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Apr 20th, 2017
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  1. Timeline
  3. Every “injustice” the Jews have faced through the millennia can be traced back to something horrible the Jews actually did first.
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  7. Just how much do the Jews hate Jesus Christ?
  8. In Israeli elementary schools, students are forbidden to use a traditional plus sign (+) as it looks too much like a Christian cross. They use this symbol instead (﬩). (1)
  9. The slur ‘kike’ is also rooted in the Jews’ hatred for Christ. On Ellis Island, Jewish immigrants who were illiterate were asked to sign entry forms with an ‘X’. They refused, since they thought an ‘X’ was too similar to a Christian cross, and instead signed with a circle. The Yiddish word for ‘circle’ is kikel, so the immigration inspectors eventually began referring to them as ‘kikels.’ This was eventually shortened to ‘kike.’ (2)
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  16. They are a very insular, tribal race. Always have been. This is why they’ve been expelled from countries on a mass scale over 200 times in almost every country they’ve ever resided in over the past 2,000 years.
  17. They don’t assimilate. They view goyim with disdain–as animals that look human but don’t have a soul. Therefore it is ok to fuck them over because you can’t sin against an animal–it only counts if you fuck over another jew. The reasoning behind the destruction of White European races is because they are seen as a threat. They are smart and well organized (primarily bound by Christianity). So to protect their race, it is in their best interest to do everything they can to gain power over whites. This is accomplished by financial control, manipulation of the markets, and political/judicial involvement. The second is the debasing of their society and religion. The pushing of degenerate “art”, disruption of gender and family roles, splitting the unity of communities and peoples by promotion of agitating social trends (feminism, atheism, various other socially-schismatic ‘isms’). Finally, the racemixing thing and heavy influence of the multicultural agenda.
  18. Flood these countries with the races which are the most violent and which have demonstrably low IQ, then use their media/political control and their social “ism” ideologies to make the social zeitgeist one where if you aren’t having sex with blacks you are an evil racist (and are socially ostracized).
  19. It’s what they do. It’s a memetic pathos of their race/religion/culture and it’s not going to change any time soon.
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  23. 711
  24. Jews conspired with the Muslims to invade Visigothic Spain, aiding their conquests by opening the gates on towns and cities and being rewarded for their efforts by being granted overlordship of Christian territories, not to mention high titles in the Muslim courts. They betrayed their Christian neighbors and became tax collectors and slavers. When the Reconquista was completed, the Jews were held accountable for their crimes. They were given two options: Expulsion or conversion. Those who converted then proceeded to try and kick the Spanish monarchy from the inside, thus prompting the Inquisition.
  25. In La Silva Curiosa de Italian de me, printed in Paris in 1608, on pages 156-7, it states: (1)
  26. In 1492, Chemor, Chief Rabbi of Spain, wrote to the Grand Sanhedrin, which had its seat in Constantinople, for advice when a Spanish law threatened expulsion. This was the reply:
  27. “Beloved brethren in Moses, we have received your letter in which you tell us of the anxieties and misfortunes which you are enduring. We are pierced by as great pain to hear it as yourselves. The advice of the Grand Satraps and the Rabbis is the following:
  28. 1. As for what you say that the King of Spain obliges you to become Christians: do it, since you cannot do otherwise.
  29. 2. As for what you say about the command to despoil you of your property: make your sons merchants that they may despoil, little by little, the Christians of theirs.
  30. 3. As for what you say about making attempts on your lives: make your sons doctors and apothecaries, that they may take away Christians’ lives.
  31. 4. As for what you say of their destroying your synagogues: make your sons canons and clerics in order that they may destroy their churches.
  32. 5. As for the other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of state, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.
  33. 6. Do not swerve from this order that we give you, because you will find by experience that, humiliated as you are, you will reach the actuality of power.
  34. Prince of the Jews of Constantinople.
  35. – L. Fry, Waters Flowing Eastward, The War Against the Kinship of Christ, TBR Books, Washington DC, 2000, pp. 73-4
  37. The persecutions [in Spain] of 1391 and the mass conversions which followed brought an important change. Some of the conversos were able to use the act of baptism to climb to high positions in the financial administration: examples are Luis de la Cavalleria, chief treasurer under John II of Aragon; Luis Sanchez, royal bailiff of the kingdom of Aragon c. 1490; and his brother Gabriel Sanchez, who was treasurer-general. Under Henry IV of Castile (1454-74) Diego Arias de Avila was the king’s secretary and auditor of the royal accounts; in spite of Diego’s unpopularity, his son Pedro succeeded him. Even Isabella the Catholic depended on the financial advice of the Jew Abraham Senior, from 1476 chief tax-gatherer in Castile, and Isaac Abrabanel, who after having been the banker of Alfonso V of Portugal served as the queen’s private financial agent and loaned her a considerable sum for the war against Granada. The converso Luis de Santangel, chancellor and comptroller of the royal household and great-grandson of the Jew Noah Chinillo, loaned Isabella money to finance Columbus’ expedition to America. (2)
  39. 1: See image.
