Leon's Ultimate Fire Red Base - Advanced Series .ini

Lunos Oct 25th, 2018 151 Never
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  1. Replace the content of Advanced Series' "FireRed (U).ini" file with this:
  2. GameCode=BPRE
  3. FrontSpriteTable=0xF06404
  4. BackSpriteTable=0xF07674
  5. FrontPaletteTable=0xF088E4
  6. BackPaletteTable=0xF09B54
  7. EnemyYTable=0xF0B6FC
  8. PlayerYTable=0xF0ADC4
  9. EnemyAltitudeTable=0xF0C034
  10. IconSpriteTable=0xF31A88
  11. IconPaletteTable=0xF323C0
  12. IconPalettes=0x3D3740
  13. SpeciesNames=0xF000E8
  14. TotalSpecies=590
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