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  1. I am writing this to my subs, friends and everyone who is or was supporting me. I owe u an explanation and apologies. I want to admit I did fuck up, I did horrible thing but I want to let you know that not everything I did is a lie. Why am I doing this? Because I care about you. It's not just words. I always considered you my friends. It was more than just a stream subscription.And I hope you could feel the same as me.    Yesterday I confessed to my online friend. Today I confessed to another one friend who is sub too and now probably everyone will know about it. I didn't know how to do it with everyone and much earlier cuz it went so far. You know, when you are deep into some shit u made up and u can not get out of it. U can call me a liar, pussy, fake but I want to tell you with all my heart I was not fake with you all the time. I did shit and you can not imagine how hard it is to admit, to even think about it. How hard it is to write to ppl I care in a scare they won't understand you. won't forgive, won't even care. I do it no matter how scared and ashamed I am right now just because I believe it is right thing to do to all of you and you deserve to hear it from me.  I posted fake pics (not all of them). yeah. U have many questions probably why I did so and so on. I still can't find an asnwer for this too, since why would I do this even thos I was posting my real selfies on snapchat to u all,  but on insta there were fakes.I  have no excuses, I have no explanations.Not bc I am hiding it, but bc I can not simply answer to myself why did I need this shit. It started long ago and  went so far I didn't know how to find a way out. Some may call me insane, sick person, some - liar cunt.
  2. But I want you to know, I swear my feelings to u, my relationships with you and what I was telling u is truth. But one lie can make all the stuff look like a lie and I udnerstand if u won't trust me ever again
  3. I don't need ur subscription, I don't need anything from you but forgiveness. I didn't plan to hurt anyone, I am real human and I have feelings, even tho I fucked up completely.
  5. I want to let you know, that I will understand each one of you for not willing to talk to me or be friends with me anymore. All I want to do right now is to be honest with you.
  7. with all the wave of hate I will probably get any time soon, I expect much stuff which was true to be taken as a lie. The robbery and assault that happened to me a week ago is 100% true no matter what people will say. As well as many other things that became a lie even tho it is a truth.
  8. I know I deserve punishment and I admit I did shit. But I won't ever fake something serious like happened to me recently and will never play on ur feeling cuz I know u worried about me a lot.
  9. I am still going through what happened to me recently since I've got a call from them again threatening me and asking for money. But this letter is not about what is happening in my life right now.
  11. If you have any questions or if you will wanna talk to me and hear from me by voice I will try to do that with everyone of you. It is hard for me to answer questions since I am so broken from what's happening in my life, but I will try to do it cuz I care about you as people, personalities, someone who were here for me and close to me
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