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  1. Kristaps Jansons was born in Latvia, Daugavpils. He was born in a poor family with 3 other siblings, a sister and two brothers - both of them older than Kristaps. His parents were mostly careless and sometimes even abusive, they drank almost every day. Whenever the cops came, due to the loud arguing and fighting between the parents, Kristaps would always look up to them. His dream was to become a police officer one day. While trying to earn some money with his siblings for him and his parents, they decided to steal a couple of flowers from the neighbourhood and sell them a couple of blocks further. It went well for a couple of days or even weeks, until the locals started to notice what the kids were up to. Sooner or later, they started to sell drugs - any kind of drugs that could be made into a profit, they sold them. They started to get involved with many gang members, even joined in a gang for a "feeling of security" as they said. Kristaps knew, that what he was doing, was wrong, but it was his only option. He hoped that one day all of this would end, and he could become a police officer, like he dreamed from the childhood. One day, the police came again, and Kristaps thought, that it was about his parents loud fighting again. But unfortunately, it wasn't. They came to inform, that their older brother, David, was shot dead. They didn't suspect any illegal connections with him. But Kristaps knew, that it was exactly because of that. But there was nothing that he could've done, to prevent it. Kristaps blamed himself for not stopping him.
  2.  Years later, in Daugavpils the gang activity became very serious. The police started to investigate everything. They talked about the gangs and their actions on the television, radio, newspapers etc. Kristaps knew, that his family was in great danger. He couldn't care less about his abusive parents, but he was nervous about his siblings. Even though their older brother was shot dead from selling drugs and affiliating with gang members, they still sold drugs for a living. It was their only way of income. Kristaps wanted to get out of town, or even country, as fast as possible, but his brother and his sister didn't want to. They just told Kristaps that he's overreacting and that they will be just fine. Kristaps had mixed feelings about that. The police started to get closer to home, as they investigated every corner of the city, just to get on the trail of drug marketing. Kristaps decided to stop selling drugs for good, and to focus more on education. He decided to hit the streets of Daugavpils, and get the last profit on the drugs that he still had stashed. Once he made his deals, he started to head home, only to discover the whole block secured with police cars and officers. he knew. He ran as fast as he could to his older brothers best friend, asking for help. The man took Kristaps with him. He seated him in a small, rusty plane off to USA, in hopes of a better life, with nothing but a stack of drug money with him.
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