Jan 11th, 2016
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  1. ''The Empire our mother and the Emperor our father,
  2. who tasked us to sail, build a kingdom like no other.
  3. We built a new city from nothing but ashes,
  4. yet creatures awaited for us in the marshes.
  7. Oh mother send us faith,
  8. Oh fatrher send us strength,
  9. Darkness arises from depth.
  10. We banish the devils we track down the beasts,
  11. yet each day that passes they lurk in the mists!
  12. We fight the evil and purge the undead,
  13. yet it won't be long until we are all dead.''
  15. ''Ugh by the name of all the gods I HATE poems!'' Says the emperor, thrusting his fist against the wooden table. The silver plattery shakes, but not as hard as the councilor on the very far end of the table, scuffling to impode into his robes. ''I... I know sire. B-but this is all the common folk are talking about, is what the bards sing in t-'' The emperor interrupts him by thrusting his fist against the table again, this time the councilor squeaks in a cowardly voice. ''I DO NOT CARE FOR THE PEASANTRY THOUGHTS!''. The plattery stops shaking before the councilor speaks again ''Yes lord, o-ofcourse you don't. But If we ignore the pleadings of the people and let our colonized city to be demised-'' '' Why would I care about one city? There are a thousand more!'' the emperor grunts and drinks from his goblet . The councilor takes a deep breath before speaking again, this time in a clear crystal voice ''Sire, it is your great name that is on the stakes here''. The emperor chokes on his wine and drops the goblet to cling and roll on the marbled floor. It takes him a minute of coughing before straightening up in his chair again. ''Fine! send the entire fleet with 200,000 men!''. ''W-wait sire, the situation is not severe, we need merely a thousand to deal with-'' ''NO! YOU FOOL! MY NAME IS AT THE STAKES HERE!''.
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