Gear/Tiger Climbing Gear
  247. • Title freezes during exiting the session after summoning Stardust Minion with maximum spawn limit
  248. • User is unable to navigate to PDA/Cell phone stats from PVP activation mode
  249. • User is unable to proceed in the tutorial if the player discovers an already built house
  250. • Chest is invoked when user tries to close the inventory using 'Back' button
  251. • Monolith's effect still appears even when primary player moves out of monolith's range in split screen session
  252. • 'Please accept the EULA before entering single player' error notification fails to appears on selecting single player on main menu without accepting the EULA
  253. • Title freezes for a couple of minutes on remaining idle while non-primary players are on character selection screen
  254. • Title freezes or camera focus goes out of the world on adding split screen player when primary player has map zoomed in
  255. • Character selection screen goes blank for 2nd split-screen player during character creation while 1st split-screen player is exiting the session
  256. • User is unable to navigate to Multiplayer mode exiting from MP session while having low bandwidth simulated
  257. • Smart cursor appears to be sticky while moving the cursor
  258. • "Press B/O to continue" notification doesn't disappear even after pressing B button while playing Tutorial mode
  259. • Sometimes more than 8 players are able to enter a MP session via split screen
  260. • Client gets kicked out of the session while exploring Underworld
  261. • Blank gameplay screen appears on selecting a character after performing sign-in changes previously during world loading in Single   Player mode
  262. • Achievement "Crafty" fails to unlock
  263. • Title sometimes crashes, and graphical corruption can be observed on character creation screen.
  264. • Screen is reduced to half for Primary player on zooming in during Split Screen session
  265. • Player is unable to exit tutorial on entering the tutorial after exiting from MP mode by ejecting LAN
  266. • Non-primary players in split screen are sometimes navigated to the session automatically
  267. • User is unable to host MP session on waking the device from rest mode while being in MP session
  268. • Client's character who joined after a client has added a split screen cannot be seen by the client who has added a split screen
  269. • Mini map turns black for the host and client for a couple of seconds and map appears corrupted for the client in MP session
  270. • Enemies sometimes disappear and reappear during the gameplay
  271. • Random client gets kicked out of the session while exploring world
  275. Save Data Fixes
  278. • Save Data gets corrupted on adding 3rd split screen player after a prolonged session
  279. • Saved data fails to appear after suspending and resuming the title or performing connected stand-by and resuming the title on IIS
  280. • Items collected by the player doesn't get saved on exiting via 'Save & Exit' option
  281. • Application starts Autosave timer after launch instead of after entering gameplay.
  282. • The save data corruption messages can be confusing for users.
  283. • Maps will not appear correctly for the player when converting saves from 1.0.7, 1.0.8, and 1.0.9
  284. • Title freezes at instances when user tries to perform any actions in title with an account having every available character and world slot filled
  285. • Fabulous Outfit & George's Tuxedo are not fully deprecated after legacy save conversion
  288. Performance Fixes
  291. • World generation takes an exceptionally long time for small, medium and large.
  292. • Character appears to stutter on moving while being in a MP session
  293. • Frame rate drops below 45 during all the events for all the players equipped with mechanical ruler
  294. • Loading time takes approximately 6-8 minutes while navigating into Tutorial
  295. • Loading time from IIS to Main menu exceeds more than 2 minutes while having max characters and worlds
  296. • Frame rate drops below 45 FPS while accessing the Dresser menu/hair style menu after interacting with the dresser/stylist NPC.
  297. • FPS drops below 10 when non-primary players exit and rejoin a session multiple times
  298. • FPS drops drastically in between 10 to 15 with maximum players in a multiplayer session
  300.  Event Fixes
  303. • User ShpongledMind's game hard locks when fighting the Pirate Invasion in their arena.
  304. • Multiple errors are displayed for Host during Frost Moon Event
  307. General Crash & Other Fixes
  310. • Title crashes if user boot the application in Turkish language
  311. • A soft lock occurs when accessing the Character Cloud Saves in release.
  312. • Game crashes after idling in fresh world.
