Misery Enjoys Company Day 1 (Anon)

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  1. A thing for /emo/. I love you fags.
  3. >It’s a normal day in ponyville.
  4. >The birds are chirping.
  5. >The small horses of the realm continue to exist.
  6. >They don’t exactly like you after the you managed to trick a certain purple unicorn into drinking.
  7. >It was for science of course.
  8. >But she may have transmorgi-... transforma... turned most of ponyville buildings into some kind of eldritch tentacle monster thingies.
  9. >One or two princesses may have needed come all the way from Canterlot to fix the situation.
  10. >It may have been your fault even.
  11. >You’d like to try and move past that situation but everyone else makes it hard.
  12. >Really, it was only one or fifty of them.
  13. >Thats not... too many.
  14. >Nopony was hurt at least.
  15. >...
  16. >You are Anonymous.
  17. >Human extraordinaire.
  18. >You are currently on your way back to your house.
  19. >It took a few years of odd jobs and dealing with Applejack to get the bits to buy the thing but you did it.
  20. >You’ve lived there for a month.
  21. >No more stupid library for you and that is the best part.
  22. >Things are really looking up.
  23. >You whistle a bored little tune as you walk down the street.
  24. >Ponyville for the most part is a sleepy little town despite its deceptively large population.
  25. >Most everypony here is happy.
  26. >A little overly so for your tastes, but happy nonetheless.
  27. >Save for a few ponies and one donkey.
  28. >You neighbor for example.
  29. >You almost never see the mare.
  30. >Shes more elusive than the Hamburglar.
  31. >After asking around you’ve learned that her name is Miss Eri.
  32. >Horseland and their puns...
  33. >Anyways, whenever you do see her you’d make sure to wave or nod and at least acknowledge her existence.
  34. >Sometimes she would make brief eye contact or even give you a small, sad smile but that was the most she’d do.
  35. >It’s more than you’ve seen her do when other ponies attempted the same.
  36. >The few times you tried to make conversation she’d just turned tail and run.
  37. >Something always has her on the verge of tears and you can’t help but to be a little curious.
  38. >For a land of happy little ponies, she always seems the exact opposite.
  39. >She’s a mystery.
  40. >Nopony really knows much about her.
  41. >What’s her deal?
  42. >A strong gust of wind knocks you out of your train of thought.
  43. >It’s been pretty windy all day, more so than normal.
  44. >You’d have to ask a pegasus what the deal was when you got the chance.
  45. >A rainbow blur skids in the dirt in front of you.
  46. “Oh, hey Rainb-”
  47. >”No time, Anon. I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Your house is on fire!”
  48. >...
  49. >Well fuck.
  50. >You took of sprinting.
  52. “No...”
  53. >Fuck fuckity fuck.
  54. >This couldn’t be happening.
  55. >The closer you got to your street, the more prominent the column of smoke became leading to where you knew your home lied.
  56. >The pit in your stomach just kept growing as you ran.
  57. >Rainbow Dash had since flown off to god knows where but it hardly mattered at the moment.
  58. >You arrive to the scene and find that there’s no saving your house.
  59. >Everypony else standing outside the cordon set up by the authorities knew it too and gave you sympathetic looks.
  60. >Your run turned into a jog, which turned into a slow, solemn walk up to the police line.
  61. >The roof was a raging inferno.
  62. >Jets of flames were shooting out of most of your windows.
  63. >Even from this distance you could feel the heat billowing off the fire.
  64. >Pegasi flew to and fro either bringing storm clouds in or going out to gather more.
  65. >And it wasn’t helping in the slightest.
  66. >You droped to your knees as the situation sank in.
  67. >All you can do was watch as you lost everything.
  68. >Again.
  69. >You had a few things in that place from home.
  70. >You know, your native planet or plane of existence or whatever place it was relative to horseworld.
  71. >And now they too were gone.
  72. >The funny part about the whole thing is Ponyville’s inhabitants were notorious for being friendly and yet none of them could take the time to at least talk to you while you watched your possessions burn away.
  73. >As you watch the flames a cynical little chuckle escapes your lips instead of words.
  74. >You can’t bring yourself to joke about karma right now.
  75. >So there you were.
  76. >Sitting in front of your house as the crowd that was there slowly dwindles away until there’s noone left save for yourself, and the authorities..
  77. >They work well into the evening and finally start to leave.
  78. >The police had already taken your statement and told you they’d be in contact.
  79. >Wouldn’t you have believed it?
  80. >The cause of the fire wasn’t natural.
  81. >...Arson.
  82. >It almost makes you feel better that it wasn’t a stupid mistake on your end.
  83. >Almost doesn’t cut it though.
  84. >You knew you weren’t exactly the best person out there but you can’t help but wonder what you did to drive somepony to do this to you.
  85. >Doesn’t really matter in the end because it was already done.
  86. >After the last of the fire crew packed up and left you went into the rubble to try and salvage what you could.
  87. >They had made sure to tell you specifically not to go wading through the ashes because of potential hotspots but you could really not give any less of a fuck at the moment.
  88. >It was nearly sunset, the luminescent orb dipped below the roof of an adjacent building bathing what's left of of your house if shadows.
  89. >You barely had any light to work with but it wasn’t going to stop you.
  90. >It had to have survived.
  91. >You keep searching for another thirty or so minutes before you really start losing light.
  92. >You begin to get a little desperate in your search and end up doing nothing other than kicking around a cloud of ash.
  93. >In a stroke of luck, you end up kicking the thing you were looking for.
  94. >It wasn’t so lucky that it happened to be a motherfucking safe.
  95. >One pain filled minute later, you quickly attempt to unlock the damn thing.
  96. >It takes you a little longer than you would like to admit.
  97. >The outside of the safe is warped and twisted to hell and charred black.
