Key of Lucy

Oct 13th, 2016
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  1. Lucy sat alone.
  2. She had always sat alone., sitting on the swing at recess, the other children to scared to go near her.
  4. She sighed, she had a friend, a very good one in Haiku, one who understood her. But alas, her friend was more within Lincoln's age group, thus they had never much time to speak of their desires, fears, and sorrows.
  6. But then, something strange happened, someone, a boy, sat next to her, he wasn't anything special by his looks, just, some kid.
  8. "Hello." The boy said to her, his voice was steady, but in spite of this Lucy could feel something was wrong with him.
  10. After thinking for a moment, lucy spoke back. "Hi." Was all she could think to say at the moment.
  12. "Meet me here, after school, i have something to show you." He said, puzzling Lucy even further, she had never even met this boy before, why would he want to see her?
  14. Lucy thought for a moment, but before she could answer, the bell rung, and the children filed back into school.
  16. After class Lucy decided to meet with the boy, going to the playground she saw him.
  18. "Hello there." The boy said, looking straight at her, his pupils were off, they looked like dots in a circle, how did she not notice before?
  20. "Hello again." Replied lucy in her usual tone. Sitting on the swing again.
  22. The boy sat by her." Lucy, that is your name, correct." He asked with steady voice, facing the opposite direction as he sat on another swing.
  24. The knowledge of her name raised a brow in Lucy. "That is correct, how did you know?" She said trying not to sound worried.
  26. The boy looked at her, his eyes maintaining tbeir odd look. "Lucy Loud. Age eight, height, 3'11 , weight, 95 pounds." He listed off like a mchine, shocking lucy, how did he know so much about her?
  28. "Haha, i see, so you are the one i've been looking for." The boy finally emotes, though, Lucy didnt know weather to calm down or be more worried.
  30. "What did you need me for?" She asks brushing hair out from her eyes.
  32. The boy looks at the sky. "It's complicated." He kicks his feet back and forth. "You likely wouldn't believe me"
  35. Lucy inwardly scoffed but put on her usual stoic face. "Try me." She looked toward the strange boy. Eying him closely. She continued to notice odd things about him, his ghostly pale skin, the bloodshot veins in his eyes, this kid was offputting, even to her.
  37. He gave a friendly smile. "Well, where do i begin?" He hed in a friendly fashion. "Okay, well Lucy, i'l try to be as simple as possible.My name is Sallos. And i am a demon "
  39. Sallos, A spirit found in the ars goetia, known to cause love between men and women."You're right, i don't believe you."
  41. The boy chuckled.."Well, i can prove it." The boy announces proudly, though Lucy's tone persists.
  43. "And how would you do that?" Asks the small goth condescendingly while watching the boy.who in responce smirked., he dissapeared from her sight, as a man's voice makes his way to her ear from behind.
  45. "Like this,." She turns. Seeing a very handsome man with the boy's freakish eyes ,weilding a spear.
  48. Lucy gasped, but regained composure, before the spirit became a little boy again. "W-what are you doing here spirit?" Lucy asked completely awestruck.
  50. He shrugged. "Well, like i said, it's complicated, but the long and short of it is that every once in a great while god allows those of us demons who miss his light to try and earn our way back." He explains quite quickly. " i've decided to try and earn this spot in the heavens by becoming your guardian angel, well, demon."
  52. Lucy blinked, she had a demon that wanted to be her guardian? It was like one of those occult stories she found online."I see, well. What's the use in appearing as you are now."
  54. Sallos scratched his neck. "Well, God makes us visible to humans, so we may take one form of our choosing, and then our normal forms. Since you looked lonely, i had figured you could use a companion. Do not worry about how the years go by, this body will age as yours does." He was visibly trying to wrap this up as soon as possible, so as to avoid loosing Lucy's interest.
  57. Lucy hummed as she thought."well, since you want to protect me, i can ask my parents if you can stay the night, it is a friday." She said, offering her hand to the demon. Sallos smiled and eagerly took it, allowing her to lead him to the front of the building. Just as Lucy's parents drove by.
  59. After a small conversation , the Loud family'w parents allowed Sallos into the car.
  61. "So." Mrs. Loud broke the silence. "What's your name?" Obviously, the question was pointed to the boy.
  63. "My name is Sal. Ma'am." Answered the love demon politely. The woman picked up her other children before driving to a sizable house in the suburbs. Many questions were raised about Sallos. Though none were answered, since the boy demon was busy peering out the window and getting lost in thought
  65. The car got to it's destination, Just a charming little house in the suburbs, and the children unload from the van.
  67. Lucy walks by the demon boy, prompting Lori to speak up"Soooo, Lucy, what's with your little ...friend?" asks the older girl, slightly teasingly, though, the smile from Sallos made her slightly uncomfortable.
