MagiReco Main Story 6.6

Jan 15th, 2018
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  1. Iroha's Declaration
  3. 6.6.1
  4. [it's nighttime on the riverbank]
  5. Momoko: "Well, you're probably in no mood to go witch hunting."
  6. "I guess we should go home now..."
  7. Rena: "Mm, yeah."
  8. Momoko: "Are you alright, Kaede?"
  9. Kaede: "..."
  10. Momoko: "For now, worry all you want."
  11. Kaede: "Yeah..."
  12. Rena: "I have to get over my worries at some point too..."
  13. "Like about Yachiyo-san?"
  14. Momoko: "Yeah..."
  15. "Why did she suddenly say we were splitting up, like her whole personality changed..."
  16. "I have to make her answer it for me."
  17. Rena: "Maybe it'll have already been settled."
  18. Momoko: "Now that I've worked up the resolve, that'd sure be some bad timing."
  19. "If that happens, there's nothing to do but curse my own luck."
  20. Rena: "Hehe"
  21. Momoko: "And also, you've started cracking jokes like that, Rena..."
  22. "Don't try to force yourself."
  23. Rena: "I've already cried plenty in front of you, so I don't need to anymore."
  24. "I'll worry about it later, at home."
  25. Momoko: "Ah, I see."
  26. "Well then, let's go, Kaede."
  27. Kaede: "..."
  28. Momoko: "Come on, you can't hide your face like that or you won't be able to walk."
  29. Kaede: "..."
  30. Momoko: "...I'm gonna pick you up."
  31. Kaede: "...I'm awake..."
  32. Momoko: "If you're having a hard time, just call me anytime."
  33. "Even if it's the dead of night, I'll sneak in through your window."
  34. Kaede: "That'll be a crime, Momoko-chan."
  35. Momoko: "That may be..."
  36. (...I wonder what's going on with Iroha and the others.)
  37. (What happened with the *Memory Museum*?)
  38. [at the museum]
  39. Iroha: "pant... pant..."
  40. "Please wait up, Yachiyo-san!"
  41. "What do you mean you're fine on your own? Why are we dissolved!?"
  42. "What did Mifuyu-san say to you?"
  43. "Is it because of what happened a year ago in that memory?"
  44. Yachiyo: "I have no reason to answer."
  45. Iroha: "Yes you do!"
  46. "Tsuruno-chan and the others are brainwashed!"
  47. "What will you do? Are you going to leave them behind?"
  48. Yachiyo: "..."
  49. Iroha: "Please say something..."
  50. [insert image of the five girls' mugs]
  51. Iroha: "And I thought I could confirm it..."
  52. "That you bought us mugs because we were really friends..."
  53. Yachiyo: "..."
  54. Iroha: "Please, don't say that we're dissolved..."
  55. "Let's defeat the rumor together, get outside, and save everyone..."
  56. Yachiyo: "..."
  57. "I can't do anything anymore..."
  58. "...Well then, the exit is near."
  59. [the background changes as some kind of printing press rumor attacks]
  60. rumor: |N"TDYNTHEUNT<Y|
  61. Yachiyo: "I'll have you let me pass."
  62. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, please step out of the way."
  63. "You won't be able to fight against Alina-san's witch!"
  64. Yachiyo: "No, I'll do it."
  65. Iroha: "!?"
  66. Yachiyo: "I told you already."
  67. "We're not working together or anything anymore. So I don't need any help."
  68. Iroha: "But I have the same goal of getting outside!"
  69. "At least we can fight the rumor together!"
  70. Yachiyo: "Don't follow me..."
  71. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san!"
  72. "Jeez, what's wrong with her!?"
  73. [in battle]
  74. rumor: |"NTHNTEODetnh.,yntdy,.|
  75. Yachiyo: "Guh..."
  76. "pant... pant..."
  77. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, you're really going to die if you keep going like this!"
  78. "You're doing exactly as Magius wants!"
  79. Yachiyo: "I'm fine, I'm not going to die."
  80. Iroha: "But what if your soul gem shatters!?"
  81. Yachiyo: "...sigh, you learned something you didn't need to..."
  82. "I don't need your help!"
