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  1. >>>>>Do we have a guild?<<<<<
  2. We do. It's called "Smug". You can find our guild stone high up on a hill behind the Dunbarton moon gate. Be sure to click it to contribute GP and donate gold. You can join by applying at the stone itself, or by pressing F, clicking "Guild List" at the bottom right, searching Smug and clicking "Request to Join". Make sure to leave a message that shows you're from here and not a normalfag.
  3. REMINDER: If you want to make plans with the guild and don't want outsiders finding out, use the guild chat. Outsiders have been known to lurk these threads and our plans have been leaked before.
  5. >>>>>This is a private server, so is there a cash shop?<<<<<
  6. Enemies will drop Red Fomorian Coins, which can be traded in for cash shop items and pets at an NPC named Shyla, who can be found in most towns. Everything is free, and this server is run purely on donations.
  8. >>>>>The wiki mentions something, but I can't seem to find/do it.<<<<<
  9. The wiki is up-to-date for the official Mabinogi Servers. This server is very behind in terms of content. The wiki is still largely useful; you get the best information by setting its history date to March 2011, or as close to there as you can get. That will give you proper quest details and skill information, though some esoteric information may differ due to the server version being JP instead of NA. You may want to read the Japanese wiki instead, and there are still some discrepancies from this server having changes made.
  11. >>>>>I want to play melee<<<<<
  12. Grind out the Windmill skill to Rank 1 before other skills. Skills give Combat Power (CP) as you rank them up, and Windmill requires you to kill with it a lot of mobs with considerably higher CP than you at higher ranks, which means if you rank up too many skills, it'll become next to impossible to rank up Windmill. lets you find out which monsters meet the strong/awful/boss upto G14. You can find out your own CP from one of the approved mods for this server; you can get it from the resources wordpress. The game starts you off  with some ranks in some skills, so speak with Duncan in Tir Chonaill to derank your skills, as long as your total level is under 100. Windmill is one of the stronger melee skills (except for elves), and is objectively the best at rank 1. Humans and giants are recommended for melee.
  14. >>>>>I want to play ranged (not magic)<<<<<
  15. Instead of grinding out Windmill, it is recommended to grind out Refining to rank 1. At rank 1, Refining gives you tons of Dex, but requires you to fail refining ore to train the higher ranks at a decent pace, and Dex makes you succeed. There are some equipments and titles that reduce Dex, but the sooner you knock this one out, the better. Elves are recommended for archery, since they fire two arrows/bolts per normal ranged attack, and have two archery skills unique to them: Mirage Missle, an AoE DoT, and Final Shot, which lets you shoot more rapidly and teleport around during the skill's duration. Humans also have a unique skill to them called Arrow Revolver, which lets them load up 5 arrows/bolts at once. They also aim faster at rank 1 Ranged Attack than elves do.
  17. >>>>>I want to play magic<<<<<
  18. It is recommended you start off with melee, at least in part. Mana only regenerates in the evening, when Eweca fills the air, or if you have a skill called Meditate, which slows down your movement to a walk. For that reason, most people just stock up on mana potions, which will eat through your gold, which you won't have much of on a new character. For that reason, you should be able to handle yourself in a fight if you run out of mana, so make sure you can melee your way through. Elves have more mana and int than other races, but are more frail and have weaker melee ability if enemies get too close to cast magic.
  20. >>>>>Fuck you, don't tell me how to play<<<<<
  21. Play however you like. Mabinogi is the kind of MMO that excels at letting you do what you want, even if it means the game kicks in your face. Peaca dungeon is a good example of this.
  23. >>>>>All these potions and equipment repairs left me broke. How do I make money?<<<<<
  24. Fomor Scrolls. Mimics drop their scrolls at higher rates than other mobs drop their fomor scrolls, and the quest for mimic scrolls rewards 12000g in this server. Mimics can be found in dungeons of all kinds, but for beginners, Ciar dungeon is easier to get through than most of the other dungeons, and Randal can give you a Ciar Beginner Pass if Ciar Normal is still too tough for your CP. Fomor scroll quests are sold by Duncan in Tir Chonaill If you grow weary of dungeoneering, you can ask NPCs around town for a part-time job. There should be nearby signs saying when they start allowing PTJs. This server bumped their rewards up to 4x, so these jobs are actually worth doing. These are timed on the in-game clock, and need to be done withing a certain time window. Be sure to do jobs for the church for holy water. Blessed equipment doesn't drop if you're knocked unconscious.
  25. Another popular method is to form a party to kill black wolves with the Party Quest sold by Deian in Tir Chonaill's grasslands.
  27. >>>>>These blacksmiths keep damaging my weapons!<<<<<
  28. Always have your gear blessed before repairing, Never use complete repairs and always point by point so that you can rebless the item if gets damaged. There is a table that shows the repair rate of blessed items Granat in the Elven HQ in Taillteann repairs at a 97% rate, which bumps up to 99% when blessed and he's much cheaper than repairing with Edern. Even blessing an item will make it lose durability at half the normal rate when in use. Unfortunately, no blacksmith repairs with 100% success rates, so all items will eventually hit 0 max durability and be useless.
  30. >>>>>Is there a (life skill/profession) in the guild?<<<<<
  31. lists known ranks of guild members' life skills. If you have excess materials, mail them to someone working on a corresponding production skill, or you have a need for production reach out to them. If you're not currently in the guild, add them to friends to be able to chat with them 1-on-1. If your info on this list is out of date, post it in the thread or contact the guild leader, Aristrea, and it'll be updated.
  33. >>>>>What's all the hubbub about housing flyers and return coupons? Can I really use them to go wherever I want?<<<<<
  34. Yes, when you use a flyer to warp to a seller's house, the flyer will be replaced with a coupon that'll take you back to the location where you used the flyer. This makes them great for going to hard-to-reach places whenever you want. Unfortunately the return coupon only works in the housing channel, where the flyers take you, so here's how you do it. Step 1: Get a flyer from any housing board in town. Step 2: Have someone bring you to the desired place, or go there yourself. Step 3: Use the flyer to go to the housing channel. The return coupon you get brings you back to the same spot you used the flyer, so be sure to use it in a safe location. Step 4: Leave the housing channel on foot/mount; using the coupon defeats the point of keeping the coupon. You now have your free ticket to where you want. Step 5: To go back to your desired place, you now need two flyers. Use the first one to reach the housing channel. Hold onto the return coupon. Step 6: When you've finished your business, repeat step 3, then use the coupon from step 5 to go back to where you started.Keep in mind that there are several residential areas, and that a return coupon only works in the residential area where it was made. Meaning if you use a flyer to go to Sen Mag Residential area, the return coupon you get from in will only work in Sen Mag Residential area. All return coupons look the same and have no distinguishing features. Be sure to keep them organized!
  36. >>>>>I want to play some dank doots!<<<<<
  37. Here are some repositories:
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