Chu2koi scan 8 translation

Nov 10th, 2012
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  1. It's a gathering of sparkling Santas at this secret Christmas!
  2. We have a lot of lovely and lively Santas this Christmas! We've received your "phrases you want [these Santas] to say on Christmas" and have picked the best!
  4. Title:The Secret Santa Society and the sleepy Christmas
  6. Shinka Nibutani: This beauty works with Yuuta as their class's class reps. She's sociable, a cheerleader, and the most popular girl among the guys, but she was infected with a severe case of chuunibyou in her past.
  8. What you'd like to hear from Nibutani on Christmas:
  9. "It was inevitable that I'd spend Christmas with you." Jonathon from Aichi Prefecture
  10. Nibutani shows her real chuunibyou side she had prior to meeting the others. Supervisor Ishihara was the one to choose this tsundere-like phrase. "If you heard this from her, it would mean you two are really close in her heart."
  12. Kumin Tsuyuri: She's one year above the others. This nap-loving girl always has "my pillow" beside her. For this very easy-going person, the clubroom is her only comfort.
  14. What you'd like to hear from Kumin on Christmas:
  15. "Shall we nap together?" Nerimakumin from Tokyo
  16. Yep, this is definitely what Kumin would say! "This isn't something she'd only say on Christmas. I'm sure she said it when she was recruiting people to nap beside her. (laughs) Unfortunately, these words do not have a romantic meaning behind them."
  18. Kimera: A cat who Rikka bound in a contract to become her familiar (or so she continues to say). Naturally its wings were placed on by Rikka.
  20. Rikka Takanashi: A chuunibyou patient who is not only in Yuuta's class, but lives in the same apartment building. Her self-created backstory is that she's the "User of the Devilish Truth Stare." Her feminine charms are approximately nil.
  22. What you'd like to hear from Rikka on Christmas:
  23. "My soul has guided me to select this Treasured Box that I present to you." Bocchan from Hokkaido
  24. A "Treasured Box" Christmas present?! If she said that when handing over a gift, it can't be too bad. "Surely you'd be worried that this 'Treasured Box' would be something Rikka selected from her own collection. (laughs)"
  26. Is Nibutani about to pull a prank on this sleepy Rikka?! By the way, Chimera is also dressed for Christmas.
  28. Rikka would say Christmas is a "celebration that has nothing to do with heteroploidy!" Regardless, it appears all the members of the "Oriental Magical Napping Society of Summer" have been gathered this time. Rikka said she wanted to capture the chief of heteroploidy, Santa Claus, but....she's starting to fall asleep before the master of 18 napping methods, Kumin-senpai, goes to sleep! Rikka-san, we're about to exchange presents!
  30. "I don't think Rikka would chose something that's out of character for her. She'd fret and fret before handing over something like metallic air gun parts. As for Yuuta, he'd be concerned about what to choose. He'd ask Isshiki and end up giving her a bouquet of flowers. There's no way he'd give her something chuunibyouish. (laughs)" (Supervisor Tatsuya Ishihara)
  32. The two had a really nice atmosphere during the fifth episode. It was pleasant to see them acting like a high school couple. Now it's time for the peak of the party: the present exchange!
  34. "Nibutani would be sensible and get Kumin a cute pillow... Kumin would give the milk-hating girl Dekomori some yogurt with lots of calcium so she would grow... During this, the happiest person would have to be Yuuta since it's just an ordinary exchange of presents."
  36. It looks like Yuuta hasn't arrived yet but...this party-in-reality is waiting for him! Come on Yuuta!
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