  83. [battle]
  84. Yachiyo: "pant... pant..."
  85. Rumor: |nty,ntd ntdy,n.thntyd ,!!|
  86. Yachiyo: "!?"
  87. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san!"
  88. Rumor: |ntydntehun,t.yh!!?!?|
  89. Yachiyo: "I told you not to interfere!"
  90. Iroha: "I couldn't just stand there and watch!"
  91. "I'm your friend, Yachiyo-san!"
  92. Yachiyo: "tch..."
  93. Iroha: "This rumor looks like it can't move from the entrance."
  94. "Let's escape while we can!"
  95. [screen wipe]
  96. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, let's work together after all."
  97. Yachiyo: "No..."
  98. Iroha: "Because we're not in a working relationship anymore?"
  99. Yachiyo: "Yes, that's right."
  100. Iroha: "I just don't understand..."
  101. "What are you thinking?"
  102. "You've been strange ever since Mifuyu-san came."
  103. "You were keeping your distance from us..."
  104. "I thought you'd come to save us..."
  105. "But then you said that we're no longer a group..."
  106. "And now you say you can't do anything about Tsuruno-chan and the others..."
  107. "I'm lonely... and sad..."
  108. "All the times we fought alongside one another..."
  109. Yachiyo: "..."
  110. Iroha: "But more than that, this is the first time I'm angry with you, Yachiyo-san..."
  111. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san..."
  112. Iroha: "So let me tell you this."
  113. "If you're not going to tell us why, I can't accept that we're dissolved!"
  114. "If you try to push me away, I will not leave your side!"
  115. "Even if by force, I'll take your hand and we'll get out of this *rumor* together."
  116. "And then we'll save everyone!"
  117. Yachiyo: "..."
  118. "Stop it..."
  119. "...If you tell me that, you'll make my resolve waver again..."
  120. "Please, stay away from me..."
  121. "Don't involve yourself with me..."
  122. "If you don't, I might end up killing you..."
  123. Iroha: "Killing me?"
  124. "You'd... kill me?"
  125. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  126. Iroha: "There's no way that could be!"
  127. Yachiyo: "Yes, there is..."
  128. Iroha: "That's a lie... you have to be saying this on purpose..."
  129. Yachiyo: "Then I'll tell you everything, if you want."
  130. "That way at least, you'll *want* to stay away from me!"
  132. 6.6.2
  133. [in the museum]
  134. Yachiyo: "I get it, then I'll tell you everything, if you want."
  135. "That way at least, you'll *want* to stay away from me..."
  136. Iroha: "!?"
  137. Yachiyo: "You already know about Kanae and Meru, right?"
  138. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  139. Yachiyo: "Both of them... died because of me!"
  140. "Because of my wish..."
  141. Iroha: "Because of your wish?"
  142. Yachiyo: "Yes, it's my wish's fault!"
  143. "Because I wished..."
  144. [fade to gray]
  145. Yachiyo: *I wished to "be a survivor".*
  146. [back to the museum]
  147. Yachiyo: "So everyone else didn't survive!"
  148. "Even Mifuyu, I'm absolutely sure she was losing her magic!"
  149. Iroha: "W-wait up, Yachiyo-san!"
  150. "Now I know your wish, but..."
  151. "Whether it's the fault of your wish that both of them died or not..."
  152. "You don't know that!"
  153. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san..."
  154. "...There are several things about myself that I don't understand..."
  155. "One is the reason why I survive..."
  156. "Another is about my own special power..."
  157. "My wish was originally from when I was in a unit of models..."
  158. "I merely needed to survive as the leader..."
  159. "However, if the power residing in me is connected to both of their deaths..."
  160. "Then it would all make sense..."
  161. Iroha: "Why... Why do you have to think so negatively!?"
  162. Yachiyo: "After all, Kanae and Meru said this to me..."
  163. [flashback to witch barrier]
  164. Yachiyo: "Kanae!"
  165. Kanae: "Yachiyo..."
  166. "Take me... to the future..."
  167. "I have a feeling that you will be able to..."
