Anonfilly Sips Tea or Something

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  1. >You take a sip of warm tea while your gaze falls on a distant Ponyville bathed in yellowish-orange sunlight.
  2. >Celestia moves her sun ever closer to the horizon bit by bit.
  3. >You idly wonder what she's up to right nos but you push that away and take another warm sip.
  4. >Magic is a wonderful, wonderful thing.
  5. >Your tea remains comfortably warm even all the way out here on this hill.
  6. >Your eyes fall to the cup between your hooves.
  7. >You catch your reflection and almost lose yourself in it before the silence is broken.
  8. >"You know," Twilight begins.
  9. >You look up and bring your sight just above your cup and over the tea set to the lavender alicorn.
  10. >She gives you a content, albeit confused, smile.
  11. >"Of all the things I expected when I woke up this morning,"
  12. >She takes a sip.
  13. >"This wasn't one of them."
  14. >You open your mouth to respond but words just don't come.
  15. >Twilight continues regardless.
  16. >"Honestly. I woke up and just lied there for half an hour dreading what I was going to have to deal with today. Maybe a note form Cheerilee about some choice words you've said in front of your peers or maybe you get a wild tail hair and decide you are going to use spike to send something gross to Princess Celestia."
  17. >She continues to list emphasize each point with her wings.
  18. >"I'm still trying to dismantle that pyramid scheme of yours. Maybe you'll have goaded my friend's sisters into trying to break glass with their voices again. Heck maybe even a monster attack."
  19. >Her left primary coming down on a right pinion with each thought.
  20. >Several pinions later she comes out her train of thought with a blush and clears her throat.
  21. >"The point is that this is really nice. Uncharacteristically so. I don't think we've ever done anything like this before and I'm glad we aren't arguing over something and we just got to talk."
  22. >You really don't know what to say to that.
  23. >All you manage is a helpless smile and a blush.
  24. >You take another sip to drown out the awkward.
  25. >Normally you could deal with being put on the spot when you were giving somepony shit but not this.
  26. >You don't often hear compliments so you kinda don't know how to respond to them.
  27. >As if picking up on the fact, Twilight continues.
  28. >"Don't get me wrong, Anon. You drive me up the wall but that doesn't mean I don't like you. You are going to be a filly for a long time and I know you act out because its my fault. I understand. I'd be upset too. But that doesn't mean you can't grow to enjoy it I can't grow from your estranged caretaker to friend."
  29. >Okay, you were expecting sappy bullshit when you invited her here for tea but what the fuck?
  30. >Not that you mind but…
  31. >You place your cup down and run a hoof along your mane.
  32. "Laying it on kinda thick there ain'tcha, Purple?"
  33. >She just smiles.
  34. >It makes you smile.
  35. >Dumb cunt.
  36. >She magics away the tea set but leaves the blanket.
  37. >"I mean it though. Deflect all you but we will talk about this."
  38. "Listen, I'm not about to start talking about my feelings or not-"
  39. >Twilight stands and closes the distance between the both of you before you can protest.
  40. >She's hugging you.
  41. >Hooves and wings wrapped around you like… like some dumb thing.
  42. >You try and keep your shit together but you feel yourself start to lose the battle.
  43. >Mercifully however, she lets go and rises to her full height before you do.
  44. >You play it cool.
  45. "That was gay."
  46. >"Yes, and it made you gay too but that's besides the point."
  47. >You get the joke but it falls flat for you.
  48. >It really didn't.
  49. >Only accomplished the opposite honestly.
  50. >"We don't have to talk about anything right now but just know that I'd like to, okay?"
  51. >She starts to trot down the hill.
  52. >"Just think about it."
  53. >You watch her go and are left with three feelings anda thought.
  54. >You still feel the lingering sensation of her hooves and wings around you.
  55. >You feel a horrible tightness in your chest that threatens to burst fourth from your throat.
  56. >You feel a terrible bittersweetness that you can almost taste.
  57. >And all of it contrasts so greatly with the thought you have it makes you want to laugh at the absolute absurdity of it all.
  58. >Twilight magicked the tea set away and used her wings to emphasize points but uses neither of those to make her exit and hoofs it instead.
  59. >Stupid dumb horse thing.
  60. >You hiccup.
  61. >You have to wipe your eyes cause the hiccup made them leak.
  62. >Stupid hiccup.
  63. >It happens again and your eyes get leakier.
  64. >One might say you were trying to sob but they'd be fuckin liars.
  65. >You look at Ponyville from atop your hill again.
  66. >You look at a stupid purple speck on the next hill over getting smaller as it moves away.
