MG roulette (Phantom and vampire)

Dec 8th, 2016
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  1. “Okay...this has to be the weirdest dream I have ever experienced.”
  3. That was the only way Hugh could describe it. It was easy to assume that he had fallen asleep in front of his computer again, he had done it before. The problem he had was he had never had a dream like this. Usually when he dreamt it was mundane, usually something basic if he could remember it. Which was why standing in the main hallway to what looked like a mansion wearing a fine suit and surround by neighbors dressed up like he was, made him feel out of place.
  5. Just wondering about the situation would get him nowhere, so he decided to ask what looked like his neighbor Miss Benson about what was going on here. “Miss Benson?”
  7. The woman looked at him and smiled. “Ah, Sir Hugh! Isn't it nice for lady Beatrice to open her mansion for the party?”
  9. Party? Was he at a party? Isn't wasn't right, while friendly with his neighbors he was not social to the point where he would go to a party. And when the hell was he supposed to be Sir Hugh? But seeing has this was to be a dream there was no harm in playing along. “It does feel nice I'll admit, but I hope it doesn't become too crowded.”
  11. “I'm sure you'll be fine.” a man from behind him said. Hugh turned to see another neighbor of his, the corner shop owner Harry. “Her parties tend to bring the greatness out the night. Besides you were invited like the rest of us weren't you?”
  13. “I... think so?” Hugh said unsurely.
  15. Harry was about to say something before the sound of tapping glass rang out silencing the guests. Turning to the sound. He saw a woman in what looked like she was wearing a gown made out of expensive black silk with pale green decorations that he could have sworn glowed. She had short gray hair with a purple tint and her eyes were covered by a masquerade mask. Now that she had everyone's attention she put down the glass and picked up a polished black walking stick with sapphire gems on the top.
  17. “Thank you all for coming tonight.” The woman said. “Lady Beatrice will be arriving shortly but for now, please follow me to the ballroom.” She said before going through what Hugh assumed to be the large doors to the ballroom. Seeing the other guest follow after her, he shrugged and joined.
  19. The ballroom was as grand as he thought it would be, from the walls decorated with fine art and stain glass windows to various valuable items that were on display. There was also a stage with a band of musicians, ready to start the night's music. Also on the stage was the masked lady, looking over the guests with a pleased smile. He wasn't sure, but he felt like her gaze lingered on him longer than others.
  21. The masked woman then spun her stick around in one hand before striking a dramatic pose. “Welcome one and all! I am Cassandra, Organiser of this lovely event. There will be many things for you to enjoy before the night is over, and I assure you, today you won't want to miss a thing!” the crowd of guests cheered. “Before we begin, allow me to introduce the owner of the fine mansion, Lady Beatrice.”
  23. The crowd Applauded as another woman joined Cassandra on the stage. Beatrice was defiantly tall and beautiful with stunning brown eyes and long light blond hair. She was dressed as a noble woman from a period drama, a fancy black dress suit that had red decorations with the jacket almost reaching her thighs. She also had a dark mantle on the same style as her jacket, it almost looked like it had a life of its own.
  25. “Thank you all for coming, I have been waiting for a night like this with the moon full and the sky clear, A wonderful sight is it not?” Her voice was soft but loud enough to be carried over the guests. “Now without further ado, Let the dance begin!” she called out with her mantle billowing as the band started playing music. The music felt appropriate for the dance, but Hugh could not shack the weird chill he got hearing it.
  27. Soon enough most of the guests were paired and were dancing while others engaged in small talk. Hugh decided to seat himself at a table under a window and enjoy music and wine that was supplied. The drink was certainly delicious, but he couldn't really pinpoint the flavor or why he liked it.
  29. He was so withdrawn from the people around him he almost jumped when a cold hand touched his shoulder. He turned to see a smiling Cassandra. He could see her pale yellow eyes sparkling with delight. "One can't be a wallflower on an event like this, come! Dance with me Sir Hugh!” She said grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the chair. Before he knew it he was being pushed from behind to the dance floor.
  31. “I... don't dance lady Cassandra.” He tried to respectfully decline.
  33. “Nonsense! I bet you haven't even tried before?” she said while still pushing him. By the time the stopped, he was in the middle of the hall. “Now then Sir Hugh, focus not on the people around you or where your feet may land, simply focus on me, and let the music take you,” she said with a soothing voice.
  35. Hugh tried to follow her words and found it easy to let himself go has he danced with her, or at least what could have been dancing as he was caught up in admiring the beauty of Cassandra. Before he knew it, the dance or at least their share of it had ended and he was back at his table with her.