  168. [fade to gray]
  169. Kanae: *Because... the team... needs you...*
  170. [flashback to riverbank]
  171. Yachiyo: "Some lucky day this is... This is the worst..."
  172. [Meru perks up and smiles]
  173. Meru: "It is... lucky... because I... protected... Yachiyo-san..."
  174. [fade to gray]
  175. Meru: *I'm... so glad... I protected... the leader... I look up to...*
  176. [back to the museum]
  177. Yachiyo: "That was the first time I thought about the reason why I was always a survivor."
  178. "I thought back to what they had said to me..."
  179. "And so... This is how I began to think."
  180. [fade to black]
  181. Yachiyo: *I, who wished to "be a survivor" in order to continue being the leader...*
  182. *I was "allowed to live" in order to continue being the leader...*
  183. [back to the museum]
  184. Yachiyo: "And if that's the case, like your healing powers..."
  185. "Tsuruno's good luck... Mifuyu's illusions..."
  186. "My own personal magic is like this..."
  187. [fade to black]
  188. *"To sacrifice another in order to survive"*
  189. [back to the museum]
  190. Iroha: "No way..."
  191. Yachiyo: "Now do you understand?"
  192. "If you are with me... my wish will kill you..."
  194. 6.6.3
  195. [in the museum]
  196. Iroha: "Isn't it all just guessing, that your wish is the cause, and that that's your personal magic?"
  197. "It's not absolutely certain, right?"
  198. Yachiyo: "It was already dangerous by the time I'd guessed it..."
  199. Iroha: "But I just can't accept that..."
  200. Yachiyo: "Please, just believe me! Put yourself in my position!"
  201. "..."
  202. "...I'm sorry. I just reaped what I sowed..."
  203. "Everything I did that made Momoko angry and Tsuruno uneasy..."
  204. "It's all happening over, and causing tragedy for everyone..."
  205. Iroha: "..."
  206. Yachiyo: "When I first met you, you know, I really intended on helping you."
  207. "However..."
  208. "I wonder if this is nature of mine is also a result of my wish..."
  209. "Or if I'm just a lonely person..."
  210. "Once I let my feelings show, I slowly return to the way I was in the past."
  211. "My feelings for all of you grew stronger..."
  212. "But even so, deep inside I kept thinking of us as merely cooperating."
  213. "You weren't my friends, I wasn't the leader..."
  214. "But... it didn't help..."
  215. [flashback to the street outside Yachiyo's house]
  216. Mifuyu: "Enough lip service. That's just putting the same thing another way."
  217. Mifuyu: "You've returned to your old ways. You met Iroha-san..."
  218. [back to the museum]
  219. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu's words pierced right to my heart, and made me accept that I'd changed."
  220. "So, I'm sorry..."
  221. "So that none of you would die..."
  222. "I'm breaking up the team..."
  223. Iroha: "..."
  224. "I understand!"
  225. Yachiyo: "...I'm sorry."
  226. Iroha: "No, what you guessed... I will make it impossible for that to come true!"
  227. Yachiyo: "Huh?"
  228. Iroha: "I am your friend, Yachiyo-san."
  229. "I, your friend, will defeat that rumor alone!"
  230. "And I will protect you."
  231. "If you imagine 'me sacrificing myself for you'... I will smash that image!"
  232. Yachiyo: "What are you saying!?"
  233. "Stop this!"
  234. Iroha: "I'm angry right now!"
  235. "I'm mad that we've been pushed around by just something you dreamed up!"
  236. "I'm really angry!"
  237. "So..."
  238. "Please don't believe in what you've guessed until after I've died."
  239. "Because if you leave me, I'll be lonely."
  240. "I don't want to be sad, so I'll beat this rumor by myself!"
  241. "And then we'll go save everyone together!"
  242. "So please don't interfere!"
  244. 6.6.4
  245. [in the museum]
  246. rumor: |GIGAGOGIGIGIGI!|
  247. Iroha: "Guah...agh!"
  248. Yachiyo: "That's enough, Tamaki-san..."
  249. "As much as you're trying to save me, as much as I'm trying to save you..."
  250. "My wish will kill you..."
  251. "So I'm fine being alone, I will fight by myself!"
  252. "So leave me alone..."
  253. Iroha: "No, I won't leave you alone."
  254. "All I have to do now..."
