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Sep 10th, 2016
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  1. We changed music again :DD
  2. If we run out of Warrior during the game, play America Fuck Yeah
  4. Get ready for T A C T I C O O L G E N I U S
  5. Start at Preset 2 with 5 Support Range, Wide Containment, 3 Defensive Line, and 7 Compactness.
  7. If we are losing at half time or 65’, go to Preset 3 and sub the out of position SS for Clint Dempsey or Most American Gif. Also Support Range 6, Containment Area Wide, Defensive Line 3, Compactness 7, and Number in Defense Medium.
  9. If Captain America is subbed out, give Donald Trump the armband.
  11. Subs at 65 (Make sure to sub any non-medals with a yellow)
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