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  1. >With a sigh of contentment, Twilight Sparkle closed the dusty old tome she’d been reading through, and laid back on her bed to stretch. “Musings on Old Equestrian Dinner Etiquette” had certainly been a much more interesting read than she’d expected. But she’d already known about much of the unicorn-related material, so she’d spent dramatically less time taking notes and making annotations than she had originally planned.
  2. >Looking over at the clock hanging on her wall Twilight furrowed her brow at the realization of how early in the afternoon it still was.
  3. “Huh. Looks like I’ve got a few hours of free time.”
  4. >How odd. Twilight never had free time. Her schedule was always so tightly and perfectly organized. And moving the next planned event forward would only throw everything else into disarray. Actually, doing almost anything would mess up her schedule. Which would drive her (and Spike) absolutely insane.
  5. >Which basically meant she honestly had no idea what to do for the next few hours.
  6. “Maybe I should go visit one of my friends…”
  7. >She said aloud, pondering who she could possibly drop in to visit. She’d already had morning coffee with Rarity today, she had a few experiments planned with Pinkie tomorrow, she’d studied Zoology with Fluttershy yesterday, Rainbow Dash was likely busy with weather patrol…
  8. >Well, she’d been meaning to add “Talk to Applejack about cider chemical composition and production techniques” to her schedule, anyway. She just hadn’t had the time…
  9. >Resolving to go visit Applejack, Twilight telekinetically grabbed a notebook, quills, ink bottles, and a few reference books containing material regarding apples cider. She stuffed it all into her saddle-bags, set them on her back, and cheerfully made her way for the door.
  10. “I’ll be back later, Spike!”
  11. >Spike, who was napping on a nearby pillow, simply snorted. Twilight shook her head in amusement, before heading on out.
  12. >Twilight’s trip to Sweet Apple Acres was uneventful. Upon her arrival, she’d expected to see Applejack bucking the apple trees in the orchard behind the Apple Clan’s farmstead. However, she saw neither hide nor hair of the blonde earth pony. Her best guess was that Applejack was doing work in the barn or something, so she casually trotted over towards the structure.
  13. >As she neared the barn, Twilight heard voices. A pair of very familiar voices, faintly drifting from within the building. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she most definitely recognized the sounds of Applejack laughing, and Rainbow Dash… begging? Yeah, there was definitely a pleading tone to whatever she was saying.
  14. >Not wanting to be rude, Twilight raised a hoof and knocked three times on the door of the barn. And instantaneously, the voices of her friends went quiet.
  15. >There was a long, awkward silence.
  16. >Twilight was just about to knock again when the top half of the barn door suddenly swung open, revealing pitch blackness. It seemed either the barn had no interior lighting with the windows and doors closed. (That, or someone had purposefully left it dark. But why would they do that?) Almost as soon as the door was open, Applejack’s head peeked out from around the doorframe, her face framed against the darkness.
  17. “Twilight?”
  18. >The orange earth pony asked with a confused frown. She then smiled sheepishly.
  19. “What, uh, what brings you here? Ah mean, not that Ah mind ya bein’ here! This is just… uh… unscheduled. And you, uh… you really like yer schedules.”
  20. >Twilight raised an eyebrow. Something was off. Applejack seemed… evasive. Her gaze kept shifting around, and she didn’t seem to want to look Twilight directly in the eye. And there was a faint blush on her cheeks for some reason. With a mental shrug, Twilight smiled at her friend.
  21. “Oh, my schedule suddenly cleared up a bit, and I thought I’d drop in for a visit. I figured we could talk for a bit if you wanted to, and if you weren’t busy. You’re not busy, are you?”
  22. “Busy?”
  23. >Applejack asked, her eyes going wide.
  24. “Uh, busy? Me? Naw. Ah’m not… busy. Well, not what you would really call busy. Busy would mean Ah was doin’ somethin’ important. And Ah wasn’t doin’ nothin’ important.”
  25. >Once again, her gaze continued to shift around nervously, and there was some discomfort betrayed in her expression.
  26. >Twilight tilted her head to the side curiously.
  27. “Oooooo-kay. Is Rainbow Dash here? I thought I heard her voice. Were you both working on something together?”
  28. >Applejack recoiled slightly.
  29. “Rainbow Dash?”
  30. >She then grinned sheepishly, and let out an awkward chuckle.
  31. “Ah mean, what makes ya so sure she’s here? Ya sure ya ain’t hearin’ things, Sugarcube?”
  32. >Twilight stared. Her gaze then drifted upwards, towards Applejack’s hat. Specifically, the vibrant blue feather sticking out of it in a cavalier fashion. Twilight raised a hoof to point at it.
  33. “Um, then where did that-“
  34. “Galdurnit,” Applejack deadpanned.
  35. “Ah fergot about the feather.”
  36. >A growl of frustration suddenly echoed from within the barn.
  37. “Oh for crying out loud!”
  38. The familiar voice of Rainbow Dash exclaimed.
  39. “Let me handle this!”
  40. >Her arrival heralded by the sound of galloping hooves, Rainbow Dash suddenly appeared in the doorway beside Applejack. Unlike Applejack, however, her appearance was more noticeably different from normal. Her mane was tousled and messy, her face was flushed, her wings were fully flared, she was breathing more heavily than usual, and her tail was raised and flicking side to side. She looked rather disgruntled, perhaps even uncomfortable.
  41. “Hey Twilight, what’s up?”
  42. >Dash flatly asked.
  43. “Sorry, but can this wait a bit? Like, I mean, can you come back shortly? Please? Not trying to be rude or anything…”
  44. >Despite that assurance, she certainly sounded more exasperated than apologetic.
  45. >Twilight blinked twice. The gears in her head were turning. All the pieces were falling into place. What she’d heard as she neared the barn, Applejack’s evasiveness and nervousness, Rainbow Dash’s brusque request for privacy, and most importantly, the fact that Dash was displaying textbook physiological characteristics of sexual arousal and/or frustration.
  46. >Oh.
  47. >Oh.
  48. “Ack! I’m sorry!”
  49. >Twilight suddenly exclaimed, taking a step back as her eyes went wide.
  50. “I didn’t mean to commit coitus interruptus!”
  51. >Dash and Applejack both looked confused.
  52. “Do what?”
  53. >They asked in unison.
  54. “Interruption of sexual intercourse before the point of orgasm.”
  55. >Twilight stated with a factual deadpan only a professional scholar could be capable of.
  56. >Applejack blushed furiously, and reached a hoof up to tug the brim of her hat down in front of her face.
  57. “Why ya gotta make it sound so dirty?”
  58. >She quietly asked.
  59. >Rainbow Dash simply rolled her eyes.
