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  1. quick info about playstyles
  2. 11:44] ринкаплахое: однобазовые пидоры
  3. [11:45] ринкаплахое: а цветочный фотонщик
  4. [11:45] ринкаплахое: флавербой который
  5. [11:45] ринкаплахое: целедан полный аутист и сам не понимает что он играет
  7. [15:31] DarkHorse🙈: Naivezerg is jumping from 5200-5600 mmr and can be very cheesy. ZvZ he almost always opens 12 pool macro, and he likes to go into some 2 base cheese too. Can be very cheesy in ZvT too I think.
  8. [15:32] DarkHorse🙈: King is 5700 mmr zerg, likes mutas in ZvT and ZvZ (2base muta) vs people he think might cheese or not outmacro him in the long run.
  9. [15:32] DarkHorse🙈: Idk much about his ZvP except that he can 19 drone +1 ling all in there sometimes xD
  10. [15:33] DarkHorse🙈: Legendkiller is a 4900-5000 mmr zerg, he's pretty random with his macro builds atleast ZvZ.
  11. [15:33] DarkHorse🙈: and Emperor he loves getting himself up to a 3 base carrier turtle style atleast in ZvP  and maybe other matchups idk
  12. [15:34] DarkHorse🙈: that should be the whole team @「ƎDESU」
  13. [15:34] DarkHorse🙈: I probly got more info about them if people need xd
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