  37. “I told you it was simple,” she said with amusement. “Many with the so-called `two left feet` simply haven't tried.”
  39. “I guess your right. So, is your job being a dancer or something?” He asked as they continued.
  41. “Oh, not at all, I am a storyteller,” Cassandra told him with pride.
  43. “Storyteller?” He asked with raised eyebrows.
  45. "Yes, I collect and tell the tales of those I come across in my stage-plays. Sometimes I even make my own,” she said as she sipped some of the wine at hand.
  47. “Sounds like a fun job.” He said impressed, he hadn't met a play writer before.
  49. “Oh, it's wonderful, being able to bring a story to life and bring imagination and wonder to the heart's of others.” She said with her voice full of pride and happiness. She the started to make exaggerated movements and her eyes sparkled with life as she went on. “The looks of intensity as from the crowd as the hero stands before the villain, gasps of shock when a sudden turn in the story happens, the cheers as the hero and his loved one embrace each other as the curtain falls, oh!” she let out an intense moan that sent a few looks from the other guests her way. “It makes my body tremble with excitement! Few things are greater than the grand stage!”
  51. Hugh was captivated by the way she talked. “Well that certainly is one way of seeing it.” was all he could say.
  53. “Indeed, I have been told that my feelings on the matter are a little... deeper than others?” she shrugged. “Then again, Few people truly appreciate the art of storytelling. I may hope to change that with a new play I'm writing.”
  55. “Well then, maybe I can see it someday,” Hugh said with a smile.
  57. Cassandra was about to say something before they both noticed the lights dim and the music come to a slow stop. “Oh my, I was going to ask you about yourself but it appears the waltz is about to begin.” without a further word she moved to return to the dance floor and Hugh followed. Unlike last time, the guests were circled around Beatrice as she looked among them.
  59. “What's going on?” Hugh whispered to Cassandra.
  61. “Lady Beatrice always has the pleasure of the opening the waltz herself, she is looking for a suitable partner.” the organizer whispered back.
  63. Looking back at the host of the party, Hugh wondered why no one wanted to come forward, or maybe they were waiting for her to make the choice herself and not look rude. Whatever the case, Hugh took a deep breath before walking out of the crowd circle and approached the noblewoman. After all, if he survived one dance, he could probably do it again.
  65. The combination of everyone's eyes being on him and the sound of his own footsteps almost made him lose his resolve. Until he caught Cassandra looking at him with an encouraging smile and mouthing the words “Go on.” reassuring himself, he looked straight ahead and continued forward.
  67. Stopping in front of the noblewoman. He gave a small bow and held his hand out. “Lady Beatrice, may I have this dance?” he had no idea if he said the right words but he hoped for the best.
  69. Beatrice's eyes lit up and she smiled. “I would love to.” Hugh let out a sigh of relief as she took his offered hand and rose the other into the air. “Now then!”
  71. With a click of her fingers. The band started again, only this time instead of just a simple chill like last time, the music felt daunting, a little dark even. It was like something other than the guests and the staff was alive in this room, and whatever it is, it gave him a hint nervousness.
  73. Even so, he didn't want to disappoint the woman dancing with him. So he suppressed the feeling and kept Cassandra's words about focus as he danced with Beatrice, which was easy to do as the waltz was slower than the other dance and he was lost in admiring his partner again.
  75. He was so into the moment he almost didn't hear her speak. “I must say, I'm impressed Sir Hugh. For one who hasn't danced before you can certainly keep up,” she said as they continued to dance.
  77. “I didn't want to disappoint. Not many chances come by where beautiful women wish to dance with me.” Hugh said with a chuckle.
  79. “I see...thank you for your efforts,” she said, Hugh was sure her face went a little red. “Are you enjoying yourself at my party?”
  81. He paused for a moment before saying “I am.”. As he twirled her.
  83. “I hear some doubt in your voice Sir Hugh.” Beatrice didn't look offended put it was clear she wanted an answer.
  85. “I just... I have this nagging feeling, this nagging sense that I am dreaming. That I will wake up tomorrow and all of this will be gone. None of this will even be a memory.”
  87. “Is that so? Well then if I were you I would not be worried,” she said with a grin.
  89. “Why not?” Hugh asked as she tilted back and he supported her, leaning forward himself and bring their faces close. He could of Sworn her eyes flashed red for a second.
  91. “Because Sir Hugh,” she whispered in his ear. “Some things are more real than you think.”