  313. • Title gets unresponsive on navigating to main menu after performing sign-in changes while being multiplayer session previously
  314. • Title crashes on being idle for 5-10 minutes with maximum split screen players while low bandwidth is simulated
  315. • Title gets stuck on getting past IIS after suspending and resuming the title while hosting MP session using Large World
  316. • Title crashes on toggling D-pad controls in Quick Navigation control settings
  317. • Title freezes on invoking inventory several times
  318. • Slime which spawns along with the Player during tutorial remain in same place until player attacks it.
  319. • Title crashes when player mines and immediately interacts with tombstone when it is about to add to the inventory
  320. • The application crashes after mining continuously for 5-10 minutes with a high-speed pick or drill.
  321. • 'Select' button prompt appears to be missing for 'Reset to Default'
  322. • Unlike PC version Accessory inventory fails to adjust/reposition to the center after enabling Hidden/Portrait mode in Map styles.
  323. • Changing manual cursor to smart cursor does not bring back the cursor to its initial position
  324. • The user is able to fire infinite number of rockets after placing them
  325. • Key binding setting for 'Throw' control lacks functionality after signing out the profile over the main menu
  326. • Unlike PC version PDA informational stats will disappear when player turns into ghost form
  327. • User is able to drop an item which is and equipped in Accessory slot when it is not marked as favorite
  328. • Crafting view doesn't change to list mode when crafting list is present.
  329. • Initial number of the count is missing when character picks up 'Platinum Coin'
  330. • Item preview can be observed below the character when user presses D-Pad button while using ARKHALIS weapon
  331. • User is unable to enter Multiplayer mode on performing sign-in changes over the MP world selection screen
  332. • Null Reference Exception occurs during creating New World and perform Connected Stand-By
  333. • Title crashes when user selects 'Single Player' and immediately navigates back several times to the main menu
  334. • Title freezes when second player exits, and third player enters the session simultaneously
  335. • Title crashes on pressing 'L1' button continuously for multiple times in MP session
  336. • Title crashes when user drills the surface of the world with Drill Containment Unit while being in split screen MP session
  337. • Title crashes when user presses LB RB and Y button simultaneously after opening the inventory while being in a new world with a new character
  338. • Using Connected Standby in various areas of the game causes an infinite loading crash.
  339. • Title Crashes when user explores and combats with enemies for some time in all Underground biomes.
  340. • Title terminates on performing Connected Standby while adding a secondary player regardless 2nd, 3rd or 4th via split screen
  341. • Title crashes for host or client during multiplayer gameplay
  342. • The game crashes when continually creating Characters.
  343. • Gameplay elements freezes, and character disappears for client after getting slayed multiple time
  344. • Title crashes after few minutes for the client who has a split screen player while being in a Multiplayer session
  345. • Title crashes when user having max split screen tries to join a session via Game presence
  346. • Title terminates on performing Connected Standby while all 3 secondary users are on character selection screen
  349. Art, UI, Sound & Text Fixes
  352. • White screen flashes for a moment every time when the character moves in the monolith’s range
  353. • Twilight dye animation of secondary player is affected by the vertical movement of primary player on primary player's screen and vice versa
  354. • The VFX of some dyes are inconsistent with the PC version
  355. • Inconsistent dye animation is observed for Pets/Mounts when Primary and Secondary player cross each other after equipping Gradient Dye
  356. • Background art assets that are unique to events do not appear on consoles
  357. • Place Holder text 'NpcName__441 has arrived!' is displayed when Tax Collector arrives
  358. • Buff/Debuff icons are transparent to near invisibility.
  359. • Blood moon and Lunar event background filters appears to overlap
  360. • Yoyos appear invisible while a Familiar Shirt is equipped.
  361. • Menu opacity increases when zooming in
  362. • Static buff duration is present for all the Banners
  363. • Save and Exiting in split screen game while players dying crashes the application.
  364. • Twilight Dye Stars all draw as one blob instead of smaller stars spread out
  365. • Reflective Dyes are missing their reflective shine, also darkens armor instead
  366. • All event filters show a white flash any time they start or stop
  367. • Nebular Pillar Shader shows static lightning sprite instead of light beams
  368. • Moon Lord's hand movement animation stutters while combating in multiplayer session
  369. • 'Stardust Guardian' flickers for client in split screen mode
  370. • In-game UI overlaps over IIS on suspending and resuming the title while being in a MP session
  371. • Rocket effect does not change after applying any dye on ‘Yoraiz0r's Spell’ wing
  372. • Flow animation pattern of character's head in Map/Mini-Map isn't smooth after applying dye as compared to PC version
  373. • Hotbar Text shows last item to be on the hotbar when completely empty
  374. • VFX is missing for most of the Weapons & Pets projectiles on using and switching certain dyes
  375. • Framerate suffers dramatically when many particle effects persist on screen.
