6/7 Unclear Cloud Cover [Typeset]

Jan 20th, 2016
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  1. 6/7 Unclear Cloud Cover Translation
  2. From
  4. >In the Autumn of 2014 | a new member joined the Nishimura Fleet.
  5. >Yama
  6. >Yamagumoooooo!
  7. >[5th Ship of the Asashio Class, Asagumo]
  8. >Where are you Yamagumo~
  9. >There she goes all "Yamagumo Yamagumo" like...if the person isn't here, there's no point calling for someone that ain't there. | How creepy...
  10. >Ehhhh?!
  11. >[What...]
  12. >[Back when Fusou hadn't come to the Naval District]
  13. >[WHere is Onee-sama]
  14. >[That's how] [it was.]
  15. >But once Yamagumo is here, the Nishimura fleet will finally be all together!
  17. >Don't use the name of the Nishimura Fleet so flippantly | Only Onee-sama and I can use it, alright?
  18. >It's fine, Yamashiro
  19. >Thankfully, Submarines are the only abyssals that penetrate into the Naval District Waters. | Even Destroyers can go.
  20. >It's just that we only have TWO WEEKS to find Yamagumo...
  21. >Two weeks is enough! Just leave it to me!
  22. >As you are, Asagumo, there's not a chance in hell we're putting you in.
  23. >You've barely even gotten here.
  24. >It's just a bunch of subs, watch me send 'em belly up in front of you! | If I don't go, Yamagumo will definitely be too shy to show up!
  25. >You will be a good girl and stay at base!
  26. >Mm...? This map....
  27. >Only four ships at most can sortie | well then | who among us will sortie?
  29. >Why...
  30. >What kind of formatino is this?!
  31. >[2nd Ship of the Fusou Class, Yamashiro Kai]
  32. >[1st Ship of the Mogami Class, Mogami Kai]
  33. >Ehhh, even me~
  34. >[3rd Ship of the Asashio Class, Michishio Kai]
  35. >[5th Ship of the Asashio Class, Asagumo]
  36. >[*note: Since the equipment slots have been crammed with Zuiun, Sonar and Depth Charge launchers, all the main guns were removed.]
  37. >Onee-samaaaaaa, that kind of place doesn't suit me!
  38. >The flagship of the Nishimura fleet is you, Yamashiro.
  39. >Nobody is better suited.
  40. >Michishio, Asagumo | I hope we'll see your sister soon.
  41. >Just leave it ot me!
  42. >I will definitely bring Yamagumo's cute face back for you to see, so you just wait for us!
  44. >Wait for me, Yamagumo
  45. >[From here on out, we'll be forever together!]
  46. >Sortieing!
  48. >Is Asagumo not ready yet?
  49. >She'll be out in a few minutes.
  50. >But thank goodness
  51. >Since it's a DD, the docking time is rather short...
  52. >It's not good at all!
  53. >It's because of that child that we keep retreating and retreating! | how many times have we retreated from the first node because she got taiha'd?
  54. >Enough is enough!
  55. >That's why i hate her.
  57. >That kind of low-leveled, childish character!
  58. >What is the commander thinking?
  59. >To take an untrained newbie | and then throw her into a search and rescue unit.
  60. >Thanks to her we haven't even managed to get a drop at all, nevermind the drop we want.
  61. >I don't care about whether she was part of the Nishimura fleet | I don't want to take care of Asagumo any more than necessary!
  62. >Shut up!!
  63. >If we're talking destroyers, Shigure's clearly better. | You guys are thinking the same thing, right?
  64. >I didn't...
  65. >Agreed!
  66. >At this point, I--
  68. >Don't want to have to carry Asagumo around!
  69. >I can hear you all, idiots!
  70. >[Given that it's not like the Nishimura Fleet were particularly amazing friends]
  71. >[and we don't have a single happy memory]
  72. >[I'm the one]
  73. >That's sick of being dragged along by you all...
  74. >You want me to look for Yamagumo?
  75. >Yeah... | Let's not ask Asagumo anymore...
  77. >Shigure, you've already upgraded to Kai II | Among the destroyers, your abilities and luck are both quite high.
  78. >Moreover, you've served extensively in the large operations with good results. | So this time, as well,
  79. >I'd like to ask you to join us.
  80. >She'll refuse, of course, but no matter what...
  81. . >Thank you,
  82. >I'm so happy that you see me so positively!
  83. >N-not like that! | I was just appraising you in terms of your combat performance and abilities...
  84. >It's because you're interested in me that you took all that time to read up on me, right? | I'm really happy!
  85. >That's why I said it''s not like that!
  86. >Although I hate serving alongside Asagumo....
  87. >But if this girl starts to think that she and i have something going on....
  88. >Just kill me!
  90. >Idiot! Idiot! Harrumph~!!!
  91. >[Uwahhhh]
  92. >I ain't asking you for shit!
  93. >Onee-sama | I really can't stand this fleet anymore.
  94. >Asagumo's level is too high so she keeps getting taiha'd | I don't know how many times we've retreated.
