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  2. Talk to me sweetly
  3. ;u
  4. Lol I gotta do maths. owo. So can't respond on chat or Yoshi clears out <_>
  5. NiouYesterday at 1:46 AM
  6. No worries, I understand! o:
  7. And sweetly you say?
  8. Well when we were kids my and my sister used to shoot birds down with pellet guns together
  9. but there was this one time
  10. where my sister got the bright idea to take one of the dead birds and mutilate it
  11. she then took that bird carcass and threw it through the open window of someone's car
  12. :joy:
  13. She was still in elementary school at that time.
  14. It was too precious :heart:
  15. And this is why my sister and I might be slightly psychotic. :'3
  16. TsukiryuYesterday at 1:50 AM
  17. Oh.
  18. Oh maI.
  19. *mai
  20. o-o
  21. NiouYesterday at 1:50 AM
  22. But don't worry
  23. we dont kill animals anymore
  24. now we just want to kill people
  25. :'3
  26. And now you have a little bit of information about what I'm really like. ^-^ I swear, I can be romantic and sweet sometimes but... there is an undeniable level of messed up beneath all that. And beneath that just a sad, broken and neglected child.
  27. My sister and I didn't have the best upbringing. We're exposed to a lot of really ugly stuff thanks to my father and his "mid life crisis".
  28. But yuh know
  29. everyone has their problems in life
  30. TsukiryuYesterday at 1:53 AM
  31. Understandable.
  32. NiouYesterday at 1:53 AM
  33. and I don't like to say anyone's life is harder or less hard than another.
  34. TsukiryuYesterday at 1:53 AM
  35. And I'd kill you if you hurt an animal.
  36. = ^ =
  37. NiouYesterday at 1:53 AM
  38. oooo I'm shakin in my boots :'3
  39. but ah, I wouldn't kill an animal now that I'm older
  40. unless I was going to eat it of course
  41. they're innocent creatures
  42. my attention has been directed to those who aren't so innocent
  43. TsukiryuYesterday at 1:56 AM
  44. There are consequences of such actions. Its best not to dwell on those thoughts too much..
  45. I rather not see you on the news one day.
  46. NiouYesterday at 1:57 AM
  47. Well, we'll all die one day. I'd rather go out in a bang than live an insignificant life where I never lived out my dreams but
  48. before I go on a murderous rampage I'll wait till I've done everything else.
  49. x'D
  50. besides
  51. my kill list needs to get a bit longer.
  52. TsukiryuYesterday at 1:58 AM
  53. There isn't mercy for a murderer. You will suffer the same fate as my uncle as he rots in prison for life, quickly going out of his mind..
  54. NiouYesterday at 1:59 AM
  55. If you say so but I have no mercy for rapists and others who strip children of their happiness and innocence.
  56. NiouYesterday at 2:00 AM
  57. I'd gladl go out of my mind
  58. if it means ridding the world of people like that.
  59. ^_^
  60. TsukiryuYesterday at 2:01 AM
  61. Eh..just be careful of whatever actions you choose. ._  .;
  62. There is always going to be idiots in this world. You cannot rid it of stupid.
  63. NiouYesterday at 2:06 AM
  64. I'm not trying to be a hero and save the whole world. But you're right, if I have other things to live for it would be wrong of me to put that on the line for my own selfish endeavors. Though if I had the opportunity to make someone suffer for ruining someone before they could even experience life, I would gladly. Perhaps it would have been healthier to let go of these visions but after so long it's changed me into something else. I can't go a day without sick thoughts going through my head. I've had to somewhat embrace it just to feel comfortable with myself.
  65. It's kind of hard to see a therapist for these kinds of things and even if I did, I don't think it would help.
  66. I've seen too much happen to people I care about
  67. at the hands of people like that.
  68. TsukiryuYesterday at 2:08 AM
  69. Trust me, there's a lot of people I'd love to rid this world of, but I let Karma work in its ways. You can't let thoughts control you.
  70. NiouYesterday at 2:15 AM
  71. You're probably right. I could end up becoming a monster myself more than I feel I am already. That does scare me a bit but it's hard to let go of such awful memories. My own sister was raped by someone we considered a family friend when she was 13 or some shit... My mom was raped by her father when she was younger and... when I was about 18 my mom was taken at gun point and forced to do things... someone I grew deeply fond of was sold out by her mother when she was very young to some accountant and would visit him each week... the details of these stories disturb me more than anything else... even beyond my own experiences... there aren't words to describe how much it sickens me and how much it hurts me that they have to go through what they do because of others twisted ideas.
  72. They will never have the lives they could have had...
  73. There is nothing sadder to me...
  74. Nothing more painful...
  75. I don't know how someone just moves on from that.
  76. TsukiryuYesterday at 2:16 AM
  77. Mom went through a lot of shit too.
  78. We thought she'd end up the serial killer.
  79. Didn't know my uncle would be the one to turn out to be a murderer. x-x;
  80. Both mom and my grandfather suffered in their own ways and passed.
  81. And it took a lot for them to be at rest. Because he did a lot of shit to her..
  82. I got maybe a 3rd of abuse what he put her through.
  83. NiouYesterday at 2:20 AM
  84. I'm really sorry to hear you have such a dysfunctional and messed up family life as well, and that's putting it lightly... You're really strong for hanging on and living despite all the pain. I admire that a lot...
  85. TsukiryuYesterday at 2:21 AM
  86. Its not easy. But someone needs to be the light of the generation. Especially of my family. I am not fully mentally stable either, but I'll be damned if I let it take over me.
  87. My family is almost down to nothing..
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