Regarding Dinitromelt.ru and Dinitroshop sites

Apr 20th, 2016
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  1. For the record, the sites DINITROMELT.RU and DINITROSHOP are not affiliated with me. They simply use my name.
  3. The individual who actually owns the site (Levram, aka Abaxen) did assure me in an email from March, 2015 that it would come down that very month, but it has not. As of May 2016, he has stated to me in an email that he is not actually sure why the site persists, and says that he has stopped maintaining it. The unfortunate outcome is that this "zombie website" continues to confuse visitors who believe they are doing business with me. I still get emails from distraught people who have attempted to place orders, but received no products as a result.
  5. I do not operate ANY website; I have only one email (see "contact info" paste).
  7. Addendum: The sites seem to be down for now. Levram/Abaxen finally seems to have agreed to my 18-month-long series of requests to have it removed. (For the record, he still owes me $5500 since January 2015, but that's another matter)
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