  69. Lucy sighed, well, she said the word 'sigh' . "He is someone who understands my interests, nothing more, nothing less." She said stoicly as she walked by the older girl, Lucy's answer puzzled Lori, he seemed like a fairly chipper, if flighty kid. not some death obsessed weirdo like Lucy was. but, the teenager shrugged letting the confusion go so she could text her boyfriend instead.
  71. Meanwhile, Sallos had found a little reptile. Now anyone with knowledge of goetic lore would know, Sallos had quite the fondness for reptiles, so he picked up the small lizard.
  72. Lana seeing this came over to the boy demon, she like the rest of the louds was off put by the way his eyes looked. "Uhm, can i have my lizard back please?" She asks cautiously. Looking at sallos.
  74. "Oh, of course. I was just admiring her, i myself have quite the affinity for reptiles." Sallos said as he gently handed the lizard to Lana. "I especially love crocodiles."
  76. Lana lit up at hearing this, and began talking non stop about all her reptiles and amphibians. She took his hand and began dragging Sallos to her and Lola's room to show him
  79. Sallos watched the girl with utter amusment as she prattled on and on about her numerous scaly friends, how could so much energy fit into such a small mortal? Perhaps he shoukd disect one some day and see, but for the moment he enjoyed the eons younger girl'\s company.
  81. Meanwhile, Lucy was reading her wearwolf novel, although, it didn't at all feel as invigorating or interesting to read as it had before, then again she had never known that things of a supernatural persuasion existed.
  83. Which isn't to say she didn't hope such was the case, but being of higher than average intelligence she also knew a certain degree of cynicism was a good thing, besides, what eight year old doesn't like picturing adventures with vampires ,wearwolves ,and a myriad of other fantasical things?
  85. And now, Lucy Loud had the chance! A chance she would not waste.
  88. Sallos came back downstairs,Lana had worn herself out telling him about her lizards and frogs.
  89. Over all the two members of the family he was friends with were quite charming, and he couldn't wait to meet the rest.
  91. On his way down he had encountered Lynn, who seemed to be staring at him.
  92. "Hello there." Sallos said with a smile though, looking the way he did it wasn't exactly comforting.
  94. "What's up with you?" Lynn asked the boy demon narrowing her eyes. "You're really creepy lookin." She continued being blunt.Sallos laughs.
  96. "Eh-heh-heh-heh." It sounded like the most uncomfortable fake laugh ever,but he was very genuine."Well, i get that a lot, sorry if i make you uncomfortable."
  98. Lynn shrugged. "It wasn't an insult dude, i sleep in the same room as Lucy, so I know her better than anyone, she likes creepy things, so i think she might find you cute? You know, in your own creepy way." She hummed as she joined him on his way downstairs.
  100. Sallos rubbed the back of his neck laughing once again."I see, thank you for the information i guess?" He tried to adapt his speech patern to match everyone else's
  102. "No problem ya lil' creep, I was gonna watch the game tonight, but since you seem to make Lucy lighten up a little i can secure you the remote." Sallos didn't get to respond before the sporty girl got distracted
  105. Lucy had meanwhile retreated to her room, wondering where sallos would sleep, perhaps she should have thought this through,
  107. Her parents would never let a boy sleep in the same room as one of her sisters, and Lincoln's room was far too small.
  109. Well, of course there was always the living room, but she couldn't make her new friend sleep there...
  111. Not with what her parents do on the couches
  115. She Left the room, smelling something wonderful. Obviously her father wasn't cooking. She snuck about undetected by her siblings down to the kitchen to see her mother cooking.
  116. "Mother?" Lucy asked, causing Rita to give a little screech.
  118. "Oh, um ,yes honey?" Asked the matriarch of the Louds. Turning to see the gothic little girl."is something the matter?"
  120. Lucy shook her head. "Maybe i should have asked you this sooner, but where will Sal be sleeping?"
  122. Rita hummed,well, they were just children. What could go wrong? "I don't see why he can't sleep in your and lynn's room." Rita suggested, obviously oblivious to the fact she allowed a demon of lust and romance into her young daughter's bedroom.
  124. Lucy blinked in surprise, not that anyone would notice. "Oh, thank you mother." She didn't let her inner joy betray her stoic exterior. She left the kitchen , seeing Lynn walking away from Sallos.
