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  1. Tara Zuber [8:50 AM]
  2. I also find it interesting that [character] is playing everything close to [their] chest. [redacted.] And even now, in the downtime-coordination, [they aren't] sharing [information].
  3. [8:50]
  4. If [they're] doing that on purpose, then good for [them].
  6. Degen Gottlieb [10:06 AM]
  7. One thing I'd like to do, speaking of which, is formally clarify to what extent downtime coordination is IC vs. OOC --not in the sense of being written in character, of course, but in the sense of the information being _available_ in character.
  8. In the past, I (as a PC) have treated it as information that is publicly available (i.e. "IC" by the above definition), but I don't think it has been made fully clear. (edited)
  10. Tara Zuber [11:19 AM]
  11. downtime-coordination is completely OOC. So, good point on what Rachel is and is not sharing. Comment on Holly not sharing at game stands.
  13. Degen Gottlieb
  14. [11:22 AM]
  15. In that case, I think it would be beneficial to make a clarifying announcement to that effect? That said, personally I actually would _prefer_ that we say that info shared in downtime-coordination is publicly available unless otherwise stated, because this is a game where PCs keep secrets from each other, and many people may not want to use the channel at all if being in it means they are constantly "spoiling" themselves.
  16. [11:22]
  17. (nb. as a PC, I would have fallen into that category)
  19. Laurie Rich
  20. [11:23 AM]
  21. I don't want to discourage using downtime-coordination, though
  23. [11:25]
  24. I'm down with a clarifying statement that says something like 'be sure to make sure to be clear if you're sharing information IC or OOC, and if OOC put it in a thread'.
  26. Degen Gottlieb
  27. [11:25 AM]
  28. that's a great compromise
  30. Laurie Rich [11:25 AM]
  31. Threads are one of the best things Slack has ever done
  33. Tara Zuber
  34. [11:25 AM]
  35. On a side note--this is a game with a wall, right? Like you can share info OOC with the expectation that people won't use it IC?
  37. Laurie Rich [11:26 AM]
  38. Yes.
  40. Degen Gottlieb
  41. [11:27 AM]
  42. ...that said, I personally feel strongly that one _shouldn't_ share OOC information that can't be used IC without checking that the other player is comfortable with that, but that's me.
  44. Laurie Rich [11:27 AM]
  45. I disagree, especially in a game like this that is more about collaborative storytelling than mechanics
  46. [11:28]
  47. Ah, I just caught the 'without checking the other player is comfortable'
  49. Degen Gottlieb [11:28 AM]
  50. Even collaborative storytelling games like this one have scheming. yes--that, haha
  52. Laurie Rich
  53. [11:28 AM]
  54. There's nothing you can do in a forum like this, though
  55. [11:28]
  56. If you want to share with a channel, you can't wait until everyone checks in
  58. Degen Gottlieb
  59. [11:28 AM]
  60. hence the great threaded replies compromise :catdance:
  62. Laurie Rich [11:28 AM]
  63. I guess I thought your comment was because you were trying to tweak that rule some how?
  64. [11:29]
  65. Or push us to a more closed game?
  67. Tara Zuber [11:29 AM]
  68. "without checking" Do you mean if I want to share info with you OOC with the expectation you don't use it IC, I have to check with you first that you're okay getting OOC info?
  69. [11:30]
  70. Or do you mean that if I have received OOC info from you, I should check with you whether I can use it IC
  72. Degen Gottlieb [11:31 AM]
  73. The former is what I meant, yes. It's not something that has to be policy here; I'm speaking to my preference as an individual. But personally it's something that I prefer, because many players, particularly if they're playing characters who may be secret-keepers themselves, find it makes their own play less fun if they're told something that they were enjoying trying to discover on their own.
  75. Laurie Rich
  76. [11:31 AM]
  77. Yeah, but I guess my thought on that is, what if the player who wants to share needs to do so for their own story-telling reasons?
  79. Tara Zuber [11:32 AM]
  80. I prefer the latter. Person who gets info checks if they can use it.
  82. Degen Gottlieb
  83. [11:33 AM]
  84. for example, if I'm trying to investigate Character A, and have a set of theories I'm developing, and character A's player comes up to me and says, "isn't it wild that my character is secretly [xyz]," I'm put in an unfortunate position: I already know the answer to a question I was trying to figure out, and if I already had a guess that they were secretly [xyz], now how can I be sure whether my character has really figured something out, vs. me abusing OOC knowledge?
  85. [11:33]
  86. does that make sense?
  88. Laurie Rich
  89. [11:33 AM]
  90. Mm, somewhat.
  92. Tara Zuber [11:34 AM]
  93. I think you then be open "hey, I've been trying to figure that out" and then you can talk through some potential scenes for the investigation going forward
  95. Laurie Rich
  96. [11:35 AM]
  97. I think the person whose character is xyz is the one with the greater stake in the story -- especially if it is damaging info -- and if they want to share that and plan future scenes or the reveal or whatever, it's their plotline and their secret.
  99. Tara Zuber [11:35 AM]
  100. That too
  102. Laurie Rich
  103. [11:35 AM]
  104. It is very, very rare that I have had plotlines go well when secrets between players are kept close to the vest, and much better when things could be planned
  106. [11:36]
  107. Case in point, heh, and this is not me being critical, just a story: in AAL, if Vivien and I had been able to talk about character secrets, we could have planned a lot between our characters as allies, etc.
  109. Degen Gottlieb
  110. [11:36 AM]
  111. I guess my taste is just different! Tara's solution strikes me as completely viable, and gives me a better idea of how you want stories to be structured in the game.
  113. Laurie Rich [11:36 AM]
  114. But because secrets were enforced and kept, Vivien felt very disconnected and did not have a good way to make backstory
  116. Degen Gottlieb
  117. [11:37 AM]
  118. AAL is a different game, and I'd rather not use it as a point of comparison, if that's alright!
  120. Laurie Rich [11:37 AM]
  121. Surely!
  123. Degen Gottlieb
  124. [11:38 AM]
  125. there are places in SSC where I could bring up counterpoints; it's really a matter of player style and what's right for the kind of stories a LARP is telling
  127. Laurie Rich [11:38 AM]
  128. I totally acknowledge they're different kinds of games; just trying to share an experience I knew you were aware of.
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