Spyro models / animations extraction

Jan 5th, 2019
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  3. @Husbjörn I will write a summary but I just followed the readme instructions. By the way, here is another link I forgot to share: klimaleksus.narod .ru/Files/5/SomeSpyroModels.rar
  4. If you want, you can already display the extracted models of SomeSpyroModels.rar and MoreSpyroModels.rar
  5. For example, to display a sheep without converting it to OBJ standard format, drag and drop the file SomeSpyroModels/Spyro2_lvl/16 - Summer Forest/RR_016_mdl_1_23_300_A2.mdl to SpyroLive3D_4/SpyroLive3D_beta.exe
  6. To convert the sheep to several OBJ files containing animations frames, drag and drop the .mdl file to SpyroLive3D_More/bin/SpyroModelToObj.exe and you will get 2 OBJ files containing the 2 animations of the sheep eating and jumping. There is also a BMP file generated for the textures.
  7. You can view these animations if you drag and drop an OBJ file to SpyroLive3D_More/view/ObjViewer.exe and check the "Animate" checkbox in the viewer.
  8. If you want to extract animations of your own ISO file, first extract the WAD file and then drag and drop the WAD file to SpyroLive3D_More/bin/RecreateWad.exe
  9. Then you have to drag and drop extracted files to SpyroLive3D_More/bin/SpyroRepackModels.exe (you can drag and drop multiple files at the same time, like for SpyroModelToObj.exe). You can view and extract characters / animations by following the same steps as described previously.
  10. The readme file says that Summer Forest homeworld has the ID 16 but when I used my own ISO file of Spyro 2: Gateway To Glimmer (French / European version), I used the filename with the ID 15 because the ID 16 was empty. But the sheep also had the ID 23 in the extracted filenames (you can also find the sheep by viewing all textures which are using the same ID as the 3D model).
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