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  2. Novahaze: WE ARE FINALLY FRIENDS <3
  3. Spectre_06: Can I help you?
  5. Novahaze: yes . How do i apply to be an admin on your server?
  6. Spectre_06: You don't.
  7. Novahaze: you guys have a really popular server. im sure you could use some extra help
  8. Novahaze: since im closing my server soon i figure i could help you gentlemen out
  9. Spectre_06: Unk decides if he wishes for someone to have admin privileges on the server.
  10. Novahaze: oh yeah i know unk. he's a cool guy
  11. Novahaze: i also like his voice. Very manly
  12. Spectre_06: Well, you'd have to talk to him about it.  I have no say in who becomes an admin.
  13. Novahaze: i have close to 1900 hours. Im getting so bored of ark
  14. Novahaze: theres almost no new content coming out anymore
  15. Spectre_06: As I said, you need to talk to Unk.
  16. Novahaze: Alright i'll send him a message soon :) Thanks!
  17. Novahaze is now playing ARK: Survival Evolved. Click here to join.
  18. Novahaze: Im sure he'll remember me. We used to chat a few months ago
  19. Spectre_06: Yeah, you used ot chat.  And no clip through his base when you couldn't even admin grief properly.
  20. Novahaze: funny thing how rubberbanding work. I use this data stick from Wind
  21. Novahaze: and the speeds are something like
  22. Novahaze: 104 KB/S
  23. Novahaze: which is almost worst then dial up
  24. Novahaze: I tend to rubber band alot
  25. Novahaze: Keith is also in college for video editing
  26. Novahaze: and pulled some sweet moves to make me look like im doing some bad shit
  27. Novahaze: Good on him for hacking soem real life skills though
  28. Novahaze: having*
  29. Spectre_06: So you're claiming it's all a conspiracy to make you look like a command-abusing, low-self-esteem-having moron?
  30. Spectre_06: Called out in global chat, you laughed about it because you thought it was funny, griefing like that.
  31. Novahaze: denium did say 5 days ago he would black mail me With fake videos if i didnt give him admin spawned gear. Lol its my fault i didnt ban him off the bat
  32. Novahaze: I was just sick and tired. and wasnt in the mood to get into a drama fight with his tribe over a ban
  33. Spectre_06: Really?  Because your posting history on Steam and Reddit say otherwise.  Your constant need for validation from Unk, Denium, and DayMan suggest you have some deep-seated self-esteem issues, and your compulsive need to lie says you have issues beyond that.
  34. Novahaze: Validation?
  35. Spectre_06: The video is on YouTube.  I've seen the original video.  Your server was DDoS'd, probably because you ran your mouth off to the wrong person, stalked the wrong person.
  36. Novahaze: hey It happens :)
  37. Novahaze: that's the risk of having a popular server
  38. Novahaze: you get bad people sometimes
  39. Novahaze: Not the first, wont be the last
  40. Spectre_06: You seem to get them a lot, if we go by your claims on Steam and Reddit.  Seems like that's ALL you get.
  41. Novahaze: You just have to ignore and move on :)
  42. Novahaze: well, Just since the last wipe we've had close to 1500 Individual profiles
  43. Novahaze: having 5-7 trouble maker out of thousands is pretty good
  44. Novahaze: Any game you play will be like that
  45. Novahaze: Jeez you think this is bad try rust lol
  46. Spectre_06: Your last wipe happened two weeks ago.  Oh, wait, you said it happened last week in threads.
  47. Spectre_06: You're so bad at lying you can't even keep your lies straight.
  48. Novahaze: You sound angry?
  49. Novahaze: You dont need to be so hostile spectre
  50. Spectre_06: That's not being angry, or "hostility".  That's stating the facts.
  51. Novahaze: Might have been a week or two. i work nightshifts so my sense of time is all over the place
  52. Spectre_06: I worked night shifts.  Not once did I lose track of time.  That's not how "working night shifts" works.
  53. Novahaze: Ive been doing this for 5 years. 7 days on 2 days off 7 days on 3 days off. 12 hour shifts week ends
  54. Novahaze: It gets pretty disorienting
  55. Spectre_06: Mkay, well here's what matters: you're an idiot, a liar, and your constant need for validation is just sad.  Period.  End of discussion.
  56. Novahaze: :)
  57. Novahaze: I think it's cute you think those things without getting to know me
  58. Novahaze: i also think your compulsive obsessive behaviour is adorable
  59. Novahaze: You're so obsessed with me. lol
  60. Novahaze: At least i can say i'm Awesome enough to have my own personnal stalker haha
  61. Spectre_06: There's no obsession with you.  I simply state the facts when you starts shit on forums.  Ours, Reddit's, Steam's...