  95. >Everyone's reaching the limits of their patience.
  96. >Please allow Shigure to replace Asagumo!
  97. >If this is done, it'll be much easier to get S-ranks | and the chances to obtain Yamagumo will also increase.
  98. >Moreover.... | compared to me, maybe it's better that Onee-sama be the one to lead everyone....
  99. >Yamashiro
  100. >These days that go by in this naval district aren't particularly harsh. | Once you're properly trained, doing your own job is quite easy.
  101. >And we're allowed to choose people we get along with and sortie as a group.
  102. >This was inherently a good thing, but...
  104. >This situation cannot continue as is.
  105. >Even an unseasoned child such as Asagumo | will one day be forced to fight on the field of battle.
  106. >When that time comes, what then shall we do?
  107. >I hope that there will always be people, no matter the circumstances, who will be willing to stand by their comrades;
  108. >Who will help everybody to work together and fulfill the tasks before them.
  109. >And I am convinced that Yamashiro will be that leader.
  111. >Not a single hit?! What are you doing?!
  112. >Aim!
  113. >Are you even aware that you're hlding us back?!
  114. >If you're going to look for Yamagumo, then do it right and | Asagumo!
  115. >[Why is Michishio-nee like this?]
  116. >[Be a!]
  117. >I did my best! | But this is all I can do!
  118. >[sigh]
  120. >[ always feels like this...]
  121. >This can't go on like this...
  122. >>There's no way we can look in this weather...
  123. >Lucky, it's divine providence!
  124. >...Uwahh, what the hell was I thinking...
  125. >Mogami, could you join our meeting?
  126. >Ahh, mmm....
  127. >Due to the heavy rain, our search today is hereby suspended.
  128. >Until further notice
  129. >The Search for Yamagumo is suspended indefinitely.
  131. >That's unacceptable! Are you abandoning Yamagumo?!
  132. >It's just a temporary suspension, we're not giving up.
  133. >RIght now we're going to reflect on our failings.
  134. >As things are right now, we have no chance of success. | I'm sure everyone has realized this?
  135. >Everyone here....
  136. >doesn't seem to want to see Yamagumo.
  137. >I didn't say anything like that!
  138. >We have no time. We can't rest, even for a day. | This kind of thing...
  139. >Yamagumo or not, | it doesn't matter to you, huh?
  141. >Doesn't matter my ass!
  142. >Whether it be Yamagumo or you, you're both my important sisters!
  143. >[For Michishio-nee, it clearly doesn't matter.]
  144. >[Whether it be Yamagumo]
  145. >[or me.]
  146. >Hands off! You two argue as soon as you're together.
  147. >Both of you, calm down.
  148. >Asagumo, sleep in Shigure's room. | You hear?
  149. >Here, a pillow.
  150. >Is there anything else you're missing?
  151. >Nothing...I'm fine.
  153. >Michishio-nee....
  154. >why does she love to bully me?
  155. >If it were me I would definitely love and cherish my younger sister!
  156. >I wouldn't be a big jerk like Michishio-nee!
  157. >Michishio's a good girl.
  158. >Huuuh?! What about that jerk is good?
  159. >That ill-tempered grounchy windbag!
  160. >She is very harsh on you, | but she is also quite harsh on herself.
  161. >Easy on herself and harsh on others is mroe like it.
  162. >It's not like that.
  163. >Every shipgirl here | is an experienced veteran who has gone through harsh training.
  164. >If you can't be harsh on yourself | you won't be able to live on like this.
  166. >[ she just trying to say I'm not harsh enough on myself?]
  167. >In that case...
  168. >Am I a bad child...?
  169. >I believe that you
  170. >are a good child.
  171. >We should be rushing to find Yamagumo...
  172. >And yet we're just resting...
  173. >Goya's Torpedo-san is reaaaal smart Dechi!
  174. >[Exercise area | Unauthorized Personnel Forbidden]
  176. >Michishio-nee--!!
  177. >You jerks!
  178. >Ouch!
  179. >Ganging up on someone!
  180. >That's just underhanded!
  181. >[Kill the submarines...]
  182. >Throwing rocks are forbidden! [That's against the rules!]
  183. >Anyway,
  185. >It was Michishio who asked us to spar with her.
  186. >[Eh...?!]
  187. >Asagumo, you...
  188. >The suspension of the Yamagumo Search Operation
  189. >Doesn't mean you can just laze around all day!
  190. >[So...Michishio-nee was training on her own.]
  191. >If you want to beat subs, | set up your equipment and come!
  192. >[Even though she's already so much stronger than me....]
  193. >I--...
  194. >Don't actually know how to use my ASW equipment!
  195. >If you don't know how to use someone, look at someone else for reference.
  196. >You should have said something like that from the beginning! Go to hell!
  197. >Wouldn't you be angry if I said it?
  198. >Yes, I'm fucking pissed!
  199. >I knew ittt
  200. >[I'm at fault as well, to treat my own younger sister like that...]