  40. 2:
  43. 1502
  44. The converso Fernao de Noronha becomes Brazil’s first governor, as Sephardic Jews quickly gain a monopoly over the nascent sugar industry. This established the foundation for the rum trade. The first African slaves in the New World were used as laborers on the Brazilian and Caribbean sugar plantations.
  46. 1580
  47. Union between Spain and Portugal. A number of influentials invest their capital in financing overseas ventures of the Crown, provisioning an army in Flanders and the East Indies and supplying contracts for Africa.
  49. 1619
  50. Forty-six Sephardic conversos organize and become shareholders in the Hamburg Merchant Bank. Many of them were the financial agents for various North European courts. Other Sephardic banks are founded in Amsterdam and Antwerp.
  52. 1621
  53. A group of Sephardim become organizers and important shareholders of the Dutch East India Company, which soon dominates the African slave trade.
  55. 1654
  56. Sephardic Jews and conversos begin to settle in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam at the mouth of the Hudson River.
  58. 1656
  59. Oliver Cromwell agrees to readmit Jews to England in return for loans to the English government from continental Jewish bankers.
  61. 1680
  62. Jewish community is established in the British colony of Charlestown, South Carolina.
  64. 1689
  65. William III merges Britain and Netherlands under the House of Orange following the Glorious Revolution in England. Dutch Jews, both Sephardic and Ashkenazim, begin to move into England in significant numbers. London becomes a center of Sephardic banking. Leading figures are Moses da Costa, Solomon de Medina, Isaac Pereira, Manasseh Lopez, Samson Gideon, Francis & Joseph Salvador, and the Goldsmid brothers.
  67. 1690
  68. Government of the Massachusetts Bay issues the first known “Publick Bills of Credit” in America to pay troops after an unsuccessful expedition to Canada. Not exactly the beginning of fiat currency, but certainly on the leading edge. Who organized the investors to stabilize this new currency? I wonder.
  70. 1694
  71. The Bank of England is chartered as the sole purchasing agent for highly-profitable British government annuities, originally issued to finance the war-debts resulting from the Glorious Revolution. Not only does the Bank collect 8% interest on the notes, but the annuities themselves are treated as deposits secured by the Crown so that the money can be loaned out a second time, allowing the Bank to collect interest twice on the same capital investment.
  73. 1709
  74. New York issues its first bills of credit.
  76. 1714
  77. The Bank of Massachusetts is founded. According to the original documents: “A Model for Erecting a Bank of Credit in Boston Founded on Land Security.”
  79. 1715
  80. Rhode Island land banks begin issuing bills of credit on loan. According to leading period historian John Machines, “The key to understanding Rhode Island’s currency policy up to 1750 is that it was in fact a parasitical device.”
  82. 1717
  83. George I, the Hanoverian King of England, establishes the Grand Lodge of St. John (the Pretender), of which the British Crown is to be the titular head. This completes the conquest of the British Throne by the money powers.
  85. 1733
  86. James Ogelthorpe establishes a vast plantation in Georgia. Many poor Eastern European Jews begin to settle there, though the large American Jewish communities are Sephardic-descent, Dutch and British, in New York, Charleston, Philadelphia, Newport and Boston.
  88. 1740
  89. Uniform Naturalization Act grants British citizenship to all “subjects” living in the American colonies and the British West Indies. Jews are the primary beneficiaries, receiving official legal protections not previously enjoyed, including titled land ownership and land banking privileges. As regards the American Colonies, long-established practices now become legalized.
  91. 1754
  92. Samson Simpson and Jacob Franks (brother of Moses Franks, the British financier) are appointed purchasing agents for the British forces during the French & Indian War. In one particularly adventurous transaction, Simpson, Hayman Levy, and Franks and Judah Hayes lease out a fleet of eight armed privateers to the Royal Navy.
