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  1. Nykke 2.0 planning doc:
  3. - Shortly after Frosty's first kip is born and the PC leaves the lair, they get an email warning about a new species located in Uveto's frozen wastes.  A massive bipedal creature, with pitch black scales and huge wings, has been sighted along the coast where Frosty is normally located.  It's territorial, but doesn't pursue outside of its established grounds.  The email cautions all recipients to stay away.
  5. - Nykke can be encountered along the coast.  She isn't a combat encounter like Frosty is.  Despite her attempts to be stealthy and get the jump on you, her melanistic scales stand her out against the snow.  When she pounces towards the PC, knowing she doesn't have surprise on her side, she stops because she notices you smell like a Frostwyrm.  She looks exactly like the PC's own kips, and the PC tells her that they're the Qal to a clutch.  This gets her attention.
  7. - Nykke is the kip of another human and Frostwyrm pairing from the other side of the moon (could maybe make an insinuation that "the dark side of the moon" has black Frostwyrms?  It'd be entirely flavour text, though).  Frosty mentions when you first negotiate with her that Frostwyrms crossbreeding outside of their species isn't unheard of, so Nykke's existence shouldn't stretch disbelief w.r.t crossbreeding with Frostwyrms being a tremendously rare thing.
  9. - Nykke's Qim and Qal had passed away some time ago, and she's been wandering in search of her own mate and her own lair ever since.  Because kips don't leave the lair until their parents die, this would make Nykke about as old as Frosty, handily taking care of the "sexual maturity at one year old" issue.  Ever since, she's had as much luck as Frosty in finding a mate, which is to say, exactly zero, and her journeying has brought her this far.
  11. - The PC can offer to introduce Nykke to Frosty with the hopes of bringing Nykke into the lair.  This might be a bit difficult to write because Frostwyrms mate monogamously and Frosty would be understandably wary of bringing 'competition' into her own home.  Maybe she agrees on the condition that Nykke neither fertilizes anyone in the lair, nor *becomes* fertilized?  This would open up the possibilities of having threesomes between Nykke and Frosty, but unless everyone always pulls out, it might require some bullshitting about Frostwyrm biology and "choosing" whether they can be fertilized during mating.
  12.     -Nevertheless, Frosty eventually agrees, and this would tie into Nykke's cut content: her making her own little hovel in Frosty's lair, which, in turn, would lead to the existing talking topics and sex scenes.
  14. - However, Nykke 1.0 and Nykke 2.0 would be *drastically* different in personality: 1.0 was only a year old and hadn't seen life outside of the lair, while 2.0 is old, grizzled, weathered, experienced, and, like Frosty, is probably a frustrated virgin.  Because of her melanistic scales and her halfbreed nature, and because she couldn't find a mate, 2.0 would be far more self-conscious of herself than 1.0 was, and she'd have an inferiority complex because of it.
  15.     - This would result in her being a serious over-achiever when it comes to just about anything.  She insists on chiseling out her little nook in the lair on her own.  When the PC tells her about other worlds, she confidently says she'll visit them someday.  When she has sex with the PC, she'll say things like "yeah, you like that, don't you?" and "are you gonna cum?  Of course you are."  It's not so much dirty talk as it is affirmation, because, as far as she'd consider it, if you aren't enjoying it, she's doing something wrong.  Maybe the PC can even tease her and say that they've had better, which would spur Nykke to fucking you harder.
  16.     - This is thinking farther ahead, but, for character development, the PC could bring Nykke onto their ship as a crewmate and show her to all the planets they've been to so far.  Nykke, in her over-achieving fashion, boasts that one day she'll captain her own ship, and the PC can let her captain theirs for one journey.  Maybe, if the PC visits Mhen'ga, Nykke will go out and hunt on her own, and her dark scales help her blend into the foliage, giving her the most successful hunt she's ever had.
  17.     - It has an effect on Nykke: she'd always thought that her melanism ostracized her from being a successful Frostwyrm, and her halfbreed nature meant she didn't belong with either the Frostwyrms or the humans/human-likes.  The PC assuring her that she could do anything she put her mind to would relax her intensity and change her dialogue to be gentler - rather than saying "yeah, you like that?", she'd say "that feels good, I like that," putting the praise on you rather than forcing it on herself.
  19. - So, to summarize: Nykke, an amazonian Frostwyrm hybrid, comes back as an older, more intense version of herself, giving me the opportunity to finally write my big-titty-dragon-goth-dickgirl-waifu I've been wanting to write.  There's some potential for threesomes with Frosty.  I can make her into a crewmate, and, playing to my strengths, that'd give me the opportunity to develop her character quite a bit.
  21. - There are currently no plans to breed with her, since that'd futz with the PC's relationship with Frosty and it'd dilute Nykke's Frostwyrm lineage even further.
  23. - Maybe some cuddling content?  Nothing quite like getting snuggled under the blankies by a 10 foot tall Amazonian half-dragon.  Since Nykke is an over-achiever, imagine how hardcore you'd be snuggled.
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