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  1. C1556
  2. "Its name is 'Nihility'." Yun Che said in a low voice.
  4. "Nihility...?" Qianye Ying'er frowned.
  5. "It is a special kind of law. It might even be the 'Power of Origin' of the profound way, which can turn all living things into one's own strength." Yun Che slowly explained the principles behind the Law of Nothingness that no one could possibly understand, and even he himself had only slightly comprehended the very beginnings of it, "Only, just at the initial stage of comprehension right now. My power of 'Nothingness', is only being able to absorb profound crystals, which is also the most basic power of the Law of Nothingness."
  6. Only that? To be able to absorb the spiritual strength from a profound crystal and convert it into his own cultivation without any hindrance, it was actually just the 'elementary stage'? It was 'only that'?
  7. "Is this another power that the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor left for you?"
  8. As someone who had once stood at the pinnacle of the profound way, Qianye Ying'er had never heard of any "Law of Nothingness", so his words were even more so like those of the World Defying Heavenly Manual. However, if this was a special power left behind by the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, it was normal that she could not understand it.
  10. "..." Yun Che closed his eyes and did not answer.
  12. Qianye Ying'er's eyes swept across the black colored demon crystal that were spread out around Yun Che, and she seemed to be deep in thought: "Does that mean that the reason you're making such a huge ruckus here is to create a reason to plunder the realm?"
  14. Qianye Ying'er used the word "plunder".
  16. "Correct." However, Yun Che answered without the slightest hesitation: "If I want to quickly increase my cultivation, I need an extremely large amount of resources. But unfortunately, with my current strength, I can only become a part of a Middle Star Realm."
  17. "Heh…" Qianye Ying'er looked at Yun Che and suddenly let out a somewhat mocking laugh, "The people always say that the hardest thing to change is human nature. As for you, you have completely changed. You obviously wants to rob us, but you still want to give yourself a reason so that you can plunder them in the name of revenge. You truly are despicable."
  18. Yun Che opened his eyes and looked away.
  20. It was also at this time that Qianye Ying'er's golden brows fiercely moved, and her voice sank. "Divine Sovereign!"
  21. "Divine Sovereign?" Yun Che stood up, and his eyes slightly focused: "A divine Sovereign, it has exceeded my calculations."
  22. He was sure that his actions in the East Ruins Realm would alarm the Realm King of the East Ruins Realm, so he would definitely send someone over. He just didn't expect that he would actually send a Divine Sovereign in person.
  23. However, he did not panic. He pushed out his palm and threw the Ni Juan Stone towards her and said, "Put it on."
  26. Qianye Ying'er received it, "This is?"
  28. "It's called the Ni Juan Stone." However, he was temporarily no longer in need of it, "It can change your aura. Once you infuse your profound strength into it, you will know how to use it."
  30. Qianye Ying'er probed and injected her profound aura. Following after, a slightly startled expression appeared on her face as she said in a low voice, "No wonder you were able to flee to the Northern Divine Region without anyone noticing."
  31. As she spoke, the aura on her body began to undergo subtle changes. From a 3rd Level Divine Sovereign it strangely changed to the same level of Yun Che, the 1st Level Divine King.
  33. A black mask covered her jade-like face.
  34. At this time, Dongfang Hanwei's sound transmission passed through realm and anxiously transmitted over, "Senior Yun! It's the Great Realm King … It's someone sent by the Great Realm King this time! You. Ahhh!"
  36. Her hurried voice hadn't finished transmission when it turned into an alarmed cry. Following that, her clearly flustered voice sounded from outside, "Father … Royal Father. "
  37. "This is my daughter, Hanwei. Hanwei, quickly greet Princess Yan and Ninth Elder!"
  38. "No need!" A rather domineering and cold female voice sounded from afar, "Where is Yun Che?"
  39. "Yes… Little Fang will now introduce... "
  41. The Eastern Cold Country's king's voice was much more humble than when he had faced the Nine Great Sects. Not waiting for him to finish speaking, Yun Che had already pushed open the door and walked out of the formation realm.