  201. >Right, I'll go and teach you. Put your rigging on.
  203. >I...want to be as strong as Michishio-nee!
  204. >Don't expect me to gentle hold your hand all the way!
  205. >I hate being gentle! (note: we can tell)
  206. >I know... | It's fine if you're not gentle.
  207. >But
  208. >I want to be closer with Michishio-nee!
  209. >Well I don't want you to be!
  210. >[Fusou nee-sama]
  212. >Fusou, a letter for you.
  213. >Who wrote it?
  214. >[Dear my beloved elder sister, Fusou][Please forgive me. Unfortunately, I will be going on ahead.][Yamashiro]
  215. >[W...]What am I going to do.... I....should go to be with Yamashiro, right...
  216. >She's on suicide watch! | If we don't find Yamashiro soon...!
  217. >If we're talking about Yamashiro, she's at the factory...?
  218. >[Suicide...]
  219. >[Scrapping...]
  220. >Yamashiro!!
  222. >Onee-sama...?
  223. >Yamashiro...
  224. >[Kai II?!]
  225. >Why'd you write that letter!
  226. >You gave me the wrong impression!
  227. >Well....the Kai II's changes are rather subtle... | so doesn't this mean that I am forever burdened with this misfortune...? [So I got scared and...]
  228. >I'm stronger than ever over here too!
  229. >You only just got remodeled...
  230. >Everyone's so cool...they've all gotten stronger
  231. . >In comparison, I...
  233. >Mogami...?
  234. >December 31st, New Year's Eve
  235. >What'cha doin', Hyuuga?
  236. >I wanted to add a special Zuiun into my New Year's Money (note: Otoshidama) Envelope (note: the envelope has its own unique name, Pochibukuro).
  237. >A special...
  238. >is that the Zuiun 12A?
  239. >[Could there be a Zuiun][I don't know about?!]
  240. >Hm? Don'y know about it? | It's new equipment included in the Yamashiro Kai II
  241. >The Nishimura Fleet's currently at 1-5 looking for Yamagumo-chan!
  242. >A new model, huh...
  243. >Mogami probably wouldn't like my standard model Zuiun...
  245. >Lookie lookie! | The New Year's greetings came in the mail!
  246. >There's New Year's Money/Otoshidama!
  247. >This kind of Otoshidama/New Year's Money is a little unusual.
  248. >[THe fuck is this]
  249. >[Ah, Zuiun, ehhh....]
  250. >What the hell is Hyuuga doing...
  251. >[Here ya go~!]
  252. >It says it's for you.
  253. >For me?
  254. >[Oh!]
  255. >[Ka-type Observation Autogyro]
  256. >Isn't that great?
  258. >Let's work hard together again!
  259. >[Thank you, Hyuuga onee-san]
  260. >Mm!
  261. >Hyuuga-dono, do you know where I left my Ka-type?
  262. >[lol I unno]
  263. >It's your own fault for not keeping on eye on your beloved plane.
  264. >Yamashiro and company once more began their search oepration. | Now they could reliably get S-ranks.
  265. >But that alone | does not guarantee that Yamagumo is obtained.
  266. >The battle went on until the last day.
  268. >We did it! Perfect Victory!
  269. >[But...we're out of time.]
  270. >[If we don't get her this time...]
  271. >[It'll be--...]
  272. >Nobody's here....
  273. >Could it be... | that the Naval District is out of berths?
  274. >We definitely made sure that wasn't the case before we sortied!
  275. >[That's true...if it was so easy to meet her, we wouldn't...]
  276. >Hmph! I don't care anymore! | Yamagumo or whatever, I don't care!
  278. >Now is not yet the time to give up! | Let's look for her elsewhere! (note: didn't she always drop from 2-5?)
  279. >We can't go anywhere else with this fleet composition.
  280. >This is our unit's last battle | we've gone together down this road until now...
  281. >[I want to look for her with everybody!]
  282. >There's no way anything would be so easy! | Quit bawling!
  283. >The hell
  284. >Michishio-nee, aren't you crying too?!
  285. >Crying my ass! [I'm sweating from my eyes!]
  286. >And here i thought Michishio-nee was that kind of bloodless, tearless...oww!
  287. >I'll beat your ass!
  288. >[Ahhh,] it's already at this point....
  289. >Yamashiro! If you don't stop them fast...
  291. >No way...if even Yamashiro starts crying...| this rate...
  292. >I'm also...
  293. >going to tear up...
  294. >Uu~mmmm | Par~don me, y'all~ while you're all busy and all~
  295. >I'm the 6th Ship of the Asashio class | Yamagumo~
  296. >[Ara~~] Somehow, I'm feeling a little nostalgic~
  297. >[Yama]
  299. >[Yamagumo-!!]
  300. >>Umm~....
  301. >I finally managed to meet everyone after all this time desu~ | To think that all these problems came up~....
  302. >Well, it's nothing bad.
  303. >After all, from here on out--
  305. >[Everyone's finally all together once more!]
  306. >[--End☆of☆Series--]
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