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Sep 13th, 2019
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  1. (I was gonna test Pokebilities TS), since it doubles up with both Motor Drive and Lightningrod. If Pokebilities was working how you'd hope it would, both of those abilities would proc off an electric attack and you'd get +1 Special Attack and +1 Speed, but it seems that only one ability will activate off an attack.
  3. Whichever ability you have selected at teambuilder will proc after the other, so if I had Motor Drive selected, Lightningrod would activate first and Motor Drive would never activate. If you had Lightningrod selected, Motor Drive would activate first and Lightningrod would never activate. Lastly, if you had Sap Sipper (or an AAA-added ability, most likely, though I never tested that particular interaction) it would activate Lightningrod first. I am not sure if that's because Lightningrod is the first ability Zebstrika has in data or if it's because it is first alphabetically, though I'd say the prior is more likely.
  5. Is this working as intended?
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