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  1. <color=#FF0000>[EU/EN] The secret laboratory</color> if you have any further questions you can Always join our <link=""><color=#cdf><u></u></color></link>
  2. Server rules in game:
  3. 1. be nice to everyone and behave yourself
  4.     1.1 respect your fellow players
  5.     1.2 no team killing
  6.     1.3 no closing doors on your teammates
  7.     1.4 no NSFW as this is a kid friendly server
  8.     1.5 no abusing
  9.     1.6 no swearing with decease
  10.     1.7 no racism
  11. 2. we speak english here and only english “rule 17”
  12. 3. working microphone is a must and you need to know how to use it
  13. 4. no glitching or exploiting
  14. 5. respect and obey staff members
  15.     5.1 staff is here to keep the game nice for everyone
  16.     5.2 staff has the final word on everything
  17.     5.3 do not ask staff for free stuff for example cards, guns, nades
  18. 6. teams/factions must be obeyed in the game
  19.     6.1 SCPs targets are everyone
  20.         6.1.1. SCPs must work together as a team
  21.    SCP 049-2 must obey SCP 049
  22.    SCP 079 has generators and if they are attacked other SCPs must try to counterattack and help 079 stay alive
  23.         6.1.2. SCPs can ignore Chaos
  24.     6.2 MTF/NTF/guards/scientist are the same team
  25.         6.2.1. this faction can disarm a D-class and make it one of their own faction if they can escort them out
  26.         6.2.2. this faction can use D-class as sacrifice or bait for SCPs
  27.     6.3 D-class can only team with Chaos
  28.         6.3.1. this faction can plea for their lives or allow themself as a sacrifice from MTF/NTF/guards/scientist
  29.     6.4 Chaos is here only to rescue D-class
  30.         6.4.1. Chaos can ignore SCPs
  31.     6.5 NO TEAM KILLING
  32. 7. do not commit suicide if you spawn in a class you don’t like
  33. 8. do not detonate the nuke 5 minutes in the round
  34. 9. do not spam or play annoying music in the intercom
  35.     9.1. this will lead to a permanent intercom mute
  36. 10. no stream sniping
  37.     10.1. this includes if you are spectating a friend and telling him where everyone is
  38. 11. do not make false claims of your identity for example being staff or the owner
  39.     11.1. this will lead to a punishment and possibly even to a ban
  40. 12. if you have been banned from the server there is no use to try an alt as we will ban that also
  41. 13. no advertising of other servers
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