Heath Ledger

Nov 19th, 2013
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  1. Heath Ledger (28)
  2. Tuesday Jan 22nd 2008
  3. New York
  5. >Teresa Solomon said she arrived at the apartment at around 12:30 p.m., and approximately 30 minutes later entered the actor's bedroom to change a light bulb and found him lying in bed, face down, with a sheet pulled up to his shoulders. Solomon told police she heard Ledger snoring and left the room
  6. >Ledger was found naked and unresponsive at the foot of his bed
  7. >Housekeeper (Teresa Solomon) found Heath at about 3:30 p.m
  8. >Masseuse (Diana Wolozin) arrived just before 3 p.m. for a scheduled appointment, the masseuse told police she then entered Ledger's bedroom and began setting up her massage table. Then, according to the wire service, Wolozin attempted to stir the actor from his sleep, but he was unresponsive. She told police that Ledger's body was cold to the touch. Called Mary-Kate Olsen and told her she believed he was dead
  9. >Ledger was found face down and naked on his bed at 3:26 p.m. by his housekeeper (Feb 6th)
  10. > His housekeeper had entered Ledger's room to let him know that a masseuse had arrived for an appointment (Feb 6th)
  11. >Ledger was discovered by his masseuse on Jan. 22 after she arrived for an appointment that afternoon. She entered his bedroom to set up for the massage and found him unresponsive, and proceeded to call actress Mary-Kate Olsen three times over the next nine minutes before dialing 911
  12. >Police found sleeping pills and other prescription drugs in the apartment of actor Heath Ledger, but initial autopsy results were inconclusive
  13. >A rolled up $20 bill and six types of prescription drugs were found in Heath Ledger's apartment. Tests on the bill recovered from the scene came back negative for drug residue
  14. >Police have noted that there were no illegal drugs found in Ledger's apartment
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