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  1. //Womb Deepthroat; tooltip- Have some fun with her most intimate bits.
  2. //Note that the earlygame rework will provide players with a small knife for crafting/cooking stuff. A cock and the gore toggle required.
  4. Hunger wells up inside of you. This vulgar little seductress tried so hard to rile you up, and she has certainly succeeded, but you don't think she'll like the expression of your passion. She still lies fallen before you, her every motion aimed at tempting you, even as you plot her death.
  6. The dark glint in your eyes as you approach must signal something to her, as she does try to scramble away, but it's too late. You're already on top of her, pushing her to the ground and ripping off her dress to unveil her [alicepanties]. Those too are soon gone as you expose her fully, drinking in her nubile form. Whatever hopes the Alice had of getting off with just being violated are soon dashed as you pull out your knife.
  8. Her [aliceeyes] eyes flash, and she tries to shift her torso to the side, but you'll have none of that. You hold her in place while you trace the knife along her collarbone, enjoying the utter terror she radiates from beneath you.
  10. [say: P-Please! I... I'll do anything, just please... Not like this...]
  12. What a wonderful cadence. You start the incision just below her belly button, and she howls as your blade pierces her " + + " skin. Luckily for her, you have a goal in mind other than simply making her suffer, so you quickly slide downwards, opening up a long slit in her abdomen. Your hands are almost instantly coated in blood, and it's slick enough that you nearly drop the knife several times in the process, but you eventually have the gash large enough for your purposes. The Alice squirms and shrieks all throughout the process, but your weight is more than enough to keep her immobilized.
  14. The young demon groans as you slip your hands inside of her. You even manage to get an adorable little hiccup as you feel your way down towards her uterus. And when you start sawing at it, her sweet tears start to spill out in earnest, trailing twin tracks down her cheeks. You'd love nothing more than to lick them up, but you're not finished here yet, so with a single hearty tug, you rip her womanhood from her, drawing out a particularly pleasing scream alongside it.
  16. And finally, you hold it in your hands--her tiny, underdeveloped womb. It was hard work getting it out, but looking at the cute little bulb, you feel it was truly worth it. The Alice, however, has been quite strained by this whole ordeal, her breaths becoming shallower by the minute as she slowly bleeds out. You're surprised she's doing as well as she is. An effect of her demonic vitality, perhaps? In any case, it doesn't look like whatever's keeping her going will last much longer.
  18. [say: Why? Wh...] Her voice starts to give out as blood spills from her mouth. Maybe you went too far--she's far closer to her expiration than you'd like at this time.
  20. But this wasn't just senseless violence, no, you have a destination in mind for your prize. Sad as you are to relinquish it, it will find a much better home down her gullet. With your free hand, you start trying to wrench her jaw open, but the little demoness fights you, shaking her head side to side quite ineffectually. When the novelty of her struggles wears off, you slap her hard enough to stun her and then pry her lips apart[if (str < 30) , though this does prove somewhat difficult].
  22. With the path finally cleared, you're free to stuff the organ down her throat, wedging it in deep enough that she can't easily cough it back up. [if (silly) Thankfully, her throat capacity is more than high enough to accommodate this. ]While she's still stunned, you slip around behind her for a better angle, proceeding to [if (isnaked) bring your [cock] to bear|free your [cock] from your [armor]] and shove it in her open mouth. As you sink your length fully in, you push her womb along with it, until it's firmly stuck in place, causing her to gag a bit. Her hands weakly find their way to your thighs, but this is more endearing than anything else, and you're able to start rocking back and forth with ease.
  24. You can feel her feebly attempting to gasp for air around your cock, but the seal is too tight. She can do nothing but push against your hips, her already pitiful strength having dwindled to nothing from the blood loss. Spurred on by her coming end, you continue to pump your hips, hitting the meaty lump embedded in her throat with each thrust[if (hasvagina) as your clit rubs against her little nose]. The pleasure is almost overwhelming, and you're forced to lean forward, one hand finding support on her diminutive chest while the other lovingly strokes her neck.
  26. The Alice somehow summons the strength for one final muffled wail, and the sensation of her vibrating vocal cords sends you over the edge. You lean back, let out a moan, and release, flooding her tiny throat with your seed[if (cocks) while your remaining cock[if (>2) s] spray her body with yet more]. The tip of your orgasming member still presses against her womb, and the feeling of its heavenly texture almost causes you to pass out.
  28. However, you do eventually come down, breathing heavily as you slowly soften inside her. When you slowly pull your cock free of the Alice's throat, you're almost sad to leave your prize behind, but all things must come to an end. You can see from the demon's glassy eyes and doll-like stillness that she certainly has.
  30. You take one last look at the quickly cooling corpse that just minutes ago struggled so vivaciously and then depart with a lively jaunt.
  32. //More corruption gain than normal Alice sex?
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