  98. >The outside didn’t bode well for its contents.
  99. >Your hands started getting a little shaky with a surge anxiety with that thought..
  100. >The lock clicks signalling it unlatching.
  101. >It’s funny really.
  102. >Being ripped away from your world does some funny things to people.
  103. >Sometimes even the littlest reminders of home become priceless. even if it happens to be trash.
  104. >You luckily didn’t have said reminder in the form of trash... but instead in the form a backpack, fifty dollars in cash, a can of Pepsi, and most importantly:
  105. >A photograph.
  106. >You held your breath as you pulled.
  107. >The door opened with a low metallic groan.
  108. >You heart dropped out of you chest and into your feet.
  109. >Fire may not have gotten inside the safe.
  110. >The heat of the fire however rended everything inside to ashes, save for the soda can which had boiled, exploded and melted partially.
  111. >You can’t really deny it.
  112. >You sat right down in the ashes started to cry at the discovery.
  113. >For how long... well you didn’t rightly know.
  114. >After a while, you stand up and look up at the sky not bother to dust yourself off.
  115. >Its nighttime, the stars are out and twinkling in all their glory as if nothing happened.
  116. >Figures.
  117. >You reach into the safe and pry out that melted, burnt remnant of a soda can.
  118. >Its still a reminder despite being totally destroyed.
  119. >You shove the thing into a pocket.
  120. >With a defeated sigh you start to walk away from rubble.
  121. >You really don’t know what you're going to do with yourself.
  122. >You could probably find a nice bench at the park.
  123. >It was supposed to be a good day today.
  124. >Then this happened.
  125. >Things were just looking up too.
  126. >You step over a charred wooden beam and into what would have been your living room.
  127. >You would have probably fallen asleep on a couch right where you were standing if this wouldn’t have happened.
  128. >You walk up to where your front door would have been and stepped out.
  129. >You turn right to walk down the street but stop.
  130. >A rarity, Miss Eri outside sitting on the steps just outside her house.
  131. >She seemed to be looking up at the same sky you just were.
  132. >Tears streamed down her cheeks, the mascara making the tear stains look like little rivulets of black.
  133. >That alone made you pause.
  134. >While you rarely saw Miss Eri in the first place, you’ve never seen her cry.
  135. >You smiled bitterly.
  136. >At least you weren’t the only one hurting.
  137. >It was a mean, cruel little thought but it was there.
  138. >The smile lasted all of two seconds before sliding right back off.
  139. >Nobody should be hurting at all.
  140. >Not you, nor her.
  141. >But since you were, you did what you do best:
  142. >Make the best out of a shitty situation.
  143. >Eri looked down and caught your eyes.
  144. >She looked at you.
  145. >You looked at her.
  146. >Neither of you moved.
  147. >She with messy hair and makeup running.
  148. >You in your signature suit and tie, both worn and covered in ash and soot.
  149. >The both of you were a mess.
  150. >You walked over to her and joined her on the steps.
  151. >Eri scooted away when you sat.
  152. >You don’t look at her and instead look at the moon suspended above the rooftops.
  153. “Looks like were both a little down on our luck, eh? Somepony decided they didn’t like my house.”
  154. >The mare beside you made a whimpering noise but didn’t say anything.
  155. >You didn’t really feel like coaxing her into a conversation so you just sat in silence.
  156. >Some time passed before you decided you best get to it.
  157. >If you want any sleep you need to get moving.
  158. >You stand up without warning and stretch.
  159. “Well, it’s been nice Miss Eri but I need to get going. See ya around, I guess.”
  160. >She didn’t reply as you walked away.
  161. >You walked with your hands stuffed in your pockets.
  162. >The cool night air blew past with a breeze.
  163. >The streets were empty, you being the only soul outside at this time.
  164. >Your steps echoed slightly and made you feel even more lonely.
  165. >You make it into the into Ponyville Commons where the market would be set up during the day.
  166. >It’s empty; the stalls were all packed up and whisked away.
  167. >There wasn’t a hint of how trafficked this area really is during the day.
  168. >You end up reaching your destination.
  169. >You enter the quiet park and walk along its central path.
  170. >Your shadows move as you pass the paths many lampposts.
  171. >The path eventually splits around a statue of Princess Celestia.
  172. >It happens to be a fountain, a stream of water shooting out of her mouth into a pool below.
  173. >A small plaque dubs it the park wishing fountain.
  174. >You reach into your pockets and pull out a bit.
  175. >Your last bit.
  176. >You take the little golden coin between your finger and thumb.
  177. >You whisper a little stupid wish and launch the fucker into the water with a sigh.
  178. >It lands with a splash and you just stare at the ripples, mesmerized.
  179. >As the water settles you can see your reflection, face forlorn, soot covered, and tired.
  180. >Your hair is an unkempt mess and the same with your suit.
  181. >Today is a shitty day.
  182. >You take as seat on one of the benches around the fountain.
  183. >It’s then when you notice a couple sitting on a bench across from you.
  184. >You weakly smiled and waved.
  185. >The stallion almost looked like he was gonna say something but after a motion from the mare they both got up and trotted away into the night.
  186. >You sighed and lied down on the bench.
  187. >Your legs hung off the edge so you were forced to curl up.
  188. >Fuck this gay horse planet.
  189. >You looked to the sky and raised a middle finger at it before closing your eyes.
  190. >Be Anonymous.
  191. >The loneliest being in horseland.
  192. >Homeless lying on a bench in the middle of town.
  193. >A burnt, wrecked soda lied can in your soot covered suit as your last worldly possession.
  194. >Your last bit lay at the bottom of a stupid wishing fountain, the coin reflecting moonlight beneath the waters...
  195. >However...
  196. >Unbeknownst to you...
  197. >You were visited while you slept.
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