Oct 23rd, 2017
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  1. term.clear()
  2. term.setCursorPos(1, 1)
  3. print("Would you like to install")
  4. print("the mouse controlled os or")
  5. print("the keyboard controlled os?")
  6. print("Enter 1 for keyboard")
  7. print("Enter 2 for mouse")
  8. input = read()
  9. if input == "1" then
  10. print("Keyboard")
  11. textutils.slowPrint("Downloading software...")
  12. sleep(1)
  13."pastebin get JkQFKGm3 ui")
  14."pastebin get zh62vQqY typetest")
  15."pastebin get m4fccGjc stackerz")
  16."pastebin get Yrp4w4pF reaction")
  17."pastebin get f39FWPcg remote")
  18."pastebin get 2tbGbSZ0 selfdestruct")
  19."pastebin get pKLWrEfE chat")
  20."pastebin get SgkyNiJq calculator")
  21."pastebin get 3rsWgFHE name")
  22."pastebin get eX3speNZ admin")
  23."pastebin get E5QEUSmv firststart")
  24."pastebin get ZTnFG9Ld options")
  25."pastebin get CihMkRtH help")
  26."pastebin get 4aCBtXBX menu")
  27."pastebin get 6NEs2gK7 2048")
  28."pastebin get BVGUhrSF games")
  29."pastebin get 7SfFaiiJ turtlemenu")
  30."pastebin get tVYXJMaY remote2")
  31."pastebin get hTxSa5Ka erase")
  32."pastebin get VTnd96Fv notes")
  34. elseif input == "2" then
  35. print("Mouse")
  36. textutils.slowPrint("Downloading software...")
  37. sleep(1)
  38."pastebin get JkQFKGm3 ui")
  39."pastebin get ytSwf2jN games")
  40."pastebin get m4fccGjc stackerz")
  41."pastebin get zh62vQqY typetest")
  42."pastebin get UnaDgMuK backwall")
  43."pastebin get f39FWPcg remote")
  44."pastebin get 2tbGbSZ0 selfdestruct")
  45."pastebin get pKLWrEfE chat")
  46."pastebin get SgkyNiJq calculator")
  47."pastebin get 3rsWgFHE name")
  48."pastebin get eX3speNZ admin")
  49."pastebin get E5QEUSmv firststart")
  50."pastebin get uxMBGWJB options")
  51."pastebin get CsWBvyaY help")
  52."pastebin get j1tzRi9t menu")
  53."pastebin get PntanXU4 numbergame")
  54."pastebin get 6NEs2gK7 2048")
  55."pastebin get HuZxiUFC turtlemenu")
  56."pastebin get tVYXJMaY remote2")
  57."pastebin get hTxSa5Ka erase")
  58."pastebin get Yrp4w4pF reaction")
  59."pastebin get VTnd96Fv notes")
  61. else
  62. term.clear()
  63. term.setCursorPos(1, 1)
  64. print("Invalid input")
  65. sleep(3)
  66. term.clear()
  67."pastebin run SPaBgXtV")
  68. end
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