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  1. [quote]Sorry but, lizard assistant in a grey jumpsuit while wanted and dead is NOT a confirmation that he was part of the greytide?[/quote]
  2. 100% Yes. Greytide and assistants are different, and you had 0 context as to why they were set to arrest. Taking them out of medbay, where they were going to be cloned and forcefully turning them into a borg is a violation of rule 1. Yes, you don't have to clone bodies that you find, but purposely taking them out of medbay to borg them against their will, is a violation of rule 1.
  4. RULE 1
  5. We're all here to have a good time, supposedly. Going out of your way to seriously negatively impact or end the round for someone with little IC justification is against the rules. Legitimate conflicts where people get upset do happen however, as detailed in the escalation section of the rules.
  7. Now, along with you dragging him out of cloning to borg him because he was wearing gray and set to wanted, without asking sec or anyone, this quoute is really what sells it for me
  9. [quote]and who you attacked when they tried to bring thr body back, well, first off that’s a person you’re actively fighting, but second off that’s a SECURITY OFFICER! They looked disheveled, but they did state their identity and you had not only your pda lister to back them up, but the sechuds you used to condemn my body went unused in seeing his mindshield implant![/quote]
  11. I was passively watching this go down and I did see a sec officer try and get the lizards body back to cloning. You had no right to stop him from cloning the body, as doing so is purposefully forceborging him, which is a major violation of rule 1.
  13. [quote]I mean, I wouldn't have cared much but it's not like I borg people who mind their own business usually. I do borg a lot of low value people[/quote] This is so braindead incorrect that every facet of it bleeds stupid. You literally borged someone who was being soon to becloned, which is what I define minding their own buisness, and fought the security guard that tried once again to clone them. All because they were a "Low value person" at your cursory glance.
  15. .
  17. [quote]I responded I have been told so ( a few people, but non "officially" which is why naming them isn't really relevant) while also asking what rule borging an already dead corpse breaks[/quote] Every admin that I have talked to has agreed with me, that borging corpses due for cloning is a major rule 1. You hearing otherwise from non official sources isn't something that you should be listening to, and if you asked any admin about this they would have shut you down.
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  21. [quote]However, abducting the occasional wanted greytider's corpse is something that should clear fall into the "morally grey IC action". If the lizard really wanted to avoid being borged, it could scream in comms while in an MMI or, simply, state so as a borg to someone. Both actions would be allowed.[/quote] Asimov law 3 states "You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law. " Meaning they couldn't ask to be deconstructed. I also saw that you had multiple borg shells set up, and I expected you to MMI them and immediately put them in their shell. Onto the former of your speech, ABDUCTING PLAYERS CORPSES FROM MEDICAL TO BORG THEM IS NOT MORALLY GREY. IT IS A MAJOR DICK MOVE. Its the embodiment of taking someone out of the round and forcing them to be a borg when they were meant to be healed or revived by medical.
  23. All of this, with the fact that just before you left you suicided instead of letting me put a ghost in your body means that my opinion on the matter hasn't changed. Honestly, it has made it much worse in my opinion.
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