GreentextSavant - Sunset Shimmer and Eggnog (I suppose)

Mar 18th, 2017
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  1. >Sunset is sitting there on the floor before you with wrapping paper strategically covering just the places you want to see most.
  2. >But her smile gives you the okay to trot over to her and kneel down to her level.
  3. >"Don't be getting any... naughty... thoughts, Anon. You have to wait until Christmas morning to unwrap this gift for you." She's teasing you now.
  4. >Softly place your hand on her shoulder, wandering towards the wrapping on her arm with your fingertips dragging across the smooth skin.
  5. >You're really making her smile now.
  6. >"No opening until christmas. Come on, be a good boy for me."
  7. >Hook your finger under the wrapping on her arm, pulling onto it and starting to prompt it to come loose.
  8. >Not tightly squeezing onto Sunset's soft mounds anymore, the strand over Sunset's breasts begins to... give way.
  9. >The very sight nearly makes you drool.
  10. "I can't help it, Sunny." Your voice shudders from arousal. "I guess I'm too naughty this year."
  11. >"That constitutes for a punishment."
  12. >Upon hearing her say this, you scoot up to Sunset and put your other arm around her, working as the wrapping on the other side.
  13. >And the wrapping paper struggles to cover Sunset's chest... and fails. Falling away from her nipples with the slightest sound as they land into your girlfriend's lap.
  14. >"Anon." Sunset arches her back to push her chest forward towards your open hand. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to punish you. It's the only way to make you a good boy before Santa comes."
  15. "Oh?" You say right next to her ear in a quiet voice.
  16. >Her sensual sigh indicates how much she loves the sound of your voice inches away from her. The feeling of your restless hands cupping her luscious bosom that has recently broken free fo the wrapping paper.
  17. >"Mmmmm... your punishment is that you have to let me have all the eggnog now."
  18. "Hmm?"
  19. >"I get to drink all the eggnog... but I might get... messy. And if I do, your punishment is to lick it off of me, bad boy~"
  20. >Sunset holds tightly onto your arm, "warning" you not to take off any more of her wrapping paper with her eyes alone.
  21. >You slump down and Sunset rises above you.
  22. >Her shadow covers you, before her hands grab you and yank you into a kiss.
  23. >The force of her pulling you into herself is inescapable.
  24. >It almost hurts, but not quite. You know SunnyBunny would never hurt you.
  25. >"Go to the fridge. Now." She orders.
  26. "I-uh..."
  27. >"Don't make me ask this again." Her stern voice only makes you harder.
  28. >The girl stands you up by force, making your protruding member create a tent in the front of your pants.
  29. >You're walked over to the fridge and made to open the door. The eggnog is in the font of the shelf.
  30. >Grab it and bring it back to the living room.
  31. >"Open it."
  32. >You obediently nod and twist the cap off, reaching down with your hand afterward and pulling the wrapping paper over Sunset's crotch off.
  33. >She grabs onto your wrist, but down't pull your hand away until after she is exposed.
  34. >The feeling of her pushing you back against the wall makes you almost dizzy. And you let her hit your head against the surface.
  35. >Try not to squeak as she grabs your hardened member through your pants. Her fingers are so sturdy and demanding.
  36. >And her eyes are filled with a passionate fire, yet such a gentleness at the same time.
  37. >You know she will not do harm to you, but that does not relieve you of the imminent punishment.
  38. >You're lowered to the floor again, and Sunset looms over you now completely bare naked.
  39. >She presses your face onto her abdomen.
  40. >"All of this eggnog is mine now." She's holding the open container in her hand, getting ready to chug it.
  41. >You just know that not even half of it is going into her. >You can hardly see her face between the gap of her cleavage, but the smile you can hardly make out confirms that you're about to get eggnog in your hair.
  42. >And onto it starts pouring, dripping from Sunset's chin. Try to drink from it because you actually think it tastes pretty fucking good.
  43. >A hand pushes you back into a sitting position.
  44. >"You don't get any." Sunset lets the eggnog trickle between her chest and down her body.
  45. >Spreading down her curvaceous body.