  60. “We weren’t getting it on or anything like that, Twilight. Not exactly. Though I was pretty close to-”
  61. “Rainbow Dash!”
  62. >Applejack suddenly exclaimed, turning to look at her friend with incredulous horror and vibrantly crimson cheeks.
  63. >Dash shrugged.
  64. “What? It’s the truth.”
  65. “But she don’t need to be knowin’ that!”
  66. >Applejack groaned.
  67. >Twilight coughed up in an attempt to regain their attention. When the orange and blue mares both looked at her, Twilight smiled awkwardly.
  68. “So, should I just walk around the orchard for a bit? Come back in five minutes or so?”
  69. “Five minutes?”
  70. >Dash asked, before flashing a devilish smile.
  71. “I dunno, I may want-“
  72. >Applejack slapped a hoof over Dash’s mouth, and rolled her eyes before turning to smile at Twilight.
  73. “Yeah Twilight, you goin’ fer a short walk is probably the best choice here.”
  74. >She then chuckled softly.
  75. “Unless ya wanna stay an’ take notes or something.”
  76. >As soon as the joke left her mouth, Applejack realized she’d made a horrible mistake.
  77. “Wait, hang on a sec!”
  78. >The orange mare yelped in horror. But it was already too late. Twilight’s eyes had that sparkle in them. That shiny, shiny sparkle that they always got when the prospect of knowledge was presented to the purple unicorn.
  79. >Rainbow Dash began to chuckle, her laughter muffled by Appeljack’s hoof. Her eyes were filled with amusement, and she gave Applejack a wry look that nonverbally said “Oh you’ve done it now.”
  80. “Oh, well, if you’re really okay with it.”
  81. >Twilight muttered thoughtfully, completely oblivious to Applejack’s plea for hesitation. She was off in her own little world now – the world of discovery.
  82. “I’ve already got note-taking materials, and while I have done some idle reading and scholarly research regarding recreational erotic activities, I’m rather lacking in applicable ‘field experience.’ An opportunity to observe would be an invaluable, and-“
  83. >Applejack yanked her hoof off of Dash’s mouth, so that she could wave both forelegs at Twilight in exasperation.
  84. “Now wait just a cotton pickin’ second, Twilight! That was a joke! An’ besides, Ah don’t think Rainbow-“
  85. >Rainbow Dash suddenly interrupted her.
  86. “I don’t mind.”
  87. >Applejack froze. After a moment of letting those words sink in, she rounded to stare in shock at the blue pegasus.
  88. “What?!”
  89. >Dash shrugged.
  90. “I don’t mind. She can watch.”
  91. “But… what… you…”
  92. >Applejack stammered, dumbfounded.
  93. “Why?!”
  94. >Dash shrugged again.
  95. “I mean, I’m just cool with it. I don’t mind having an audience, as long as it’s somebody I know and really trust, like Twilight. And you’re forgetting that I’m reeeeeeally horny right now, and running out of patience. Like, you have no idea. Plus”
  96. >She grinned wickedly.
  97. “It might be kinda hot to have somepony watch us. Maybe even make things more fun and awesome. You never know until you try, right?”
  98. >Applejack stared. Twilight shifted her gaze back and forth between the two mares, unsure of whether or not she should say anything. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.
  99. >Finally, after a long moment, Applejack shook her head and sighed.
  100. “Alright”
  101. >She said with a soft smirk. She opened the lower half of the barn door, and gestured with a hoof for Twilight to step inside.
  102. “If Dash is alright with it, then Ah’m alright with it. Come on in and find a seat, Twilight.”
  103. >Twilight did as she was told, and trotted through the doorway without a word.
  104. >Applejack closed behind Twilight as soon as she was inside, and her eyes soon adjusted to the state of lighting inside the barn. There was enough sunlight filtering through gaps in the doors and windows and wall slats to give the interior of the barn some faint, ambient illumination, although it was still rather dim. Twilight made her way over to a spot where the floor wasn’t as densely covered in old, dry hay, and sat down.
  105. “So, you’re sure about this? I mean, if you don’t actually want me to observe, I can leave. It’s really no big deal”
  106. She said as she telekinetically unslung her saddlebags.
  107. “Yeah, it’s fine,”
  108. >Applejack replied as she locked the door.
  109. “Like Dash said, yer a close friend, and Ah trust ya. Ah mean, it’s not like you’re hurting anything. And yer one of them scholarly types, so we know you’ll be all ‘professional’ about it.”
  110. “Though you don’t have to be completely professional”
  111. >Rainbow Dash playfully remarked as she cantered past Twilight, a mischievous smirk on her face. The pegasus sauntered over to a spot in the middle of the barn where the floor had already been swept clear, and laid down on her stomach with her arms and legs stretched out. Spreading her wings wide, she let out a deep, relaxed sigh.
  112. “I mean, if this gets too hot for you to handle”
  113. >She grinned wickedly
  114. “Feel free to enjoy the show.”
  115. >Twilight tilted her head slightly in confusion.
  116. “I don’t follow…”
  117. >Applejack rolled her eyes, and trotted over to join Rainbow Dash.
  118. “She’s sayin’ that if we turn ya on, ya have her permission to get yerself off. As fer me, Ah personally don’t care if ya ‘enjoy the show’ or not.”
  119. >Twilight’s aura of professionalism momentarily cracked. A furious blush formed on her face, and she recoiled slightly.
  120. “Oh! No! I, uh, I assure you, that… that won’t be a problem”
  121. >She stammered awkwardly.
  122. “I intend to keep this strictly professional! I’m just going to be taking notes. For science. Nothing more, nothing less,”
  123. >She said with a shake of her head.
  124. “Heh. She says that now”
  125. >Dash chuckled softly.
  126. >Applejack looked down at the pegasus laying prostrate in front of her, and smirked. However, before she actually did anything, she paused to look back at Twilight.
  127. “Before we get started, you got any questions? ‘Cause Ah don’t want ya interrogatin’ us while Ah’m tryin’ to work. It throws off my concentration, and Dash don’t like that.”
  128. >The blonde mare said with a playful grin.
  129. “One second please”
  130. >Twilight said with a pleasant smile. Her horn flickered with an aura of purple energy, and a notebook, quill, and ink bottle all began to hover in the air beside her, ready to take notes.
  131. “Alright, down to business. What exactly are you going to be doing?”
  132. “Preening”
  133. >Applejack replied matter-of-factly.
  134. >Twilight raised a questioning eyebrow.
  135. “Preening? Like what birds do?”
  136. “It’s a bit more than that”
  137. >Dash said from her spot on the floor.
  138. “I mean, cleaning and realigning the feathers is part of it, but pegasus wings are very sensitive. Preening the feathers properly feels good, but if you also massage the wings and stuff like that… then it can feel really good”
  139. >She grinned.