  94. 1756
  95. Benjamin Franklin writes that “New York is growing immensely rich by Money brought into it from all Quarters for the Pay and Subsistence of the Troops.” See Simpson, Franks, Levy et al. (1)
  97. 1:
  99. 1760
  100. Isaac Sears establishes a land bank in New York. Increasingly, Colonial currency is based on public debt secured by land. In the formerly Dutch Barbados, interestingly, the currency is secured by a head-tax on negro slaves.
  102. 1763
  103. Hayman Levy, purchasing agent, land speculator and importer-exporter dealing in cocoa, wine, rum, slaves, and textiles, and who was also the single largest fur trader in the colonies, the richest Jew in North America, dies in New York, leaving a vast mercantile empire to his son David, who focuses on real estate investment (land banking).
  105. 1766
  106. Francis Salvador, grandson of the first Jewish director of the British East India Company and son-in-law of the absentee owner of a 100,000-acre plantation, arrives in Charleston to manage the estate.
  108. 1768
  109. In Newport, Rhode Island, Moses Lopez owns a fleet of 30 ocean vessels and over 100 coastal schooners. He and his family are heavily involved in the molasses, rum and slave trade. The other major American hub of the trading ring is Charleston, SC.
  111. Samson Simpson & Isaac Moses–Hayman Levy’s brother-in-law and owner of a large merchant fleet–are the founders of the New York Chamber of Commerce.
  113. 1775
  114. The three Hart Brothers of Kentucky, in partnership with a Gentile judge from North Carolina, form the Transylvania Company. In a treaty with the Cherokee, they purchase 20 million acres of prime Kentucky soil for 10,000 pounds of merchandise. To create a land bank?
  116. Louis XVI of France grants Jews equal inheritance rights. Too little, too late. The House of Bourbon’s days are numbered.
  118. 1776
  119. Adam Weishaupt, a.k.a. Spartacus (after the leader of the Roman slave rebellion) and Baron de Kalb organize the Illuminati as a remote arm of the Chabralli Zerek Aour Bokhr. See the Great Seal on the dollar bill: “It smiles upon thy work… a New Order of the Ages.”
  121. American Revolutionary War begins. Haym Salomon raises large amounts of desperately needed cash for the Revolution by negotiating bills of exchange with France and the Netherlands. The Continental Congress appoints him “Broker to the Office of Finance of the United States.” The French consulate appoints him “Treasurer of the French Army in America.” Madame Helvetius, widow of the French Freemasonic leader and financier, introduces Benjamin Franklin to various European moneylenders.Yet another figure who helped finance the war was Isaac Moses, later among the founders of the Bank of New York.
  123. 1777
  124. In Germany, Elcan Isaac Wolf publishes Von den Krankheiten der Juden, in which he expresses gratitude for the Enlightenment reforms that have improved the lot of the Jews in Germany, but also campaigns for an extension of Jewish civil rights.
  126. 1781
  127. Robert Morris establishes the Bank of North America.
  129. 1782
  130. At the European Freemasonic conference at Wilhelmsbad, Dr. Adam Weishaupt and his right-hand man Baron Adolf Von Knigge (both of whom Masons), met with the representatives from the 23 Supreme Councils of the Masonic world and convinced them, after 30 sessions, to follow the Illuminati’s 7-Part Plan for the Creation of a New World Order.
  132. 1785
  133. The Columbian Lodge of the Order of the Illuminati is established in New York City. Its members will later include Governor DeWitt Clinton, Clinton Roosevelt, and Horace Greeley. There was a Lodge in Virginia also that was identified with Thomas Jefferson.
  135. 1792
  136. Jacob Franks establishes several lumber mills as a founding member of Green Bay, in the Wisconsin Territory. Under terms of the Northwest Ordinance (1787), absentee landowners cannot be taxed at a higher rate than residents.
  138. 1792
  139. In the midst of the French Revolution, Jews in France are granted citizenship and full civil rights.
  141. 1793
  142. Isaac Moses, Solomon Simpson, David Levy and Benjamin Seixas organize the Bank of New York and become major shareholders.
  144. 1793
  145. The Bank of Columbia is chartered in New York.
  147. 1797
  148. Napoleon (a Gentile Freemason) emancipates the Jews of Venice. In the course of his campaigns across Europe, Napoleon will replace the free from the restrictions of the feudal that conquers with new republics, and the Jews are set free from the restrictions of the ghetto which had been placed upon their race. Napoleon is still honored today as the “Emancipator of the Jews.”
