They're mares (Renault 'sisters', MxMxMxF, lewd, fluff?) WIP

Sep 19th, 2017
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  1. "Good girl,"
  2. >You groan as your balls slap against hers
  3. >And she whimpers, admitting her complete submission to you, to your cock
  4. >She knows you love it
  5. >So you bite harder, making sure to mark her neck
  6. >Making sure that all the other ponies will be able to see the mark when she goes to the market tomorrow
  7. >Making sure that everypony knows that she's yours
  8. "You're my bitch,"
  9. >You half-grunt half-whisper in her ears as your reach down with your hand, stroking her shaft all the way down and smearing her need all the way down, and grab her little nuts, squeeze them, not enough to hurt her, just enough to be uncomfortable
  10. >Just enough to show her you could make her into a real mare in the blink of an eye if you wanted
  11. >And she moans
  12. >She moans like she never did before
  13. "Did you like that?"
  14. >You know she did, you can feel it, feel it everywhere, feel it quake with every thrusts, with every pumps
  15. >Feel her wings flutter against your chest, already completely flared out, she lost their control a while ago
  16. >Feel her heart beating like it never did before as your free hand strokes her chest, to keep her secured, to keep her exactly where you want her to be
  17. >She hums contently, but it comes out muffled by her sister's lips crashing against her
  18. >"Mmmh, our stud is in a really good mood today~,"
  19. >Megane's words don't even reach your ears, you're way too far gone
  20. >But her weight on your shoulders and the touch of her lips against your neck does somewhat burst your bubble
  21. >You whip your head towards her, and she instantly lock you in a kiss
  22. >She's such a good kisser
  23. >Does it have something to do with them being Prench? They do call it Prench kisses here
  24. >Clio finally let go of Twingo's lips, letting her moans and cries fill the room again as you keep thrusting into her
  25. >"Juste look at him go~,"
  26. >Megane let go of your face to answer her sister, letting you notice that she's using her magic on her sister's wing to help herself to a really awkward wingjob as you're fucking her
  27. >That's kinda hot
  29. >"We -did- tease her all day long,"
  30. >You grunt in response, remembering the teasing strokes of her sister's wings against your cock, or her magic giving you a squeeze here and there
  31. >And their sister promising you all kinds of fun, whispering sweet nothings and telling you all the things she, they, want you to do to them
  32. >All of this in secret, hidden in plain sight as you were strolling down the streets filled with ponies
  33. >You didn't think it was physically possible to be as hard for as long as you did today
  34. >They proved you wrong
  35. >"Nnh, fuuuuck~! I-I'm gonna--ah!"
  36. >Already?
  37. >"Déja~?" [spoiler]Already[/spoiler]
  38. >Her sister singsongs teasingly
  39. >"On échange!" [spoiler]Let's swap![/spoiler]
  40. >She doesn't give her the time to react, she's already pushing her away and taking her place next to her well fucked sister
  41. >She doesn't even consider resisting, instantly moving in front of Twingo with her cock bobbing up and down inches away from her moaning face
  42. >"Say 'ahhh~',"
  43. >And with a single thrust forces half of her length down her sister's gullet
  44. >The sight is enough to send another throb down your own cock
  45. >You're not going to last as long as you wish you could
  46. "Fuck,"
  47. >You slow down your thrusting to try and coax as much of this moment as possible, but her tight little ponut is a hungry one
  48. >"T'aimes ça, Mmh?" [spoiler]You like that, Mmh?[/spoiler]
  49. >You don't really need to understand Prench to understand what she's saying
  50. >You got other things to care about anyway
  51. >"To have your ass stuffed as you suck on your big brozer's cock?"
  52. >Twingo can only whimper and moan her affirmation with the four inches of horsecocks teasing the back of her mouth
  53. >A touch of a hoof against your hand, the one still groping her balls, makes you jolt, and a quick look down let's you notice Clio laying on her back with her lower half sticking out towards the end of the bed as one of her front hooves traces circle around her mound
  54. >Fuck, you need to see that
  56. >So you shift a bit and lean down, and as expected, it lets you see her tending to her shaft
  57. >She giggles as your eyes lock, and then decides to make sure you enjoy the show, peppering her crown with little kisses and small licks
  58. >And you feel her balls retract under your grip as she starts nibbling on the edge of her flare
  59. >Her moan is the only warning Clio gets, and she yelps in surprise as the first spurt of her love surges out of her throbbing head
  60. >But it's not her first rodeo, and a quick playful sound later she brings her tip to her mouth
  61. >You see her cheeks bulging with each throbs and waves of her flare, and she sighs as the taste of her sister's love overwhelms her mouth
  62. >She brings a hoof up and slowly, tenderly gives it a few strokes, making sure she gives her every last drop, and then--
  63. >A pair of hooves wrapping themselves around your head pull you up and towards the unicorn
  64. >A small part of you whines about the fact that you're missing the fucking show, but the voices quickly dies down when you feel her lips crash onto yours
  65. >These three are going to kill you
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