  140. “And… you can actually achieve sexual pleasure from that?”
  141. >Twilight asked, her expression a mixture of curiosity and confusion.
  142. “To the point of orgasmic release?”
  143. >Applejack grumbled and shook her head.
  144. “There ya go bein’ all science-y about it, makin’ it sound so dirty…”
  145. “It depends. Usually it just feels really good, like an awesome massage”
  146. >Dash replied, giving a shrug of her shoulders and her wings in unison.
  147. “But if you’re turned on enough, and the other pony really knows what they’re doing, then yeah, you can totally get off from it.”
  148. >Applejack looked over at Twilight with a smug smirk made of pure confidence.
  149. “Ah totally know what Ah’m doin’ by the way.”
  150. “Oh yeah she does”
  151. >Dash agreed with a silly grin
  152. “And do you do this often?”
  153. >Twilight asked curiously.
  154. “I mean, is this just a ‘friends-with-benefits’ sort of thing, as they call it? Or are you two… romantically involved?”
  155. “Somepony’s nosey”
  156. >Dash jokingly quipped.
  157. “Well, if ya just hafta know”
  158. >Applejack playfully replied
  159. “We are, in fact, romantically involved. Have been fer awhile, but we didn’t really think it was anypony’s business.”
  160. >To emphasize her point, she knelt down and gave Dash a soft kiss on the cheek.
  161. >Dash responded by smiling, and nuzzling her face against Applejack’s. After snuggling against her lover’s face and mane for a moment, she stopped and cast a sidelong glance over to Twilight.
  162. “I’m normally not this romantic”
  163. >She muttered, trying to sound cool and aloof.
  164. “So don’t go thinking I’m all mushy, and not totally awesome and cool. Seriously, I’m not into all that cutesy lovey-dovey stuff.”
  165. >Applejack chuckled quietly.
  166. “Yer a dirty liar.”
  167. >Dash just playfully stuck her tongue out in response. Standing back to her full height, Applejack turned her attention back towards Twilight.
  168. “An’ fer yer other question, we do this once or twice a week, usually. More if we get just happen ta have a real good opportunity, or if Dash’s wings actually need ta be properly preened.”
  169. >Twilight nodded thoughtfully.
  170. “I see. Interesting.”
  171. “Yes, yes, sooooo interesting”
  172. >Dash groaned impatiently.
  173. “Now can we hurry up and get started?”
  174. >She gave an impatient flick of her tail towards Applejack.
  175. “I’m kinda going crazy here, remember?”
  176. >Twilight smiled apologetically.
  177. “Uh, yeah, sorry. No further questions.”
  178. >Applejack, still smirking, raised a hoof to adjust her hat.
  179. “Good. Hope ya enjoy the show.”
  180. >And with that, she strategically positioned herself over her lover, before sitting down on Dash’s lower back, so that her powerful hind legs were straddling the cyan pegasus’ lower torso. She then leaned forward, and whispered in Dash’s ear with a wry smile.
  181. “You ready?”
  182. “Oh come onnnnnn!”
  183. >Dash wailed in frustration, giving another whip of her tail.
  184. “Are you really going to take the time to ask me that right now!?”
  185. >Applejack chuckled.
  186. “Just makin’ sure”
  187. >She grinned, before leaning back up into a comfortable sitting position. She then brought her forehooves to the base of Dash’s wings, before she gently ran them all the way up the length of the appendages, from shoulder to wingtip.
  188. >A shudder instantly ran through the rainbow-maned pegasus, and her body visibly relaxed beneath her partner.
  189. “Oh I love it when you do that…”
  190. >She quietly sighed.
  191. “More where that came from, Sugarcube”
  192. >Applejack replied coyly. She proceeded to do the same motion in reverse, lightly tracing her hooves from the tips of the primary feathers down the length of the outspread wings, all the way to the base of the limbs. Another shudder ran through Rainbow Dash in response to this gentle yet tantalizing treatment.
  193. >Twilight was watching with rapt attention, her eyes wide with curiosity. Her quill, wrapped in telekinetic energy, frantically scrawled notes and facts in the notebook hovering beside her.
  194. “Interesting…” she quietly observed, mostly to herself.
  195. >Applejack leaned forward again, and lowered her mouth towards the base of the right wing. She planted a delicate kiss right where the wing met Dash’s back, and then another kiss a few inches up the length of the limb. She began to repeat the process, slowly kissing her way up the wing.
  196. “Applejack”
  197. >Dash suddenly squeaked as her friend neared the tip of her wing, causing her to pause.
  198. “Foreplay is nice. But could you please just get down to business?”
  199. >She rasped.
  200. >Applejack rolled her eyes.
  201. “Just tryin’ to be romantic.”
  202. “Heh, that’s not being romantic”
  203. >Dash said with a soft chuckle, though there was evident frustration in her voice.
  204. “That’s torture. Now could you please…..”
  205. >Her voice suddenly trailed off. Applejack had begun to slowly lick the middle of her right wing, gently going back and forth from joint to joint at a languid pace. Dash’s eyes grew distant and glazed over, while her back involuntarily arched slightly.
  206. >Twilight’s eyes went wide.
  207. “Wow…”
  208. >She muttered. She’d read mentions of the possible properties and functions of wings in pegasi eroticism, but none of the facts or descriptions had been this… graphic. Thankfully, she was a professional scholar, and could keep an objective, scientific outlook towards what she was seeing, no matter how arousing it might have been to most other observes. But even so, she still couldn’t stop her face from growing hot and blushing slightly as she watched the sight unfolding before her.
  209. >Applejack paused to grin.
  210. “Please what, Dash?”
  211. >She asked slyly.
  212. >Dash let out a small groan of frustration.
  213. “Please… That…”
  214. >She grumbled weakly.
  215. “Please… keep doing that…”
  216. “Doin’ this?”
  217. >The earth pony asked innocently, before leaning in to give the middle of the wing a strong lick.
  218. >Dash let out a small squeak.
  219. “Yes”
  220. >She hissed.
  221. “That. More of that.”
  222. “Whaaaaat aboooout… this?”
  223. >Applejack asked, before leaning in to lick the right wing while her left hoof massaged the base of the left wing.
  224. >The pegasus let out a whimper as both of her wings shivered beneath Applejack’s ministrations. Whether involuntarily or by her own volition, she raised her rainbow-hued tail, revealing her most personal area. The folds of her marehood were already growing visibly damp in response to Applejack’s activities.
  225. “Stop screwing around, AJ…”
  226. >Dash grunted in frustration. To drive home the point, she suddenly gave a forceful buck of her hips to grind her lower back against the mare straddling her. This earned a sharp intake of breath from her rider, and Applejack’s posture involuntarily went rigid.