  150. 1798
  151. Jews become prominent in the Jeffersonian Democratic Party. Solomon Simpson becomes vice-president of the party.
  153. 1799
  154. Illuminist Aaron Burr organizes the Manhattan Company and obtains his famous “trick charter” for the bank in New York. He purposely creates a politically diverse board of directors in the hopes of manipulating the several factions to his own ends.
  156. 1799
  157. Marching on Palestine in April, during his Oriental Campaign again. Britain, Napoleon issues the “Israel Arise” Proclamation, inviting the Jews to Return to Zion under his flag and establish their Kingdom of New Jerusalem. The next month, the French army is routed by the British outside Acre, and Napoleon hurriedly leads his shattered columns back to Egypt.
  159. 1799
  160. Napoleon proclaims himself Emperor of the Republic of France.
  162. 1799
  163. In Europe, the spectacular rise of the House of Rothschild begins when the fleeing Elector of Hesse-Cassel entrusts his fortune to Mayer Amschel, who becomes the underground financier to the British, Prussian, Austrian, and Russian campaigns against Napoleon. The Napoleonic offer had been rejected, Meyer Amschel clearly believes there is yet something to be done “Zion” can be announced.
  165. 1800
  166. Benjamin Seixas, Isaac Gomez, Alexander Zuntz, and Ephraim Hart co-found the Stockbrokers Guild–later to become the New York Stock Exchange.
  168. 1801
  169. Under Jewish (Rothschild) leadership, the Royalist faction of US Freemasonry–the grouping of Freemasons who had sided with England during the American Revolution–open up shop in Charleston, SC, as the Grand Council of the Princes of Jerusalem. The 400-year campaign for the subversion of Freemasonry is nearing completion.
  171. 1808
  172. The Slave trade in the United States is abolished by an act of Congress.
  174. In France, Napoleon establishes consistories to organize the religion and practice of the Jews. He still hadn’t caught on.
  176. 1815
  177. Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo.
  179. 1820
  180. German Jews begin to arrive in America in the wake of the Napoleonic wars. They are not fleeing persecution, but rather seeking fortune. Even at this date, there are still more Jews in the British and Dutch Indies than North America proper–perhaps 6,000 as opposed to 4,000 here–virtually all of them Sephardic.
  182. 1829
  183. An English Gentile woman, Frances Fanny Wright, comes to New York in 1829 to give a series of lectures promoting the Women’s Auxiliary of the Illuminati. She advocates the entire Illuminati program, including Communism. She also speaks of equal opportunity and equal rights, atheism, free love, and emancipation of women. Clinton Roosevelt (an ancestor of FDR), Gentile Charles Dana, and Abolitionist leader Horace Greeley are appointed to raise funds for this new undertaking.
  185. 1835
  186. Karl Marx organizes the League of the Just, a Communist secret society, in Paris.
  188. 1838
  189. Mayer Amschel Rothschild, head of the House of Rothschild, makes his famous statement, “Allow me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who writes its laws.”
  191. 1840
  192. Lady Louise Rothschild (1821-1910) founds the first two independent Jewish women’s philanthropic associations in England.
  194. 1840
  195. The World Anti-Slavery Society holds a convention in London. Slavery has already been abolished in the British Empire.
  197. 1843
  198. Twelve young German-Jews, eight of them Freemasons, establish the Jewish Lodge of B’nai B’rith (Sons of the Covenant) in order to complete the subversion of Freemasonry. Jews are also active in the Odd Fellows and the Knights of Pythias.
  200. 1844
  201. Heinrich Lehman arrives in America, is joined by his brothers Emanuel and Mayer. Later become known as Lehman Brothers, world’s largest commodities brokers.
  203. 1848
  204. Karl Marx publishes Communist Manifesto. A wave of Illuminist-inspired socialist and communist revolts sweeps through Europe. For the most part, they are unsuccessful, and many “forty-eighters” emigrate to the United States. A disproportionate number of them are Jews. August Bundi, a “forty-eighter” from Vienna, later joins with John Brown in the actions at Black Jack and Osawatomie.
  206. 1850
  207. Due to the German Jewish emigration, there are now over 16,000 Jews in New York City, 6,000 in Philadelphia and 4,000 in Baltimore. By now, Jews are so active in New York City politics that Democratic party leaders make it a point to attend Jewish social and charitable events.