  376. • Grim and various Hades Dyes display incorrectly on some accessory combinations.
  377. • Grim and various Hades Dyes adopt other dye effects when used with certain accessories.
  378. • Dyes on mount appears to flicker when applied on Mounts during a prolonged session
  379. • Particle animation of the "Twilight Dye" when consumed by the character is inconsistent with the PC version
  380. • Animation of dye gets altered/corrupted for character preview on character selection screen
  381. • PDA informational stats appear to shift upwards and Buff icons overlap with equipment slots.
  382. • 'Select' button prompt is not present for Directional Buttons Cursor Snap/Hotbar option in 'Controls' menu.
  383. • Primary player's screen appears extra zoomed-in for a fraction of seconds on re-spawning after getting slayed during multiplayer split screen session while screen is maximum zoomed
  384. • Mine cart preview is not displayed while cursor is placed on the mine cart track.
  385. • D-pad UI overlaps with the crafted items slot UI when user opens the crafted items
  386. • Buff icons in the Equipment sub-menu overlap with the menu
  387. • When holding directional cursor and opening the Map, character will continue moving while in map
  388. • 'Red Cross Marks' appear in the 'hot bar' slots for an instance for the newly created player
  389. • Title displays blank screen for few seconds on staying idle for 5-8 minutes on Multiplayer menu screen
  390. • Menu's and UI overlap on performing connected standby over General Settings menu
  391. • The Logo will continue to layer itself if a split-screen user presses the view button/ touch-pad while on the character selection screen.
  392. • Game pauses without any IGM/Inventory for the Host/Primary player whenever Client/Secondary player exits the session.
  393. • UI appears to be dim when zoomed in
  394. • Meteor armor, Solar Flare armor and Molten armor’s trail color does not change after equipping Dye in Dye slots.
  395. • The UI text Inventory still pulses
  396. • World tiles stop rendering after switching dyes on armor, using projectile weapons and then switching game modes.
  397. • Items collected by the user after throwing is not displayed on the Hotbar when the inventory is full
  398. • Unable to be dismiss "resume play" message when controller disconnected after Suspend and Resume.
  399. • Accomplishment notification appears twice on unlocking an Accomplishment after performing sign-in changes and playing in the same world again
  400. • Item icon is not displaced on the cursor when the player is near the tombstone.
  401. • Icons from Hair styles
  402. • Player list and Select Player screen slots disappear on adding split screen session
  403. • In the controls menu, it is difficult to tell which option the user has highlighted.
  404. • Overall UI appears to be dim while zoomed-in
  405. • Pickup text for all Placeable Items/Ingredients/Blocks overlaps with Player's Head.
  406. • "Press A to Resume" message is displayed underneath other in game UI or messages.
  407. • VFX of the damage taken by the player appears over the IGM while the IGM is invoke during gameplay
  408. • Unlike pc version when auto pause is set to 'ON' 'Shadowflame Hex Doll' flickers after invoking inventory while holding 'R2'.
  409. • VFX of one of the decoys around the Lunatic Cultist appears as faded
  410. • VFX of 'Inferno potion' appears to flicker
  411. • Costume preview is not displayed on cursor when highlighting the bottom portion of the dresser.
  412. • Background animation of Nebula Pillar is inconsistent with PC version
  413. • Body parts of the NPC Wyvern appears to flicker while being in Multiplayer session
  414. • Animation of Dyes are inconsistent while in split screen mode
  415. • Frozen turtle shell's animation appears to be in front of primary player's sprite and vice-versa
  416. • Xeno staff summon stutters during the gameplay
  417. • Yoyo string animation appears flickering during a Splits-screen session
  418. • The title momentarily freezes and the animation for Lunar Flare is missing for either of the players in MP Session
  419. • Animated loading icon and text box are displayed on the initial interactive state screen.