  227. >Twilight noted – mentally and on paper – that Applejack was likely becoming aroused herself due to Dash’s reaction to the “preening.” And the bucking of Dash’s hips likely created a sudden increase in pressure and friction against her own sex. Despite being caught off guard by it, it was highly probably the experience was something Applejack had quite enjoyed.
  228. >Quickly recovering her wits, Applejack leaned down to give a quick lick to the base of the left wing.
  229. “But I thought…”
  230. >She purred, before licking a few more inches up the wing.
  231. “You liked it.”
  232. >She licked past the middle, to the carpal joint.
  233. “When I.”
  234. >Another lick, almost to the very tip.
  235. “Screwed around.”
  236. >And with that, she licked the wingtip… and then started to gently suck on it. Dash let out a low groan, arching her back further and writhing slightly beneath the torture.
  237. >Twilight continued to watch intently, absorbing every detail. Her analytical mind worked over the scene in front of her, studying every moment, motion, and fact. She noted with interest that Applejack’s torture was definitely having more and more effect on the pegasus. The area beneath Dash’s tail was even more noticeably wet now; in fact, her mound was now glistening with slick arousal.
  238. >Twilight felt a bit of heat rise to her cheeks. She quickly averted her gaze, turning her attention back towards Applejack’s actions rather than their results.
  239. >By this point, Applejack was massaging the joints of the outstretched wings with her hooves, alternating between rubbing gently and being more forceful. Dash’s breathing was growing fast and shallow. In fact, she seemed to be panting now, and letting out the occasional whimper as Applejack randomly increased the pressure. Without ceasing her massaging, Applejack leaned forward to nibble on Dash’s ear.
  240. “Ya like?”
  241. >She purred.
  242. “I… I like…”
  243. >Dash panted, her eyes fluttering. It almost seemed as though she was fighting to fight to stay lucid and coherent against the sensations of Applejack servicing of her wings. Which was probably the case, Twilight surmised.
  244. >Applejack licked Dash’s ear.
  245. “Ya close?”
  246. >She asked huskily, momentarily increasing the pressure of the massage.
  247. >The blue pegasus tried to stifled a moan. Unable to speak, she simply nodded her head enthusiastically. Applejack recognized that response, and grinned wickedly. She knew Dash was close to finishing. Very close. Twilight knew it too. Dash’s breathing was becoming much more rapid, almost frantic, and her face was starting to noticeably flush. Her wings were fully flexed, almost the point of straining and the pegasus’ tail was whipping back and forth excitedly, with every frenzied movement grazing it against her sensitive opening, increasing the flow of warm nectar dripping from her core.
  248. >Noting the extent of Dash’s “excitement,” Twilight bit her lip as she felt heat on her cheeks, and between her own hind legs. She shook her head, banishing those thoughts and returning her focus to being professional about this. She was just observing this for the sake of knowledge and learning. This was science! She couldn’t let hormones cloud her mind, even if this was starting to get really hot.
  249. “Focus…”
  250. >Twilight quietly hissed to herself, returning her attention to the matter at hoof.
  251. >Applejack was continuing her massage, being rather forceful in her handling of the pegasus wing. She was also moving her head back and forth between the limbs, alternating between licking and sucking random at spots on both wings. Dash was panting loudly now, and she was starting to buck her hips impatiently.
  252. “C’mon… c’mon…”
  253. >The pegasus whimpered beneath her friend, or rather, lover.
  254. “Almost… almost…”
  255. >Without warning, Applejack suddenly lowered her face down between Dash’s wings, and pressed her muzzle between the bases of the feathery limbs. The nerves that controlled the feelings and movements of the wings were bundled densely there, making the area extra sensitive to stimuli. That was exactly where Applejack delivered a slow and steady lick, before clamping down with her mouth and ravenously sucking at the sensitive spot.
  256. >The sudden stimulation of the nerves and muscles between her wings was more than enough to finally bring Dash to her peak. The pegasus let out a loud gasp, which quickly erupted into a moan of pleasure as her orgasm hit in full, overwhelming her body and mind with ecstasy. Her back arched and her eyes rolled back, and she began to writhe and forcefully buck her hips to match each shockwave of orgasmic bliss smashing through her. Applejack held on tightly, expertly riding the squirming pegasus beneath her and giving a few bucks of her own hips to create more friction between them. Dash’s pleasured moan finally ceased near the end of her climax, and she spent the last few seconds of it frantically gasping and panting in time with the last few ripples of fading ecstasy.
  257. >Finally, after what seemed like minutes, but was only a few too-short seconds, it was over.
  258. >Dash was left sprawled out limply, her left wing twitching slightly as a few aftershocks coursed through her nervous system. Her eyes were closed, and a goofy smile of blissful contentment was plastered on her face. She inhaled and exhaled deeply at a slow and even pace, attempting to catch her breath. Applejack was smirking, clearly satisfied with the results of her hard work. She gingerly sat up to stretch her legs; there was a slick patch of wet fur on Dash’s lower back, right where the heavily aroused earth pony had been grinding against her bucking lover.
  259. >Twilight finally realized she’d been holding her breath since… some point. She had no idea when. Her mind was struggling to process everything she’d seen. The details were burned into her mind. All the details. Everything from Dash’s “O-face,” to Applejack’s own pleasured expression as she had subtly ground herself against her bucking lover, to the way the pegasus’ azure thighs and kaleidoscope tail were now soaked with warm essence from her still-quivering marehood.
  260. >The quill was frantically scrawling hasty notes and comments on the parchment. Any faster, and the paper may have ignited from the friction.
  261. >Friction.
  262. >Twilight tried to ignore the dull ache and sensation of moist warmth growing beneath her own tail. And she realized she was still holding her breath. She quietly exhaled the breath in a deep sigh. She looked back over towards her friends, and the images of Dash getting off once again flickered through her mind. Twilight shook the scene from her head, and forcefully ignored the spike of pressure and heat between her haunches.
  263. >While Dash continued to catch her breath, and AJ continued to admire her handiwork, Twilight mentally chided herself. She couldn’t let herself harbor such thoughts and desires. Sure, that had been hot. Like, really hot. But they were her friends! She couldn’t think about them like that. Okay, she totally could, since apparently they’d actually told her it was okay. But she didn’t need to think about them like that, mind-bogglingly hot or not. She was here to observe! To take notes! For science! Science!
  264. >It was a moot point, anyway. Even if she wanted to keep watching and possibly enjoy herself (not that she actually would!), they were done. The show was over. Twilight would have to be content with the notes (and memories) she had now, unless they were will to do a round two “in the name of science” or something.
  265. >…
  266. >Twilight smiled. Yes. For science.