  209. 1851
  210. Isaac Singer invents the sewing machine. A close network of Jewish clothiers in New York, Cincinnati, Syracuse, Rochester, Cleveland, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston win government contracts for uniforms; they are later appointed clothiers for the Union array. Within a decade, the ready-to-wear clothing industry will become a Jewish monopoly. This will help secure the retailing industry as their next monopoly.
  212. 1852
  213. The first Jewish hospital in America, Jew’s Hospital, is established in New York and later renamed Mt. Sinai Hospital
  215. 1859
  216. Isaac Leeser and associates establish the Board of Delegates of American Israelites in Philadelphia, modeled after the British organization. Notwithstanding the board’s far-ranging statement of purposes–educational, spiritual, cultural–everyone understood that it was essentially a Jewish defense organization, maintaining a permanent branch lobby in Washington.
  218. 1859
  219. Jewish Abolitionist George Luther Stearns and the “Secret Six” finance John Brown’s bungled raid on Harper’s Ferry Arsenal.
  221. 1860
  222. August Belmont, self-proclaimed agent for the House of Rothschild, becomes Treasurer of the Democratic Party.
  224. 1861
  225. On the last business day of 1861, the New York banks suspend payments in coin, claiming they had used up their specie (gone to the Rothschilds, Seligmans,Warburgs, and Speyers). The Union is bankrupt, and the war is costing $2,000,000 per day.
  227. 1862
  228. Lincoln signs the US Treasury Act on Febuary 25, declaring US Treasury notes legal tender and providing for a bond issue of $500,000,000 at 5.2% to finance the war. The interest is to be paid in coin obtained by a duly on imports. The use of greenbacks is mandatory. The Act makes it illegal for citizens to use specie–gold and silver coin–in their transactions. Guess where the gold went.
  229. In the shifting line of battle through Tennessee and Mississippi, Memphis becomes the hub of the black market trade in cotton, a traffic that was carried on throughout the entire area penetrated by the Union army. Virtually every report on the black market made specific mention of Jewish traders. On Dec. 17 General Grant issues his Order No. 11, denouncing Jewish “cotton speculators” and other war-profiteers.
  231. 1865
  232. There are now about 4,000 Jews in San Francisco, monopolizing the clothing, fur and dry goods trade, especially jewelry, crockery, shoes and soap. Virtually all of the merchants in the city are Jews.
  234. 1877
  235. Reports confirm that almost half the Jewish population in Jerusalem is supported by overseas charity.
  237. 1878
  238. Methodist minister William E. Blackstone publishes Jesus is Coming, an exposition of the widespread “dispensationalist pre-millennialist” Christian teaching that the Jews must return to the Holy Land before Jesus’ Second Coming can occur. Christian fundamentalists unwittingly embrace the Zionist cause.
  240. 1881
  241. Czar Alexander II is assassinated by revolutionaries. This sets off a series of anti-Jewish pogroms throughout the Pale of Settlement in Eastern Europe.
  242. A large-scale wave of anti-Jewish pogroms swept Ukraine in 1881 after Jews were “wrongly” blamed for the assassination of Alexander II. In the 1881 outbreak there were pogroms in 166 Ukrainian towns. Thousands of Jewish homes were destroyed, many families reduced to extremes of poverty, and large numbers of men, women, and children were injured and some killed. Disorders in the south once again recalled the government attention to the Jewish question. A conference was convened at the Ministry of Interior, and on May 15, 1882, so-called Temporary Regulations were introduced that stayed in effect for more than thirty years and came to be known as the May Laws. (1)
  243. Who was in the assassin group (2) that killed Tsar Alexander II? Vera Figner, a revolutionary and narodnik born in Kazan Governate, Russian Empire, into a well-to-do Jewish family. (3) Aleksandr Ulyanov, a revolutionary and older brother of Vladimir Lenin. (4) Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov, who was introduced to Karl Marx in London in 1880. (5) Andrei Zhelyabov, who had an Orthodox Jewish background. (6) And Sophia Perovskaya, a goy girl mad at her father. (7)
  244. So as we can see those evil tsars took measures to deal with Jews for no reason. They were probably just evil white male Christians killing Jews just because they could.
  246. 1:
  247. 2:
  248. 3:
  249. 4:
  250. 5:
  251. 6:
  252. 7:
  254. 1882
  255. Joseph Pulitzer buys the New York World from Jay Gould, and transforms the paper into a hard-hitting “populist” organ. The massive emigration of East European Jews from the Pale of Settlement to the United States begins, financed by the United Jewish Philanthropies of Germany, Austria, France and Britain.