  93. Before Hugh could question what she meant, a loud slamming noise made everyone pause. Both he and Beatrice straightened up in alarm as a man came through the doors. He was clad in a white and blue suit like some sort of aristocrat in posh clothes. He had a bouquet of roses in his hand and was he looked around with disgust, like everyone around him was below him.
  95. “Oh great, it's him,” Beatrice said with annoyance. Seeing Hugh's confused face she explained with a sigh. “Sir Ronald. He has been after my affection of years now. What nonsense, the fool isn't worthy of touching me.”
  97. The crowd backed away in confusion as the Ronald looked around. He then saw Beatrice and gained a sick grin. “There you are, Beatrice! Are you ready to marry me yet?” He said.
  99. Beatrice however laughed. “Again? I thought I told you that you would get nothing from me? Now leave, you are spoiling my party with your presence.”
  101. The man growled. “It doesn't matter what you said, all I want is you!” He said as he approached her. He stopped when he saw Hugh stand next to her and turned up his nose to him. “And who might you be?”
  103. “He is a man I invited here. Unlike you.” Beatrice sneered. Hugh was taken aback by the anger she was showing this guy.
  105. “Like he is worthy of being near to a flower like yourself. Begone ruffian,” he said as he put his hand to Hugh's face in order to push him away.
  107. Before he knew what he was doing, Hugh's fist sank into Ronald's cheek. The posh man was floored by the attack as Hugh noticed Beatrice had grinned at the action.
  109. Ronald got up with his fist shaking with anger. “How dare you, simpleton, what do you think you're doing?”
  111. “I don't like being disrespected. I don't care who you are, no one does that to me.” Hugh said.
  113. “Respect, Hah! And just who are you to demand that of me? You are beneath me and I shall make you know what a real man is!” Ronald said as he Threw a punch at Hugh's face.
  115. Hugh ducked and gave Ronald a punch to his stomach. Soon the hall was in an uproar as the men fought. Hugh wasn't focused on the fight, he was focused on own surreal it all felt. Trading blows with a nobleman, the music the band was playing in the back and the look of joy he saw on both Cassandra and Beatrice's faces, something didn't add up and it was starting to annoy him.
  117. Regardless, the fight was in High's favor, a fact that Ronald didn't like as he drew a dagger. The crowd gasped in horror as it looked like the duel had taken a dangerous turn, but it seemed the nobleman had no experience with the weapon, as his swipes were clumsy and easily dodged.
  119. With one last punch, the posh ass-hole was knocked out. The guests cheered the victor as Hugh regained his breath as Beatrice approached him with Cassandra following. “Thank you for teaching that fool his place. Please, let me get you to a room check your bruises.” Before he could say anything the two had taken him away from the ballroom into a bedroom and seated on a stool.
  121. It was at that point that he realized he was alone with the two most important women of the mansion. “Surly you don't need to trouble yourself with me, you should enjoy the party. I'm fine.”
  123. Cassandra laughed. “And leave our guest of honor to sit it out? Not a chance Sir Hugh.”
  125. “Indeed, such chivalry to defend a lady must be rewarded,” Beatrice said with a grin that unsettled him. The two approaching him made him feel more like predators were moving in as opposed to women worried about his well-being.
  127. He must have been in a daze, as he didn't remember taking off his jacket, nor did he notice Beatrice take off hers leaving her with the shirt and skirt, but for some reason, the mantle stayed on her back. Cold hands gripped his shoulders from behind, he was sure it was Cassandra but something was wrong. He was sure her hands should not be this cold, or the kind of pale he saw from the comer of his eye's.
  129. He could not question it further as Beatrice had gripped his face, with her hand's and led him into a gentle kiss. Hugh closed his eyes to take in the feeling, it was an odd experience to be sure as he wasn't sure if defending a woman he hadn't met before deserved a kiss like this, but he certainly enjoyed it.
  131. What he wasn't expecting was to open his eyes and see that Beatrice's grin smile was different as it showed off a long sharp fang.
  133. “Be grateful Sir Hugh, Few men have interested me and none of them have I sampled.” She spoke as the mantle seemed to spread out like darkness covering them both. “Now, hold still, I promised this will be pleasing to you,” she said as she placed her head on his neck.
  135. “What are you- was all he got out before he felt a piercing sensation in his neck and felt something being drained from him, It was nothing like a medicine jab, he felt no pain what he did feel was a strange sense of euphoria where she had done whatever she did to him.
  137. She had lifted her head back up and looked him in the face when she was done with whatever she did, he bearly noticed her eyes were now crimson and glazed over while there was blood trickling from her mouth. Blood... his blood?
  139. Her face was heated and she was starting to pant. “Delicious, such sweetness, so this is what it tastes like. More... I must have more!” she said as she seemed to latch on to his neck with her mouth.
