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Jan 9th, 2014
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  1. open Terminal, cd to directory where you want it installed.
  3. wget
  4. mv PlayOnLinux-wine-1.7.10-linux-amd64.pol PlayOnLinux-wine-1.7.10-linux-amd64.tar.bz2
  5. tar xjvf PlayOnLinux-wine-1.7.10-linux-amd64.tar.bz2
  6. mv PlayOnLinux-wine-1.7.10-linux-amd64/wineversion/1.7.10 .
  7. rm -rf PlayOnLinux-wine-1.7.10-linux-amd64
  8. [if this wine version does not work out of the box, install wine in your system via package manager to get all the things needed to run it]
  10. wget
  11. chmod +x ./winetricks
  12. env WINE=$(pwd)/1.7.10/bin/wine WINEPREFIX=$(pwd)/wine WINEARCH=win32 $(pwd)/1.7.10/bin/winecfg
  13. [cancel on installing gecko, mono, close config window with ok]
  15. In order to get it working, first get an mscoree.dll file from
  16. search for "Using the zip file (for advanced users) Download"; download zip , unpack somewhere;
  18. env WINE=$(pwd)/1.7.10/bin/wine WINEPREFIX=$(pwd)/wine WINEARCH=win32 ./winetricks dotnet40 corefonts
  20. When the dotnet40 installer window pops up, do NOT immediately continue the setup. Winetricks removes the wine-builtin mscoree.dll file, but a Windows version of it is required for a successful installation. Copy your downloaded mscoree.dll into the wine/windows/system32 folder (in your install directory should be a folder called wine), and then continue with the setup, let it finish
  22. unpack raw2cdng into your install directory, run it with e.g:
  24. env WINE=$(pwd)/1.7.10/bin/wine WINEPREFIX=$(pwd)/wine WINEARCH=win32 $(pwd)/1.7.10/bin/wine raw2cdng.1.4.8.exe
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