MGE Side III Saida Mountains

May 30th, 2020
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  1. Just in time, we were lucky to ride the regular flight.
  2. The best way to get from the city of Saida to “Saida Neon Hall” at the mountain summit is by taking this airship.
  3. When us harpy-genus monsters go with a man, we often fly while carrying him but... yeah, you understand. I’m tired from earlier.
  5. So, now we’re heading to the “Saida Mountains”.
  6. You could climb it on foot, but it’s pretty steep as it is, and since a lone man generally can’t manage it, it isn’t recommended.
  7. In monster realms with mountains spread around, the mana tends to get thicker as you climb up, also it seems there is some kind of dragon kingdom somewhere, and it seems the strongest dragon queen resides at the very top.
  8. It’s the same here. As you head upwards, the mana becomes thicker, and there is more lightning coming from the thunderclouds surrounding the summit.
  9. Nevertheless, Nevan says this mountain seems to have a lot of old valuable ruins, and it seems there are many humans that try to climb it.
  10. However, this mountain is a hunting ground for Thunderbirds aiming for men. They also have thunderclouds made up of their collected mana on their side, and lightning will take aim at and strike a man together with the Thunderbird.
  11. If you’re paralyzed by the lightning, it’s over and you’ll just be fucked by Thunderbirds.
  12. Besides that, it seems there are a lot of monsters in the mountain ruins called Automatons, which are like golems made by the technology of an unknown civilization, but they are going rampant due to the lightning being too strong, and if that’s true, even if they listen to what a human says, it seems now when they see a man they generally try to fuck him.
  14. You’ll be fine if you’re on this airship, because it’s designed so that there’s no problem if it’s hit by lightning.
  15. That aside, take a look down below.
  16. The lightning running along the waterways is beautiful, like cracks cutting through the city.
  17. The night view of Saida from this airship is my favorite scenery.
  18. The neon lights seen from above appear as tiny points of light, it’s like a colorful starry sky.
  19. You can’t see the starry sky when you look up in Saida because of the clouds, but if you look down from the sky it looks like it, huh?
  21. By the way, here.
  22. I said it earlier but, we basically have claws hidden in our wings... I mean, we have hands.
  23. So uh, could we... try to hold hands a little?
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