  267. “Wow!”
  268. >The purple unicorn suddenly exclaimed.
  269. “That was fascinating! I didn’t realize you could do that just from preening!”
  270. >She enthusiastically observed.
  271. >Applejack tilted her hat back.
  272. “Eeyup”
  273. >She grinned.
  274. “Like Ah said, though, it ain’t exactly ‘preening.’ And like Ah also said, Ah know what Ah’m doin’.”
  275. >Her voice was dripping with smug pride.
  276. “Yeah…”
  277. >Dash mumbled in a weak, dreamy manner, not even bothering to open her eyes.
  278. “She knows what she’s doing… Really, really knows…”
  279. “Indeed she does!”
  280. >Twilight nodded.
  281. “Wow. I mean, wow. I wish I could get a few more notes and observations, though. You know, to compare examples and scenarios and whatnot. But I guess this will have to do, since you two seem to be done. Unless of course you’re up for another round in the name of science…”
  282. >She stated with a cheerful smile and a dismissive wave of her hoof, trying to sound playful instead of suspicious.
  283. “But, like I said, it looks like you’re done, so I guess this will have to do. Oh well!”
  284. >Applejack raised a curious eyebrow.
  285. “Well now, Ah dunno about that. Ah mean, Ah don’t mind doin’ a Round Two. Especially if it helps with yer note takin’ an’ observin’ an’ stuff.”
  286. >Dash’s eyes shot open.
  287. “Wait, Round Two? Huh? What’s going on?”
  288. “Oh yes, it would help me a lot,”
  289. >Twilight grinned, before hastily adding:
  290. “Scientifically. It would help me scientifically. With science.”
  291. >Applejack shot her a knowing look.
  292. “Fer science. Right. Well, if it’ll help ya with yer ‘research,’ we can do a Round Two.”
  293. “Time out!”
  294. >Dash weakly fluttered her wings.
  295. “What’s this about a Round Two? Should I be excited or scared?”
  296. >Applejack sat back down on Dash’s lower back, taking a moment to slowly grind herself against the pegasus and savor the sensation, before she leaned forward to nibble on Dash’s ears again.
  297. “Yes Darlin’, we’re doin’ a Round Two…”
  298. >She purred softly to her lover.
  299. “Are you complaining?”
  300. “N-n-no…”
  301. >Dash shuddered as she felt Applejack’s hot breath on her ear.
  302. “Good”
  303. >Applejack said, giving her right ear a playful lick. She also paused to slowly grind herself against Dash’s lower back again, softly bite her lip. After pleasuring herself for a moment, she went back to giving Dash’s ear another nibble.
  304. “Because apparently Twi needs it fer ‘science.’”
  305. “And… that grinding you’re doing…”
  306. >The pegasus grinned weakly.
  307. “Is that for science, too?”
  308. “No”
  309. >Applejack breathed huskily in Dash’s ear, giving another strong grind of her own wet folds against the pegasus beneath her.
  310. “Ah’m doin’ it because Ah need it. You know that hearin’ you moan and groan like that drives me insane.”
  311. “That is sooooo hot”
  312. >Dash smirked, giving a weak buck of her own hips to grind herself against Applejack’s aroused loins.
  313. >Twilight mentally agreed. Her cheeks were burning now, and the dull ache between her thighs was starting to turn into a rather aggravating throb. Watching Applejack slowly grind herself against her straddled lover was… fascinating. Yes. Fascinating. That was surely the right word.
  314. “You ready for me to start?”
  315. >Applejack whispered in her lover’s ear.
  316. “Or do ya still need a moment? Wings ain’t too sore, are they?
  317. >Dash gave a weak flap of her wings.
  318. “Naaaaaah”
  319. >She sighed in relaxed contentment.
  320. “I am totally good to go. Knock yourself out, AJ. Or rather, knock me out”
  321. >She said with a smirk and a soft chuckle. That chuckle caught in her throat, though, when Applejack suddenly began to massage the bases of her wings.
  322. >Now it was Applejack’s turn to chuckle. Once again leaning back into a more comfortable sitting position, the blonde earth pony continued to gently rub the spot where fur and feather met, before slowly begin to massage up the lengths of the limbs. She paid especially close attention to the pinion joints, and occasionally paused to quickly trace a hoof along the paths of the different feather types and patterns.
  323. “Primary…”
  324. >She idly observed, tracing a hoof along a primary feather.
  325. “Secondary… Tertiary…”
  326. “Oh, you paid attention…”
  327. >Dash sighed dreamily.
  328. “How nice…”
  329. “Hey now, Ah told ya Ah was a fast learner…”
  330. >Applejack smirked, before hunching over to bring her face down between Dash’s wings.
  331. “Wait!”
  332. >Dash suddenly squeaked, visibly tensing.
  333. “Still a little sore there!”
  334. >Instead of sucking or nipping the spot, though, Applejack instead planted a tender kiss.
  335. “Ah know”
  336. >She whispered softly.
  337. “Ah’m not gonna do nothin’ to hurt ya, Sugarcube. Just relax…”
  338. >Rainbow Dash said nothing, but Twilight clearly saw how the pegasus noticeably relaxed at Applejack’s soft assurances. She couldn’t help but smile at the trust the two lovers seemed to share, and the cuteness of their romantic banter. While many ponies would consider the activity they were doing to be quite sordid and questionable, Applejack and Dash were managing to be rather adorable. That was definitely something worth making a few notes about…
  339. >With Dash once more relaxed beneath her, Applejack planted another kiss between her lover’s wings. She also gave a small thrust of her own hips, her eyelids briefly fluttering as she rubbed herself against Dash’s lower back again. With a small smirk, she stuck out her tongue, and gave a quick lick between the feathered limbs.
  340. “Is that your tongue? That’s your tongue. Tongue is good”
  341. >Dash mumbled. She somehow sounded both groggy and excited.
  342. “I like where this is going. Please continue…”
  343. >At her lover’s behest, Applejack did as she was asked. She proceeded to give the right wing a slow, powerful lick, languidly dragging her tongue from the very bottom to the very tip of the appendage. Dash let out a soft whimper in response. When Applejack repeated the same action in reverse, licking from primary to vertebrae, the pegasus began to squirm and writhe.
  344. “More… more…” she rasped.
  345. >Twilight bit her lip again, trying to keep her thoughts clear, and off the moist warmth starting to spread between her thighs. The task was difficult, though. Hearing Dash beg like that was absolutely maddening.
  346. >Applejack turned her attention towards the left wing, and gave Dash exactly what she wanted. Another slow, lazy lick up the length of the feathered limb resulted in the pegasus giving a powerful shudder. The reverse lick back down the wing caused even more writhing, and Dash let out a few small whimpers and gasps.
