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  1. But wait. Just seeing you there, stretched out and helpless, makes me first want to my run my hands along your body, even before those jeans come off. The curve of your hips above the tight cinch of your panties is too tempting. Scoot over. Now turn on your side.
  2. I slip onto the bed next to you, my hand falling on your bare shoulder, then tracing it down your arm to your hip. I move my hand forward to cup the trembling tightness of your belly. Once again, my pinky dips into your belly button. My lips fall on your shoulder, kissing, kissing, then a soft, playful bite. Nothing hard. Lean back against me.
  3. Of course, you being as naughty as you are, push your hips back, grinding your ass into my crotch. It feels achingly good, I admit, but there’s time enough for that.
  4. I slip my finger into the waist of your jeans, sliding it around your hip to your back. God, you skin is hot. So damn hot. You’re feverish with lust. I inhale again, smelling your light perfume.
  5. Uh-oh. Getting bored? That’s the trick. Get your bored and then–
  6. I reach down, scoop up your knees, then hook a cruel finger into the waist of your panties. With a violent, almost brutal tug, your jeans and panties slip off, revealing your bare ass. Without another pause, I reach down and with a gentle finger, find the slim saddle of your lust, hot and wet. You try to pull apart your thighs but the jeans are still clenching them closed, like handcuffs around your knees. Once again, without you expecting it, you’re a little helpless.
  7. But being helpless isn’t so bad and you love the gentle massage I give to turn your lust from a trickle to a flow. I don’t want to make a mess. I want to ruin some sheets here.
  8. Don’t worry. We’re getting to the good stuff now. No more dainty teasing.
  9. I slip off the bed, falling to my knees on the carpeting, then twist you around, placing your ass just on its edge. It’s easier to be on the floor while doing this. The angle’s better and there’s no awkward bending. Plus, I get to do this…
  10. I lift your thighs up, still held together by your jeans, and now see your quivering, shivering pussy. Like any man, there’s a still moment, where I just want to look, but that moment never lasts. My desire to touch and taste you is overwhelming, and the feminine scent of your arousal is just too delicious.
  11. In a long, slow arc, I lick. Lick long and wide, running my tongue from your ass to the soft patch of hair just above your pussy. I lick very slowly, not stopping at any one point, again and again, until you relax and stop thinking about what I am doing and decide you just want me to do it.
  12. Do you want me to? No, don’t nod or grunt. Tell me. The time for coyness is at an end. I need to hear the words.
  13. Good girl. And as a reward, I pull your jeans and panties completely off, over your thighs, knees and feet, never losing a long lick. I toss them back and over my head, completely forgotten in our little story. Good fucking riddance, yes?
  14. Your legs fall apart like butterfly wings and you move your hands down, grasping my hair, first gently and then firmly. I lick, your juices coating my face and me loving every single second of it. My tongue is soft and firm, moving up and down your labia, darting in and out of you from time to time. I memorize your pussy with my tongue, inhaling deeply.
  15. I gently slip a finger into you, shallow at first, in rhythm with my tongue. Then, as I feel your body arch, I push it in deeper, feeling the contours of you from the inside. Then two fingers, still lapping at you, but not touching the single burning bud of your lust.
  16. Pull your legs up higher. Clutch your ankles. Just…like…that.
  17. Your body trembles and shakes beneath me, your pussy spread out like a dinner table. I feast on you with your mouth opening and closing, your eyelids batting. Sometimes you lift your head to watch me, but the strain hurts after a moment and you just want to FEEL.
  18. How long do I do it? Minutes, and never long enough. I could die a happy man right this second.
  19. Then it starts and I soon as I feel those first few shakes, I move to your clit, now working two fingers into you. My tongue vibrates on it, taking it in my mouth whole. My eyes stay on you. It’s the best part of living, right here and right now, watching your orgasm, TASTING you as you have one.
  20. After a minute your entire body bends, your chest rises and and unbelievably long moan escapes your throat. The sweet, slow bullet of your pleasure wracks your body in a long spasm and I stay with you, holding my arm over your waist so my mouth doesn’t leave you unattended.
  21. Now your body ends its arch and your head moves up, your eyes wide and watery. You try to smile, but it’s no use. Your face isn’t working quite right yet.
  22. Again and again the orgasm crashes in waves, until it finally focuses on the now too-sensitive swell of your sex.
  23. I smile up at your, my face shining with your juices. I pull my mouth off, now gently placing my hand over your pussy, almost to guard it from the cold. I don’t want you to feel forgotten.
  24. Was it worth the wait?
  25. Your breathing slows a little. You smile down at me again, this time with some control over your mouth. You brush a strand of hair pasted to your forehead by sweat.
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