Love sandwich (TumblexAnon, GAY, oh so fucking gay, cum play

Jan 5th, 2018
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  1. >>I wanna cum in her sandwich and watch as she slowly eats it
  3. >she simply stands there, watching as you take the sandwich from her hooves and undo your zipper, your free hand instantly fishing for your already hard cock
  4. >she doesn't try to stop you, she doesn't say a word, she simply stay put like a good girl, her pupils seemingly stuck on the tip of your cock, and then going down, then up, then down again in sync with your jerking motions
  5. >a month or so ago, she would've been all flustered and would've started to stammer and blubber excuses, asking you not to do this, not here, someone could see, and you'd have to tell her to be a good girl and to stay quiet, and reassure her that nopony would pass around here at this hour
  6. >but not anymore
  7. >now she trusts you, she knows that you're right, and she knows that you'd protect her if anything happened
  8. >and she also knows that she couldn't possibly fight back anyway, not anymore
  9. >all you have to do is show her your cock, just like you're doing right now
  10. >and call her a good girl, just like you're doing right now
  11. >and just like that, she submits
  12. >eyes devouring your pride, every single inches of it, thoughts lewder and lewder visibly filling her mind as you give your shaft a few pumps
  13. >mouth watering and tongue rolling around her little mouth and licking her pale lips, as if searching for your taste
  14. >ponut clenching in anticipation to what could come, should you desire it
  15. >but you don't
  16. >not right now
  17. >now you feel like playing with her
  18. >and you know just the way, you've been thinking about it for a while now
  19. >claiming her little mouth is good
  20. >spraying your load all over her tongue or deep down her throat as she does her best to suppress her gag reflex, caressing her cheeks as tears start running down, ruining her makeup in the process
  21. >fuck, the thought alone is nearly enough to make you lose control and go with this instead
  23. >but no, you've been preparing this little picknick for a while now, and you even made her this tasty sandwich
  24. >everything a growing filly could need, everything but one thing
  25. >proteins
  26. >and you got just the thing
  27. >just a little more and you'll give her all the proteins she could want, and maybe more
  28. >so you keep going for a few minutes
  29. >and she somehow finds it in herself to look away from your meat and to find your eyes
  30. >asking for permission
  31. >begging for your orders
  32. >anything, really, anything she could do, anything but wait and watch as you pleasure yourself instead of using her
  33. >she's such a good girl
  34. >then you spot it
  35. >her little skirt has been tenting for a while now, but now it got wet, her little tip throbbing and leaking into the cloth, staining it with her pre
  36. >the sight is enough to send you over the edge, and you force your cock in between the two pieces of bread as you groan and release
  37. >and she gives a needy moan, her body shivering at the sight and one of her hoof shoots forward as if to try and reach for you, before she stops it, remembering her orders
  38. >oh you're going to reward her for this
  39. >but not now, not yet
  40. >now you're teasing
  42. >you give your cock a few more pumps, using the sandwich as a sleeve, and then finally wipe whatever's left of your love against the crust
  43. "Here, I'm sure it'll taste better now,"
  44. >you smirk as you hand it over to her
  45. >and she takes it, and eyes it
  46. >for a while, for a good ten seconds, then her eyes find your wilting cock, then go back to the treat
  47. >you start wondering if there's actually something wrong, if you somehow did something she didn't like--
  48. >until she moans again, before pulling the sandwich open and bringing the first half to her lips
  49. >she then extends her tongue and give it a long, slow lick on its entire length, from one edge to the other, her tongue making sure to linger longer whenever it met a larger wad, and not moving further until she's sure she's got everything
  50. >she finally opens her eyes as she finishes with the first piece of bread, and they find yours as she slowly, ever so slowly retracts her tongue, making sure you can see it all, see your seed covering the organ as it goes past her lips, making sure you see her purposely push some of your essence out of her mouth so she can use her tongue to smear it all over her lips, making her sloppy entrance even more enticing and inviting
  51. >she knows how much you love it when she makes a mess
  52. "Fuck..."
  53. >you fail to stifle this groan, letting out that you somehow lost your absolute control over her
  54. >that she finally breached through
  55. >and the little minx smirks smugly as she keeps playing with her tongue and licking her lips clean
  56. >"Is there more?~"
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