  257. 1883
  258. Emma Lazarus publishes The Jewish Problem, in which she calls for the establishment of an independent Jewish nationality in Palestine.
  260. 1886
  261. The “Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World” is dedicated in New York harbor, a gift of France to the United States. Was this a “thank you” for taking in the Jews (and sparing France)? It holds a tablet bearing the inscription “1776” cradled in its arm, and Zionist Jewess Emma Lazarus’ poem The New Colossus is engraved on its pedestal.
  263. 1891
  264. The Blackstone Memorial is issued, a document signed by 413 leading Christian politicians, businessmen, and citizens, petitioning President William Henry Harrison and Secretary Blaine to intercede with Queen Victoria of England, Czar Alexander III of Russia, and Sultan Abdul Hamid II of Turkey to hold an international conference aimed at establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The plea is rejected by the Diaspora Jews!
  266. 1891
  267. Jurisdiction over US immigration is transferred from state to federal officials.
  269. 1891
  270. Cyrus Scofield submits his notes for a Bible Concordance to members of the New York Lotus Club for funding. His offer is accepted by Samuel Untermayer and other prominent Zionist financiers.
  272. 1891
  273. Jacob Kaufmann, a Pittsburgh merchant, opens the first “emporium”, or department store in the city.
  275. 1895
  276. Rosa Sonneschein (1847-1932) founds the first English-language feminist journal in the United States.
  278. 1896
  279. Adolph Ochs, backed by August Belmont and J.P. Morgan, buys the New York Times.
  281. 1896
  282. In response to the Dreyfus Affair, Theodor Herzl (1860-1904) writes The Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question, the publication marking the beginning of political Zionism.
  284. 1900
  285. Baron Edmund de Rothschild (1854-1934), scion of the French branch of the House of Rothschild, donates his Palestine colonies to the Jewish Colonization Association.
  287. 1904
  288. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. helps finance the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War. Russia is humiliated. Revenge is sweet to him who waits.
  290. 1907
  291. Cyrus Scofield completes his Bible Concordance and presents his work to the Lotus Club for approval.
  293. 1909
  294. Cyrus Scofield’s Bible Concordance is presented to the public, describing the Hebrew Prophecies as foretelling the coming of Christ’s Kingdom and the Book of Esther as a “deliverance” of the Chosen People. It quickly becomes the standard reference work in Christian divinity schools.
  296. 1909 Bernard Gimbel opens his flagship department store in New York. Macy’s (Lazarus Straus & family), Bloomingdale’s, Altman’s and Abraham Straus’ stores are already well-established; by this time, retail distribution has become a virtual Jewish monopoly.
  298. 1910
  299. During the two decades spanning the “Mexican Revolution” and its aftermath, nearly 700,000 Mexicans cross the border into the United States–approximately three percent of the entire population of Mexico. They bring the politics of the Mexican Revolution with them.
  301. 1911
  302. Jews in New York found the Urban League to help newly-arrived negro migrants from the rural South. This is the beginning of the welfare magnet.
  304. 1912
  305. Financed by Jacob Schiff, Theodore Roosevelt forms the Bull Moose Party, splits the Republican vote, and hands the Presidential Election over to Mandell House’s protégé, Woodrow Wilson, who dutifully proclaims his support for “free trade”.
  307. Carl Laemmle’s Universal Film Manufacturing Company is providing almost half of the films for all American small towns west of Chicago. Laemmle moves his production to Cuba and then to California, where he builds the Universal City studio complex.
  309. 1913
  310. The Federal Reserve Bank is created by a midnight vote of Congress on December 23rd. The capital stock of this corporation, which pays a six percent dividend, is owned by the twelve member Reserve Banks. According to hearsay, these twelve are owned by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, and other international banking families, but the simple fact is… we can’t find out. Congress itself has repeatedly failed in its attempts, and the Federal Reserve has never been audited by any outside body.
  312. Horace Kallen meets with Louis Brandeis to develop his paradigm of reshaping America according to multicultural and Zionist principles. Jack, Harry, Sam, and Albert Warner, who had established the Duquesne Film Exchange in 1907, move their Warner Bros. film studios to Burbank, California. The 16th Amendment (Income Tax) is illegally “ratified.” The 17th Amendment (Senate Elections) is illegally “ratified.” Henceforth, national lobbies can bypass state legislatures.