  255. "No matter what happens, I will pierce through!"
  256. [in battle]
  257. Iroha: "I won't accept that everyone's going to die because of Yachiyo-san's wish."
  258. "I won't accept that the team is dissolved, either."
  259. "I will protect Yachiyo-san, and I'll save everyone else."
  260. "And then with everyone, we'll take Mifuyu-san back, and find Ui!"
  261. "I'll show them!"
  262. rumor: |GI GO GA!!|
  263. [battle]
  264. Iroha: "Yaaaaaah!!!"
  265. rumor: |GIKKAKAKIKKO!?|
  266. "..."
  267. Iroha: "pant... pant... I did it..."
  268. Yachiyo: "You..."
  269. Iroha: "See, Yachiyo-san... I'm not dead!"
  270. "You were all in a pinch, and beaten up, but I'm still alive!"
  271. "Ah..."
  272. [she collapses]
  273. Yachiyo: "Tamaki-san!"
  274. "Why did she push herself this much..."
  275. Iroha: "Of course I would push myself... I don't want to be separated from everyone..."
  276. "So, Yachiyo-san..."
  277. "Won't you give yourself one more chance?"
  278. Yachiyo: "A chance?"
  279. Iroha: "That everyone is not going to die from your wish..."
  280. Yachiyo: "But... I..."
  281. "..."
  282. Iroha: "Then, let's do this!"
  283. Yachiyo: "What... now?"
  284. Iroha: "From now on... I will be the leader!"
  285. Yachiyo: "Eh..."
  286. Iroha: "Like this, it should be fine, right?"
  287. Yachiyo: "You..."
  288. "sniff... sniff..."
  289. "You're really stubborn..."
  290. Iroha: "Sorry for being stubborn."
  291. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry as well..."
  292. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san... Let's go save everyone together..."
  293. "And then, we'll all go home together..."
  294. "To your house..."
  295. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  296. "Thank you... Iroha..."
  298. 6.6.5
  299. [back in the lobby of the abandoned museum]
  300. Yachiyo: "I talked with Mifuyu, and then kept my distance from all of you..."
  301. "After all, I had decided to break up the team..."
  302. "Now I feel so strange..."
  303. Iroha: "Me too."
  304. "You told me that so strongly..."
  305. Yachiyo: "But thanks to that, my feelings have changed..."
  306. Iroha: "Yes."
  307. Yachiyo: "kuh..."
  308. Iroha: "Ah, are you alright?"
  309. Yachiyo: "Yes... are you alright, Iroha?"
  310. Iroha: "Yes... We're both all beat-up now, huh..."
  311. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  312. "First we need to focus on healing, or else there's no way we'll be doing any rescuing..."
  313. Iroha: "Yes..."
  314. [there are some flashes of magic]
  315. Iroha: It seems there is some of Alina-san's magic remaining..."
  316. [they notice something]
  317. Iroha: "Huh... This magic is..."
  318. Yachiyo: "You felt it as well, Iroha?"
  319. Iroha: "Yeah... this pattern of magic is..."
  320. [flashback to the Kuchiyose Shrine]
  321. Iroha: "Um, you are...?"
  322. Mami: "I am Tomoe Mami, a magical girl from Mitakihara."
  323. [back to the museum]
  324. Iroha: "Tomoe-san..."
  325. ???: I'm so glad you remember me..."
  326. Yachiyo: "Why are you... here..."
  327. [Mami shows up in her Mitakihara Middle uniform]
  328. Iroha: "Tomoe-san... Where did you go?"
  329. "Madoka-chan and Homura-chan were looking for you."
  330. "You weren't at home, and you didn't go to school..."
  331. Mami: "That's true, huh..."
  332. Yachiyo: "!?"
  333. "Iroha, get back!"
  334. Iroha: "Eh!"
  335. [Mami transforms into her normal outfit, then into Holy Mami; cue Epic Music]
  336. "After all, I haven't returned since joining the Wings of Magius..."
  337. Iroha: "The Wings... of Magius?"
  338. "Why..."
  339. Mami: "It was the obvious choice."
  340. "I received a divine revelation, and learned of my mission..."
