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Apr 5th, 2016
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  1. >It's the fall formal
  2. >You and your buddy are enjoying the music and sipping punch
  3. >That quiet girl, Vinyl Scratch is the DJ tonight
  4. >After being mind controlled for a while, you and your boy stand by the DJ booth to get a better listen
  5. >Music stops
  6. >Vinyl Scratch puts two new records on the turntables
  7. >The electronic beat builds and builds
  8. >The bass drops
  9. >Vinyl hops over the turntables and tackles one of your friends to the ground
  10. >She pulls his pants down, then pulls her skirt up
  11. >She starts riding your friend on the dance floor furiously
  12. >He cums in 10 seconds flat.
  13. >She gets up
  14. >Points at you, Half smiling with a "come hither" look
  15. >You get tackled to the ground as well
  16. >She feels so creamy and nasty having been came in by your friend
  17. >You lay back and enjoy it anyway
  18. >30 seconds later
  19. >You haven't cum, Vinyl grimaces and grunts
  20. >You finally cum
  21. >You both stagger to your feet
  22. >She walks away, still dripping from her legs
  23. >Vinyl hops back over the turntable and continues mixing.
  25. Fall formal would never be the same after that encounter with the quiet girl, Vinyl Scratch.
  29. Part 2
  31. >The fall formal ends
  32. >Everybody is heading home
  33. >The new girl at school heads back into a portal you didn't know existed in front of the school
  34. >Vinyl Scratch packs up the turntables and mixer
  35. >You approach her
  36. >um, Vinyl, I was wondering about tonight...
  37. >She hears you, and turns around
  38. >Not that I had a problem with it...
  39. >But why the both of us?
  40. >She points at her crotch
  41. >wagging her fingers in a "no" fashion
  42. >She smiles, Throwing her hands up, as in "why the hell not"
  43. >She somehow knew
  44. >You and your friend were both virgins until that night on the dance floor with Vinyl Scratch
  45. >She gets into her car and drives away
  46. >You will never forget the time Vinyl Scratch showed to guys how two have a good first time.
  50. Part 3
  52. >It's the next day
  53. >You're walking through the hall, waiting for class to start
  54. >Vinyl and some friends enter the school
  55. >The bell rings
  56. >You see vinyl head to her locker, being late for class as usual
  57. >Vinyl bumps Principal Celestia while dancing
  58. >The Principal takes the headphones
  59. >Vinyl whips out a pair of earbuds as she walks away
  60. >You know the girl is a major bass head, and those earbuds wont cut it
  61. >It's class time
  62. >You notice Principal Celestia walking in the hall behind you, She's not in the office
  63. >You ask for a bathroom break
  64. >Sneaking around in the hall, you enter the Principal's office
  65. >You check in the drawer where confiscated items are stored
  66. >Vinyl's headphones are in there
  67. >You take them and hurry back to class
  68. >Lunch time
  69. >You find Vinyl walking in the hallway
  70. >Hey Vinyl, I got your headphones back from Principal Celestia-
  71. >Vinyl begins to smile...
  72. >She shoves you into the girl's bathroom
  73. >There's no one in there but the two of you
  74. >She begins to kiss you
  75. >You place your hands on her hips and kiss her back
  76. >She pulls you into an unoccupied stall and sits you on the toilet.
  77. >Your pants are unzipped, and Vinyl is taking off her glasses
  78. >The most mesmerizing red eyes are staring into your soul.
  79. >She begins to give you oral
  80. >She has most of you inside her mouth
  81. >You hear a gagging sound, mid shaft
  82. >This isn't stopping her
  83. >She continues to consume your manhood until her mouth is touching your base.
  84. >You can feel her licking around, as she moves back and forth
  85. >You ejaculate into her throat
  86. >She swallows
  87. >You pull back from the cleanest head you've ever been given.
  88. >Vinyl stands
  89. >She passionately kisses your cheek, and leaves the bathroom.
  93. Part 4
  95. >School has ended
  96. >You exit class, feeling glad the day is finally over
  97. >Exiting the front of the school, you see Sunset Shimmer rebuilding the school's front wall
  98. >Vinyl Scratch walks past you, waving goodbye to some friends
  99. >You feel nervous, but you can't resist
  100. >Um. Vinyl, I was wondering if you want to hang out some time...
  101. >She pauses, and looks at you
  102. >You fear the worst
  103. >She puts her soft hand on your face, and nods "yes"
  104. >Her hand reaches out
  105. >You take it and start walking with Vinyl to her house.
  108. Part 5
  110. >Walking home with Vinyl
  111. >She is hungry
  112. >You both enter Sugarcube Corner
  113. >"What can I get ya?" says the cashier
  114. >She points at a chocolate muffin and pays
  115. >both of you exit the shop and continue down the street
  116. >"Uh Vinyl, Why don't you talk much?"
  117. >Vinyl suddenly stops eating, she looks nervous
  118. >She frowns
  119. >You begin to hear a quiet voice..
  120. >"W-well I don't t-ttttalk, Be-ccc-ccc-
  121. >You stop her there
  122. >Don't worry Vinyl, i'm sorry about that.
  123. >She sadly nods
  124. >You're at her house, Octavia is there, They live together
  125. >Octavia waves to Vinyl, and enters the house
  126. >Vinyl motions her head toward the house, inviting you in.
  128. I'll see if I can write some more, got work in a little bit so I may continue later if I fall asleep,
  132. Part 6
  133. >"Yeah I can hang for a little bit, Thanks"
  134. >Suddenly, Snips and Snails come riding by on skateboards...
  135. >"H-HHH-HEY V-VVV-VIINYL S-SSS-SCRATCH! *laughing*
  136. >She turns away, frowning
  137. >You realize why she stays mute
  138. >You grab them both by their necks, you're not a big guy, but these two runts weigh hardly anything
  139. >They can hardly breathe
  140. >"We're s-sorry"
  141. >"Now get the fuck outta here kid"
  142. >They skate away as quick as they can
  143. >Vinyl smiles, and hugs you
  144. >You both walk into the house
  145. >Entering her room, it's a mess, clothing piled in a corner, soda cans, and a turntable setup in the center of the room, it looks like someones been partying
  146. >She is a dork, but you love her for it.
  150. >>25920022
  151. >Vinyl puts on some music
  153. >You and her sit on the futon by the wall
  154. >She begins to speak again...
  155. >I-I r-really appreciate what you d--ddd-did for me, out there I m-mmean...
  156. >You feel so bad but at the same time she sounds so cute
  157. >It's no problem at all
  158. >She leans across the couch and kisses you
  159. >You feel her tongue this time
  160. >She unzips her sweater, and starts to undress, you do as well
  161. >Vinyl straddles you, and begins riding
  162. >This girl is good
  163. >She passionately kisses you during sex, It's amazing
  164. >Two more electronic tracks go by, you both climax.
  165. >She speaks once more...
  166. >"W-w-wwwould y-you bbb-bb-ee- my b-bb-bb-oy-fr-"
  167. >She looks nervous, she can barely get the words out
  168. >"I would love to be your boyfriend"
  169. >She happily sighs...
  170. >Her head lays on your chest, her soft blue hair feels amazing
  171. >You are in ecstasy.
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