  141. With that, the feeling reached new heights and Hugh's world seemed to melt.
  143. ~x~
  145. Hugh met the morning with a groan like he usually did. He body felt like lead and his head was killing him. He looked around and recognized his bedroom as he laid there and thought.
  147. That was one hell of a dream, dancing with two wonderful women, fighting that guy and then he was about to have fun with the host when her eyes went red and she... bit him? Was that what happened? Did he go on a binge of horror movies again?
  149. But that dream felt different than any other he'd had. If he didn't know any better, “Sir Hugh” was truly him and he had done all of those things. His mind strained to find a good answer for his current feeling.
  151. At least it was Saturday, so at the very least he could sleep in. he grabbed the blanket in order to pull it over himself and try and get back to sleep before he froze.
  153. Since when was did his blanket feel like soft leather? Also, when it give a female moan? Hugh's eyes snapped wide open as he tried to sit up in bed only to notice why he felt heavy in the morning as confusion and worry filled his brain. He looked down his body to see a familiar face snoozing.
  155. Beatrice was in his bed. The woman he had thought he dreamed was in his bed and lying naked on top of him!
  157. Trying every method he knew in order not to panic, Hugh skillfully removed himself from the under her and stood up in the middle of his room to take a look at the woman in his bed. He wondered why she would sleep with her mantle on until a deep intake of breath made the thing stretch like wings.
  159. No... not like wings... they were wings!
  161. Hugh had a minor freak out and rushed to the to the bathroom. Inside, he splashed his face with water and looked himself in the mirror. “Okay, your just a little out of it that's all, there is no dream monster lady in your bed. You just had a really vivid dream that's all, you just need to be awake that's all,” he told himself. He took several deep breaths before nod. “Okay! It should be fine-” he stopped himself when he saw a pair of markings on his neck, markings that looked like tooth marks. “This can't be right.”
  163. A pale woman's face suddenly emerged out of the mirror. “What isn't right?”
  165. “Sweet-Jesus-crap what the hell!” Hugh screamed as he bolted to the door and almost broke it down to get out. Slamming the door behind him he was about to run downstairs to the kitchen before he caught a now awake Beatrice stumbling out of his room, wearing nothing but a lacy black underwear set and her wings were draped over her like a blanket. Her overall state with her frazzled hair and sleepy look a far-cry from her clean cut appearance in the dream.
  167. She stared at him with a drowsy expression. “Do you mind Sir Hugh? Sleep is hard when somebody is making so much noise.”
  169. Hugh was annoyed despite his fear. “Well, I didn't think it was normal for a woman from my dream to end up in my bed.”
  171. Beatrice looked at him confused before she frowned. “Oh, dammit, Cassandra!” It probably should have been a commanding shout seemed to more like a whiny yell.
  173. The woman that he saw in the bathroom, (Who he now recognized as the masked play-writer) then phased through the wall and drifted to her side. She was still wearing her clothes from the party, but now the green decorations and highlights in them had an ethereal glow and her skin was pale with a blue tint. Also, her legs from the thigh down were now transparent along with having no feet. “Yes?” she asked with a smile.
  175. “You didn't tell before he slept!” She accused her ghostlike partner.
  177. “That's not my fault. You were the one wanted to tell him.” She said amused.
  179. Beatrice's eyes widened “I...I was?” she asked.
  181. “Yes after you drank his blood and almost you were all `I want him to know first` and then when I offered to tell him you said `With blood as tasty as his, letting someone else do it is below me!`”
  183. Hugh's hand went to his neck and he felt the marks. Did she drink his blood? Why the hell would she -
  185. Memories crashed into him like a wave. Memories of what he was doing before the party. He was at his computer checking the latest news and going through his email. Wait...Email, of course!
  187. “Excuse me, ladies!” As he rushed past them back into his room. Sitting at his desk he powered up his laptop from sleep mode and saw that his outlook tab was still up, showing the results from the Infamous monster girl roulette.
  189. *Phantom & Vampire*
  191. Ah, so that's what they were. Pretty easy to know who's who when one drank your blood and the other went through walls. The fact that he was the one that called them here helped him calm down a little.
  193. It was becoming clear to him, he had clicked the button the email provided but had thought it to be a joke and moved on to other things. But how did he get to the party? And where was the suit he was wearing there?
  195. “Oh, you were using this thing last night! What is it?” Cassandra said as her head emerged from the desk.
  197. “Gah!” Hugh almost fell out of his chair. “Will you stop doing that!”
