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  1. ***********************************************
  2. AVsitter™ by AVCode™ Technologies
  3. Support contact: Code Violet
  4. ***********************************************
  6. Congratulations and thank you on your purchase of AVsitter™ ... designed as the ultimate in furniture pose systems for Second Life! We hope you enjoy the benefits of using AVsitter in your creations and wish you much success!
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  10. ***********************************************
  12. While all care has been taken in the development of AVsitter, "the product", it is possible that future versions of Second Life™ may prevent the product from working. By using the product, you agree that the creators of the product are not liable for damage or loss resulting from its use or performance.
  14. ***********************************************
  16. ***********************************************
  18. See version history below for past version information. For future updates, just rez the "AVhelper" and if there is a product update available it will be sent to you immediately (or leave it rezzed somewhere to receive updates whenever they are released). Changes will be listed in a notecard in the box and the instructional website (http://avsitter.com) may be updated to reflect new features.
  20. ***********************************************
  22. ***********************************************
  24. All instructions for AVsitter can be found at http://avsitter.com to ensure they are up-to-date, please copy to notecard if you prefer.
  26. For enquiries in-world contact us in Second Life.
  27. - Code Violet, AVCode™ Technologies
  29. ***********************************************
  31. ***********************************************
  33. 1.29 - [SWAP] becomes [SELECT] when AVselect is used. AVsit not so spammy when reading in poses. Other minor improvements.
  34. 1.28 - Added [ADJUST] button to the AVselect menu.
  35. 1.27 - Added support for AVselect script.
  36. 1.25 - Change to rotation maths to to offset LL bug. Fix for some anims not stopping properly after [SWAP].
  37. 1.24 - Changed [SWAP] behaviour again. When playing a POSE, [SWAP]attempt to move the avatar to empty positions but will swap with avatars if there are no free spots.
  38. 1.23 - Changed [SWAP] behaviour. When playing a SYNC pose, [SWAP] will only exchange places with other avatars (if present).
  39.      - When playing a POSE, [SWAP] will only move the avatar to empty positions. There is now only one [SWAP] button instead of [SWAP+], and [SWAP-].
  40.      - Added ETYPE command (see http://avsitter.com)
  41.      - Fixed some problems with the stop/start of typing animations causing animations to become 'broken'.
  42.      - SITTER number now shown in menu text when using setup with multiple AVsit scripts in a prim.
  43.      - Small fixes to AVplus and SItTarget-Add scripts.
  44.      - Fixed problem where a SYNC poses were causing two ITEM to be given after SWAP or when the avatar first sits.
  45.      - Multiple AVpos notecards in the same prim no longer supported to save memory (all should go in the one notecard).
  46. 1.1  - Numerous fixes to improve performance in light of LL introduced bugs, including "jumping" between poses and rare rotation errors.
  47. 1.05 - Included AVplus script for Props, Facial Expressions, Sounds, Items, and Camera support!
  48.      - The AVhelper now includes an option to create poses and submenus directly from the menu.
  49.      - SWAP changed so it is only available in the TOP menu level.
  50.      - LOOP notecard command added
  51.      - NOFILL notecard command removed and replaced by FILL notecard command
  52.      - Instructions updated at http://avsitter.com including new Q&A section
  53. 1.03 - small fix applied for multiple avatar seating (only applies to setups with several AVsit, using one script per 'seat')
  54. 1.02 - added "NOFILL" notecard command (see http://avsitter.com)
  55.      - added "MTYPE 1", "MTYPE 2", "MTYPE 3" notecard commands (see http://avsitter.com)
  56.      - added "Root-Security" script (see http://avsitter.com)
  57. 1.01 - link message 90055 can now be used to trigger actions in custom scripts when an animation is played (e.g. play sound)
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