  67. >Everything is bathed in an orange hue now as the sun still creeps ever closer towards the West horizon.
  68. >It won't be long now.
  69. >Okay, so maybe you are crying now.
  70. >In equal parts happiness to to all the sorrow.
  71. >And dread.
  72. >The worst part is that today was-
  73. >"Perfect."
  74. >Startled, you look over to your left just in time to see Pinkie Pie sitting on the blanket with you with an oddly subdued smile on her face.
  75. >She is also facing west.
  76. >"Today was perfect."
  78. >You'll never get used to that bullshit.
  79. "How do you-"
  80. >"Shush, silly filly. You won't get an answer out of me unless you can tell me why you made our friends last day perfect. Not a teensy weensy peep 'til then."
  81. >How…
  82. >"And maaaaaybe a little birdie told me that today was totally the end of everything as we know it and everything you did today made a heck of a lot more sense than 'Woowie, Anon sure turned over a new leaf today for no reason whatsoever!'"
  83. >Instead of dwelling on that…whaterver that was…you take the easier pill to swallow and find that you can't get it down either.
  84. >Why did you do this for them?
  85. >You did chores for Appul, modeled fru fru crap for Marshmallow, played rabbit sitter for Butterflutter, stroked Blue Fast's hot, wet, slick and steamy…
  86. >Ego.
  87. >You baked and pranked with pink horse and brought Twilight up here and didn't give any of them shit all day as you normally do.
  88. >If anything you planned on being an even bigger shit and doing some truly vile things cause it was the end but instead, well… you know the rest.
  89. >You really don't have an answer.
  90. >"Thank you."
  91. "Huh?"
  92. >"For caring enough to do all of this. It means a lot to me for what its worth."
  93. >You sniffle, trying to take control of yourself enough to speak.
  94. >It takes you a lot longer than you like, the sun noticeably lower.
  95. >You have questions.
  96. >There are things you'd like to ask but there just isn't that much time now.
  97. >As the sun sinks toward the horizon you feel an unnaturally cold wind begin to blow softly at your back.
  98. >It sends shivers down your spine and you let out a little whine.
  99. >Pinkie turns her head to look back and… and…
  100. >Her little smile melts into horror.
  101. >You need to say something.
  102. >Anything.
  103. >Witnessing Ponk's face do that is almost more frightening than knowing what's coming.
  104. >If you don't do anything you know you'll drown in your fear and start screaming and crying and never stop.
  105. "I-Is it worth a hug?" you ask, your quavering voice louder than you intended in near panic.
  106. >That manages to rip her trembling gaze from whatever it is she saw long enough to look at you.
  107. >There is a low ominous groan behind you like the sound of an impossibly large beast in pain mixed with the sundering of a great sheet of metal underwater.
  108. >Both of you flinch but you press on.
  109. >Its the only thing you can do not to scream
  110. "What its worth t-to you n' junk! Is it worth a hug?"
  111. >It takes far to many seconds for understanding to dawn on the pink pony.
  112. >Far to many noises of the approaching calamity occur in those seconds.
  113. >No doubt they were hearing this in Ponyville now.
  114. >"Yes. Yes it is, Nonny."
  115. >She scooches closer to you on your little unimportant blanket and throws her hooves around you in a tight hug.
  116. >You wished her hooves blocked out the sounds but at least her chest blocked you from seeing what was coming.
  117. >That fleeting thought was a mistake.
  118. >Slowly, you turn your head so your eyes peek under one of her pink limbs and you see.
  119. >Oh god you see.
  120. >Miles away, lie a encroaching wall of yawning black where all light seems to just stop.
  121. >The lands and trees and other things are being engulfed from the east alarmingly fast.
  122. >You start to scre-
  123. >And its gone.
  124. >The land, the black, and even Pinkie Pie.
  125. >You find yourself floating on a field of stars.
  126. >"You know, Anonymous, you could just try being polite and friendly and they would accept you readily and wholeheartedly as a friend rather than a nuisance or a villain. They've done the same for me."
  127. >Startled, you turn around just in time to catch a blue hoof on your nose before your eyes shoot open and you find yourself staring at a crystal ceiling.
  128. >Was that a-
  129. >Fuck.
  130. >Stupid fucking dreams.
  131. "Stupid fucking alicorns trying to get you to talk about your feeling like some kinda gay… uh… Gay."
  132. >You turn over on your fuzzy green side to get out of bed only to see a displeased purple alicorn.
  133. >Go fucking figure.
  134. "Well…"
  135. >She teleports a bar of soap to herself and she beckons you to the door with a hoof.
  136. "Shit."
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