  62. Novahaze: You know
  63. Novahaze: Your guys always make the first move
  64. Novahaze: You do know that right?
  65. Spectre_06: Prove it.
  66. Novahaze: Dayman came into server couple of weeks ago and said
  67. Novahaze: in global chat
  68. Novahaze: Not here to stir up trouble
  69. Spectre_06: You've said all along that you have proof Unk and Denium start shit, you said you have proof THEY hacked your server during that video, and yet not once have you provided it.
  70. Novahaze: What happenned in the past is in the past
  71. Novahaze: but Seriously fuck nova he's a piece of shit
  72. Novahaze: yeah i probably have the screenshots somewhere
  73. Novahaze: Also
  74. Novahaze: Their tribe was banned for hacking
  75. Novahaze: Not once in the video did i teleport ( it doesnt work that way ). If youd like i can show you how teleporting works
  76. Spectre_06: No, you kicked them because they didn't fold immediately when you abused admin commands.  Amazing how people have proof of that, and all you can say is you have proof.
  77. Novahaze: Also accused me godmode. Can see me dying in video and looting my Body
  78. Novahaze: They acc,use me of walking through walls. U can see keith editing the video when i rubber band and him Fast forwarding it to when i respawn on my sleeping bag to the left of my tower and climbing the hill
  79. Spectre_06: No one saw you die.  You no-clipped through their base walls, and then teleported later on.  That much I saw.
  80. Novahaze: Accused me of no clipping inside his bse to delete his bed. U can see in video his bed is there, just greyed out due to PVP respawn
  81. Novahaze: spectre. Teleporting doesnt work that way man
  82. Spectre_06: Also, while you sit there and say you don't cause shit, why is it on 08 December 2015, you changed your name to Ertosi?
  83. Spectre_06: Unk and I got a good laugh after we saw that, after I also showed him you've been banned on the Steam forums.
  84. Novahaze: Good old ertosi
  85. Novahaze: you know, ertosi likes to be friends to peoples faces. And talk shit behind their backs in private
  86. Novahaze: and i have proof
  87. Novahaze: I actually have his Teamspeak convo saved
  88. Novahaze: the day forgotten tribe was caught hacking and banned
  89. Novahaze: I was in their teamspeak for 2 days before i spoke up
  90. Novahaze: and told them i had them recorded
  91. Novahaze: You would think very differently of them had you been there
  92. Call from Novahaze started.
  93. Novahaze: ill play the clip for u
  94. Call with Novahaze ended.
  95. Call from Novahaze started.
  96. Spectre_06: All you can do is shittalk people.  All you can do is stalk and harass people.  All you can do is be negative about everyone around you.  And the fact you're banned from the Steam forums?  Well, that's just another nail in the coffin.
  97. Spectre_06: Seems Unk had the evidence and you did not.
  98. Call with Novahaze ended.
  99. Novahaze: Pick up
  100. Novahaze: and ill play the audio of his convo
  101. Call from Novahaze started.
  102. Spectre_06: No, I'm good.  I'm getting ready for my livestream tonight.
  103. Call with Novahaze ended.
  104. Novahaze: Its a 20 second clip
  105. Spectre_06: In two days, all you got was a 20 second clip?  Priceless.
  106. Novahaze: Tell you what. if u still think unk is a nice guy after listenning to it. I'll apologize to you and be on my way
  107. Call from Novahaze started.
  108. Call with Novahaze ended.
  109. Call from Novahaze started.
  110. Novahaze: come on dont be shy
  111. Call with Novahaze ended.
  112. Novahaze: Idc that you have a squeeky 13 year old voice
  113. Novahaze: You cant talk shit without hearing the truth
  114. Call from Novahaze started.
  115. Spectre_06: Seems to work just fine for you.  Wait, you know the truth already and STILL talk shit, because you have nothing else to do.
  116. Call with Novahaze ended.
  117. Call from Novahaze started.
  118. Call with Novahaze ended.
  119. Call from Novahaze started.
  120. Novahaze: :)
  121. Call with Novahaze ended.
  122. Call from Novahaze started.
  123. Novahaze: come on. ill play it for you
  124. Call with Novahaze ended.
  125. Novahaze: dont be scared
  126. Call from Novahaze started.
  127. Spectre_06: Nah, I'm good.  You can have fun playing on the server you can't advertise on Reddit or Steam.
  128. Call with Novahaze ended.
  129. Novahaze: Lol
  130. Novahaze: Got banned on steam for Reposting moderated content w.e that means
  131. Novahaze: Ban will be done in a few hours.
  132. Spectre_06: Well, see you on the forums, then.
  133. Novahaze: Shit happens. Not the end of the world
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