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January 2017 #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved twitter storm

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  1. #timeserved #FreeChelseaNOW
  2. ************************************************************************************************************************
  3. "It now falls upon a tireless and restless minority to assist Manning. Only through dedicated mobilization and peaceful activism can Manning be saved. For what is at stake is not just Chelsea Manning, but the rescuing of the human conscience from repeated government assault." - Kevin Patrick Kelly, http://www.mintpressnews.com/MyMPN/chelsea-manning-and-the-execution-of-the-human-conscience/
  4. ************************************************************************************************************************
  7. WELCOME! Below you will find tweets that you can copy, edit and send during the #FreeChelseaNOW tweetstorm on January 10, 9am Pacific. Please WAIT to tweet these until the start of the tweetstorm. We will be more effective and possibly get the tags to trend if we all tweet these at around the same time. We suggest you use Tweetdeck or some other app to schedule tweets in advance.
  9. This tweetstorm will be a little bit different than the usual one hour sprint. We want to keep the tweetstorm going by spacing out tweets over 2-3 hours! This could be a sustained tweetstorm that starts in the morning on the West Coast and ends in the early afternoon on the East Coast before Obama's farewell address. Keeping it going in this way will allow more people to see our message and join the tweetstorm.
  11. NOTE: Some sample tweets include a URL for suggested images to attach. You need to visit the URL for the pic and save it locally, then add it to the tweet.
  13. Galleries of artwork to attach to your tweets:
  14. http://imgur.com/a/Xjaqd
  15. http://imgur.com/a/JjX1F
  16. http://imgur.com/a/D7eCP
  18. **************************************** SAMPLE TWEETS ****************************************
  20. >> FIRST TWEET. Please send out a tweet with this tweet package attached first!
  21. Final push for @POTUS Obama to #FreeChelseaNOW! Join the tweetstorm happening NOW! Steal these tweets >> http://pastebin.com/SHinbARb #timeserved
  23.   ^^ send out this tweet above first  
  25.   Dear @POTUS Obama: Last chance! Please end Chelsea Manning's abuse in prison. #FreeChelseaNOW for #timeserved before you leave office! (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/aKd3DxW.jpg)
  27.   Dear @POTUS: Cutting Manning's sentence to #timeserved would be a merciful act of reconciliation and healing. Please #FreeChelseaNOW
  29.   Dear @POTUS Obama: Please have a conscience and don't leave Manning for the Trump admin. She's suffered enough. #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  31.   9 days left! Send an email now to @POTUS Obama asking him to free Chelsea Manning for #timeserved! https://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions/obama-free-chelsea-manning-now #freeChelseaNOW
  33. .@POTUS Obama made huge mistakes on civil liberties. Honor the whistleblowers of our age #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/01/edward-snowden-chelsea-manning-barack-obama-pardon
  35.  Chelsea Manning was denied her gender expression in prison, punished for the distress it caused. @POTUS, time to #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  37.  Solitary confinement is torture, especially in the case of Chelsea Manning. It's time @POTUS - #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/aKd3DxW.jpg)
  39.  Hey @POTUS, Chelsea Manning is a WHISTLEBLOWER & prisoner of conscience. Where's YOUR conscience? #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/LbFZipC.jpg)
  41.  Dear @POTUS: before leaving office, you have the chance to end a US citizen's suffering, do what's right and #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  43.  Most politicians admit Iraq war was a disaster; why is Chelsea Manning the only one paying the price? @POTUS #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  45.  The hypocrisy of jailing a whistleblower who revealed war crimes is appalling. @POTUS Obama, you must #FreeChelseaNow! #timeserved (include this image https://scontent.ftxl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/1528598_681310111913098_1639836056_n.jpg?oh=efa722092262d805821bdf3050e91f45&oe=58A29BCC)
  47.  Manning has spent more than 11 months in solitary since her arrest in May 2010 @POTUS https://www.freechelsea.com/solitary-confinement-chelsea-manning/ #freeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  49.  Dear @POTUS: The treatment of #ChelseaManning is discouraging further whistleblowers! Do the right thing and #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  51.  In 2016 @POTUS banned solitary for juveniles. He needs to #FreeChelseaNOW & end her abuse in prison. http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/01/25/463891388/obama-announces-reforms-to-solitary-confinement-in-federal-prisons #timeserved
  53.  Dear @POTUS @BarackObama, Chelsea Manning has been in prison 7 years for whistleblowing. Enough! #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  55.  Remember @POTUS when your admin was going to be the most transparent in history? Chelsea Manning treatment says otherwise. #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  57.  Bush fabricated evidence for a war that killed 1.5million people & Manning paid the price for exposing it @POTUS #FreeChelseaNow #timeserved (include this image https://scontent.ftxl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/1510870_681307511913358_1732575981_n.jpg?oh=8ae4bc58eba310ca3f825855a2f63116&oe=588CAEB6)
  59.  Dear @POTUS: Chelsea Manning did a public service in exposing war crimes. Please #FreeChelseaNOW before the end of your term! #timeserved   (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/B5nKLI1.jpg)
  61.  If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. @POTUS #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved
  62. (include this image https://scontent.ftxl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/1558479_685943918116384_1796691554_n.jpg?oh=1ee54e884970e32b29d2b634d3d108cf&oe=5891FA28)
  64.  Dear @POTUS: Please stop this wrongful imprisonment of this true hero held by the US military! #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/B5nKLI1.jpg)
  66.  Dear @POTUS: Manning's status has been used to question the ethics of the US by Russia #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/wikileaks/10257228/Bradley-Manning-sentenced-to-35-years-in-prison.html
  68.  Chelsea Manning has constantly faced treatment that's globally considered torture. End this and #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved @POTUS
  70.  Are hypothetical victims more important than real victims of war? No one was harmed by Manning's leaks. #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved @POTUS
  72.  Dear @POTUS: Inhuman treatment of #ChelseaManning was described as torture by UN experts #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/mar/12/bradley-manning-cruel-inhuman-treatment-un (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/n24OLOD.jpg)
  74.  No other leaker has gotten as harsh a punishment as Chelsea Manning. @POTUS Time to #FreeChelseaNOW! #timeserved http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/18/us/marine-general-james-cartwright-leak-fbi.html?_r=2
  76.  Not everyone in Iraq & Afghanistan were targets to be neutralized, but rather people struggling to live @POTUS #FreeChelseaNow #timeserved  (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/B5nKLI1.jpg)
  78.  The treatment Chelsea Manning has endured over years is a stain on the US human rights record #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved @POTUS  (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/n24OLOD.jpg)
  80.  Dear @POTUS, On Feb 24 2009 you said "America does not torture"; the int'l community disagrees #FreeChelseaNOW https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/mar/12/bradley-manning-cruel-inhuman-treatment-un (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/n24OLOD.jpg)
  82.  Chelsea Manning has served more time than the rest of these people combined. Is this justice? @POTUS #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved (include this image https://scontent.ftxl1-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/1463296_681308711913238_1014274519_n.jpg?oh=4a78e3a8761779fcaf96d473d90b9a3b&oe=5896A861)
  84.  Dear @POTUS, Orgs like @ACLU have said Manning's prosecution created chilling effects #FreeChelseaNOW #timeserved https://shadowproof.com/2014/07/28/mass-surveillance-leak-investigations-the-chilling-effect-against-journalism/  (image to attach: http://i.imgur.com/Rtv1Y8l.jpg)
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