Steroids changing mental function

Aug 12th, 2016
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  1. Steroids changing mental function
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  3. aletheafleming
  4. Message 1 of 4 , Aug 4 11:09 AM
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  6. Dear All,
  8. Long standing wonderful patient, 72, artist, male with diabetes well controlled with diet and metformin has been struggling with what feels like depression for the last 6 months. He is a very successful painter and has no desire to paint, minimal interest in normal pleasurable activities, etc. Has been worked up for cardiovascular concerns and was about to go for eval from neuro-psych and start anti-depressants when he started on a 7 day taper of oral prednisone for an unrelated matter from his EENT and experienced a 180 on how he feels.
  9. He is "back to my old self", painting, enthusiastic, brighter. He doesn't want to do steroids long term, of course, but is curious as to why this reaction and whether or not we can replicate this with something safer.
  11. My first reaction is to dose aggressively on curcuminoids, but wanted to see if others had input. NB: his CRP and sed rate were completely normal a month ago.
  13. Thoughts are much appreciated.
  15. Alethea Fleming, ND
  16. Anacortes, WA
  20. Emily Kane
  21. Message 2 of 4 , Aug 4 11:14 AM
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  23. Steroids helped. Think improving good fats in his diet as well as anti inflammatory. He may have experience st he prednisone high. CBD 25 mg daily or low dose naltrexone working up to 4.5 will both support endogenous endorphins
  24. Emily Kane
  25. Beautiful day in Juneau AK
  30. Dr Jena
  31. Message 3 of 4 , Aug 4 1:47 PM
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  33. What about treating adrenals? I have had patients on a pred taper feel the best they have felt in years short term on pred and almost always if I go in and treat adrenals with glandulars or licorice or both we can get back to feeling good (and actually correcting the problem)
  34. I have certainly seen low adrenal function present not as much wth "classic fatigue" as depression, irritability and even anxiety.
  35. Jena Peterson ND
  36. Seattle
  40. Denise Long
  41. Message 4 of 4 , Aug 4 2:38 PM
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  43. I've definitely seen people experience mood changes on prednisone. During my nursing career we had a patient on prednisone for her chronic respiratory problems and became completely manic. She was hospitalized and it took quite awhile for her to get back to a baseline. Turned out in her family bipolar disorder was in the family tree.
  45. Glad he got better after the taper.
  47. Denise Long, ND
  48. West Orange, NJ
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