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  3. 8:00
  4. -talking about hellspawns super sexy moustache, zerail wants full sized pic
  5. -dabud's PC is in a hidden room behind a bookcase
  6. -hengar makes a boomer reference or something
  7. -guild agrees that captain underpants is fine art
  8. -somali says something objectively wrong, not gonna write down what but literally objectively wrong, not kidding
  9. -nutty wants guild to smash him
  10. -hellspawn disappointed
  11. -people talk about alchohol, hellspawn scolds all
  15. -guild meeting because of new members and it's been forever
  16. -get everyone on the same page
  17. -looking to make a 2nd raid team, talking to other guilds
  18. -google forms for signups for different things
  19. -people left after BWL launch, happens to everyone
  20. -need to fill officer, need a flex tank, need profs, looking for ppl to fill those positions
  21. -yag tells everyone that alts are fun
  22. -2nd raid team will be a fun more casual team, nutty will organize, nutty/zer will raid lead, will be taken care of just as carefully as the main team in terms of management
  23. -how many months till raid teams active? depends on how fast guild merges happen, there will be announcements for this
  24. -if you're new, PLEASE keep up to date with announcements channel(don't mute it)
  25. -if you're interested in taking up a profession position, PM nutty
  26. -ideally 2 skinners to split ony(gotta get that deathbringer/viskag/whatever)
  27. -need to farm reps tho
  29. -for 2nd raid team, is there a date thought of?
  30. -yes, but it could change depending on what days people can actually make
  31. -sunday monday 8-12 or saturday monday 8-12 are most likely
  32. -yag talks about stalagg server, it is bad
  35. -people spread rumors all the time
  36. -you can DM an officer about any of that stuff at any time
  37. -trying to be as transparent as possible, LC is very accessible
  38. -need to stop spreading random rumors and make sure there's less fake news
  39. -really, DM zerail/yag/nutty WHENEVER and ask ANYTHING
  41. -somali asks for a rumours/drama channel
  42. -we had an anonymous complaint box but no1 used it
  43. -nutty lets people ask whatever questions they want
  46. -what is it?
  47. -the purpose is that people noticed some people putting in a lot more effort(in/out of raid) to helping the guild
  48. -if someone's helping out, running dungeons, doing well in raid, 100% attendance, they get a role to show they're helpful
  49. -new people can look to those people for help/stuff
  51. -yag talks about goals, like clearing naxx
  52. -he believes core raids have that same desire and personally believes that core raiders will stick it out and see classic to the end
  53. -people talk about classic timeline for a bit but don't really say anything, we have about a year until nax
  54. -any questions about core raider?
  55. -are people being promoted to core raider? yes, fail got promoted recently other people have been as well
  56. -class lead is only a bit higher than core raider on the nutty power ranking tier list
  58. GBANK
  59. -somali brings up gbank rumors
  60. -gbank has only been used for tank consumes, nightfall, ony cloak, etc
  61. -will gbank pay for thunderfury? yes
  62. -raid will walk over after raid to do the quest it will be fun and cool
  63. -getting a TF is a huge deal
  64. -gbank only gets gold from raiding
  65. -don't expect handouts, strictly for tanks
  66. -enchants: void crystals can be handed out
  67. -raid mats: you're able to purchase from gbank for 50% off
  68. -a lot of stuff needs to be sold rn, tanks need consumes and they aren't cheap
  70. -wow has a lot of turnover
  71. -ZG will be handled like onyxia
  72. -if it lands on raid night, it's counted for attendance
  73. -nice to come to offnights, but it's not mandatory at all, doesn't count against you
  74. -yag is thinking of having a core ZG group of people who are interested in running it every reset, including off nights
  75. -when ZG first launches there's a huge incentive to do it every reset, lots of good gear
  76. -MOUNT DRAMA: hasn't been discussed, might roll, might do gold bid, NOTHING FINALIZED
  78. -who's taking up reigns on 2nd raid team?
  79. -still a WIP, pug is basically turning into 2nd raid team, nothing to do rn for recruiting for that position
  81. -another thing to volunteer on: need people to boost the server $$$$$
  82. -yag disappointed in current emote selection
  83. -we've been busy w/ BWL things, a lot of people have been getting complaints about the fact that we consume a lot
  84. -we're likely not consuming for a speedrun for a long time, so please consume now so we can get gear and get the content on farm
  85. -during progression, hard consuming will be mandatory(?) especially AQ
  87. -epic mentions that for their gbank, they'd post a photo of the gbank so people know it's state and what they can buy
  88. -nutty says problem with that is that the gbank changes a lot, because of investments/mats, shifting all the time
  89. -chain thinks we should have once a month gbank pics
  90. -cub's a trial so he buys his own flasks; is sad about it
  91. -zerail/bud CoD gbank the consume costs
  92. -someone's working on an addon to keep it automatically updated
  93. -toxic brings up making a gbank
  95. -raid slots: how will competitive raid spots be handled?
  96. -not all spots are up for competition at all times, only people who are underperforming
  97. -biz doesn't like this
  98. -comp raid spots helps push people to improve
  99. -nutty stresses that although we were clearing MC, he wanted to keep pushing people to improve, our improvement in MC let us own BWL, need to improve in BWL to own AQ
  100. -also, BWL is first now on weds
  102. -if we want to help recruit, what do we need to do/know?
  103. -the easiest thing to do is to tell them to DM nutty on discord
  104. -tell them basic info, semi hardcore, 8/8 looking for specific roles/classes
  105. -nutty recommends just sending potential recruits to him
  107. -for group 2(stacked melee grp), are we going to start swapping people in/out?
  108. -optimal raid comp is the role, it wasn't just set up to buff up nutty/yag
  109. -if you want to be flipped into that grp, shoot ppl a whisper
  110. -don't want to have a low parser put into that group
  111. -people have been flipped in/out in the past
  112. -the week that yag died and got very sad he swapped himself out and put in someone who still had wbuffs
  114. -sixx asks about cleaner comms
  115. -nutty/yag are starting to get used to being quiet and letting zerail raid lead
  116. -they'll adjust over time
  117. -don't want to mute people
  118. -gonna keep casually kind of policing it, comms have improved substantially compared to originally
  119. -old comms were much worse, more toxic
  120. -does need to be improved further though
  121. -if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all
  122. -don't freak out during raids over comms and bring everyone else down
  124. -what are the % chances of congo coming back?
  125. -can congo be invited back
  126. -literally zero chance, zerail will leave if congo gets invited
  127. -some people still play w/ congo, that's fine
  128. -not worth nutty's time/energy and zerail hates him so he's permakicked
  130. -if we merge w/ another guild, what will happen to leadership
  131. -nutty is very strict on who he wants as an officer, doesn't want people there to just have the tag
  132. -only have a few officers because they have to be top quality
  133. -if someone new to the guild is promoted to officer, have to trust nutty's judgement
  134. -if they do poorly, instant demotion
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