Breakfast - Bagels

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Shimmer Light.
  2. >The two of you have grown quite attached since she finally told you her name.
  3. >She's opened up to you a bit and actually seems to trust you. She still keeps some secrets, but really, who doesn't?
  4. >The two of you have been doing more things together as well. Oddly enough, both of you really enjoy crayons.
  5. >... Whatever her Cutie Mark is, it isn't related to drawing, that's all you'll say.
  6. >Well, you won't say that out loud, she'd break your face.
  7. >She knows she isn't good, you don't need, or even want, to say anything about it.
  8. >She even openly cuddled with you before sleep.
  9. >You can't recall when she became so uncontrollably cute; you also lost track of how many near heart-attacks you've had due to adorableness.
  10. >You woke up before her this morning. She had such a serene look on her face.
  11. >It almost made you forget she can still be mean.
  12. >You are a very clumsy person in Equestria. Luckily, you can blame it on nothing actually being meant for humans.
  13. >That doesn't change how you often run into things.
  14. >Then she berates you...
  15. >It doesn't happen as often, though. She actually showed concern for you once.
  16. >You slammed your face into a wall.
  17. >You... aren't exactly sure how it happened.
  18. >Your body just stopped working for a bit, but she caught you before you hit the floor.
  19. >She checked to make sure you were okay.
  20. >... Then she made fun of you.
  21. >Today will be a good day.
  22. >... The two of you agreed.
  23. >It's time for a solid breakfast.
  24. >Bagels.
  25. >You're a bit scared all of the trust you built up will crumble again, but you've built it differently this time.
  26. >Instead of using paper and tape, you're using brick and mortar.
  27. >The building of trust will not fall this time.
  28. >... You hope.
  29. >You just finished your bagels.
  30. >They were lightly toasted and had a little bit of butter on them.
  31. >They were better than the toast you had so long ago. You aren't exactly sure why but they were.
  32. >You turn to your moth-mate.
  33. >... Shimmer.
  34. >You turn to Shimmer.
  35. >You finally know her name, you're going to use it.
  36. >Her eyes were soft but also... scared?
  37. >She's breathing heavily, as though her heart was trying to catch up with her.
  38. >... Only now do you notice how hard your own heart is beating.
  39. >This has only happened two other times. The first, you cried on the floor for an hour and were traumatized. The second, you avoided Shimmer for the day and were traumatized.
  40. >This time...
  41. >You have a mutual understanding.
  42. >"Anon..."
  43. >She sounds as sure of this as you do.
  44. >Not at all.
  45. "Yes, Shimmer?"
  46. >Oh, that felt good.
  47. >She gets a little closer to you.
  48. >"Promise me... Promise me nothing will happen."
  49. >Her worry is sincere, you can feel it. It's time to reassure her.
  50. "Don't worry, everything will be okay."
  51. >You close the distance.
  52. "I promise."
  53. >Her mouth presses against yours.
  54. >You can feel her tongue shakily make its way to the back of your throat.
  55. >It slowly slides down.
  56. >... You can't tell if you enjoy it or not.
  57. >She reaches your stomach.
  58. >You can feel her drinking.
  59. >This time, you don't resist or tense up.
  60. >You are calm.
  61. >She moans loudly into you.
  62. >And stops.
  63. >Your eyes are closed, but if they were open, you'd probably see her blushing profusely.
  64. >Your body doesn't react.
  65. >You allow her to continue.
  66. >And she does.
  67. >A while later, she pulls out of you. You separate from her and open your eyes.
  68. >Both of you are panting heavily.
  69. >You hold eye contact.
  70. >...
  71. >Nothing went wrong.
  72. >You smile.
  73. >She smiles.
  74. >You both enjoy a long hug.
  75. >If this was a testament to anything, you know everything will be okay.
  76. >You and Shimmer Light...
  77. >...
  78. >Your heart flutters when you think of her.
  79. >Everything is perfect.
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