  347. “Good… Feels… So good…”
  348. >She whispered hoarsely.
  349. >Applejack began to rock her hips back and forth in a slow and steady pace, deliberately grinding herself against the small of Dash’s back.
  350. “Darn it, Dash”
  351. >The blonde mare grunted, closing her eyes and grimacing as she rubbed her slick marehood against her lover.
  352. “Yer drivin’ me crazy with all that noise yer makin’…”
  353. >Twilight could sympathize completely.
  354. >Dash coughed, trying to find her voice.
  355. “Hey… Hey, if you want, I c-can take over…”
  356. >The pegasus murmured.
  357. “You… You can focus on yourself. I’ll get m-myself off…”
  358. >Applejack paused her grinding to lean forward and lay herself down atop Dash, resting her face in the pegasus’ multicolored mane.
  359. “You sure, Dash?”
  360. >She whispered in her lover’s ear, concern audible in her arousal-strained voice.
  361. >Rainbow Dash turned her head to smirk up at Applejack.
  362. “Yeah. I was getting impatient, anyway. You take too long”
  363. >She quipped playfully.
  364. “You just keep g-grinding on me like that, okay? You have no idea how hot that is.”
  365. >Applejack smirked coyly.
  366. “Ah have some idea…”
  367. >She whispered huskily, and gave a strong rock of her hips. Dash bucked her own hips in unison, grinding the small of her back up into Applejack’s soaked mound. The orange mare let out a sharp gasp, and her green eyes fluttered shut.
  368. “Oh Dash…”
  369. >She whimpered the into pegasus’ ear, before burying her face back into Dash’s mane. A split-second later, though, eyes suddenly shot open, and a mischievous grin spread across her face.
  370. “Hey… Ah know what would make this hotter.”
  371. >Dash craned her neck to raise an eyebrow at her lover.
  372. “What’s that?”
  373. >She weakly asked.
  374. >Twilight’s eyes went wide. Yes, what? What could possibly make this hotter? She was already on the verge of losing her composure as it was!
  375. “You wearin’ mah hat…”
  376. >Applejack purred into Dash’s ear.
  377. >Dash grinned deviously.
  378. “Why, because I make it look good? And by good I mean damn sexy?”
  379. >Applejack nuzzled further into Dash’s mane, and gave a few small thrusts, gently grinding herself against the pegasus three times.
  380. “Ab-so-lutely”
  381. >She slowly annunciated, stating a syllable in time with each movement.
  382. >Dash chuckled softly, and bucked her hips against Applejack again just to mess with her.
  383. “Alright, go for it…”
  384. >Applejack brought a hoof up to her hat, slipped it off, and set it atop Dash’s head. Once Applejack adjusted it into proper place, she smirked at her handiwork.
  385. “Damn sexy, indeed.”
  386. >Twilight swallowed nervously. Dash wearing AJ’s hat was, indeed, damn sexy.
  387. >Applejack leaned in to give her lover’s ear another nibble.
  388. “So, ya sure ya don’t want me ta keep focusin’ on you?”
  389. >Dash slipped her right foreleg under her body, sliding her hoof down towards her own attention-starved loins.
  390. “Like I said”
  391. >She muttered, turning her head slightly to look up at Applejack with a smirk. Their gazes met; magenta and green eyes stared into each other with a mix of lust, longing, and love.
  392. “Just… worry about yourself”
  393. >Dash whispered as her hoof slid lower.
  394. “I’ve… got myself… covered. Ah!”
  395. >The pegasus let out a sharp gasp as her hoof finally brushed against the slick, sensitive folds of her opening. The sudden burst of pleasure from that tantalizing graze caused her eyes to flutter shut.
  396. >Applejack nodded, before leaning in to kiss Dash on the cheek.
  397. “Alrighty. Ah’ll keep on grindin’, so long as you keep on makin’ them noises.”
  398. “N-no w-wories”
  399. >Dash stammered as she slowly began to rub her hoof up and down her own soaked slit. A series of small squeaks and whimpers quickly began to escape her lips.
  400. “Music to mah ears”
  401. >Applejack grinned, before sitting back up partially. She planted her forehooves firmly on either side of Dash’s upper torso, bracing herself firmly. She then began to rock her hips back and forth, grinding her marehood against Dash’s lower back with much more speed and pressure than she’d previously done. Her pace began to quicken, and the distance of each grind began to grow wider, leaving a slick trail of increasingly soaked fur in her wake. Before long, the patch of wetness beneath her had spread to almost all of Dash’s lower back, as well as Applejack’s thighs and haunches. It seemed like she was really enjoying herself.
  402. >Twilight suddenly snapped back to reality. She realized she’d been staring, and her mouth was hanging open in shock. The sight of her friends pleasuring themselves had been almost been too much for her mind to handle and comprehend, and she’d apparently zoned out from the mesmerizing sight. She was also suddenly aware – painfully so – of how aroused she was. The sensitive folds of flesh between her thighs were drenched with warm arousal, and were screaming for attention. Any attention, be it from somepony else, or herself. Her body, or at least a specific part of it, was literally aching with desire.
  403. >She also suddenly realized that at some point, she’d folded her forelegs under her chest. And her right hoof had somehow managed to slip down slightly, and was now resting under her stomach. Under her stomach, just inches away from….. No! She couldn’t! She wouldn’t! No matter how badly she needed!
  404. >She cast another glance back at her friends. Dash’s face was resting against the floor, her mouth hanging open and her eyes glazed over. She had lifted her rear slightly up off the ground and had raised her tail, fully exposing herself and allowing her hoof easier, freer access to her most sensitive area. An interesting variety of moans, gasps, and whimpers were also pouring from Dash’s mouth, increasing in pace and intensity as her hoof continued to slide back and forth between her crease, gently working against her own warm, wet flesh.
  405. >Applejack, meanwhile, had her eyes closed in concentration, and was gently chewing on her lower lip. She was nowhere near as vocal as Dash, though, aside from the occasional whimper or grunt of pleasured satisfaction. She was continuing to grind herself against the straddled pegasus beneath her, forcefully gyrating her hips at a steady, even pace. Her movements were neither rapid nor frantic; she was completely in control of herself and every powerful motion she made. For the time being, at least.
  406. >Twilight shook her head, and wrenched her eyes away from the sight of the two mares working to get themselves off. If she watched any longer, the last fragments of her resolve would likely crumble. Her body was screaming for her to do something. Her nerves felt like they were on edge; she was almost hyper-aware of every movement and sensation, and the maddening lack of the movements and sensations she so desperately needed. She realized her right hoof, still pinned beneath her torso, had involuntarily slid a few inches further down her stomach. Just a few more inches, and... And…
  407. >So close, and yet so far.