  420. • Last Prism jitters for client when Host/Client uses it during split screen session
  421. • Firing animation of Spears, Drills and Chainsaw weapons appears in the foreground over player's sprite when user fires these weapons equipping Dragon, Spectral and Titan breastplate.
  422. • The animation of 'Leaf Crystal' appears to jitter when the character is equipped with 'Chlorophyte armor'
  423. • Animation of Man eater appears to be inconsistent with PC i.e. it appears to layer over the background
  424. • Background animation rendering appears spiked while creating small, medium and large worlds
  425. • Character appears to jitter while falling with umbrella.
  426. • Music Box (Tutorial) art and animation doesn't match with that of given in the test case
  427. • There is a slight gap present in Bat hook animation.
  428. • Inappropriate animation is displayed for Slime Rain event
  429. • Rainbow flickers when user tries to add split screen player
  430. • Animation of King Slime appears to flicker when it moves from narrow spaces
  431. • Sawmill does not animate after placing it.
  432. • Death animations of enemies fails to appear on client screen when host kills the enemies
  433. • Player gets stuck while using Solar Eruption in a prolonged MP session having min players
  434. • Glowing animation of light source items flickers when zoomed in/out
  435. • The animation of the Teleporter is inconsistent with the PC version
  436. • Animation of Combat tools appears to be passed under arm of the secondary player
  437. • Spinning animation of Mushrooms appears over hammer and layers over player's sprite when user swings it
  438. • Clouds appear to flicker during the gameplay
  439. • The background animation of the 'Martian Madness' appears to be missing on Main menu
  440. • Animation of pickaxes appears offset and is inappropriate when swung on the right-hand side
  441. • Animation of Pre-Hardmode Swords appears offset and is inappropriate
  442. • Animation of Axes appears offset and is inappropriate
  443. • The firing animation of 'KO Cannon', 'Golem Fist' and 'Harpoon' appears inappropriate
  444. • Animation of Hardmode Swords appears offset and is inappropriate
  445. • Animation of Hammers appears offset and is inappropriate
  446. • Animation of Guns appears offset and the firing animation of bullets appear outside of the Gun barrel
  447. • Animation of certain Spell Tomes appears offset and is inappropriate
  448. • Animation of player while jumping slightly jitters on using Adamantite Armor
  449. • Moon appears to flicker rapidly when auto-pause setting is set to ON
  450. • Lighting effect is missing for Martian Hover Chair after placing it and a white bubble is present at the bottom of the chair
  451. • Blinking effect is missing for the top panel of 'Teleporter' during day time.
  452. • Water sprites from a world are overlayed in other worlds.
  453. • The (B)Interact button UI flickers when standing next to an interactable object.
  454. • Incomplete hint is displayed on loading screen which ends as ‘A builder’s instinct is as valuable as a’ when user save & exit the Game
  455. • Debuff inflicted over the time damage count appears to be dull
  456. • Button prompt appears enlarged and pixelated for ‘B’ button in Tutorial
  457. • The VFX of some dyes are inconsistent with the PC version
  458. • Animation of Nebula Dye is inconsistent with PC version
  459. • Twilight dye animation is inconsistent with PC version
  460. • Virtual Keyboard has some UI Elements left unaffected by the UI Opacity Slider
  461. • Dresser Style Menu has some UI Elements left unaffected by the UI Opacity Slider
  462. • Text/Description in 'Accomplishments' & 'Quick Navigation' tabs flow out of the margins.
  463. • The Crafting Menu Opacity is less opaque then the rest of the menu's while in Split screen.
  464. • Opacity of Crafting Menu, Inventory & Accessories slots reduces below the set percentage when the user activates build mode in a split-screen session
  465. •  Accomplishment pop-up is unaffected by the UI opacity slider in either solo or Split Screen session
  466. • Instructions Pop-up is unaffected by the UI opacity slider in Tutorial
  467. • D-pad is unaffected by the UI opacity slider
  468. • Money trough item icon flickers after placing the cursor on the flying piggy bank.
  469. • Toggle visibility icon lacks transparency like in PC version.