  126. "Hey Luce! I put in a good word for you good luck." Lynn whispered to the tiny goth, confusing her
  128. After getting aquainted with the rest of the loud family, Sallos had decided to search for his lucy.
  129. His, yes, he would suppose that term fit, she was after all under his protection. Like a pet.
  131. He sighed, he would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy her company genuinely, at least as far as his very short time actually being able to interact with her would allow.
  133. He remembered when he first saw her, she had to have been no older than six, when her interests were just starting to manifest, he had been looking forward to seducing her wayward soul. But as he continued watching the child, he noticed something. It was all just to get attention in a home where there was little to spare.
  135. This little factor had caught his sympathy, and so he stuck around, comforting her in the very back of her mind when she needed it,keeping her company, even if she never knew he was there. For such a long time he wished he could show her genuine affection. And after two years of begging, he got his wish.
  137. God let him become human, at least. For the most part, and he had followed her, quiet and unnoticed. Thinking of a way to get here to trust him. And finally he decided.
  139. Why not lie?
  141. He had thought about this for a while. Really, just tell her that there were some demons who actually wanted to be redeemed. while it was not at all entirely untruthful. The majority were too proud or too wrapped up with their own self indulgence to actually apologize. Sallos, in reality, was the first to truly humble himself and beg, and not even for his own sake. But for the girl he had grown fond off.
  143. As he was walking. Lost in thought. He bumped into one of her great many siblings.
  144. "Oof! Sorry!" It was the nitwit. "I was trying to chew gum, doing that and walking at the same time, i couldn't really focus on where i was going."
  145. "It's alright miss." The disguised demon picked himself up off the messy carpet.feeling the incorruptible purity radiating from the girl."i didn't harm you did I?"
  146. "Nah, i'm fine! So tell me. Are you Lucy's boyfriend?~" asked the dull girl with a teasing tone.
  147. What a sudden question ,Sallos hummed."Really, that's up to her."
  149. This seemed to satisfy the teen, she smiled at the boy, before abruptly falling down the stairs , making even Sallos cringe, she was thankfully unharmed,save for a few bruises.
  150. Meanwhile, most of the other sisters, along with Lincoln, were gathered together in Lori's room. Discussing the boy.
  152. "So, we all know why we're here, right?" Asked Lori. Always the one to take charge, as Luna, Lola, and Lisa all nod their heads in unison. Lynn ,Luan,Lincoln, and Lana, on the other hand seem a little bit confused, leading Lori to groan.
  153. "Okay, so, you three all noticed how weird Lucy's little guest is, right?" She asked, and the other three siblings nodded.
  155. "Well, yeah, i mean, it's kind obvious why Luce made friends with him." Lynn shrugged. Before Lola cut in
  157. "Oh yeah, they're TOTALLY 'just friends'." Said the wannabe princess sarcastically."Just like Luan is funny, and you're a wimp!"Lynn shot a glare, not getting the sarcasm.
  159. "Anyway... I called this meeting to find out how to split the two off." Lori tried to get attention back to herself."Lucy may be able to deal with that creepy looking kid, But i can't." Luna looked skeptical howver. "Oh, now you have a problem with this?" Asked the eldest.
  161. "Nah brah, Do whatever, but there's somethin' about that kid that seems, i dunno, kinda dangerous. Like if ya messed with him he'll mess you up twice as hard." Luna shrugged as she spoke."plus if he ain't for lucy. Then she'll find that out on her own, just let it be." She made a subtle reference to the beetles.
  163. "He was also getting really chummy with Lana though." Lola spat with a haughty voice, ignoring that her twin was right there.
  165. "I don't think he's like that, we just both like lizards and stuff." Lana smiled absentmindedly. Scratching under her hat."Plus anyone who's good with hops i can trust."
  167. "An affinity with animalsh ish not a shuitable method of assheshing how trushtworthy one ish." Lisa cuts in"i shuggest shubjecting him to my new truth sherum. To shee if he ish truly worthy of our dear shishter."
  169. Rest assured the other present siblings shot her a glare, they didn't need the kid's parents suing them in case one of lisa's little experiments went bad. Though, lisa just gave a defensive 'what?'.
  171. Lincoln decided to get in on the conversation "Well, weather he and Lucy are dating or not, i don't think it's a very good idea to get involved. Remember what happened with rocky?" Asked Lincoln those in favor of 'Sal' sticking around nodded their heads in agreement.
  173. Lisa was the next to speek. Skeptical as always "point taken, and thoroughly ignored." She replied with sarcasm "I fail to shee how thish shituation ish in any way shimilar to rocky, we aren't looking to get her hitched. We're trying to keep her away from shomone perhapsh even more unshettling than she ish" lisa says matter of factly, holding a finger up for emphasis.