  42. Behind Yun Che, Qianye Ying'er silently followed.
  43. "Venerable Yun!" Seeing Yun Che walk out, the Eastern Cold Country's king immediately stepped forward, covering the obvious complex expression in his eyes and said solemnly: "These two are esteemed guests from the East Ruins Sect. This is Princess Yan, the daughter of the Great Realm King… "
  45. "My name is Dong Xueyan." The woman coldly interrupted the Eastern Cold Country King's words and looked at Yun Che a few times. His overly calm and indifferent eyes made her feel very uncomfortable: "You are Yun Che?"
  47. The old man behind Dong Xueyan clearly frowned for a moment, however he returned to normal.
  48. "Why are you looking for me?" Yun Che said coldly.
  49. Not only was his voice cold, there was not even a hint of reverence in his expression because of her identity. Dong Xueyan's eyebrows creased, and then she gave a low laugh: "You are even more arrogant than in the rumours."
  51. "Yun Che, do you know who the ruler of the East Ruins Realm is?" Dong Xueyan took a step forward, bringing with her the frightening might that belonged to 'Princess Yan', "This land here, and the Nine Great Sects, are all protected by my East Ruins Sect! You, an outsider, have trampled on the entire Eastern Region, as well as forcefully trampled on the Nine Great Sects … That's fine, with your strength, you do have the qualifications to become the overlord of this place. But after so many days, you still haven't paid your respects to Royal Father, and you haven't even sent a single message or letter! You simply don't put the East Ruins Sect in your eyes! "
  52. "Princess Yan! Venerable Yun had already planned to pay a visit to the Great Realm King a long time ago, but he had been restricted by this matter recently… "
  53. "Shut up!" The gaze she used to look at Yun Che with also gradually turned ice-cold... Because in the face of her words, Yun Che's expression did not waver at all. This undoubtedly made her feel furious: "This is not the place for you to talk."
  55. The Eastern Cold Country's king immediately shut his mouth and didn't dare to speak anymore.
  57. "Heh heh," the old man suddenly spoke, but his voice was especially gentle, "Your Highness' temperament is very impatient, she is not good at etiquette, if her words are too harsh and offensive, I hope that Venerable can forgive her."
  58. "...?" The old man's words caused Dong Xueyan to turn her eyes in shock, but she did not say anything.
  59. "And who are you?" Yun Che's eyes slanted.
  60. "I am Dong Jiukui. If you don't mind, then call me Ninth Elder." The old man laughed and said: "With just you alone, you have defeated the combined forces of the Falling Sun Sword Master and Dark Peng Old Ancestor alone. Venerable Yun, you naturally have the qualifications to be arrogant, the Great Realm King doesn't blame you, and instead admired Venerable a lot."
  61. Dong Xueyan knew about Dong Jiukui's attitude, so when she saw his attitude towards Yun Che, she was completely shocked in her heart.
  62. "Is that so?" Yun Che squinted: "Then why are you looking for me? Don't waste my time!"
  63. Facing the Great Realm King's daughter, how could he be so cold and rude? Dongfang Hanwei and the Dongfang Zhou were both shocked to the point that their hearts tightened.
  65. When she thought about her goal for coming her today, her expression and voice finally became somewhat calm. "The reason why I'm here today, is on behalf of my Royal Father, to invite you to the 'Battle of the Middle Ruin' in one month!"
  66. The Eastern Cold Country's King and Dongfang Hanwei raised their heads at the same time. They clearly knew what the "Battle of the Middle Ruin" was.
  67. Qianye Ying'er who had been quiet and indifferent the entire time, had a strange light flash in her eyes.
  68. This group of Star Regions were a total of 5 Middle Star Real,. They were respectively the East Ruins Realm, the West Ruins Realm, the South Ruins Realm, the North Ruins Realm and the Middle Ruins Realm.
  69. However, Yun Che didn't even bother to ask, and just as he was about to reply, Qianye Ying'er's cold voice suddenly came from behind: "Alright, we agree."
  71. "..." The corner of Yun Che's eyebrows twitched, but he did not speak.
  73. Dong Xueyan and Dong Jiukui's attention were both focused on Yun Che, so they did not pay much attention to her. This time, she actually spoke before Yun Che did, causing the two of them to simultaneously look at Qianye Ying'er.
  75. "And who are you?" Dong Xueyan asked.
