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Jan 31st, 2020
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  1. As I told you at the beginning, I will not leak source code/scripts/etc that I had access during my time as developer. I have left the uroserver repository on bitbucket and no longer have access to your repository. I will keep a copy of the work locally for future reference (but never to copy/distribute). I have also removed myself from the Trello board (I just deleted my Trello account).
  3. UnethicalLast Tuesday at 9:07 PM
  4. Hello, AJ. Goodmorning. I have read everything. It's true that the server has alot of flaws, I don't deny that. My developers are not as good. I appreciate you all for joining the server, and I thank you for your contributions you gave it helped alot in some point. Explanations are no longer necessary in this situation.
  6. We may not know each other but somehow you made an impact as a moral lesson. Thank you, and God bless you and your people. :pray:
  8. lkjqweLast Tuesday at 11:08 PM
  9. Yup, thanks for understanding. Best of luck to ueRO!!
  11. lkjqweToday at 8:05 AM
  14. Hey
  15. If you want to throw some bullshit slander around, remember I do have the server's source code.
  16. and the git history of every single change that was made until I withdrew.
  18. UnethicalToday at 8:06 AM
  19. I'm just making it even, AJ. You and your people are throwing shit out.
  20. I know the consequences of you having the server's source code.
  21. It's not like that It will affect me totally.
  22. Feel free to do whatever you want with it tho.
  23. I accepted your exit, and your people. I was about to refund the donations.
  24. they opened up paypal disputes.
  25. glad my friend from paypal, blocked these out.
  26. I've heard alot of unerelevant and lies, coming from your sides.
  28. lkjqweToday at 8:09 AM
  29. It's ok that you're selling items to people and what not. That's par for the course these days on RO servers. It's better to get on with it and just be open about it. No one really cares about buying items nowadays. I definitely know you sold +10 weapons and I saw one screenshot of an @item2 usage but for the sake of that person's privacy I'm not going to show you the item or the character. It was on live.
  31. UnethicalToday at 8:09 AM
  32. I'm defending my staffs, and let me know if it's a challenge. I don't care at all, AJ.
  33. I already told the people that Post Malone had those items.
  34. I'm making it legal. As far as the server goes, these items will be available.
  35. You can feed them with the source code logs. I really don't mind.
  36. Do not threaten me again next time with the source code.
  38. lkjqweToday at 8:11 AM
  39. I don't understand why you're just flat out lying. Also, PayPal disputes will definitely favor the buyer so pretty much regardless of what you do, all of that money is going back to the respective buyers. PayPal is notoriously good about dealing with problematic sellers who refuse to accept the return of their digital goods because there is no cost to the return of the digital good.
  40. There aren't source code logs.
  41. I'm not threatening you, I'm just reminding you I do have your source code.
  43. UnethicalToday at 8:11 AM
  44. Alright, lemme clarify.
  45. Do not threaten me with the files related to Unethical RO. I do not mind, AJ.
  47. lkjqweToday at 8:12 AM
  48. Read up:
  49. If you want to throw some bullshit slander around, remember I do have the server's source code.
  50. Remember
  52. UnethicalToday at 8:12 AM
  53. Paypal Disputes are already closed.
  54. So I feel bad for your people
  55. I'm willing to return it last 2 days.
  56. but it seems they fked it up with lies and lots of issues.
  57. btw, bit of advice
  58. don't try out Venom RO.
  60. lkjqweToday at 8:13 AM
  61. I don't think my guys are lying at all with regard to the items you sold them, the Post Malone issue, or the one other issue we know about.
  63. UnethicalToday at 8:13 AM
  64. I don't really care, anymore AJ. We all have explaations why we did it.
  65. I'm making these items legal.
  66. next patch.
  68. lkjqweToday at 8:14 AM
  69. What do you mean legal
  71. UnethicalToday at 8:14 AM
  72. Legal in Unethical RO
  73. its an issue right
  75. lkjqweToday at 8:14 AM
  76. What are you talking about making those items legal?
  77. Which items and what do you mean by legal?
  79. UnethicalToday at 8:14 AM
  80. these double cranial that you guys refer to as godly items
  81. these glorious weapons that has cards
  83. lkjqweToday at 8:15 AM
  84. WOAH there are glorious weapons with cards?
  86. UnethicalToday at 8:15 AM
  87. these will come, as available for players to use with proper balance.
  88. not really as i havent tried to give it out to players
  89. but i think its possible
  90. :smile:
  92. lkjqweToday at 8:15 AM
  93. You and the other dev are the only ones with @item2
  94. well, whoever you gave level 99 GM on live to
  96. UnethicalToday at 8:16 AM
  97. to be honest, I was surprised that you will still message me.
  99. lkjqweToday at 8:16 AM
  100. I just wanted to remind you that I do have your source code as you continue slandering me.
  101. and git logs.
  103. UnethicalToday at 8:17 AM
  104. I will keep on it, as long as the issues will still be directed to the staffs.
  106. lkjqweToday at 8:17 AM
  107. I don't plan on doing anything with it, but maybe reminding you would make you act more sensibly.
  109. UnethicalToday at 8:17 AM
  110. AJ, I can do whatever I want.
  111. It's not affecting any of my life.
  113. lkjqweToday at 8:17 AM
  114. because telling people I edited my items and was making modifications to the server upon the migration to live is flat out incorrect.
  116. UnethicalToday at 8:17 AM
  117. Feel free to give people out the means to clear your name if it satisfy you.
  119. lkjqweToday at 8:17 AM
  120. I'm glad it's not affecting your life, it's not affecting mine either.
  122. UnethicalToday at 8:18 AM
  123. then we're fine.
  124. I had been in this situation alot of times, this is not normal to me.
  126. lkjqweToday at 8:18 AM
  127. I don't need to give anyone anything to clear my name. I need you to stop spreading false accusations.
  129. UnethicalToday at 8:18 AM
  130. then start stopping your people.
  131. unless, I still more, I won't stop too.
  132. :wink:
  133. I may sound informal right now but feel free to send this as screenshot to your people.
  135. lkjqweToday at 8:19 AM
  136. So you're going to keep spreading false accusations until I tell everyone else to stop accusing you guys of corrupt behavior.
  138. UnethicalToday at 8:19 AM
  139. till I hear more issues, I'm not going to stop. screenshot these one
  141. lkjqweToday at 8:19 AM
  142. LOL
  143. Have a nice life.
  145. UnethicalToday at 8:20 AM
  146. I already have, AJ. This is just a past time.
  148. UnethicalToday at 8:20 AM
  149. Have a nice life too.
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