  46. >You watch in awe.
  47. >Sunset takes her hands and spreads it across her skin, moistening herself with the sweet substance.
  48. >Her contours shine with the thick white coating being glossed over it.
  49. >"I can't seem to wipe it off, Anon." Sunset looks over to you with glazed eyes. "Get your ass over here."
  50. >Her hand grabs onto the collar of your shirt before you can even say a word. Literally right when you're within arm's reach of the girl.
  51. >Pulls you into her chest.
  52. >You almost cry out for help, but you only know that doing so would excite her more.
  53. >The eggnog spears against your face that seeps between Sunset's sopping wet breasts. The smell of the eggnog thick in your nosy and the taste soon coming into contact with your tongue again.
  54. >Sunset holds your head still; you can feel her breathing faster against you, her heart beating wildly.
  55. >And your mind starts spinning, crazy for this girl's overwhelming commands.
  56. >Your tongue shoots out of your mouth and pushes into her warm skin, slippery from the drink coating it.
  57. >The taste brings you some form of sublimity that holds you captive against your lover and her womanly form.
  58. >Wrap your arms around the nude girl, imitating what the wrapping paper did minutes ago.
  59. >There is eggnog getting all over your shirt, soaking it almost as much as the bit of your boxers being subjected to the tip of your penis.
  60. >The point in your boxers that comes into view after Sunset undoes the front of your pants without asking you first.
  61. >She has full access to you, thirsty to overtake you with her lust in addition to your own lust.
  62. >And so, the eggnog gathers on your twitching tongue as you lick, and lick and lick.
  63. >Catching the taste into your mouth and your mind to be forever remembered.
  64. >Naturally, your mouth makes its way to Sunset's nipple, and your grazing tongue flicks past the bump you easily recognize.
  65. >And your lips close around it as Sunset speaks to you in a softer yet more hungry voice.
  66. >"Keep going. And don't you dare miss a spot." She leans herself into your face, her voice slightly vibrating the breast latched between your lips.
  67. >And your shaky hands humbly slide up and down Sunset's hips; she forces you to your feet, now trapping your lips into an embrace with her own.
  68. >Moaning into your mouth as you share the taste of the eggnog through your tongues.
  69. >She backs you up into the wall once again. There is nothing you can do to stop her.
  70. >"Hold me tighter." She orders, to which you comply.
  71. >Her breath from her nose lightly blows past your face. It smells slightly like strawberries mixed in with that eggnog.
  72. >Such a sweet scent to be pinning you up against this wall.
  73. >You helplessly feel your pants get pulled down to your knees. And Sunset begins to invade the front of your boxers with eager fingers.
  74. >Playfully try and shift your hips away from the hands, finding your erect tent in hot pursuit and instantly captures as Sunset reaches through a gap in your boxers and clasps your shaft.
  75. >Starts stroking you, and it sends an overwhelming tingle up your spine that petrifies your and forces you to now push your hips towards Sunset.
  76. >You're under Sunset's direct control now.
  77. >The boxers are town down and your manhood is in the open for Sunset to please herself with.
  78. >Yelp quietly in a desperately horny voice as you feel her tongue brush past the underside of your cock.
  79. >Holy shit, that got you going; you're fucking trembling. Unable to resist the arousal that ties onto your arms as thought you're Sunset's little puppet.
  80. >And that isn't very inaccurate.
  81. >Sunset presses her own waist into yours, trapping your dick between the top of her thighs.
  82. >You feel her hand sneak behind your head and push your face down to her chest this time.
  83. >Forced back into licking once again. And your tongue does virtually everything but disagree.
  84. >Feeling a deep seated need to even impress Sunset.
  85. >After all, you better impress her. Maybe she would punish you a bit less severely if you obey.
  86. >Your breath hitting against Sunset's skin warms it even more, but the girl was already heated to the point where it's reached a fever pitch.
  87. >Feel her chest press against your blushing face while she inhales, and you humbly kiss down to her bellybutton.
  88. >Licking thin streams of eggnog along the way.
