Feb 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. >Meeting Matsuri was probably one of the best days of your life. You look back upon it fondly; she was every bit as perverted as she seemed, but below that was a regular girl, sweet and caring. It’s no surprise you ended up falling in love with her, you guess. What’s even better, though, is that she ended up reciprocating your feelings, much to your surprise.
  2. >You began officially dating months ago, now. Obviously, it’s meant to be a secret to everyone, but the corporation – and subsequently, her coworkers – know all about you. You’ve even gotten to hang out with them sometimes, on occasion, making some new friends.
  3. >One night, while you’re out drinking with some of the Holostars, Roberu suddenly gets quiet, looking at you with a mix of apprehension and worry. You pick up on this and ask him if everything’s okay.
  4. >”Yeah, man, I’m fine, but…are you?” He asks in a concerned tone. You raise an eyebrow to him in response, and sensing your confusion, he continues. “I mean, like...are things going okay with Matsuri?”
  5. >The question is…unexpected. You inform him that everything is going fine between the two of you, as far as you can tell. His expression darkens a shade as he takes a small sip of his drink. A seed of anxiety plants itself firmly in your stomach. Tentatively, Roberu takes a moment to check over his shoulder. Satisfied with what he sees (or doesn’t see), he continues.
  6. >”Y’know, being a barkeep and all, I hear…things, sometimes, heh. N-Now normally, that sort of stuff is confidential. There’s a sort unspoken code between a bartender and a customer that whatever is spit out while four glasses deep will stay between the two of you, even if they don’t remember later.” He jokes, his expression softening for just a moment before he refocuses. “But…something’s going on with Matsuri. Senchou came in the other night talking about how she was acting all edgy. Subaru asked if something was going on with…well, you, and Matsuri’s lid flipped. Hardcore. Was shouting things like, ‘Don’t talk about him! Don’t even think about him! He’s happy with me!’, stuff like that…” He trails off, looking at you. "Real bad stuff. Apparently snatched Subaru's phone from her and deleted your contact, too. And what's worse is that...this wasn't an isolated incident. Marine said this is the third time, at least. She's getting worse."
  7. >A shiver runs down your spine as you softly clench the glass of your own beverage just a bit tighter. With a huff, Roberu slides a hand up and away from the table, clasping it on your shoulder.
  8. >”Listen…I’ve…been there before. Matsuri is…she’s not a bad person. She’s just lonely. Prone to feeling too strongly about someone. Awhile before you showed up, I was sitting in your spot.” He says softly. You lock eyes with him quickly, something resembling jealousy flaring up within before he continues quickly. “It was one-sided! On her part! Honest! Don’t worry, I’m not trying to home wreck you, seriously! Just…be careful with her, ok? Talk to her, maybe. See what the issue is. She’s worried about something…or maybe it’s just her anxiety acting up. Either way, try and reassure her that things are okay between you two, alright? It’s…in everyone’s best interests.”
  9. >Digesting everything you’ve been informed of, you nod in the affirmative. Taking a small drink of the whiskey swirling in your glass, your mind begins to race. You finish up the night soon after that and say your goodbyes. Roberu looks at you worriedly.
  10. >Arriving home, you unlock the door and quietly step inside, trying not to make too much noise. You were out later than anticipated, and the alcohol swimming around your stomach causes you to stumble as your body brings it into your bloodstream. However, as soon as you lock the door, arms wrap around you from behind, pulling you backwards. Panic takes over almost immediately, but is quickly subsided when you’re tugged into something warm…and flat.
  11. >”I was waiting for you.” Matsuri says softly behind you, burying her face into your back as she holds you. Your face begins to flush further. “You took a long time to come back…did you get lost?”
  12. >Assuring her everything is fine, she softly relinquishes her grip from around your torso and allows you to turn, facing her properly. Her face beams when she sees you properly. You return the smile but notice something odd.
  13. >”Matsuri, did you hurt yourself?” you inquire, pointing to the bandaging around her wrist. Her expression freezes as she stares at you in response. Something inside of you shivers.
  14. >”Ah, yeah. I wasn’t paying attention when chopping carrots earlier and the knife slipped. It’s alright, though! It wasn’t deep.” She cheerfully replies. It doesn’t sit right with you. Pulling you into the kitchen, however, she continues. “It’s worth it, though! Dinner’s ready!”
  15. >Nervously taking a seat the table, Matsuri sits across from you, hands under her chin as she beams. You debate bringing up what Roberu mentioned earlier but refrain for the time being. Matsuri worked hard to make you food. It’s be a shame to spoil it with such things. The dish before you, curry rice, steams softly. The aroma Is incredibly invigorating. Matsuri eyes you expectantly, and with a sheepish smile, you set in on the food she’s prepared for you. It’s…delicious! You had no reason to expect otherwise, but you let out an involuntary “mMmm” of delight. Though some parts of it taste a bit…iron heavy, you can’t complain. Matsuri giggles at you from across the table, face flushing a bit as she sees you enjoying the product of her hard work.
  16. >”I guess that means I did good. Mama’s lessons paid off…g-go on, keep going!” Matsuri encourages, still watching with delight. You briefly wonder why she isn’t eating herself, but it crosses your mind that YOU were the late one. She probably already ate. Continuing your meal, Matsuri watches carefully. Any time you miss a spot, she points it out, and you oblige.
  17. >You hope she’s not an architect.
  18. >Finishing your meal, you let out a sigh of content. You’re stuffed. The food mixes with the alcohol in your stomach and you wince.
  19. >”Ah, are you getting sleepy?” Matsuri chimes in almost instantly seeing your expression change. Something about it rings as odd, but you nod. Between the night out with the boys and the hearty meal, your body is starting to fade…at a much faster rate than you would’ve initially thought. Was it really such a long day?
  20. >Standing up, your legs almost buckle, but you catch yourself on the table. Matsuri quickly comes to your side, slipping herself under one of your arms as she helps to steady you, pulling you up straight with surprising strength. She’s either way stronger than you gave her small form credit for, or you’re THAT tired right now. Your eyelids grow heavier as you slur out an apology. Matsuri says something in response, but you can’t parse it. You feel yourself being moved as you limply try to cooperate with her, each movement of your legs feeling like you’re trapped, wading through a mire. Finally, you feel yourself being let down. Soft warmth envelops you, through barely open lids, you see Matsuri pulling a blanket over you. Trying to sit up, you fail. Matsuri says something to you once more, and you go limp. You feel her lay down next to you, wrapping her arms around you. She pulls herself closer to you, and though you can barely process anything, hear her lips part close to your ear.
  21. >"With you...I'll never be alone again, right? You're mine...mine and only don't need anyone else, I'm here for you. Now sleep."
  22. >With no energy to reply, your consciousness finally slips.
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