  175. Luna shrugged "maybe that's what got her to like him? Spooky chick needs a spooky di-" she was thankfully cut off by Lynn, who was usually the one to indulge in that kind of humor
  177. But, then again, two very young kids were present."Luna's right Lori. I mean, he's a different kind of creepy, but she loves all sorts of spook. She doesn't discriminate!" The other siblings were stunned ahe knew what that word meant.
  179. The conversation went on in circles for some time. With no decisions really being made before it was time for dinner. Rita had prepared a decent enough looking meatloaf Sallos and Lucy had come into the kitchen around the same time. And the rest of the family followed suit. And all was silent as everyone ate, some trying to make a good impression for the rather creepy young boy, others too wrapped up in observing him to make a huge mess. Lucy was quick to notice this, and the fact sallos was getting a bit nervous.
  181. A mighty duke of hell he may be. But the idea of being seen and heard was just so foreign to him., Lucy spoke up. "Ie something the matter?" Asked the girl looking around the room, only to be answered by more awkward silence.
  182. Until Lynn senior decided to cough.
  183. "Well uh..." The middle aged man spoke awkwardly scratching his neck "how did you two become friends kiddo?" He asked to neither of them in particular, figuring it didn't matter who answered.
  185. just as sallos was about to speak, Lucy began answering "He stares, a lot. " said the eight year old trying to think of something on the fly that was believable, and getting stuck.
  186. Sallos picked up on the lie "and when confronted on why i was staring, i was honest and said i wanted to talk to her. But was intimidated." The softspoken demon said lightly, with his unnerving grin.
  188. The rest of the family caught some red flags... But he was just a kid, probably with a crush, of course he would be a bit awkward about expressing things. Leni even seemed to find it cute.
  190. "Well uh... " Rita tried to think of a conversation piece "what are your parents like?" She asked hoping to know what made him so strange.
  192. Sallos hummed "well, one father is very strict, hut he's also a pretty kind guy. Always giving and giving and giving. But no one ever appreciates it, my other dad got arrested, and they got divorced during the trial." Lucy, having attended church with her family in the past,snorted, that was the best way a person could describe a mortal version of that story wasn't it?
  194. The rest of the family didn't find it so funny. "Lucy!" Rita glared "why in the world are you laughing?!" She asked sternly, as her daughter recoiled just a bit.
  195. Thankfully Sallos came to her rescue. "It's fine mrs.Loud, i think it's pretty funny too, you would have to know the full circumstances, but i really don't want to bore you with the details." Explained the boy demon though this probably didn't endear him too much to the Louds.
  197. Lisa was the next to ask a question, feeling like her parents were just dilly dallying "what are your intentionsh with ur shishter?" She asked glaring at the boy. While she would claim to be entirely detached nothing mattered more to her than the safety of her family.
  198. Sallos laughed at this one. "Well. That depends largely on her intentions with me. I have no particular agenda in mind when it comes to my friendship with her, and am content with just doing what she wants." He said with a gingerly smile. Feeling he managed to avoid the question in a way that sounded like an answer. And he would have gotten away with it if Lisa weren't so intelligent
  199. "Okay, but if you weren't shush a shpinelesh ninny, what sort of activitiesh would you two do?" Lucy growled at her younger sister , finding offense on multiple fronts.
  200. And that question would have made Lucy speak if Luan wouldn't have cracked up. "Lis, they're like eight, Just what 'activities' wuld they get up to?" The one time Lucy was ever glad to hear Luan open her mouth.
  202. Lisa responded in her matter-o-fact tone "Firsht puberty hash been occurring earlier and earlier in homoshapiensh..." And with that, Lucy had enough. With a small frustrated shout, she ran out of the dining room. And Sallos' smile dissapeared.
  203. He was even more unsettling with a frown.
  205. He didn't say a word, simply getting up and following Lucy. as the rest of the family gave a small glare at Lisa, who only retorted with a defensive 'what?'
  207. It didn't take along for Sallos to find Lucy. "I'm sorry, that was just... Very embarrassing" said the gloomy little girl, as sallos sat by her."you shouldn't have to take that kind of interrogation."
  209. Swllos hummed,"truly, little Lucilia, as someone who has been by your side, watching you for a while now. I'm used to your family's quirks." Said the boy demon."I'm really just upset they made you upset."
  211. "Sigh, thank you for understanding." She spoke cheering up just a little. As a rather loud noise came from outside. Lucy shrugged it off, Sallos however. Seemed concearned "is there something wrong?" Asked the little girl, getting a huff from the boy demon.
  213. "Well, i don't want to say anything, let's see what happ-" he's cut off by a bestial roar , one that sounded suspiciously like 'sallos' "..."