  89. >"Get all of it." Sunset orders you to seek out any missed spots an take care of them, freeing the sleek surface of her skin from the mess she made all over herself.
  90. >With a smile, you rub the side of your cheek against Sunset's abdomen. Running your fingers through her contours and making sure you didn't miss anywhere.
  91. >A few drips of thick, familiar off-white liquid trickle down to your nose. Possibly foreshadowing how this is going to turn out.
  92. >"Oops." Sunset lets some more of the eggnog spill out of her mouth and onto her chest above you.
  93. >Rise slightly and run your tongue up the center of Sunset's chest all the way up to her chin.
  94. >She shivers at the feeling of the tip of your tongue being the main thing running over her skin at first, before you plant the entire flat surface of the top of your tongue onto her.
  95. >Your lips meet hers, and your eyes can only cower in erotic fear as Sunset's turquoise irises petrifies you.
  96. >She forcefully pulls you closer to her and pushes you back down to get more of the eggnog off of her.
  97. >Her heartbeat is a lot more intense after a moment.
  98. >After you manage to clear the surface of her body, you look up at your master and lock gazes with her. She smiles down upon you with the container still in her hand, mostly empty.
  99. >"Rise."
  100. >Your legs begin to shake as you straighten yourself and meet Sunset eye-to-eye.
  101. >"You did a good job." She places her hands on your shoulders. "Now lie on your back."
  102. >No hesitation is had, you lower yourself once again. But Sunset shows even less hesitation than you and pushed you down onto your back, pinning you to the floor before you know it.
  103. >"So you just couldn't wait to open your present, could you?"
  104. "I-I'm sorry..." All you want is to let her run her course now, eager to see what she's going to force you to do next.
  105. >You'll agree to anything. You have to, anyway.
  106. >"Hmm..." Sunset looks down at the container in her hand. "I don't believe you. Maybe I should make you REALLY sorry."
  107. >She closes the tops of her thighs around your upright member.
  108. >You can't get away from her. Her grip combined with your love for her overpowers you too much.
  109. >Tilting the bottom of the eggnog container up and pouring the remainder into her mouth.
  110. >She doesn't swallow it, but only leans closer to you. Prompting for you to kiss her with the eggnog still in her mouth.
  111. >Her naked body still pins you to the floor, now covered in a thin layer of sweat.
  112. >Soft, puckered lips mash together.
  113. >You can taste it trickling into your mouth as this happens.
  114. >Beyond your own control, you're pinned to the carpet beneath you and Sunset feeds you the last of the eggnog through her mouth.
  115. >Her tongue forces its way past your lips and starts caressing everything it comes across. You're held down by your wrists now, with your member freely pointing upwards as it feels Sunset's slit brushing past it every few seconds.
  116. >With each deep breath you take, Sunset leans down upon you even harder. Restraining you against the carpeted floor.
  117. >In the tip goes, followed by the shaft. It's all enveloped by a dominating warmth that just makes you even harder.
  118. >She stimulates you like nothing other, making your face turn red as she works and grinds away at your manhood like the hungry master she is.
  119. >And she hold you nice and steady under her as you begin to shake in excitement induced by her.
  120. >The eggnog dripping from her lips onto yours still slips against the skin as you are kissed furiously once more.
  121. >Your body falls into a state of submission, awaiting the next thing Sunset is going to do with it. Letting her scented breath tickle your face as a little bit of laughter escapes the girl as she has her fun with you.
  122. >She hops on top of you more and more, and drives you into an orgasm you were only partially prepared for.
  123. >Had Sunset not been holding you down against the floor with so much strength, your hips would have catapulted the girl to the ceiling.
  124. >The force of your energy peaks, and you strain to move around... starve for it. But Sunset holds you still, putting your punishment first.
  125. >Your nerves and urges are heavily restrained, and they shoot through your body with an explosive force.
  126. >A certain shoots into Sunset with an explosive force, and once it stops, you throw your head back and accept your fate.
  127. >"Looks like we're having a baby next fall." Sunset tells you, already deciding the future in her head for you. "You're buying the crib."
  128. End.
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