(Jan 2017) "Alvaroshi the Yoshi wallpaper set" (By BlueMario

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  1. (Jan 2017) "Alvaroshi the Yoshi wallpaper set" (By BlueMario1016)
  3. Part of an Art-Trade I made with the user BlueMario1016 uploaded on January 22, 2017 in which I drew a character of his, that I do not remember if it was a human or something else (sometimes my memory remembers some things in a way correct, and others not so many and it is not to lie since it has been so long and it will be hard for me to remember the character I drew in question. ^^;), he did his part doing a wallpaper set of my Yoshi that It is 1280 Pixels Wide and 1000 Pixels High, so its Depth in bits is 24 and the dimensions in total are 1280 x 1000, besides I think it is the second wallpaper if I remember correctly Alvaroshi appears since the first one was that of MisterYoshiandwatch of FNAY 2, I still like this kind of ideas and it is not very common to see someone do Fan-Characters wallpapers of this type. :)
  5. I know that the drawing itself is like that the artist tried to emulate the Art-Trade drawing that Sukino_Sakura made with me ten days ago (since we remember that the drawing that Sukino made me was on the 12th of that same month and BlueMario1016 on the 22nd which dates are correct.), I still liked it equally and Alvaroshi is in heaven as if he were flying or something like that and what caught my attention is his name in Japanese and this is the case if you are curious:
  7. アルバロシ・ザ・ヨッシー (Arubaroshi za Yosshī/Alvaroshi the Yoshi.)
  9. I have to remember that it is the first time that the name of my character Yoshi is said in Japanese and I think I liked this detail and that is not usually used as such since it only says "Alvaroshi The Yoshi", nothing more, But I found it curious that BlueMario1016 did this and was not very used to seeing Alvaroshi with his own name in another language as it is. XD
  11. I hope you like this a lot, the corresponding and respective credits to the artist who made the drawing/wallpaper set belongs to BlueMario1016. :3
  13. Art Programs used respectively:
  15. Adobe Photoshop.
  17. Paint Tool SAI.
  19. GIMP.
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