  76. "My name is Yun Qianying, I am a maid serving at Yun Che's side." Qianye Ying'er said lightly.
  77. "A maid?" Dong Xueyan narrowed her beautiful eyes and said, "A maid who calls her master by his full name is indeed rare!"
  79. "There is a special way of interaction between us. It is only natural that Princess Yan would find it difficult to understand it." Compared to Yun Che's cold tone, Qianye Ying'er's voice was much more gentle. She looked at Yun Che, as if she was asking for his opinion, "Yun Che, this place is the East Ruins Realm, after all. We have created such a ruckus here, but have not paid a visit to the Great Realm King, it is indeed not something we should do."
  81. Yun Che: "..."
  83. "Now that the Great Realm King has sent over Princess Xueyan here in person, it goes to show that he sincerely wishes to invite you. It is also a great opportunity to visit the Great Realm King. It would be an honor and an opportunity to visit the Great Realm King. There is no reason to reject it, what do you think? "
  84. "Great Realm King took the initiative to invite us. Furthermore, the noble Princess Yan has personally come. How could we possibly refuse?"
  86. Yun Che's face was still stiff and cold, making Dong Xueyan wish that she could punch him. However, Qianye Ying'er's tone was much calmer, and she did not appear to have any intention of rejecting Dong Xueyan's invitation.
  88. "Alright." Dong Xueyan nodded. As Princess Yan, she possessed an extremely high status within the East Ruins Realm. No one had ever dared to ignore or reject her offers before, and no one had ever dared to do what Yun Che had done before her. If not for the fact that it was a critical period and her Royal Father had become very interested in this person who had suddenly appeared, she might have asked Dong Jiukui to directly kill this arrogant person here.
  90. She turned around, and with a flip of her hand, she pushed out a medallion that was intertwined with a green brilliance to Yun Che, and said coldly: "This medallion has already been engraved with your name. Within thirty days, take this medallion to the East Ruins Sect, it's a proof of status!"
  91. "Ninth Elder, let's go." Dong Xueyan directly left, and did not even ask about Yun Che's origins.
  92. "I believe that your esteemed self will be able to shine in this year's War of the Middle Ruin. This old man is looking forward to it. Farewell."
  93. When he was about to leave, his gaze inadvertently landed on Qianye Ying'er.
  94. "Little Fang will send Princess Yan off …"
  95. "No need!" Dong Xue Yan coldly said, locking the Eastern Cold Country's king in place.
  97. After exiting the Eastern Cold Capital, Dong Xueyan's expression suddenly darkened and her footsteps paused, causing the ground to shake violently. She hatefully said: "I have never seen such an arrogant and crazy person, he simply doesn't put my East Ruins Sect in his eyes!"
  98. "Hehe." Dong Jiu Kui smiled. "There's no need to be angry. He really does have the right to be this arrogant."
  99. Dongxue Yan asked, "Ninth Elder, why are you treating him so politely? Could it be …"
  100. She suddenly thought of something and her expression changed.
  101. "No." Dong Jiukui knew what she was thinking and shook his head, "Don't worry, his cultivation is definitely at the Divine King Realm, and his lifespan and doesn't exceed 60 years. He is qualified to participate in the Battle of the Middle Ruins. "However …"
  102. "But what?"
  103. "But …" Dong Juikui paused for a moment, his face solemn. "The rumor that I thought was nonsense is actually true. His cultivation is indeed only at the 1st Level Divine King. "
  104. "..." Dong Xueyan was startled, then lost her voice: "What did you say!? Impossible! How could a 1st Level Divine King defeat the Falling Sun Sword Master and Dark Peng Old Ancestor! Could it be … Did he use a hiding device to conceal his profound aura?"
  105. Dong Jiukui did not explain and continued, "I was worried that with his cultivation level, his lifespan would be nearing it's end. But... The other rumor is also true, his life aura is shockingly young. "
  106. "How young?"
  107. Dong Jiukui slowly extended three fingers.
  108. "Could it be that his age doesn't exceed 300 years of age?" As she spoke, a look of shock appeared on Dong Xueyan's face. He was not even 300 years old, most that have Divine King power are over 1000 years old!
  110. "No," Dong Jiukui shook his head again. "I feel that his age is very likely… Below 30! "
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