  408. >Without thinking, Twilight let out a growl of frustration. And immediately regretted it.
  409. >Dash and Applejack both immediately froze, their eyes going wide. Twilight’s random noise had snapped them out of their pleasure-fueled reverie, and both mares turned their gazes over to where she was sitting.
  410. “You alright, Twi?”
  411. >Applejack asked hoarsely.
  412. “Yeah, e-everything alr-right?”
  413. >Dash stammered weakly.
  414. “Fine, fine”
  415. >Twilight grinned nervously.
  416. “Don’t mind me!”
  417. >There was a moment of silence. Dash and Applejack suddenly grinned. Between Twilight’s red cheeks, her nervous grin, her evasiveness, and the fact that she had a hoof pinned under her stomach… it was quite obvious what was going on here.
  418. “I knew she… she wouldn’t be… able to… handle it…”
  419. >Dash breathlessly observed. Her grin took on a rather wicked, mischievous appearance.
  420. “But remember… what I said… earlier… Twilight?”
  421. >She asked hoarsely. Her gaze still on the unicorn scholar, she began to resume her previous activity. Slowly tracing her hoof up and down the length of her glistening slit, in clear and obvious view of Twilight, the pegasus chuckled impishly.
  422. “You… can… totally enjoy… mmmmm… the show…”
  423. >She groaned, throwing in a mischievous wink for good measure.
  424. >Applejack smirked wickedly. She sat up straight, still tightly straddling Dash with her arousal-slick hind legs, and casually reached up to her mane. With one deft movement, she yanked the ponytail holder from her mane; at the same time, she restarted the steady rocking motion of her hips, once again grinding herself forcefully against her lover. As her long blonde hair fell loosely around her face, and a small shudder of pleasure ran through her frame, Applejack’s green eyes met Twilight’s gaze.
  425. “It’s alright, Twi,”
  426. >She purred lustfully.
  427. “We can just say ya… did it fer science…”
  428. >That finally did it.
  429. >Twilight’s two hot friends pleasuring themselves in front of her, while staring directly at her, wholeheartedly inviting her to ‘enjoy the show,’ finally shattered her weakened resolve into a thousand tiny pieces.
  430. “Science or not, I can’t take it anymore!”
  431. >Twilight hissed, frantically sliding her right hoof down past her stomach and between her hind legs. As her hoof slipped between her trembling thighs, she couldn’t help but realized how drenched her fur was with her own essence. She’d never been so turned on in her life; she’d never needed this so badly. Without any further hesitation, she finally dug her hoof in between the warm, wet folds of her anticipating sex.
  432. >And all the while, the quill kept writing.
  433. >At that first touch, Twilight would have moaned deeply if her breath hadn’t caught in her throat. A spike of hot pleasure shot through her body, sending a shiver up her spine and causing her vision to temporarily blur. Watching Applejack and Dash go at it for so long, coupled with the constant buildup of her unsatisfied frustration, had already brought her pleasure-starved body close to climax. While she wasn’t there just yet, but she knew from experience that it wouldn’t take long at all for her to cross her threshold.
  434. >Twilight moved her hoof. Tingles of pleasure raced through her loins, and her mind swam. Another movement, sliding the hoof along the length of her opening, caused her to involuntarily buck her hips. She then began to repeat the motion, gliding her hoof back and forth across her slit. Each pass saw her hoof slip deeper between her folds, and each pass brought her closer to the edge.
  435. >However, through sheer force of willpower, Twilight managed to avoid losing herself in pleasured bliss, and regained her awareness of the world around her. Blinking her eyes and mind back into focus, she returned her gaze to the two lovers. She still wanted to watch them. More specifically, she wanted to watch them finish.
  436. >And her timing was perfect.
  437. >Dash and Applejack had already shifted their attention away from Twilight and back towards at each other. Dash had her head cocked to the side, with the right side of her pleasure-wracked face pressed into the floor while her hoof worked feverishly between her thighs. Judging from the speed of her movements, the arching of her back, and the flushing of her face, there was no doubt she was only seconds from release. Her lips were working vainly to form words out of the frantic pants and squeaks coming from her mouth, while her maroon eyes stared longingly up at the pony riding atop her back.
  438. >Applejack, meanwhile, had lost much of the control and restraint she had shown earlier. Her hips were now thrusting at a rapid, zealous, almost wild pace. Her long, loose hair of her blonde mane was matted against her sweated-drenched face, which was red from effort and enjoyment. Her eyes were closed in concentration, and she was panting heavily from exertion, each breath more ragged and desperate than the last as she rapidly approached her own climax.
  439. >As Applejack continued to passionately work against her blue lover, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked down at Dash. Their gazes locked upon each other, amethyst and emerald eyes burning with mutual love and lust. A cunning grin spread across Applejack’s blushing features. Without slowing the pace of her hips, she reached back with her long blonde tail. In one deft movement, she wrapped it tightly around Dash’s own rainbow-hued tail, tightly intertwining them. It was a small gesture, but one with great meaning.
  440. >For a brief moment, Dash mirrored Applejack’s grin. That grin quickly faltered, though, as she let out a sharp yelp. Her face contorted in pleasure as she finally hit her peak, and her eyes fluttered shut as she began to wildly buck her hips in response to the powerful orgasm wracking her body. A loud moan burst from her lips, its power and intensity fluctuating wildly with every way of pleasure that smashed through her. Each shockwave perfectly echoed the rhythm of her marehood’s contractions around her still-moving hoof, which was drenched in the ensuing cascade of warm juices. The intensity of the pleasure soon began to ebb and fade, though, and before long the pegasus ceased her moaning and writhing. Dash collapsed limply, the experience leaving her completely spent and hoarsely panting for breath.
  441. >The fact that Dash was done did nothing to slow down Applejack. Nor Twilight, for that matter. In fact, it only seemed to spurn both mares into even more frenzied activity.
  442. >Applejack continued to wildly rock and grind against her exhausted partner, every powerful movement of her hips bringer her nearest to her own apex of pleasure. Her entire coat seemed to be glistening with a sheen of sweat, and her breathing was coming in frantic pants and gasps. Her eyes were distant and glazed over, and she was furiously biting at her lower lip as she brought herself closer and closer to her release, which was likely only seconds away.