  314. The Anti-Defamation League’s charter states that it was founded on October 20, 1913, by Sigmund Livingston. Previously, the group was known as the National Caricature Committee. Livingston established the ADL of B’nai B’rith in direct response to the case of Leo Frank, a Jewish National Pencil Company employee and factory superintendent living in Atlanta, Georgia who had been arrested, indicted, and convicted in 1913 for the beating, rape, and murder of a thirteen-year-old girl, Mary Phagan.
  315. On August 16, 1915 at 11:00 PM, Leo Frank was taken from prison by a lynch party of Georgia’s legal and political elites–men calling themselves “The Knights of Mary Phagan.” The next morning, the lynch party hoisted Leo Frank onto a table and a noose was put over his head and fastened snugly around his neck. The table with which Frank stood on was kicked away after a priest read him his last rights.
  316. Leo Frank was executed on August 17, 1915 in fulfillment of his August 25, 1913 conviction for the murder of Mary Phagan on April 26, 1913. The ADL, Jewish community, and their supporters for 100 years have been using every perfidious, deceptive, and treacherous means to manipulate the public and turn Leo M. Frank from a pedophile-rapist-murderer into an innocent martyr of anti-semitism.
  318. 1914
  319. Louis B. Mayer organizes a group of New England distributors, all Jews, into the Alco Film Corporation which later becomes the Metro Picture Corporation.
  321. 1914
  322. Professor Emeritus Joel Spingarn of Columbia University becomes chairman of the NAACP and recruits for its board such Jewish leaders as Jacob Schiff, Jacob Billikopf and Rabbi Stephen Wise.
  324. 1915
  325. William Joseph Simmons, a Freemason and Knight Templar, revives the Ku Klux Klan as a fraternal organization for the preservation and advancement of the white race. Within seven years, the Klan grows to 4,000,000 members. While the Klan has ever since been vilified by the establishment in a relentless campaign of hate and disinformation, hardly anyone seems to have noticed what B’nai B’rith, Columbia University, the “Socialist Agitation Bureau”, the ADL, and the Jewish Congress were all about. Or the Urban League and the NAACP.
  327. 1915
  328. William Fox, another Jewish exhibitor, forms the Fox Film Corporation.
  330. 1916
  331. Under pressure of blackmail over his illicit affair with Mrs. Peck (a.k.a. Mrs Hulbert), the wife of a Princeton professor, Woodrow Wilson appoints Louis D. Brandeis–a leader of the Zionist movement–to the United States Supreme Court. Samuel Untermayer pays off the $40,000 that Mrs. Peck’s son had embezzled from a bank. Six months later, under guidance of Brandeis, an agreement is struck to bring America into the War.
  333. Zukor, Lasky and Goldfish merge the Famous Players Company with the Lasky group. With this leverage, and the backing of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., Zukor wins a majority of the Paramount board. Woodrow Wilson is elected to a second term as President on the slogan, “He kept us out of war” (World War I). Immigrants and Jews flock to the Democratic Party, and Zionist support plays a crucial role in the election. Even so, 78% of the American population wants the United States to remain neutral.
  335. 1917
  336. The Russian Revolution. Virtually all of the Bolshevik leaders are Jews. According to American counter-intelligence, Lenin and the Bolsheviks were receiving donations from Jacob Schiff, Guggenheim, Max Breitung, and Kuhn Loeb & Co. One of the Russian revolution’s most decisive consequences was the support it ensured for United States entrance into World War I. The two events were separated by less than a month. On April 6, the United States enters World War I to “make the world safe for democracy.” Within a week, British Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann writes to Louis Brandeis, the American Zionist leader, disclosing the status of the proposed Balfour Declaration, committing America and Britain to support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Communications regarding the Declaration go directly from the British Foreign Office to Louis Brandeis, bypassing both President Wilson and the US State Department.
  338. 1919
  339. Jews make up 13% of the student body at Yale, nearly 25% at the University of Pennsylvania, 20% at Brown, 20% at Harvard, 40% at Columbia, and yet the ADL screams that “anti-semitism” is keeping them out.
  341. Abraham Flexner becomes Secretary (Chief Executive Officer) of the Rockefeller-funded General Education Board. He develops a model core-curriculum for public schools based upon modern theory, eliminating studies in classical Latin and Greek, undermining the secular and historical foundation of our culture.
  343. The US Communist Party is formed with William Z. Foster as first general secretary. Virtually all of its members are Russian-Jewish immigrants, and its power is firmly entrenched within Sidney Hillman’s International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union (ILGWU).