  470. • Primary player's rain drops animation is observed on the secondary player's screen
  471. • Edges of the screen flickers when moving the cursor till the end of the screen(right/left) by highlighting Sniper rifle/Binoculars from hot bar.
  472. • Text is not aligned correctly under control settings menu in Spanish Language
  473. • Buff art appears to be blur in gameplay when the screen shrinks
  474. •  Graphical textures appear to be missing in the flowing water or lava when the user digs the flowing water or uses bucket on any surface
  475. • Inventory slots slightly shrinks after selecting the sort items option which is located below Ammo slots.
  476. • Unlike PC version moon lord tentacle appears over player sprite
  477. • Alignment of Volume setting options appears to be inconsistent with that of the PC version
  478. • Gap is observed between the paintings in map when placed side by side which is inconsistent with PC version
  479. • Removed painting can be observed as vertical line on the map when user places two paintings beside each other and removes any one of them
  480. • Animation of shortswords appears offset and is inappropriate
  481. • Background appears to flicker for the host in a Multiplayer session
  482. • Alignment of character head icon is inappropriate in player list
  483. • Enemy stats are displayed passing through the enemies while being in the Ghost form
  484. • White screen flashes for a second every time when the character re-spawns after getting slayed while being in a MP session
  485. • Animation of Yoraizor's spell gets distorted over characters eyes while flying
  486. • Crafting slot flickers while using bucket items in build mode
  487. • Unlike PC version name of the looted items appear multiple times when user selects loot all and deposit all options rapidly after interacting with any chest
  488. • Flickering is observed when user equips the equipable items(bands)
  489. • On first launch auto select cursor appears on cave when the player toggles through the empty hot bar near the caves.
  490. • VFX of the prism disappears after closing the inventory when the Auto Pause 'ON'.
  491. • Graphical corruption is observed for a fraction of second in split-screen session after invoking map
  492. • Destroyer and Eater of Worlds appears over the surface
  493. • Tall gate is not fully highlighted upon moving the cursor over it.
  494. • Primary player's character is displayed on the right hand side of the screen for a fraction of a second when the secondary player quits the split screen session
  495. • Tooltip text appears to flicker in reforge menus.
  496. • Recipes slot string over laps with crafting slot after interacting with the NPC which is inconsistent with PC
  497. • Button illustrations in the tutorials are not aligned correctly
  498. • Certain areas of map/mini-map remain unexplored after re-hosting the session in the same world
  499. • Character's eye is not visible when facing toward the left side after equipping 'Viking Helmet'.
  500. • Glimpse of the player can been seen at different place when user teleports to spawn point within short distance using Mirror/Recall    Potion.
  501. • Items in the first and last slot of crafting menu appears little bright.
  502. • While on split screen, the clouds created are different for primary and secondary player.
  503. • Camera focus of primary player goes outer space during re-spawn in split screen session for few seconds
  504. • Stardust Dragon stutters for the client during the gameplay
  505. • Cobwebs display a checkerboard pattern on the Minimap for some zoom levels.
  506. • On world map there is a graphical corruption at left hand side
  507. • Pick-up text overlaps over the Mini-map
  508. • Animation of Rainbow dye is inconsistent with PC version on flying towards the right-hand side while being equipped with Solar Wings
  509. • Constant flickering is observed for the primary screen on invoking a split screen after triggering any Monolith
  510. • Second slot character in player selection screen gets previewed on the Mini-map for a fraction of second
  511. • Mana stars granted by equipment appear to flicker.
  512. • Water/Lava Falls suddenly disappear if you travel too far from their source
  513. • SFX is missing on login screen for "Press 'A' to continue" and also for Switch Profile option on the main menu
  514. • Player Head Icon is displayed instead of Werewolf in the Minimap when user invokes the inventory while Autopause is set to ON.
  515. • Background of the non-primary split screen player doesn't change on the player selection screen
  516. • Graphical glitches are observed after signing into profile and while adding/exiting split screen session
  517. • Phase Dye graphical effects on pets are displayed in a box around the pet.
  518. • Content area of loading screen fails to remain centralized when host save & exit from split screen MP session
  519. • 'Ice Beam' fired by enemy Ice Golem is not visible when player is in its proximity.