  341. Iroha: "Mission?"
  342. Mami: "The release of magical girls..."
  343. "In order to do that, I will forcefully erase any obstacles in our way..."
  344. "You may be hurt, even if you are Kaname-san's friend..."
  345. [battle]
  346. [in battle]
  347. Mami: "Just as Satomi-san hypothesized... There's a chance it may come out..."
  348. Yachiyo: "So you've prepared pawns to put extra pressure on us..."
  349. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san... In this situation, we..."
  350. Yachiyo: "Yeah, we've thoroughly lost..."
  351. Mami: "It's practically the same situation as when we first met at the shrine..."
  353. 6.6.6
  354. Iroha: "pant... pant... pant..."
  355. Yachiyo: "pant pant..."
  356. Mami: "It's about time we put an end to this..."
  357. Iroha: "I won't let it..."
  358. "I'm finally working with Yachiyo-san to save everyone!"
  359. Yachiyo: "Iroha..."
  360. Mami: "But the Wings of Magius will save everyone..."
  361. "You really do have your ideals..."
  362. "It's true that among them are some bad people..."
  363. "But don't resist, join the Wings of Magius with me."
  364. Yachiyo: "I'm sick and tired of that invitation. I will have to refuse."
  365. Mami: "...Then I have no choice but to follow the instructions of the Magius."
  366. "Alright, I will now show you as well..."
  367. "My Florence, as cute as an angel..."
  368. [we see her doppel]
  369. [fade to gray, with Iroha in the background]
  370. Iroha: *This is ridiculous...*
  371. *Even though I said I wouldn't die...*
  372. *I told Yachiyo-san to give herself one more chance, but now...*
  373. *And I won't be able to save everyone...*
  374. *Even though they were the first friends I truly could trust, even though they were the first people I wanted to introduce to Ui...*
  375. [battle]
  376. [in battle]
  377. Mami: "Forgive me, Tamaki-san."
  378. "I would have liked to speak with you just a bit more."
  379. Iroha: "..."
  380. ???: "Wait just a moment!!"
  381. Iroha: "!?"
  382. [Sayaka appears!]
  383. ???: "What are you doing here, Mami-san!?"
  384. "I don't know what happened, but she's all beaten up!"
  385. "And anyway, what's with the outfit!?"
  386. Mami: "Miki-san..."
  387. "Get out of my way... Tamaki-san is still my opponent."
  388. Sayaka: "Opponent? What on earth are you saying..."
  389. "I don't understand what the situation is..."
  390. "But these people can't fight anymore!"
  391. Mami: "You're going to involve yourself?"
  392. Sayaka: "Are you... serious?"
  393. Mami: "Yes..."
  394. Sayaka: "Mami-san, what happened to you?"
  395. "I didn't think you were the sort of person to do this."
  396. Mami: "This is who I am now..."
  397. "Miki-san, get out of my way..."
  398. "We can discuss further once I've erased them..."
  399. Sayaka: "I'm not so obedient as to let that one slip!"
  400. Mami: "You'll regret it..."
  401. Sayaka: "Why are you doing this!?"
  402. [battle]
  403. [back to the museum]
  404. [sounds of gunfire]
  405. Sayaka: "Ah... guh!"
  406. "Dammit... In the end, I don't stand a chance..."
  407. Mami: "Your justice isn't mistaken, Miki-san..."
  408. "However, I have no choice..."
  409. "I cannot allow you to get in the way of the goals of Magius..."
  410. Sayaka: "Mami-san..."
  411. "Kuh, I can't accept it... but I want to talk this through..."
  412. "And so!"
  413. Mami: "Huh..."
  414. Yachiyo: "What are you-!"
  415. Iroha: "Ehh!?"
  416. [flash and fade to white, then gray]
  417. Iroha: *Kyaaa!!*
  418. Yachiyo: *No way, is what you threw a...*
  419. [fade to white, then smoke]
  420. Sayaka: "I borrowed a bomb from Homura in secret."
  421. "To think that I would use it with Mami-san as my opponent..."
  422. Yachiyo: "You realize that if you use a bomb in a dilapidated building like this..."
  423. Sayaka: "It's fine, let's get out quickly! We can use the smoke as cover!"
  424. "Can you run?"