  443. >Twilight, meanwhile, feverishly rubbed her hoof into her core, increasing the speed, pressure, and depth with every passing second. She let out an involuntary gasp as her hoof grazed against her clit, a bolt of sensation shooting through her as she finally found her most sensitive spot. She repeated the motion, brushing against the sensitive nub and fighting to keep herself from moaning. Pressure was rapidly building up within her, like a spring coiling beyond its limit. Just a moment longer, and-
  444. >Applejack suddenly let out a small, shuddering gasp, heralding her climax. Twilight looked up just in time to see the orange mare arch her back as powerful shudder ran through her athletic body. Unlike Dash, Applejack made no audible noises as she rode out her orgasm. But what she lacked in volume, she made up for in intensity. Her face twisted and contorted with pleasure, her eyes squeezing shut as she made a grimace of beautiful agony. She continued to thrust against Dash at a strong, even pace, until one final shudder rocked through her body. With a throaty gasp, the orange mare toppled forward and collapsed atop her blue paramour, exhausted but satisfied.
  445. >Twilight closed her eyes. She’d seen enough, and she could wait not longer. As her hoof worked furiously between her folds and against her clit, she replayed the images of what she’d just seen back through her mind. As her body screamed for satisfaction and the pressure within her neared its breaking point, she focused on the sensations flooding her body and the scenes she’d witnessed - Dash’s moaning, Applejack’s grinding, their lust-filled gazes, their pleasure-wracked faces, and the sheer explosive eroticism of their nearly overlapping climaxes.
  446. >Twilight finally felt her body reaching its breaking point. Her heart rate spiked, her breath caught in her throat, and the muscles of her loins tightened around her hoof. And then her world seemed to explode.
  447. >With a keening shriek, Twilight pitched forward, her body shaking as shockwaves intense pleasure blasted through her. Her mind raced with a thousand thoughts and sensations, her vision swimming with stars and colors as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her hind legs spread involuntarily, and her hips shook as the walls of her sex rhythmically clenched and flexed against her grinding hoof, soaking it completely with a flow of her own warm essence. She had nearly screamed herself hoarse when the waves of pleasure finally dissipated, and once the last pulse of mind-numbing bliss had passed through her, Twilight toppled forward and collapsed into the limp heap.
  448. >Bliss. That was the best way to describe it. Sheer, total bliss. As she lay there with her eyes shut, panting for air and trying to regain control of her senses, Twilight felt only a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment. Granted, she couldn’t actually feel most of her body, but she didn’t really care about that right now. Or anything else, for that matter. She’d gotten everything she needed, and more.
  449. >And as a testament to her determination and magical ability, the quill was still writing down notes about everything. Everything.
  450. >A tiny voice in the back of Twilight’s orgasm-fried brain pointed out that she’d need to make sure that Spike never saw any of those notes. Ever. Though she herself would most definitely be looking back over them again at some point.
  451. >For science, of course.
  452. >Eventually, Twilight finally decided to open her eyes. As her eyelids weakly fluttered and her vision came into focus, she beheld an interesting sight. Applejack was still sprawled out on top of Rainbow Dash, but she’d managed to inch forward a bit. Her face was now pressed directly against Dash’s, and after a few seconds Twilight realized just what she was actually witnessing.
  453. >Applejack was kissing Rainbow Dash. Not a passionate kissing contest or lustful make out session, or anything of that sort. Rather, it was just a single, prolonged kiss, soft and gentle in nature. And neither pony seemed to want to break it.
  454. >Eventually, though, Applejack begrudgingly broke the connection between them. But only so she could whisper something to the pony beneath her.
  455. “Ah love ya, Rainbow Dash.”
  456. >Rainbow Dash nuzzled Applejack’s face in response.
  457. “And I love you too, AJ…”
  458. >She whispered hoarsely.
  459. >Twilight couldn’t help but smile at that. Nopony could deny that such a sight was deep, meaningful, and downright cute. Almost toxic levels of cute, in fact. Somepony – probably Pinkie Pie – may have even gone so far as to describe it as heart-explodingly adorable.
  460. “Hey, AJ…”
  461. >Dash suddenly whispered.
  462. “Wasn’t Twilight here?”
  463. “Oh. Yeah. Yer right,”
  464. >Applejack muttered.
  465. “Ah think that was her howlin’ like a banshee or somethin’ a second ago.”
  466. >Dash giggled.
  467. “I guess she really did enjoy the show, then.”
  468. >Twilight’s smile disappeared. Well that’s awkward.
  469. “Hey Twilight”
  470. >Applejack weakly called out, not even bothering to look up from her haphazard position atop Dash.
  471. “You still here?”
  472. “Yes, I- ack”
  473. >Twilight coughed, not realizing how raw her throat was from screaming. She coughed a few more times, and then tried to continue her reply.
  474. “Yes, I’m… uh… still here.”
  475. “I heard you enjoyin’ the show…”
  476. >Dash tried to mutter playfully, despite the obvious fatigue in her voice.
  477. “Glad ya liked it.”
  478. >Twilight blushed furiously, the redness of her face returning with a vengeance.
  479. “I, uh… Ahem. Well, it was for science. I actually managed to get a wide variety of useful notes and material from this whole experience”
  480. >She stated as factually and crisply as she could manage.
  481. “Thank you both very much, by the way.”
  482. “Oh. Well that’s nifty,”
  483. >Dash slurred.
  484. “Hey AJ, can we help Twilight with science more often?”
  485. >Applejack let out a laugh, and snuggled up against Dash.
  486. “Ah don’t see why not. But we’ll discuss the details later. Ah ain’t in the mood ta do much thinkin’ right now…”
  487. >Dash let out a small yawn.
  488. “Yeah, same here… Maybe a nap instead…”
  489. >Twilight shakily rose to her feet, and began to telekinetically gather her things.
  490. “Well, I should probably be going, now that we’re all done”
  491. >She observed, her voice noticeably raspy.
  492. “You both seem to need your rest. And, uh… I probably need a shower”
  493. >She said with an uncomfortable smile of embarrassment.
  494. “So, um… I suppose I will see you both again later in the week? Right on schedule?”
  495. “Uh huh”
  496. >Applejack and Dash both weakly replied in unison.
  497. “Bye, Twilight…”
  498. “Alright then. Bye girls!”
  499. >Twilight cheerfully bid them farewell. Her horn flickered with energy, there was a bright flash of light, and just like that, she was gone.
  500. >For several minutes, Applejack and Dash just lay together on the floor, faces down and bodies partially entangled. Eventually, Applejack raised a hoof to pluck her hat off of Dash’s head, and set it back in its proper place. As she lay her head back down beside Dash’s, leaving them both face to face, a mischievous smirk tugged at the corners of her mouth.
  501. “Hey… Dash…”
  502. >Dash weakly opened her eyes.
  503. “Yeah, AJ?”
  504. “Y’know… What Twilight said a second ago… A shower don’t sound too bad, come ta think of it…”
  505. >The earth pony mused, a hint of mischief in her tired voice.
  506. >For a moment, Dash simply stared. Then, a smile of her own formed on her features.
  507. “Round three?”
  508. “Round three.”
  509. “Awesome.”
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