  520. • Streaks of water persist on the world map after pools of water fall a long distance.
  521. • Graphics lines are observed on the top layer of water bodies in the underground biomes
  522. • Animation of green trees and grasses are observed in corruption biome
  523. • Enough spacing is not present between the hot bar and the item names on highlighting the items on the hot bar
  524. • Deadly Sphere Staff's minion orb color is inconsistent with PC
  525. • Player sprite shift up and down while falling after invoking the inventory when auto pause set to 'ON'.
  526. • Inappropriate horizontal pixels are observed on invoking the World map
  527. • Player and the background appear darker on zoom in and zoom out even in the presence of light source when Auto Pause is set to 'ON'
  528. • FPS drop can be observed for the other split screen player when one of them teleports continuously using Portal Gun
  529. • Certain objects and other effects bound to the character after getting slayed multiple times
  530. • Painted flowers appear to layer over clay pots.
  531. • Duplicate image of the character and black graphical portions can be observed when the character uses 'Rod of Discord'
  532. • Dresser icon is not displayed over the cursor on highlighting right side of the Dresser
  533. • SFX is played in all menu's when the user access touch pad.
  534. • Fire barrier flashes at the user's spawn point after player gets slain.
  535. • Icon fails to appear on cursor for Cannon, Bunny Cannon & Snowball Launcher when highlighting any non-place-able items in Hotbar
  536. • Smoke created by 'Smoke Bomb' appears to flicker when game pauses by opening 'Inventory' or 'IGM'
  537. • Top part of mushrooms flicker after using Clentaminator
  538. • Placement preview of Trophies appear to flicker
  539. • Voodoo Demon art fails to appear in prolonged MP session
  540. • NPC chat icon appears to flicker when player interacts with NPC after respawning
  541. • Brightness of the wings appears less on the character selection screen for most of the wings as compared to PC version
  542. • Background layers doesn't appear at ones for night time while on IIS or main menu
  543. • The Delete button prompt is displayed after initially marking a character or world as a Favorite.
  544. • Flickering is observed for the weapon MEOWMERE
  545. • Health bar appears to flicker after consuming Lifeforce potion
  546. • When the Auto Pause is set to 'ON' Looted/deposited item names will display while the Chest inventory is being open unlike PC version.
  547. • Player icon appears distorted on invoking 'Player list'
  548. • Locked Chests are unlocked and opened in a single click, unlike PC which requires two clicks
  549. •  Fist attached to the chain goes out of the weapon when retracting to the player
  550. •  Unlike PC version chest name appears in multiple lines when highlighted in map after renaming it with maximum letters.
  551. • Switch menus button prompt is not displayed after highlighting the NPC icons in the housing option.
  552. • Active buff icons are overlapping with Equipment slot during gameplay
  553. • World assets (body of liquids, placed objects, blocks) may be displayed stamped over the users view portal when adding three or more users to a split-screen session.
  554. • Graphical glitches appear when user launches MP session after exiting from previous MP session
  555. • D-pad appears for an instance when the player invokes inventory after interacting with bottom portion of the dresser
  556. • Background layers doesn't appear at ones for night time while on IIS or main menu
  557. • Placed bubble blocks appear to flicker.
  558. • Sometimes water animation levitates in air when user pours it out of 'Bottomless Water Bucket' throughout surface of different biomes
  559. • Unlike PC version the trail of the 'Wisp in a Bottle' fails to change the color as per the Dye color
  560. • Screen flickers for the secondary player if the player presses change view button while loading into the world
  561. • Outline of Gemspark walls is inconsistent when Zoomed in/out
  562. • Glitch appears on exiting the title for two or three times after exploring the world for few minutes
  563. • World loading status text overlaps with loading tips.
  564. • Selected items appear to be shrunk in the inventory.
  565. • Pixelated graphics and graphics pop-in and pop-out is observed on primary player's screen while secondary player is about to join the split screen session
  566. • 'Welcome to World' & 'Current player' status messages are not displayed when host loads into the world.