  345. 1924
  346. The Immigration and Nationalities Act is passed, containing a national origins quota system. This protected the national demography by regulating immigration according to the existing racial-ethnic makeup of the United States, i.e. northwestern European heritage. This was the greatest achievement of the Ku Klux Klan of the period and its affiliates. Jewish migration to the United States drops from 150,000 per year to barely 10,000. The national origins quota system remained in force until the Act was amended in 1965. That’s twice we were saved by the Klan, for a while.
  348. 1924
  349. Marcus Loew, who has put together a huge chain of theaters, acquires the Samuel Goldwin Company and Louis B. Mayer’s Metro Picture Corporation to create Metro Goldwyn Mayer Corporation. Mayer emerges as executive vice president with a prodigious salary plus 20% of the profits.
  351. 1924
  352. Harry Cohn, former executive secretary to Carl Laemmle, establishes Columbia Pictures Corporation.
  354. 1929
  355. The brothers Scubert–Samuel, Jacob and Levi (Lee)–finance and control over 75% of Broadway productions. New York theater becomes known as “Shubert Alley.”
  357. 1929
  358. Meyer Lansky, “Longy” Zwillman and Louis “Lepke” Buchalter host a meeting of gangland bosses–including Al Capone, Frank Costello, Charlie “Lucky” Luciano and Johnny Torrio–at Atlantic City’s President Hotel to hammer out a “cartelization” of territories for activities that go far beyond bootlegging. This is the beginning of “Crime, Inc.”
  360. 1930
  361. In New York, Jews make up 65% of the city’s lawyers, 64% of its dentists, and 55% of its physicians. In Cleveland, Jews are 23% of the city’s lawyers, 21% of its dentists, and 17% of the doctors.
  363. 1932
  364. Franklin Roosevelt is elected president and begins to assemble his cabinet. Judge Samuel Roseman and Charles W. Taussig create the Brains Trust. Other influential members of the inner circle are Felix Frankfurter, Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau Sr & Jr, Sidney Hillman and Samuel Untermayer. In all, 51 of the 72 presidential appointments will be Jews.
  366. 1933
  367. Within a week of his inauguration as President, Franklin D. Roosevelt invokes emergency war powers that effectively suspend the Constitution. Gold is confiscated from private citizens and the new currency is backed by a lien on all property, public and private, in the United States. (remember the land banks?)
  369. The American Jewish Congress, led by Rabbi Stephen Wise and Samuel Untermayer, join the war movement, calling on all Jews to unite in a “Holy War” against Nazism. In a speech given on February 11, 1933, Henry Morgenthau states: “The US has entered the phase of a second war.” Other Jewish leaders join in the chorus. This is six years before the “start” of World War II with the German invasion of Poland (formerly East Prussia), and almost nine years before Pearl Harbor.
  371. Without consulting Congress, FDR recognizes the Stalin regime. The rest of the world soon follows suit.
  373. Joseph Schenk and Darryl Zanuck found the Twentieth Century Film Corporation.
  375. 1937
  376. The Haganah forms the Committee for Illegal Immigration to rescue European Jews.
  378. 1938
  379. President Roosevelt divulges to Louis Brandeis his personal plan for settling 100,000 Jewish families in Palestine, at a cost of $3,000 per family, with the British, French and United States governments underwriting the cost in partnership with Jewish philanthropy.
  381. 1939
  382. France joins Britain in issuing their “guarantee” of the Polish Government after receiving promises of American Support. A representative of the Grand Orient meets with the United States Ambassador to France, William C. Bullitt, and they agree that there is to be no international effort to resolve the humanitarian crisis in the Danzig Corridor. A Polish campaign of violent “ethnic cleansing” is underway to drive more than 2 million German people out from their homelands in East Prussia and Pommerania. 200,000 ethnic Germans are slaughtered.
  384. 1939
  385. William Bullitt is sent as Ambassador to Poland, supported by Secretary of State Cordell Hull, where he informs the Poles that the United States will support them only if they maintain their hard-line policy against Germany. The promise of Anglo-American support is reiterated by Joseph Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Britain, in a private letter to the Polish Ambassador.
  387. 1941
  388. On June 3rd, 83% of the American population is against entering World War II. Six months later, Roosevelt asks Congress to declare war.
  390. 1942
  391. 600,000 Jews who have fled the Nazi invasion of Russia are secretly resettled in Todja and Uzbekistan, where they begin working on the Russian atomic program. They are officially listed as “dead”.
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