  199. The phantom pouted “Oh come now Hugh, last night you were not like this.” she said.
  201. “Last night you were not going through walls!” He reported as Beatrice fumbled back into the room with a growl.
  203. “What did I say about loud noises? I swear you are like her when she gets her `inspiration`." She said as she fell onto his bed with a groan. “Stupid sun, leave me in peace,” she mumbled.
  205. “Um... you okay?” he asked.
  207. “Oh don't worry about her, the sun saps most of her strength, so if she's awake during the day she gets irritable for a while. Hold on a second” Cassandra explained as she closed the window blinds.
  209. “I am not irritable, its the sun that is irritable.” The vampire argued while sitting up on the bed looking better already.
  211. “While this is nice and all, I need to ask you what was that party about? Where is your mansion?” Hugh asked as he had to get some answers before his brain exploded.
  213. The monsters both looked at each over before Beatrice spoke. “Ah! Well about that, while I am a woman of noble status. The mansion does not exist, or at least the one you experienced.”
  215. “What, how is that possible, we danced it to the music and you...bit be in that bedroom. I though you just took me home!” Hugh was seriously confused.
  217. “Cassandra, display some things if you will.” She requested the phantom.
  219. Cassandra nodded and summoned her sick from nowhere, with a wave of it, a lit candle appeared in the air. She waved the sick again and the candle's fire turned blue, another wave and candle turned into a bird that flew around the room before another wave turned it into a bouquet of flowers. Cassandra then plucked out a rose and handed it to him. And he was mesmerized by how real it felt.
  221. “A phantom's illusion is what your experienced last night” Beatrice explained. “She can affect the senses like few others can, like you holding that rose right now. Last night happened yet it didn't, we did indeed dance last night, but the castle itself was part of the illusion, a copy of my old home in its prime,” she said as Cassandra dismissed the illusion.
  223. “And what about my neighbors and that Ronald guy? What was that about?” Hugh asked.
  225. “Ronald was a particularly annoying suitor from days past, we wanted to see what you would do,” Cassandra told him. “As for you neighbors, I pumped to much power into the Illusion and they got drawn in so I worked with them to support the illusion. They are fine so don't worry.” She said dismissing the subject.
  227. “Whoa, just how strong are you?” He said impressed with her power.
  229. The phantom looked thoughtful for a second before she shrugged. “I don't know what my limits are, last night was the most I've used in years, but I had to work it. It would be bad for a story to have plot holes, right?”
  231. “Story?” Hugh's questioned before he realized. “The illusion, that was the play you were writing?”
  233. Cassandra's eyes started to sparkle. “Yes! The story went better then I planned it to be, did you enjoy the night's actions with us?”
  235. Hugh considered himself a liar if he said he didn't enjoy what he remembered. “I can barely remember much after entering the bedroom, but I'd like to think I did.”
  237. “We can do it again of you want, it doesn't have to be a ball, there are many stories we can experience, epic tails of drama and romance just waiting to be explored!” she rambled.
  239. “I might want that. But it'd rather not have it end with my blood drank without an explanation.” He said glancing at the vampire.
  241. Beatrice huffed. “One such as you should be proud to have caught my attention.” she then looked away a little embarrassed. “If I had known I would lose myself drinking your blood, your wonderful sweet blood...” she seemed to almost drift off into her own world but snapped out of it due to Cassandra's giggling. “Dammit, is this how mother felt?” she mumbled to herself.
  243. “Anyway... do you have a job, Sir Hugh?” Cassandra asked.
  245. “I do but I don't work on Saturdays. Why?” Hugh said.
  247. “That means you can have the rest of your reward,” she said with lust as her outfit faded way to show the phantom in her underwear. “I would have had some last night but somebody had held you close after taking a drink too many.” She said sending a mock glare to Beatrice.
  249. “I have nothing to apologize for, you just missed your chance.” The noble monster said.
  251. “Well you can have him again soon but right now, he is mine,” Cassandra said ash she straddled Hugh, who wondered about how she could be solid at one point and phase the next.
  253. Don't get a say in this? He asked.
  255. “Of course, you get to decide how to accept your reward. Now, my darling hero,” she said as she waved a hand over her face and removed her mask. Bringing more intensity to her eyes. “Focus not to the surroundings, or how the day goes, simply focus on me and let it take you.” she gave him a deep kiss, one that drained him of the worries he had that he was being intimate with a ghost, or the fact that a vampire was waiting for him. She broke off the kiss to whisper in his ear.
  257. “Welcome to the grand stage Sir Hugh.”
  259. And for the third time in less than a day, Hugh let himself go.
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