  425. Iroha: "Y-yes, I think I can manage!"
  426. Iroha: "How about you, Yachiyo-san!?"
  427. Yachiyo: "I-I can easily handle running!"
  428. [the building shakes]
  429. Iroha: "T-The building!"
  430. Sayaka: "Eh? No way... really!?"
  431. Yachiyo: "I told you so!"
  432. Sayaka: "But now, the police will come, and Mami-san won't be able to use her guns."
  433. "It's all gonna turn out fine!"
  434. Yachiyo: "You're quite bold..."
  435. Sayaka: "It's an emergency, after all."
  436. [screen wipe]
  437. Mami: "..."
  439. 6.6.7
  440. [in the park]
  441. Sayaka: "I think we'll be fine all the way over here..."
  442. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry... please let me sit down..."
  443. Iroha: "Me too..."
  444. Sayaka: "Ah, I'm sorry for pushing you that hard..."
  445. Iroha: "You shouldn't be apologizing when you're the one who saved us..."
  446. [the pollution on Yachiyo and Iroha's gems go away]
  447. Iroha: "Huh?"
  448. Sayaka: "I brought just one grief seed."
  449. Iroha: "You didn't have to go that far for us..."
  450. Sayaka: "You're Tamaki Iroha, right?"
  451. "And you are Nanami Yachiyo-san."
  452. Iroha: "You know about us?"
  453. Sayaka: "Madoka and Homura told me about you."
  454. "This is as thanks for when you helped those two before."
  455. "So don't worry about it."
  456. Iroha: "I see... Thank you very much."
  457. Yachiyo: "So you're a friend of Kaname-san and Akemi-san, huh."
  458. Sayaka: "Yes, I'm Miki Sayaka."
  459. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry, Miki-san... On top of saving us..."
  460. Sayaka: "It's not like I did much saving. I got splendidly beaten, you know."
  461. Iroha: "But if you hadn't come, Miki-san, we would have been in trouble..."
  462. "I feel so pitiful because I'd just made such a grand declaration..."
  463. Yachiyo: "You did well, Iroha..."
  464. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  465. Sayaka: "Well, I guess I was a bit of a help?"
  466. Iroha: "Yes, very much so."
  467. Sayaka: "I'm glad..."
  468. "And anyway, what is going on?"
  469. "Can you explain the details for me?"
  470. Iroha: "Yes..."
  471. [battle]
  472. Sayaka: "Transforming into a witch..."
  473. "I'm sorry, I really can't handle this..."
  474. "Is that really true?"
  475. "Are we really going to turn into witches..."
  476. Iroha: "Yes... both Yachiyo-san and I saw it with our own eyes..."
  477. Sayaka: "No way..."
  478. "And then Mami-san was in the Wings of Magius?"
  479. "No way... I can't believe it..."
  480. Yachiyo: "Nobody who hasn't seen it themselves ever believes it..."
  481. "Or rather, I think they don't want to believe it..."
  482. Sayaka: "Then, the witches I've defeated..."
  483. "Kuh! I've gotta cool my head..."
  484. Yachiyo: "Miki-san!"
  485. "You shouldn't get too worked up about it."
  486. "If you ever have something you want to ask, just stop by."
  487. "I do have more to talk to you about, after all..."
  488. Sayaka: "Alright..."
  489. Iroha: "Um, I'm sorry... even though you saved us..."
  490. "We went right into talking about this..."
  491. Sayaka: "I was the one who asked it, and eventually I'd learn it anyway, right?"
  492. "If that's the case, it's just that I learned it now..."
  493. "It's just that it's kinda hard to accept..."
  494. Iroha: "Miki-san..."
  495. Sayaka: "I'm sorry, I'll be going now..."
  496. "I have to talk about this with Madoka and Homura..."
  497. Iroha: "I hope she's alright..."
  498. Yachiyo: "It might have been too early to tell her..."
  499. "We should have found somewhere slightly better to talk..."
  500. Iroha: "At least, I should contact Madoka-chan..."
  501. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  502. "Well then, we should go home."
  503. Iroha: "That's right..."
  504. "Now we too have to spend some time thinking about the future."
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