  215. Lucy moved her hair aside so she could give a glare, expecting him to say what was on his mind. Puffing his cheeks out, his unsettling eyes shifted to the floor, suddenly finding it very interesting. "Sallos." She spoke his name firmly, making him give in.
  217. "Alright , fine" he hissed out "i may not have been entirely truthful with you, Lucilia . see, i may have... Betrayed the hellish legions of my former master, knowing that voice, old scratch sent someone to drag me back... If i'm not mistaken, that's the voice of Ose." The boy explained, he stood "you stay safe, i'll go and deal with the issue." He continued.
  219. Lucy , holding her tongue as he spoke, got up with him. "I want to see." She said expectantly.
  220. "See what?" Asked sallos looking down at her his dinner plate shaped eyes narrowing
  221. "The demon." Answered the spooky little girl, letting her hair fall back over her blue eyes.
  223. Sallos scoffed at the insistence that she see the other demon "No, you are my protectorate, my job is to keep you from harm, not bring you into it." He grabbed her shoulder. Before heading off. Down stairs and sneaking out the backdoor, lucy following behind stubbornly, as another cry of 'SAAALLLOOOSSS' shred throuth the air.
  225. Lucy gasped as the demon's flesh rendered itself from his body, and rearanged itself into the shape of his adult form. It was such a beutiful dance of red, and she had feltlucky to see it. The no longer boy demon didn't wear much, just a crown ajd just barely enough cloth to cover his groin. Lucy turned red , the goetia wasn't lying aboutsallos being a handsom individual. With that silky goatee, and long curly hair, he was ages better looking than rocky, cilas , or edwin... Perhaps not quite so pretty as hugh, however.
  226. Butnone the less,she /could/ have that sleeping in her room. She watched him aprout black, feathery wings, and fly off. As a rather scary looking spear materialized in his hand, just as his enemy came into view. A man with a leopard's face. Once again, the descriptions of the lesser key of solomon didn't dissapoint
  228. sallos flew at the grand beast of a demon spear spinning in hand "osé! leave this place! you onow for a fact i despise fighting! " he shouted as his body sprouted scales by this point the rest of the louds had heard the shouting and rushed outaide seeing the scaled man and the leopard beast squaring off.
  229. Osé would hear none of sallos' words "Sallos! betrayer! you who dare to abandon our lord! i shall drag you back to face your deserved punishment!" screeched the bestial demon at an unamused sallos.
  231. "have a feeling i'll be hearing a lot of that these next few decades" he said under his breath "i see there is no talking out of this old friend... very well, i shall cast you back into the depths of flame and sulfur"
  233. ose growled "you believe that these words scare me?"roared the demon loudly in the face o his forner ally sallos' face scrunched, something about ose was off, usually the leoparx demon was far mor e cunning inspeech and manner, not the type to bellow hollow threats.
  236. putting the notion to the back of his mind sallos twirled his weapon, his spear clashing with the hardened claws of his fellow fiend "Ose! what has you qcting in such a manner? Tell me!" shiuted Sallos his voice echoing through the air as black stormclouds gathered overhead.
  237. "Your betrayal of the legions! no one could fill the role you did in the infernal pit! "ose ssid pushing away the spewr with all his strengthpushing s allos bacm by several yards as well. "Ren at once and our lord shall have mercy!"
  238. " i cannot do that ose! my brotherin arms against the burning light of the demiurge! i cannot. for there is one of greater imoortance to me tha n all the power lucifer can offer! return peacibly or your death is imminent! "
  240. "your choice is made! as is mine! our brotherhood cast aside by your inane actions! " roared Ose as he and sallos clashed between his words.
  242. the loud famiky watched in awe, especialy Lis a "what manner of creatures are those thinsh?" she had studied just abiut every apecies known to modern science but a giant panther man. or a scalh creature with crow wings? what manner of nonsense was thjs?he
  243. even with the ground shaking with every clash of the monsters' blades, Lucy ran inside, grabbing her copy of the lesser key of Solomon, and returning only to notice her friend became re and more reptilian as rime went. his angel wings replaced with the scaly wings of a dragon. ,lucy flipped the pages of her book, pointing out the leopard beast's entry.
  244. "That's ose! a demon who grants wisdome in the liberal artsgrants divination! " Lucy stated firmly.
  246. while lisa was quick to note the similarities something was off . "That thing shertainly dkeshn't seem interested in dishcushing the rediculoush notion of theishm!" Lucy shouted in a panic as the storm picked up speed with the intencity of the demon's battle. the child genius having nearly been blown away
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