  567. • All the Fallen items and Blocks appear to flicker
  568. • Werewolf and Merflok appears to flicker continuously
  569. • Cloud appears to get clipped along with Player and move along with him while flying when background is set to off
  570. • Costume icon is displayed on highlighting top right side of the dresser instead of dresser icon on the cursor
  571. • Highlighter disappears when user rapidly press A, B & RT on main menu
  572. • Rocket effect of 'Yoraizor's spell' moves away from the character's body on flying, which is inconsistent with the PC version
  573. • Horizontal corrupted lines are observed in the Ocean biome after using gravitation potion
  574. • Corrupted edges are observed when Lava/water falls has any brick placed in between the Lava/Water flow and the Lava/Water flow is appears to be behind the pots
  575. • 'Placement preview' of the 'Teal Mushroom' appears graphically corrupted
  576. •  Multiple menus and UI overlaps on soaking the title for 30-45 minutes on main menu after getting disconnected from a MP session
  577. • Animation of Vortex dye on secondary player appears to be different than primary player
  578. • The Delete button prompt is displayed after initially marking a character or world as a Favorite.
  579. • Informational stats disappear after interacting with bottom half of the dresser part which is inconsistent with PC
  580. • 'Interact' button prompt is displayed, and players are able to highlight 'Enchanted Sun Dial' item while it is in cooldown state.
  581. •  Player head not visible in minimap after loading tutorial multiple times
  582. • The user appears to switch their facing while at high speed on a minecart.
  583. • Enemies meant for future release can be spawned for a fraction of a second using debug commands
  584. • D-Pad appears in map on re-creating the session after suspending and resuming the title while being in a multiplayer session with maximum split screen players on the single console
  585. • All the coins and items layer over the enemy’s body parts
  586. • An item pickup SFX is played when exiting a world.
  587. • Damage count of character and Pickup text messages are visible in World map and on invoking IGM
  588. • Color of the dresser icon over the cursor does not update after changing the Costume color in Dresser Menu
  589. • Loading text appears to be misaligned when the Primary player exits the session while being with other Split Screen players
  590. • Secondary player screen gets inverted for a fraction of second when splits-screen is invoked
  591. • Moon Lord Core's animation is missing for few clients in MP session
  592. • Manually mapping gameplay controls to default gameplay mapping configuration is not possible
  593. • Costume preview color on highlighting with bottom part of the dresser is inconsistent with PC version
  594. • Inappropriate layering is observed between the player and Plantera boss
  595. • Distance between the enemy and the health bar appears nearer which is inconsistent with PC version
  596. • Multiple layering issues are found when Wall of Flesh is spawned in underworld
  597. • SFX is missing while making color changes for costumes/hair dye in dresser and hairstyle menu.
  598. • Placement Icon flashes in first slot of the Hotbar when user invokes the inventory during Split Screen session
  599. • Ellipsis is displayed instead of the player name in the player list when any non-primary player 'Save & Exit' the session
  600. • When entering NPC dialogue, the Shop option is not reliably highlighted
  601. • Character from the third slot in the list appears for a couple of seconds in the players list after performing sign in/out changes during previous session
  602. • Selected PVP party selection notification of client fails to appear for host
  603. • Graphical flickering is observed while defeating Duke Fishron
  604. • Client is displayed infinite loading on selecting Multiplayer from main menu after getting out of session due to host exit earlier
  605. • Message of the Tombstone are getting copied on to the cursor when the character gets slayed
  606. • Title freezes along with graphical corruption after the client leaves the split screen session
  607. • Loading icon disappears from character selection screen when user accepts multiple game invites from different users
  608. • Character's icon is missing in the 'Player list' on setting autopause to 'ON'
  609. • Pickup text overlaps with each other in the split screen session
  610. • Multiple messages are displayed when selecting same shield more than once in the PVP menu.
  611. • The opacity shade of UI appears dimmer compared to previous versions
  612. • Array errors appear in split screen multiplayer.
  613. • Horned God set art and animation doesn't match with that of given in the test case
  614. • Placeholder text is observed while in gameplay
  615. • Yellow outline is not scaled for the Music Box (Tutorial) while opening and closing
  616. • Tempo of the splashing water SFX is delayed while using Last Prism in Water.
  617. • Character sometimes freezes on using Nebula Arcanum
  618. • Pickup texts are not aligned correctly when specific items are looted for the second time
  619. • Teleport to Ally button prompt is displayed on the in-game menu.
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