Strings Application

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  2. -Username: @J15UNG5PLU5H13
  3. -Password: Xiumin (Unless D.O comes for me >.<)
  5. [FOR LIFE]
  6. -Name: Kim Jiyeon (김지연)
  7. -Other name/s: Natsumi Hanako (夏見 華子)
  9. [HISTORY]
  10. -Nationality: Japanese
  11. -Ethnicity: Japanese
  12. -Birthdate: 03/05/94
  13. -Age: 24
  14. -Weight: 51kg
  15. -Blood type: O
  17. [Cosmic Railway]
  18. -Personality:
  19. Hanako has a really caring Mother personality. She always put others before her and she's always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear. She is a person who is easy to approach and she is kind to everyone. She's also really soft and sweet, always melting at the slightest things and she blushes easily. However, she can be very scary when she's angry, so I do not advise you get on her bad side.
  21. She's also such a crackhead. She has all sorts of jokes and puns that will definitely make you laugh. The actions she does are funny on their own. She just loves to make others smile and brighten their day. Some people will think she's sugar high 24/7. Maybe she is.
  23. Lastly, she's emotionally sensitive. Her over active imagination is always running and she worries about what others think about her, if she's doing anything wrong or if someone hates her. It really can break her down.
  25. -Background:
  26. She was born in Osaka, Japan. She grew up as a child who was full of absolute crackhead potential yet is soft and vulnerable to people with bad intentions. When she was 11, she had some friends who were not very nice to her and that made her amber emotionally sensitive person. She was in the media club and she loved photography. She felt that it was a great way to express herself. She took many photos in her life and would share them on social media.
  28. Her little Brother, Myeongye, was born when she was 12. She adored him very much, but he can be mischievous sometimes and she Hasnan to be strict with him. They grew up together until she turned 16. She flew to Seoul to continue her studies. In love with the beauty of Seoul, she decided to stay there even after finishing school.
  32. [Growl]
  33. -Likes:
  34. » Fast Food
  35. » Marshmellows
  36. » Starbucks
  37. » Aesthetics
  38. » Plushies
  39. » Everything Cute
  40. » Photography
  41. » Xiumin
  42. -Dislikes:
  43. » Cockroaches
  44. » Thunder
  45. » Mean People
  46. » Bitter Food
  47. » Horror
  48. -Habits:
  49. » Stress eating.
  50. » Speaking Rapid Japanese when stressed, anxious or angry.
  51. » Biting her lip.
  52. » Talking Loudly. Like LOUDLY.
  53. » Pulling jokes and puns every chance she gets.
  54. -Trivia:
  55. » Fast food restaurants and Internet cafés are practically her second home.
  56. » She speaks Korean, Japanese and Chinese. She's trying to learn English.
  57. » She is easily jumpscared and flinches at even the slightest things.
  58. » She's really Creative and has a wild imagination. She sometimes forgets what reality is like.
  59. » She wants to become a professional photographer or model.
  60. » She's allergic to cats and is scared of them afternoon getting scratched by one when she was 11.
  61. » She has Vasovagal Syncope. Her blood pressure drops due to anxiety, emotional stress, fatigue or others and she faints.
  62. » She has a pet Yorkie called Yoko.
  64. [Promise]
  65. -Slot: MAMA
  66. -Backup Slot: Reserved
  67. -Face claim: @gini_s2_
  68. -Backup Faceclaim: @melting_seul
  71. *This is the one where you get to have fun ;) good luck!*
  73. Username in Strings Hotline: @jy.03.05.94
  75. [Drop That]
  76. -Family Members:
  77. -Relationship with Family:
  78. » Natsumi Kyoko(Kim Eunji)//54//Barista//9
  79. » Natsumi Masaki (Kim Changmin)//56//Technician//9
  80. » Natsumi Ryota(Kim Myeongye)/12//Student//10
  81. -Relationship with other slots:
  82. » Universe 9/10
  83. » Kokobop 7/10
  84. » The Eve 10/10
  85. » Lotto 8/10
  86. » Artificial Love 11/10
  87. » Electric Kiss 9/10
  88. » Growl 6/10
  89. » Black Pearl 8/10
  91. [Love Me Right]
  92. -How you and your LI started dating:
  93. When they met on Strings, they only became friends at first. She developed a crush on him after a while but obviously was too shy and only told [insert slot] about it. Her secret crush went on for a while longer until [insert slot] spilled about her crush to Xiumin. Turns out, she only did it because she knew Xiumin liked her too and thought they'd be a cute couple. 😏
  95. Requested scene:
  96. » Café Date with Xiumin~
  97. » The entire group have a fun day out together!!
  99. [Been Through]
  101. Message to Author: I AM SO SORRY THIS IS SO LATE T T it wasn't really as good of a form as I hoped it would be ;-; anyways ilysm!! Thank you for waiting!!
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