Cameron Kunzelman & Kent Sheely

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  1. Subject: Cameron Kunzelman & Kent Sheely.
  2. Sources: Gamasutra, Twitter, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: May 07th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Research.
  5.                                                 **************************************
  7. Kent Sheely has been supporting Cameron Kunzelman for 172 days on Patreon, since 11.16.14
  9. Potential Conflicts of Interest.
  10. Namedropping a patreon supporter in an article and linking to their own work is a potential conflict of interest.
  12. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  13. 03.10.15: This Week in Video Game Criticism: From This War of Mine to highlights from GDC (Gamasutra)
  14. ---- Kunzelman namedrops Sheely and links to an article he wrote "Alt+Home: Press Any Key for Care"
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