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  1. [11:13:03] partys over: dude we play for dpp cup can u play now
  2. [11:47:31] narutosage: I don't have three teams ready right now, so lets battle later
  3. [11:51:05] partys over: ok
  4. [11:51:08] partys over: when?
  5. [11:51:31] narutosage: Let's battle Saturday, what's your timezone
  6. [11:51:38] partys over: gmt-7
  7. [11:52:22] narutosage: How about 1 pm your time
  8. [11:52:32] partys over: sure
  9. [11:52:41] narutosage: cool see ya then
  10. [11:52:49] partys over: alright
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